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Copyright Information; Usage/Redistribution Conditions

by David T. Freeman (updated Jan 2022)

Copyright Information

The original credit and copyright of course belongs with the original authors, with my gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgment for their work.

What I am claiming copyright on is this - my version of all files here - the results of all my own work - my collating, customizations, improvements, updates, edits, fixes, additions, notes, reformatting, restructuring, presentation, supporting files and scripts, etc. What you see here is the result of my extensive personal time and efforts, also entirely at my own expense. (Not just a typical scrape of the internet, retrieving lost/abandoned files and republishing them as-is, as I see some others have done with a few files. These are my own updated and improved versions, mostly from my own archives of the actual complete websites (some of which I was the first to ever publish online, back when I first assisted FM).)

Since 1996 Frederick Mann granted me full/unlimited republishing and resale rights on all of his work (and as far as I am aware, I am the only remaining individual with such rights, who is also still publishing his work). The original Build Freedom website included some of the Neo-Tech literature, which I've deleted from there, because Neo-Tech now has its own full archive entry here; also related is the Neo-Tech copyright notice. FM's BigBooster website included the Offshore&Privacy package, which I've likewise deleted from there, and published an updated version in its own archive entry.

Usage/Redistribution Conditions

You may use, and are invited and encouraged to copy and redistribute as far and as widely as possible, all of this archive (including its related websites/content), subject to the following conditions:

  1. Unless otherwise approved by me in writing, it must be given away at no charge. The only exception is for non-electronic/non-internet copies, where the material is distributed via hard copies: printed paper, optical-discs, USB-drives, or any other kind of physical medium - then a fee may be charged to cover the costs of media duplication (and postage, if applicable).

  2. If you wish to sell this material for profit, or monetize it, or do anything else contrary to these conditions, then this must be discussed with and agreed to by me in writing first. I actually encourage others to sell freedom information for profit, as it will help accelerate our efforts by reinvesting the proceeds into further beneficial activities. However I have my own projects to fund, and it would be nice if my efforts already expended thus far were compensated, so that I can do more/bigger projects in future myself. A collaborative project may work out best for everyone. Also, first I want to discuss any such arrangements with the still-alive authors (if I can find/contact them) of some of this content - they too should benefit.

  3. It must only be used for good, not evil. (In the simplest of terms: Good: something which helps/benefits yourself and/or others, or that which prevents or eradicates evil. Evil: something which causes harm to others.) This archive contains some extremely powerful information/concepts, which, when fully understood and applied as intended, can result in extreme good. (However, like any tool, it can potentially also be abused.)

  4. You must not take this content and do things such as change the links, or place links/banners or other advertising within, around, or layered on top of it, where really all you want to do is promote your products or services, or - in particular - scams!

  5. Similar to the above, you must not (subtly or otherwise) modify the pages to add visitor tracking code, or request visitors enter their email address or other contact details for harvesting/spamming.

  6. You must not republish this content alongside other content or activities which are contrary or detrimental to its intended goals and purposes. In particular, anything which may damage the reputation of this material, the authors, or these websites/archives/repositories, via potential false-association by readers/viewers. (For example: posting this material within a "hate" site which advocates the initiation of violence or harm of people or other people's property (something we are explicitly against).) Exception: if the intention is to use this material to debunk other material, and this is clearly explained as the purpose and reason for them being placed together.

  7. You must not modify this content in such a way as to make it look like you created it, or obfuscate the original authors.

  8. On any content taken from this archive and republished/redistributed (by whatever means), credit must be given to its original source - a clearly visible reference/link to (and optionally also to and

  9. No spamming links to this website. Maybe you've found this awesome website and you're really excited about it and want to tell everyone - that's great! But please be mindful of "netiquette". Unwanted or excessive posting/emailing - about this, or anything! - can easily backfire, tends to cause resentments, people may dismiss the information without bothering to even read any of it, or worse: it may end up on blocklists. (If you're ignoring this and still plan on spamming anyway, well please at least make your own (free) website (wherein you could mention what you like about this website), and do anything you want with your own website.)

  10. You take full responsibility for any and all consequences of whatever you do with this material - the authors/administrators of this material and these websites/archives/repositories cannot accept any blame if things don't work out as you hoped. (We hope that extraordinary good is accomplished from/with it, but there are some people - capable of extreme evil - who don't want their parasitical "systems" being undermined, and who might say/do anything to try to stop it.)

  11. These conditions must likewise be included in full and unaltered. (Exception: if you're only quoting part of a page - not redistributing the entire archive - then just a reference/link as mentioned above shall suffice.)

  12. These conditions may be amended at any time at my discretion, without notice, especially as may be needed to ensure the eternal viability and continuation of this project, and you further agree to abide by any such potential amendments in future.

(If you don't like any of the above conditions, then you are of course free to produce your own website from the original source files which you may already have from the authors, or which you may be able to obtain somehow, and do whatever you like with them. But you must not use any of my content, or my scripts or server-side code/framework, or any of my files (which you use in any way contrary to any of the above conditions), as a basis for your own production.)

Now with these conditions in mind, please help us to distribute this vital information everywhere to everyone around the world - as is/was the strong desire of the authors.
Their passion can be relived in you!

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