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General Disclaimer

by David T. Freeman (updated Dec 2021)

This website and its authors do not offer any kind of advice, suggestions, or personal recommendations. Anyone seeking advice should consult a competent professional.

Using any ideas or anything else available on this website is done so entirely of your own free choice, risk, and personal responsibility.

It may be worth considering the likelihood that no matter what you do - whether "compliant" or not - you and your assets are always at risk of harm/loss. Perhaps it's more a question of which puts you (and your friends, family, neighbors, etc.) at greater risk (both now and in future)?:

No matter what, one must always remain mindful of simple facts, such as that professional liars, thieves, robbers, thugs and other terrorcrats who masquerade as "government" and other frauds/fictions, and their "police" and other agents, generally do not care about any information, facts, or opinions contrary to their own. In their minds, they are "right", and anyone who disagrees is "wrong". Therefore, "wrongdoers" (of whatever fabricated/political non-"crimes") "must be punished", for which they hire deranged losers who will do whatever their imaginary "authorities" order... and more!

They, and their masses of brainwashed cult-like followers, have a tendency to ignore or refuse reason, valid arguments, common-sense, ethics, morals, etc. (If, in your community/town/city, you're the only one who thinks for yourself... then you may be best off keeping your ideas to yourself. Whenever in public, whilst walking or driving, pretend to be just another slave in the street, instead of overtly defying terrorcrats. The risk to your life/property may not be worth it - at least not until a significant percentage of the population around you wake up! In addition to the materials at this website, see for example the video below, MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL, and search for other articles or videos on "mass psychosis", to further understand what we're dealing with.)

So who is a potential threat, how can you protect yourself and your assets, how can we persuade others to reject coercion and embrace freedom, voluntary cooperation, respect for each other and each other's property, etc.? BuildFreedom, and numerous other articles at this website, attempt to answer these and many such questions. However, without knowing you or your circumstances, no specific/exact answers, suggestions, or advice of any kind is or can be given to you (the reader) personally.

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