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by Frederick Mann, November 1993 (Milk update April 2000)
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The following article appeared in The Arizona Republic of January 18, 1993, under the headline: "Heart ills still nation's top killers - Cost to U.S.: $117 billion in '93":

"Heart disease and strokes will cost the United States $117.4 billion this year in treatment and lost productivity, the American Heart Association reported... Heart disease remains the nation's leading killer, claiming 930,477 lives in 1990, the latest year for which figures are available, the association said.

That amounts to 43% of all deaths in the nation in 1990. An estimated 70 million Americans have some form of heart disease, including high blood pressure and strokes."

Consider the possibility that people in general, and the "medical profession" in particular, do not understand very much about the etiology (causation) of heart disease.

This report confronts me with the most difficult writing assignment I have ever faced. The obstacle is that the information I need to communicate just seems too fantastic, too outrageous, and too bizarre to practically all human beings at this time. It also seems "too good to be true."

In my opinion, one of the two biggest problems in the world is self-pollution. (The other major problem, in my opinion, is coercive government.) I distinguish two kinds of self-pollution: mind-pollution and body-pollution. We pollute our minds through believing what our parents, teachers, preachers, politicians, and doctors tell us. We pollute our bodies through the gases we breathe, the liquids we drink, and the solids we eat.

Invisible Consequences
The main reason why it is so difficult for most to recognize the consequences of what they eat is that there is a long time delay between act and consequence. If you eat cooked meat and other inappropriate foods you don't drop dead immediately. The consequences are gradual and cumulative, and often invisible for a long time.

In The Arizona Republic of January 22, 1993 there was an advertisement of the Samaritan's Physician Referral and Resource Line, containing this statement: "Each year approximately 350,000 Americans who had no symptoms die suddenly of extensive coronary disease." [emphasis added]

Think about it. One day you appear to be in perfect health; the next day you drop dead from a heart attack. And this happens to nearly 1,000 Americans every day! The consequences of eating cooked meat and other inappropriate foods remain invisible for fifty years or more - then suddenly one day you drop dead. When the consequences become visible it's too late to do anything!

Of course, the consequences may become visible long before you die. If so, you receive warnings in the form of symptoms and you do things about improving your health which may or may not work. Whether or not you suffer from visible symptoms - and realize that you may seem to enjoy perfect health while in reality suffering from invisible symptoms that might cause you to drop dead tomorrow - the purpose of this report is to provide you with information you can apply to improve your health and extend your life.

I offer eight principles of superhealth:

Note: Since the above was first written in 1993, I've learned more and made some important changes. Certain dairy products may be suitable for human consumption. I've formulated additional superhealth principles. See #TL09B: Superhealth Update.

The first principle of superhealth:


The reason you are reading this report could be that you suspect that there is more for you to know about health. I think that it was Vince Lombardi who said that the most valuable knowledge is what you learn after you know everything.

Another way to look at it is that the person who knows all about health would be perfectly healthy and would have found the way to stop or reverse the aging process. Barring accidents, he or she would live forever in perfect health. Furthermore, the person who knows everything about health would be able to restore to life and perfect health anyone damaged or killed in an accident. The fact that - as far as I know - most of us are still subject to illness, disease, aging, accidents from which we don't completely recover, and death, means that we have more to learn.

If your mind is open to new information, you might have to improve your thinking skills in order to process and implement the new information available to you. I think it may be worthwhile to invest many hours in improving your thinking skills because it could enable you to greatly improve your health - even extend your life - so you will enjoy the pleasure of healthy, happy life so much longer.

We think and we act. Many - or even most - of our actions can be regarded as consequences of our thinking. Our degree of health could be largely a consequence of our actions. If so, our thinking can be said to influence our health. So I'm suggesting that the first step to superhealth is to improve your thinking skills.

This report contains some material intended to make you think and improve your thinking. However, you may need to do more. I recommend the following books (see Bibliography):

Finding Out-of-Print Books
I have discovered some very useful information in old books. On some subjects the most up-to-date and useful information was written 100 or 200 (or even 3,000!) years ago. It's sometimes worth making a determined effort to find old books. Check used-book stores. Utilize the services of people in the business of locating rare books.

Theories of Disease
Sometimes people err by looking for "the single cause of everything." For example, they think that all diseases are caused by germs. Sometimes a particular disease is thought to be caused by a virus, because the researcher happens to be a virologist, only interested in proving that "his virus" causes the disease. This happens to be the case with the 25 previously-known diseases lumped together as "AIDS" (so-called) - See Report #TL09A: AIDS - Bad Science or Hoax. If people cling to the wrong cause for a disease, they never find a cure. I distinguish five broad theories of disease:

(a) Malnutrition theory of disease. Some diseases are caused by lack of certain nutrients. For example, scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C. Scurvy is alleviated by eating oranges or otherwise ingesting Vitamin C.

