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Join the Build Freedom Associates Program -- It's Free!

Participation in the Build Freedom Associates Program is completely free and enables you to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Listing in the Build Freedom Associates Directory (optional).

  2. Listing of your business in the Build Freedom Freedom Business Directory (optional).

  3. *50% DISCOUNT FOR LIFE. We're considering making parts of the Build Freedom website available only to Build Freedom Associates. We may in the future also charge fees for accessing some of the reports. Valuable new materials and links are being added to the website every week. Should we decide to charge access fees, Build Freedom Associates registered before the inception of such fees will be entitled to a 50% discount for life.

    [*Note: This idea has been canceled - there's no plan to charge anything or limit access.]

  4. Maintain privacy and anonymity, if you don't want to be listed -- your name and e-mail address will remain confidential and will not be revealed to any outsiders.

  5. Keep in touch with Build Freedom without being subjected to the volume of our various mailing lists:
    1. Receive periodic Build Freedom Progress Reports.
    2. Receive notification of important additions and changes to the Build Freedom website.
    3. We will keep the volume low -- no more than five messages per month.

  6. Network with hundreds of like-minded individuals from all over the world.

  7. Display the Build Freedom Associate button on your website.

To qualify as a Build Freedom Associate, you need to agree with only four principles:

  1. self-ownership of body and mind
  2. rejection of coercion (the initiation of fraud, force, or threat of force to overcome the will of another)
  3. voluntary association and exchange
  4. fulfill your agreements

If you agree to the above principles and would like to become a Build Freedom Associate, please type in your e-mail address and press the Join button:


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