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The World's Most Powerful Formula!

The World's Most Powerful Formula has 4 parts:

  1. CVS does not equal Reality!
  2. From CVS to BVS!
  3. From CVS to 10 X BVS!
  4. From DPC to Breakthrough!

"CVS" stands for "Current View of the Situation."
"BVS" stands for "Better View of the Situation."
"DPC" stands for "Difficulty/Problem/Challenge."

Acknowledgement: Most of the WMPF (including the terms CVS and BVS) was developed by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, author of 'Software for Your Brain'.

A. CVS does not equal Reality!

By "Reality" I mean "what exists out there, independent of what you or I might think or say about it" -- "objective existence," if you like.

(For the purposes of WMPF, please don't get bogged down by notions such as "everything's relative," "it's all in the mind," etc.)

We have a view of every situation -- our current view -- CVS. It's really a mental map, model, or representation of part of Reality.

Alfred Korzybski, founder of General Semantics, explored some important aspects of our Mental Maps and how these affect our interaction with each other and with Reality. "The map is not the territory." "The menu is not the meal."

There can be levels of this phenomenon. The screenplay is not the movie; the movie is not Reality.

CVS is not equal to Reality. Our CVS is analogous to a "movie in our head" about part of Reality.

A CVS can be more or less useful, more or less accurate. Science is basically an endeavor to develop more accurate and useful BVSs -- Better Views of Situations.

Being Stuck in and Defending Your CVS

If in any area of your life you're not making progress, you may be stuck in an inappropriate CVS.

An inappropriate CVS, such as "I'm no good at..." (whatever), can have a devastating effect on your level of success, your happiness, and even your health.

It's most important to realize that your CVS is something you CHOOSE. Whatever you think or say about yourself and the world -- Reality -- is a CVS you choose. You are free to choose a better view at any time: "From CVS to BVS!"

Whatever you learned in school or from any "authorities" is essentially a CVS you are free to accept, reject, or change.

A while ago I received the following from Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson:

THINKTIP: WHY? Why do I have this CVS?

Asking 'Why?' is one of the most effective ways to begin the escape from your CVS.

Asking 'Why?' is a challenge.

Asking 'Why?' means you have stopped, for the moment, defending your CVS and have opened your mind to fresh information.

For example, here are ten Whys to challenge a CVS:

  1. Why is this so inconvenient?
  2. Why do I have this CVS?
  3. Why do our customers hate this?
  4. Why is this so complicated?
  5. Why is it organized this way?
  6. Why is this my reaction?
  7. Why is this so difficult?
  8. Why is this so unsafe?
  9. Why does it make this noise?
  10. Why can't I improve this?

B. From CVS to BVS!

The second part of WMPF (World's Most Powerful Formula) states that we can always shift from our Current View of the Situation (CVS) to a Better View of the Situation (BVS).

Our CVS can never be "perfectly accurate" in the same way that a movie can never be a perfect rendition of those parts of Reality it attempts to portray. No matter how thoroughly a documentary is researched, it can never be a totally accurate reflection of Reality. It includes some aspects of Reality and excludes others.

Our Mental Maps or CVSs are always PARTIAL representations of Reality. Our CVSs can also be distorted in other ways.

No matter how accurate or useful we think our CVSs are, they can always be improved: From CVS to BVS!

Every invention that has improved our lives came as a result of some scientist or inventor shifting from a CVS to a BVS. Edison looked for a better way (BVS) to provide light, compared to candles or gas lights (CVS).

Mike Brescia of Think Right Now! has identified 11 Core Thought Patterns that largely determine whether people fail or succeed.

Each of the 11 Core Thought Patterns in an individual can be calibrated along a scale from "very negative" to "very positive." For each of these 11 Core Thought Patterns, individuals can shift from their CVS to a BVS -- from negative to positive; from positive to more positive.

The more you shift your 11 Core Thought Patterns toward the positive end of the scale (and beyond!), the more successful you become!


C. From CVS to 10 X BVS!

One of Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's greatest breakthroughs, in my opinion, is the idea that you can shift from a CVS to a BVS that is TEN TIMES BETTER!

Electric light is at least ten times better than gas light. An automobile is at least ten times faster than a horse and buggy. An airplane is typically of the order of ten times faster than an automobile.

A salesman can become ten times more effective and successful than he or she used to be.

From CVS to 10 X BVS!

In 1984, Jack Welch who was then Chairman of General Electric Corporation, was introduced to "CVS to 10 X BVS!" Over a period of 18 months, starting in 1985 when GE was a $30 billion company, the "10 X Program" was taught to thousands of GE managers. By 1988, GE had grown into a $300 billion company, and as a result GE's shareholder value had grown ten times!

Any individual, group, or company, by applying CVS to 10 X BVS!, can become ten times more successful.

And you don't have to stop there! You can always multiply your success by a factor of 10!

D. From DPC to Breakthrough!

Every Difficulty/Problem/Challenge presents an opportunity for a Breakthrough!

Motivational authors and speakers often claim that the Chinese words or symbols for crisis and opportunity are the same. Though this is a dubious claim, it's not completely without merit.

It may seem paradoxical that a Difficulty, Problem, or Challenge presents an opportunity for a Breakthrough.

Reality simply "is" -- what exists. DPC is how we interpret part of Reality. DPC is "map"; not "territory." DPC is our CVS.

You will be astounded by the results if you approach every DPC you experience with the question: "What Breakthrough is available here?"

If you go to sleep at night with a "DPC on your mind" coupled with, "What Breakthroughs are available here?", you may be amazed by the answers you wake up with!

I highly recommend that you test "From DPC to Breakthrough!" for yourself.

Is This Really the World's Most Powerful Formula?

Well... I confess that I might be exaggerating!

But what other formula can you apply to improve anything by a factor of 10... over and over again?

Maybe someone will come along and say that this entire formula is just a CVS and he or she has developed a 10 X BVS to replace it!

Anyway, FREE 10 X Training and Sales X 10 Training are available to you via email. For the details, See: BECOME A 10X PERFORMING PERSON!

Sharing the Formula with the Rest of the World

I'm particularly interested in this article being shared with individuals, groups, and organizations who practice and advocate peace and non-violence -- people who reject coercion (the initiation of force, fraud, and violence).

You're welcome to copy this article and email it to your friends and contacts (no spam!) Please include a reference to: THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL FORMULA! [at this website]

You're also welcome to add this page to your website. Please include a link to: THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL FORMULA! [at this website]

Frederick Mann

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