(b) Germ theory of disease. Some diseases are caused by "bugs." For example, the plague, smallpox, and malaria. Some of these diseases can be prevented through vaccination which enables the immune system to create antibodies that kill the germs. Some of them can be eliminated by eradicating the germs that cause them or the means that transmit them. For example, the malaria "bug" is carried by mosquitos. In the parts of the world where malaria is a problem, killing mosquitos reduces its incidence.

(c) Genetic theory of disease. Sickle-cell anemia (a disease prevalent among the children of malaria victims) is an example of a disease caused by a genetic irregularity. Eventually, such diseases may be cured through genetic engineering.

(d) Mind theory of disease. As will be suggested later in this report, the mind could be a major factor in many diseases.

(e) Toxin theory of disease. The gradual build-up of toxins (poisons and waste materials) in the body is a major cause of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and auto-immune diseases. A suggested treatment is to reduce the ingestion of toxins and to eliminate the accumulated toxins. Maybe, practically all heart problems, cancers, and auto-immune diseases could be alleviated in this way.

Many diseases are caused by a combination of causes. For example, influenza is caused by a virus (germ) in combination with an immune system weakened by toxins. A person with a healthy immune system has no problems with colds or flu. It's possible that many forms of cancer are caused by a build-up of toxins that causes too many genetic irregularities for the immune system to repair.

Currently many medical "professionals" are stuck in the germ theory of disease and the "drug cure." They seem to think that most diseases are caused by germs and need to be cured by drugs. They just have to find the right drugs.

Acquiring New Information
Some people have a tendency, when reading or listening to new information, to reject all that information, as soon as they come across something that strongly disagrees with their current information. Later in this report I recommend the book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra, M.D. for containing very valuable superhealth information. Some of Dr. Chopra's basic assumptions may seem like new-age gobbledygook or mysticism to many readers. There's a temptation for some to reject the entire book because it seems to be based on absurd assumptions. When I read such a book I underline what I think is most valuable and I put question marks next to what I think is incorrect or overstated. Sometimes I write comments like "When the bus comes, Chopra gets out of the way - or gets flattened dead!" This was in response to his principle, "There is no objective world independent of the observer."

We have to separate the wheat from the chaff. A very useful book may contain 50% wheat and 50% chaff. That may also apply to this report. Please don't reject the entirety because you think some parts are incorrect.

See also #TL03: How to Improve Your Information.

The second principle of superhealth:


In general, the sicker you get, the more of your money doctors will get; the healthier you are, the less money they get from you. Even in a nationalized health system the overall earnings of doctors will be a function of the unhealth of the population at large. In general, it is in the financial interest of doctors that people be sick and have to spend money on treatment.

So it's no wonder that "health care" includes all kinds of scams to separate you from your money. If you don't believe me read the books - by: Bogdanich, Coleman, Fry, Hapgood, Illich, Mann, Mendelsohn, Payer, and Quinn - see Bibliography.

If Doctors were to share with their patients the most advanced health information now available, health levels would soar and around 95% of doctors would lose their jobs. Of course, most doctors don't know the most advanced health information because they were brainwashed in "medical schools." The information in this report is probably more advanced than the general health knowledge of 99.99% of doctors. In short, most doctors just don't have a clue.

See also The Good and the Bad.

You better become your own doctor - or you're likely to die sooner than necessary. And before you die, you're likely to suffer all kinds of ailments, the treatment for which might cost you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. You better assume personal responsibility for your life and health. You start by educating yourself.

The third principle of superhealth:


Having criticized doctors, it is my pleasure to tell you that the best book I know of to help you discover the power of your mind - particularly as it relates to your health - was written by a doctor, Deepak Chopra, M.D. It's called Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old.

I was introduced to Dr. Chopra through talk-radio. He was being interviewed and he said that when you think you perform biochemistry. He also said that tears of joy have a different chemical composition from tears of sadness. Those two statements were sufficient to persuade me that I had to get his book. It's one of the most valuable books I've ever read.

Although I already did believe that the mind played some causative role in health, disease, and aging, I tended to underestimate the role of the mind. Dr. Chopra has convinced me that the mind plays a major role. It's now conceivable to me that most aging stems from mind-programming - cultural brainwashing. If you're interested in health, life-extension, stopping and reversing aging, and physical immortality, you must study his book.

For more information on Dr. Chopra, click here. Like with many "gurus," particularly those who spout generous doses of "new-age overenthusiasm" (to put it mildly!), healthy skepticism is in order -- see A Few Thoughts on Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo. One of the dangers of new-age delusions is coming to conclusions such as, "It doesn't matter what I eat because just thinking that it's good for me makes it so!"

