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Freedom Technology Glossary

Intermediate Level:

E-Prime - Standard English minus "To Be" gives E-Prime. [Extremely useful when writing about complex questions, problems, issues, and topics.]

Freedom Technology - The practical knowledge, skills and methods to legally, elegantly and safely "unsubscribe" from terrocrat systems; the street-smart know-how to run rings around terrocrats; the ability to find freedom in an unfree world.

Build Freedom-type business - Any business which operates in the real free-enterprise sector as far as is practically possible.

Phobocrat - same as "terrocrat."

Slavespeak - Any word or phrase that puts the individual at a disadvantage, causes unnecessary problems, and/or promotes, reinforces or strengthens statism and/or any other oppressive factors. See 'The Anatomy of Slavespeak' for a detailed explanation.

Terrocrat - A coercive political agent or terrorist bureaucrat; always an individual.

Advanced Level:

F-Prime - "Freedom-Prime" or "Free-Prime": Standard English minus Slavespeak plus Freespeak gives F-Prime. ['The Anatomy of Slavespeak' is written in F-Prime. The General Semantics part of 'Anatomy' is written in E-Prime.]

Freespeak - Words or phrases designed to give advantages to individuals and disadvantages to oppressive factors.

Freespeak words include: "Slavespeak," "Freespeak," "NSPIC," "NSPIC Spook," "terrocrat" (terrorist bureaucrat or coercive political agent -- always an individual human being), "territorial gangster" (invented by Fred Foldvary; "TG"; same as "terrocrat"), "F-Prime" (see above). We need more Freespeak words. They need to have memetic/marketing power.

NSPIC - Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex: The combination of illusions that keep coercive political systems in place.

NSPIC Spook - Any Slavespeak word or illusion or combination of Slavespeak words/illusions.

UnNSPIC - Clearing out the NSPIC illusions from your mind.

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