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Stop fighting tyranny and start building freedom!

Current resources available now: Build Freedom Archive - the most detailed collection of advanced self-improvement, freedom, and related websites available!

This website is a companion to:

Planned website dedicated specifically to worldwide freedom-lovers, freedom-activists, deprogrammers, etc., featuring:

To be made by freedom-lovers for freedom-lovers! No scams, no "corporate" or terrorcratic censorship, spying, interference, compromises, or other BS.

Assistance appreciated - especially at this early stage: financing/donations, website/node.js developers, server-admin, suggestions on good already existing software we can use, etc. Please contact us if interested.

Additional Plans/Projects:

You're welcome to proceed with any or all of the above any time - you don't need to wait for us to proceed! ;-)

Still TODO for the entire project (Build Freedom Archive and all related websites):

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