The fourth principle of superhealth:


If you don't have something worthwhile to live for, you might as well be dead. Here are some suggestions:

The fifth principle of superhealth:


My Own Story
The human body thrives on clean air, clean water, and food as "delivered" to it by nature. I discovered this in March 1986. At that time I thought I could die any minute. I was in a state of constant panic. I suffered from these symptoms:

1. About 30 lbs overweight;

2. 20-year chronic acid indigestion;

3. High blood pressure;

4. Heart rate at rest 75-80 beats per minute;

5. Occasional heart palpitations;

6. Severe angina - chest pains;

7. Occasional dizzy spells;

8. Malaria attacks recurring every six months or so;

9. Stiffening knee joints, painful wrists - beginning arthritis;

10. Pronounced liver spots on my hands;

11. Extreme sensitivity to cold;

12. Frequent colds and influenza attacks (about eight a year);

13. Low energy level;

14. A panic feeling that I was aging and dying rapidly.

15. Why had I - at age 44 - allowed my body to deteriorate to such a state? I didn't know any better. All those symptoms are "things that happen to you," that you don't have much control over... right? I was very ignorant...

Fortunately, I had a friend who read about a theory and told me... The theory - called "Anopsology" (the science of not preparing food, developed by Guy-Claude Burger) - made sense to me. On the tenth of March 1986, in Brussels, Belgium, I bought Burger's book, La Guerre du Cru (literally, "The War of Raw"). I bought it during lunchtime. Then I bought a sandwich and went back to the office. I started reading while eating my sandwich. After reading about twenty pages I decided that if what Burger said was correct, I shouldn't eat my sandwich. So I threw away what was left of it.

I decided on the spot to change my diet. No more cooked food. No beer or alcohol, no coffee, no sugar, no salt, none of all the other inappropriate foods I had been eating and drinking. The results were immediate and dramatic:

1. Chronic indigestion disappears after one meal (no medication, no need for antacids since then);

2. Chest pains, dizzy spells, and heart palpitations disappear after a week;

3. My energy level increases appreciably after two weeks;

4. After three weeks people start telling me how healthy I look;

5. After a month my heart rate at rest is down to 60-65; when I wake up in the morning it's around 55. Blood pressure normal.

6. During week five I eliminate the "malaria-toxin-complex" from my system - no recurring attacks since;

7. I effortlessly lose 35 lbs in six weeks (no "dieting" - I eat as much as is pleasurable at every meal - usually two substantial meals a day);

8. After seven weeks I start playing indoor soccer again - no stiffening of knees - other players remark how much faster I am and are amazed by my reaction speed;

9. After two months I feel 20 years younger - boundless energy - I literally jump with joy!;

10. Six months later, at the onset of winter, I discover I can handle cold weather with ease;

11. After one year I notice that my liver spots have faded appreciably;

12. After two years I take up running for the first time - initially it takes me an hour and twenty minutes to run five miles - after two months I run two miles in 12 minutes and five miles in 36 minutes - considerable stamina;

13. Now, seven years later, my health seems perfect.

Immediately after reading Burger's book, I continued with extensive research to determine if there were other people who had reached similar conclusions. Over the years I found many all over the world. Some of their writings are listed in the Bibliography. To me, the evidence for eating raw food and eliminating cooked and processed food has become overwhelming.

The Power of Raw Food
The following extracts are from an article by Paul Kouchakoff, M.D. that appeared in the "No-Cook Book" by John H. Tobe:

Note: Some of the above claims may be overstated -- see Frank Talk about Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Diets & Beyond.

The Semmelweis-Reflex.
Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician who discovered in the 1840s that puerperal or childbed fever could be virtually abolished if doctors washed their hands in a chlorine solution. This is a superb example of a new inside angle (see page 7). (The Semmelweis story is told in Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science By William Broad & Nicholas Wade.) At the time puerperal fever typically caused a 10-30% mortality rate in maternity hospitals throughout Europe. Semmelweis reduced the mortality rate in the division of the obstetric clinic where he worked in the General Hospital of Vienna from 18 percent to 1 percent. But he failed to convince his colleagues and superiors. Instead of listening to him, and disinfecting their hands, they hounded, persecuted, and fired him - for daring to suggest that they wash their hands properly. In the autumn of 1860, after the dismissal of Semmelweis, in the same ward where he had demonstrated how to virtually eradicate childbed fever, 35 out of 101 patients died.

In a book published in 1861 Semmelweis presented his statistics and findings. He sent copies to medical societies and to leading obstetricians in Germany, France, and England. Despite his copious and undisputed statistics he was completely ignored.

Thirty years after Semmelweis's discovery, Lister and Pasteur succeeded in convincing doctors that they should disinfect their hands.

The Semmelweis-reflex is the automatic rejection of the obvious, without thought, inspection, or experiment. It was so named by author Robert Anton Wilson. The results that Semmelweis produced made it obvious that his possible discovery needed to be inspected, experimented with, and thought about.

You may think that in the enlightened age of 1993 humans no longer suffer from the Semmelweis-reflex. This could be a mistake. During the past two hundred years numerous doctors have written dozens of books - some published by "mainstream" publishers - on why and how cooking kills. The consequences of this form of self-pollution are obviously disastrous. Yet most doctors, when confronted with the suggestion that cooking be abolished, will summarily reject the suggestion without examination. The Semmelweis-reflex in action. Today the "medical profession" suffers as much from the Semmelweis-reflex as they did 150 years ago.

