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  • 420Times.Com - The pro 420 cannabis magazine dedicated to the legalization of industrial hemp and medical marijuana.
  • Alternative Magazines (Yahoo! Directory)
  • AntiMuse homepage - Many nights of drinking alone spawned AntiMuse. Intended as a literary journal for those who don't like literary journals, we present an irreverent, too-smart-for-those-around-us world view. We question the classics.
  • AntiShyster - A Critical Examination of the American Legal System
  • Controversies - Link portal database to education related, youth activism, libertarian, anarchism, news, links
  • CounterPunch - Bi-monthly stories that the corporate press never prints
  • Covert Action Quarterly - Endorsed by Chomsky, targeted by the CIA
  • Criminal Politics Magazine - Exploring the World's Secret Power Structure
  • Disgruntled - Exploring the dark side of the world of work
  • Dissent - The Quarterly magazine of politics and culture
  • Extropy - Magazine covering the full range of advanced, emerging, and future technologies with an emphasis on making you more informed and prepared
  • Fear and Loathing in Hopewell Junction by Melissa
  • Flatland Magazine - A Review of the Suppressed and Secret Evidence
  • Fortean Times - Journal of strange phenomena, named after Charle Forte
  • In Bed with M - M is a twentysomething lesbian ninja who answers questions about Roman showers, adult babies, threeways, and anything else under the sun or between the sheets.
  • Liberty Unbound - Monthly libertarian review of thought, culture and politics
  • Lobster - The journal of parapolitics, intelligence and state research
  • The New American - The John Birch Society monthly magazine
  • The New Australian - Australia's only free market online magazine
  • New Dawn - Alternative news and Information
  • Newswatch Magazine - News in the light of Bible prophecy
  • Nexus Magazine - The magazine for information anarchists everywhere!
  • The Philosophers Guild - founded in Phoenix, Arizona on 19 February 1985, is an international libertarian-oriented philosophical association. We are the publishers of THE THOUGHT (ISSN 1527-053X), our bimonthly journal featuring philosophy, politics and more!
  • Probe Magazine - Welcome to the Best Kept Secret in America
  • Reason Online - Issues form a dynamic, libertarian perspective
  • Rhesus Monkey Magazine - The Journal of Heretical Hodgepodge
  • SpinTech - Monthly challenge to the prevailing culture
  • The Spotlight - Magazine of the Liberty Lobby
  • Steamshovel Press - Kenn Thomas
  • The Official GREEN PANTHERS! Home Page - Militarized libertarian separatists. Publishes Revolutionary Times magazine, the most informative magazine in the drug law reform movement.
  • Three Monkeys Online Magazine - Free current affairs/arts magazine produced by writers in Ireland, Italy and Spain.
  • Traditions Magazine - A magazine of folklore and cultural traditions from around the world.
  • Z Magazine - Critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life
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