Fact 1: America's worst drug takers are probably physicians. According to a series of articles appearing in the New York Times in mid-1975, the percentage of physicians on hard drugs (heroin, opium, cocaine) was about 19 times greater than the number of people among the general population addicted to the same drugs.

Fact 2: Numerous surveys, tests, and health evaluation programs have consistently revealed that America's "medical professionals" are no healthier than the average American.

Fact 3: Compared to the general population, 23% more American physicians (including heart specialists!) die of heart and cardiovascular problems. Cancer deaths among physicians are 12% higher than among the general population.

Fact 4: "Whenever doctors strike, throughout the world, the same result occurs: The mortality rate drops. The first strike was in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the late sixties. The second was in Los Angeles, where, according to Professor Milton Roemer of UCLA's School of Public Health, the morality rate during that strike dropped by 17 percent. The third strike was in Columbia, South America, where the mortality rate dropped by 37 percent. The fourth, and my favorite, strike was in Israel when, during an 85-day strike, the mortality rate dropped by 50 percent. This greatly concerned the morticians, who did a study of their own. They discovered the last time the mortality rate dropped that low was 20 years previously at the time of the last doctors' strike." So wrote Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. in Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out.

Fact 5: Annual physical examinations are a health risk.

Fact 6: Hospitals are dangerous places for the sick (because of extreme exposure to other diseases).

Fact 7: Most operations do little good and many do harm.

Fact 8: Medical testing labs are scandalously inaccurate.

Fact 9: Many drugs cause more problems that they cure. (Doctors prescribe drugs "sold" to them by drug salesmen.)

Fact 10: The X-ray machine is the most pervasive and the most dangerous tool in the doctor's office.

The source for facts 5-10 is Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. in Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

Medical Doctor Amazed with Natural Hygiene Miracles!
Mr. T.C. Fry is one of the foremost practitioners of a discipline called "Natural Hygiene," which is closely related to Anopsology. In fact, I suspect that Guy-Claude Burger learned some of his Anopsology from Natural Hygiene. The following letter is from John Powell, M.D.:

"Dear Mr. Fry,
I want to thank you for you and your staff's many courtesies while we were guests at American Wellness Retreat from December 20, 1989 to February 14, 1990.

It seems absolutely incredible what your regimen of letting the body heal itself can do for any form of sickness. I've been in medical practice for over 40 years and never heard of the word toxicosis until I came to you. Now I know toxicosis is a body saturated with toxins and that is the basic underlying cause of almost every disease.

I became painfully aware that my practice of administrating drugs was wrong. I've learned this is adding poisons to poisons and that only sets the body back in its efforts to heal itself. As you so often said in your talks, "you cannot be poisoned into health with drugs called medicines."

My wife and I stayed eight weeks because you told us that arthritis was a difficult condition to reverse. And you said that the remedying of colon problems could take some time too at our ages.

My arthritic pains in the neck disappeared in about two days of fasting though I know the condition wasn't cleared up totally.

Mable's severe left abdominal pain also cleared up in about two days. For years nine specialists were baffled and could not clear this up no matter what they did. She had been diagnosed as having spastic colon. To me, after all my medical experience, this was nothing short of miraculous. This was worth more to us than the cost of our two months stay at the retreat. I had already spent far more on her condition alone with no good results.

What impressed me too was the seeming miracles which occurred while we were there. I had never seen anyone freed from insulin before. Yet the young man who fasted for over a week gave up insulin and still maintained normal blood sugar levels all the while.

What really stunned me was the young man who came in painfully coughing up blood from pneumocystis carinii which had been diagnosed as AIDS. With this condition I'm sure he would have been soon dead in a hospital with chemotherapy. His bleeding stopped three days after he started fasting and he was bouncing all over the place before he broke his fast on the 10th day.

I saw a case of cervical cancer cleared up too. I would have bet my life that this case would never have been resolved. The lady was already there eight days when we arrived. She was bleeding heavily all the while, still urinating through a catheter and had heavy pus discharges. She soon no longer needed the catheter. Then the bleeding stopped and about a month later the discharge stopped too. I thought it incredible too that she went from a wheelchair to walking a mile or two around the block every day before we left.

As for my wife and I, we made remarkable progress which, though I was told could happen, I didn't really believe would happen. I had a melanoma of the upper right lip. I had planned to have surgery, thinking that was the only way to go. This flattened out. I will not be getting the surgery.

Both of us had high blood pressure, very high pulse rates and slightly elevated temperatures. After two weeks of fasting and six weeks on a totally raw diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, these have returned to normal ranges.

I can move my formerly arthritic fingers with ease now and with a full range of motion. My wife can also move hers easily too.

My wife's arthritic condition was so bad she had to use a wheelchair. She started walking after two weeks at the retreat and, when we left, she was going on walks of two or three miles daily with me. And she had the energy and girlishness I hadn't seen in her in over 30 years.

Having been an M.D. for over forty years, I sadly see the error of what I did. I only wish that I could have come upon this knowledge when I was a young man. It's sadder still to see my colleagues continue poisoning people. They have their eyes and ears so shut I don't think we'll ever get to them; and even if we did, I'm not so sure they'd give up their practices because they pay so much.

You should put this on your emblem:

We will forever be grateful for your eye-opening truths about the world of health. May it grow and grow and grow.
Dr. John and Mrs. Mable Powell, Mount Airy, North Carolina."

The Most Useful Information.
If someone gave you information identical to information you already have, how much would you value the information given? Well, you might put a small value on it because it confirms your knowledge and maybe helps you feel more secure. But it is unlikely that you would pay much for it.

It follows that the most valuable information could be the most different from the information you already have. But there is a problem: New information could be different and useless or different and useful. We apply our minds and thinking skills to decide.

Please do not summarily reject information in this report because it is very different from what you now know. Even if initially you object strongly to new information, you may find that your objections are satisfactorily answered later...

Sometimes when two people communicate it is as if suddenly a brick wall jumps up between them. This usually happens when one person reacts with resistance to something the other says or does. And sometimes the other person then reacts with resistance to the resistance...

Such invisible brick walls become barriers to further communication. Probably the most prevalent way such brick walls are brought about is when one person says or does something that makes the other wrong - or when the other person feels or perceives being made wrong...

Another way such brick walls come about is when a communication is perceived as threatening. Consider the possibility that the information that would be most valuable to you might be information most different from some of the information you now hold. If this is so, then the information potentially most valuable to you could also seem the most threatening...

Some of us build invisible brick walls around us to "protect" and "isolate" us from people of different color, culture, class, race, age, sex, political or religious persuasion, etc...

We have the ability not only to control our own invisible brick walls, but also to influence the brick walls of others to a considerable extent. This is an awesome power wielded by the most charismatic...

By becoming more aware of our own brick walls and those of others, we gain control over invisible brick walls - and increase our power to communicate.

What Happens to Food When It Is Cooked
(The sources for the facts under this heading and the next can be found in the works cited in the Bibliography.

(a) Some of the nutrients are destroyed (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.). Most conventional nutritionists agree.

(b) All the enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes are essential for proper digestion. Some enzymes speed up certain digestive processes a millionfold.

(c) The ratios of nutrients are changed. In the case of meat, relatively more vitamin B6 than methionine is destroyed, leading to atherogenic free-radical-initiating homocysteine accumulation. In other words, cooked meat causes heart problems. Cooked meat is also a carcinogen.

(d) Toxic substances are formed. More than 90 toxic substances have been identified that are formed when a potato is cooked. Some of these toxins are mutagenic and/or carcinogenic.

(e) Waste material is created.

(f) Cooking food has similar effects to the aging processes in the body. Cooking ages food very rapidly and very extensively.

(g) The water content of the food changes.

(h) The food's life-energy and life-information are destroyed.

What Happens to a Human Body That Eats Cooked Food
(a) There is a rush of white blood cells towards the digestive tract, leaving the rest of the body less protected by the immune system. From the point of view of the immune system the body is being invaded by toxins when cooked food is eaten.

(b) A general augmentation of white corpuscles in the blood and a change in the relative proportions of different blood cells. This phenomenon is called digestive leukocytosis.

(c) Because all the enzymes are destroyed by cooking, the food cannot be properly digested. In attempting to manufacture the requisite enzymes, an unnecessary burden is placed on the body. It cannot manufacture all the necessary enzymes. The result is indigestion and sometimes ulcers. In general, raw food is so much more easily digested that it passes through the system in a half to a third of the time it takes for cooked food.

(d) The intestinal flora becomes putrefied (particularly from cooked meat), resulting in colonic dysfunction, allowing the absorption of toxins from the bowel. This phenomenon is variously called dysbacteria, dysbiosis, or intestinal toxemia (toxicosis).

(e) A build-up of toxins and waste material in many parts of the body, including within individual cells. Some of these toxins and wastes are called lipofuscin, which accumulates in the skin and nervous system, including the brain. It can be observed as "liver spots" or "age spots." It is an important aging process: general toxemia (toxicosis).

(f) Malnutrition at a cellular level. Because such a high proportion of cooked food consists of wastes and toxins, individual cells don't receive enough of the nutrients they need.

(g) Tendency towards obesity through overeating. Because the cells don't get enough nutrients they are so to speak "always hungry" and hence "demand" more food.

(h) From time to time the body experiences detoxification crises (also called purification or healing crises). This happens when toxins are released through the skin or dumped in the bloodstream for elimination by the liver, kidneys, and other organs. The symptoms may include headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, etc.

(i) The body can become so toxic that all kinds of particles, such as pollen, can cause detoxification crises, called "allergies." About 80 million Americans suffer from such "allergies."

(j) The immune system, having to deal with the massive daily invasions of toxins, mutagens, and carcinogens eventually becomes overwhelmed and weakened. Another important aging process.

(k) Auto-immune diseases (arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, gout, multiple sclerosis, etc.). Parts of the body become so clogged with toxins and wastes that the immune system starts regarding them as foreign invaders that must be destroyed - the body starts destroying itself. Another important aging process.

(l) Some of the waste material builds up in the arteries and clogs them leading to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, strokes, etc. - killing nearly half of Americans.

(m) The toxins, mutagens, and carcinogens that build up within cells, eventually cause some cells to become cancerous - killing nearly a third of Americans.

(n) In general, many of the aging processes are accelerated by cooked food. (People who switch to raw food often become visibly and physiologically younger.

The Inside-Angle Orientation
This is probably one of the most powerful success principles ever formulated. Here are its elements:

  1. In practically every activity or business there are inside angles.
  2. The inside angle consists of important information or knowledge that is not generally known.
  3. Whatever you "know" about any activity or business tends to blind you to new inside angles.
  4. An important aspect of the inside-angle orientation is to be willing and able to question everything you "know."
  5. A second important aspect of the inside-angle orientation is to open yourself wide to potential information and knowledge that may constitute new inside angles.
  6. In every activity or business there will always be new inside angles to be discovered and developed.
  7. Knowing inside angles can provide you with huge advantages in practically every activity or business, and in life generally.
  8. Knowing and applying inside angles can increase your personal power phenomenally.

During the past seven years I have been studying nutrition. Knowing this information and how to apply it provides me with huge advantages when it comes to my health. However, people (such as "professional dieticians" and "medical doctors") who "know" all about "nutrition," tend to be blinded by their "knowledge" to the inside angles that can be applied to achieve superhealth.

In order to adopt the inside-angle orientation there are certain obstacles you may have to overcome:

1. "Automatic knowledge" received from "authorities" and accepted without question - the inability or unwillingness to question this "knowledge."

2. "Automatic emotions" associated with the "automatic knowledge" - for example, the automatic fear associated with going against the "authoritative knowledge" of the "doctor" keeps many locked in unnecessary illness.

3. Blind obedience to "authority."

4. Regarding any "inside angle" as the "final word" - today's "inside angle" tends to become tomorrow's obstacle to the next inside angle.

5. Investment in "knowledge"; pride associated with "knowledge" - questioning what you "know" involves the risk of being "wrong" - the determination to be "right" at all cost.

6. The need to conform; fear of rejection - "If I think and behave differently, I will be cast out of the "in-group" (tribe) - in ancient times this meant almost certain quick death.

7. Habit; laziness - it is much easier to "think" the same old habitual thoughts, than it is to entertain new radical ideas. (By the way, do you like any of these: bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, avocados, pears, peaches, pineapples, salads, etc.?)

8. Intellectual cowardice - human history is replete with examples of "different" thinkers "eliminated" for espousing new inside angles - it takes courage to swim against this stream.

9. Much of "education" (so-called) deals with what to think, rather than how to think.

10. Fear associated with the loss of "knowledge." In general, the "medical profession" does not have the intellectual courage to examine the raw food inside angles. They have to protect their "knowledge." The practice of the "doctor" has been built up over many years based on his or her "medical knowledge." The raw food inside angle, if valid, would completely destroy the foundation of his or her professional career. The fear of this prevents the "doctor" from even considering the raw food inside angle. Most doctors and conventional nutritionists probably agree that doctors know almost nothing about nutrition - by far the most important factor that determines health and disease. Furthermore, to obtain and maintain their licences, doctors have to kowtow to the AMA and FDA. And finally, if doctors were to teach people to breathe, drink, and eat properly, then about 95% of them would be out of a job.

"Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing."
- T.H. Huxley

"Wipe your glasses with what you know."
- James Joyce

"Write what you "know" on a roll of toilet paper, wipe your backside with it, and flush it down the toilet."
- Frederick Mann

Every single human being, anywhere on Earth, needs better inside angles. No matter where you live or what you do, there are inside angles you can apply to improve your wealth, your health, your happiness, your work, your business, your relationships, your sex-life... you name it. Everybody needs better inside angles.

The scientific and technological history of Earth is the history of inside angles that were discovered, developed, communicated, and applied. E=MC2 is an example of an inside angle. The notion that the earth is round was an inside angle at the time when most people believed it was flat.

Any subject, activity, or business you care to think of could be improved by new inside angles. Everybody needs better inside angles. The discovery, communication, and application of inside angles have increased human power phenomenally - and will continue to do so. Inside angles have repeatedly transformed the world - and will continue to do so.

The sixth superhealth principle:


Cow's milk is "designed" for baby cows called calves. Cattle have huge bones. A much larger percentage of a cow's body is bone, compared to a human. Cow's milk contains too much calcium for humans to digest. Humans who drink cow's milk suffer from gradually increasing undigested calcium deposits in their bodies, particularly in their joints - eventually causing auto-immune diseases such as arthritis. Cow's milk also causes mucus problems in humans. (Joke: Maybe cow's milk also gives humans cattle mentality! See Report #TL04: How to Find Out Who You Are.)

You can get all the calcium you need from sesame seed, green-leaf vegetables, seaweed, nuts, and dates. (Since I wrote this in 1993, I found in 1999 that I wasn't getting enough calcium. I was getting severe cramps in my legs and feet after long hikes. So I started taking calcium supplements. No more cramps.)

For more information on milk, see

From a correspondent:

I'm currently eating the Aajonus Vonderplanitz The Diet of Our Ancestors way
......totally raw of course. His way of eating consists of lots of RAW
dairy products,which I find to be very delicious and health promoting
(my body feels vibrant and strong when eating them). Do you know of any
medical studies or other evidence that would corraborate your above statement
in regards to RAW dairy products?

I've read through much of the information on
It reminds me a lot of the "Anti-Meat" crowd (better known as vegetarian).
They of course, claim that "meat" is the evil food that causes all sorts of
maladies, from heart disease to cancer. In my view, the "anti-milk" crowd
has the same mindset as the "anti-meat" crowd....almost a religious fervour
to their message. Of course, they don't bother to make the distinction
between the milk you buy in the grocery store (pasteurized and loaded
with hormones and antibiotics) and the milk that nature intended......fresh,
raw, organic, non-pasteurized, straight from the cow milk. The difference
is significant.....much like the difference between cooked meat and raw
meat. Cooked meat most likely does cause many of the diseases the
"anti-meat" crowd claims, but of course, they never make the distinction
between cooked and raw, which is a HUGE oversight as many of us on
this list know. I'm sure the distinction is just as important in talking about must define whether one is talking about raw, organic
unadulterated milk, or "pasteurized, production line, loaded with hormones
and antibiotics" milk. If milk is as bad as the "anti-milk" crowd says it is,
I feel very sorry for calves......poor things. If one does not feel good when
drinking fresh, raw, unpasteurized, organic milk, then I would certainly not
encourage anyone to drink it. It certainly isn't necessary, as I think
Frederick is right about it not being a main staple of our ancestor's
paleolithic diet. However, there are cultures who have thrived on fresh,
raw, unpasteurized, organic milk (Swiss farmers come to mind), so I
don't believe one can make a blanket statement that milk is bad for
health, at least not fresh, raw, unpasteurized, organic milk.

In conclusion, one must compare apples with apples and studies on
"pasteurized, production line, loaded with hormones and antibiotics milk"
just do not hold water when arguing against drinking raw, fresh, organic,
unpasteurized milk. If anyone can show me studies on the latter type of milk
that conclusively show it is unhealthy, I would be more than happy to read
them with an open mind. I am not religiously tied to any way of eating and
have an open mind, but I'm not interested in someone's or some group's
dietary belief system......I'm simply searching for truth.

So, fresh, raw milk -- straight from the udder! -- may be healthy for humans:

See also: 'Raw Milk - A Risk to Public Health' by British Columbia Ministry of Health, Health File #03, February 2000 (It's unlikely that anyone who has been eating raw food for six months or so will have problems with "bugs" like salmonella, listeria, toxoplasmosis, etc.)

In the year 2000, I continue to not consume any dairy products.

Research continues to indicate a link between Type 1 diabetes and bovine-milk consumption in infancy. Here's a recent report from Science News (1999;155(26):404-5). (Although I haven't checked such studies, it's unlikely that any of them established a link between raw milk and diabetes.)

Some Consequences of Cooked Food and Other Violations of Superhealth Principles #5 and #6:
(Statistics provided by Health Excellence Systems.)

Fact 11: Over 900 billion dollars was spent on so-called "health care" in America in 1992. (If Americans were to apply superhealth principles #5 and #6, health care expenditure would almost certainly drop to less than $100 billion per year.)

Fact 12: Over 125 million Americans have one or more chronic disease condition.

Fact 13: Only one-and-a-half percent of Americans are regarded as healthy by the US Public Health Service - less than four million out of a population of over 250 million.

Fact 14: About one-and-a-half billion visits are made by patients to physicians, clinics, and emergency rooms every year in the USA. That is about six visits per American.

Fact 15: About 5 million Americans suffer such side effects or adverse reactions from drugs and medicines administered by physicians each year, that they need to be hospitalized.

Fact 16: One in five Americans spends some time in hospital for treatment every year.

Fact 17: Over 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure.

Fact 18: Chances are better than 95% that your arteries are partially blocked by plaque. Almost every American child over 4-years old has arterial plaque formation. Nearly 45% of Americans die from heart disease or cardiovascular problems.

Fact 19: Three out of every ten Americans get cancer. Eighty percent of these people suffer death attributed to cancer. Over 500,000 Americans will die of cancer this year.

Fact 20: Cancer is the number one cause of death among our children.

Fact 21: About one in three Americans suffers from some form of allergy.

Fact 22: About a third of Americans are obese. Yet nearly all Americans are malnourished in some way, despite overeating.

Fact 23: Over 50% of Americans suffer from chronic digestive disorders.

Fact 24: Some 16 million Americans suffer from ulcers.

Fact 25: About 41 million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids.

Fact 26: Nine out of ten Americans suffer from more or less clogged colons. Constipation is a widespread disease.

Fact 27: About 10 million Americans suffer from asthma.

Fact 28: About 30 million Americans suffer from chronic sinus infections.

Fact 29: There are about 15 million diabetics or near-diabetics in America.

Fact 30: About ten million Americans have psoriasis (a skin disease).

Fact 31: About 36 million Americans suffer from arthritis and related diseases: rheumatism, gout, and bursitis.

Fact 32: One of five births in America is defective, about half being brain defects.

Fact 33: Almost every baby born in America has been polluted before birth by poisons and drugs in the mother's bloodstream.

Fact 34: Over eight million American children are mentally retarded or handicapped because of brain problems - possibly largely caused by poisons and drugs from the mother's bloodstream.

How to Implement Superhealth Principles #4 and #5
(a) Decide to assume responsibility for your own health. Become your own doctor, your own health expert.

(b) Obtain and study the books in the Bibliography, particularly Victoria BidWell's The Health Seekers' YearBook.

(c) Stop smoking. Reduce the breathing in of unnatural fumes to an absolute minimum. (We really have to move out into the country to achieve this - unfortunately, impractical for most.)

(d) Drink only purified water, or uncontaminated mineral water. If you drink fruit and vegetable juices, prepare them yourself from fresh fruit and vegetables.

(e) Drink lots of water, but not within about 15 minutes before a meal and an hour after a meal.

(f) Eliminate cooked, processed, and prepared food. Eliminate all dairy products. Eliminate salt, sugar, and condiments.

(g) There is a wide range of fruit, vegetables, seaweeds, grains, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and honeys you can eat.

(h) As far as possible, avoid all drugs and "medicines." Eliminate alcohol, except perhaps the natural alcohol found in coconuts.

(i) Don't eat between meals.

(j) Find out when to fast and how, and do so when necessary.

Note: The following principles apply to practitioners of Anopsology. In Anopsology there is practically no food preparation, no recipes, no mixing of foods. Natural Hygienists do have recipes, mix foods, and minimally prepare food.

(k) Eat two meals a day: lunch and dinner.

(l) For lunch, eat basically fruit - optionally followed by nuts, dates, and honey.

(m) For dinner, eat protein course, followed by vegetables - optionally followed by nuts, dates, and honey.

(n) Eat only one kind of protein at a meal: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, mushrooms, avocado, peas, etc. (Note: the immune system of an Anopsologist is such that salmonella, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, and most other "bugs" are no problems. The human body evolved over millions of years while eating such "bugs" and developed adequate defense mechanisms. The cooked food eater has a considerably diminished immune system which may have difficulty handling such "bugs.")

(o) Use your sense of smell to determine what to eat at any given time. (Works only on food as found in nature.)

(p) Eat one thing at a time. Use your sense of taste to determine how much of a particular thing to eat. The taste will change when you've had enough. (Works only on food as found in nature.)

There is much more to proper eating, but the rest is beyond the scope of this report. Most people have to attend seminars or courses on how to eat properly. You have to assume personal responsibility and find out for yourself by studying the books and contacting the Superhealth Organizations listed on page 12. You can learn more about Anopsology from Dr. Severen Schaeffer's book Instinctive Nutrition.

Note: During early 2002, I made some important changes to the above. See #TL09B: Superhealth Update.

Eating Raw Meat
It's conceivable to me that some people don't need meat and operate better without meat. They obviously shouldn't eat meat.

I've read and heard many philosophical, sentimental, and emotional arguments why we shouldn't eat meat. I haven't found any that's convincing to me.

The human body evolved over millions of years, eating what it found in nature, including raw meat. The human body is "designed" to eat raw meat. In its healthy state it has adequate defense mechanisms to easily cope with all the "bugs" commonly found in venison, lamb, beef, pork, poultry, etc. I've been eating a wide range of raw meat for over seven years without any problems.

I've heard of many medical studies claiming that eating meat (or too much meat) is unhealthy. None of these studies indicated whether they referred to raw meat or cooked meat. I assume they referred to cooked meat. I think eating cooked meat is disastrous. I don't know if any medical studies have been done on eating raw meat.

The best meat to eat is from "original" animals free from pollutants. By "original" I mean as found in nature. Pollutants include cooked and prepared food and artificial hormones.

Anopsologists quickly recover their very sensitive sense of smell to tell them what to eat. A few days after switching to raw food, I smelled some bloody raw liver. It smelled heavenly. I had an ecstatic tingling sensation throughout my body. It was as if my cells were shouting "Yes! Yes!" Eating that liver was a very pleasurable experience.

Smelling and eating good raw food that the body needs seems to bring about ecstacy at the cellular level. It sometimes feels like many cells are having orgasms!

Because of cultural conditioning, many people can't confront eating raw meat. For some Anopsologists it takes a year or more before they can sufficiently overcome their old cultural conditioning and eat raw meat.

Note: It may be advisable to wait for about six months after switching to raw, before including raw meat in your diet. You may also want to avoid regular supermarket meat in favor of meat from a topnotch supplier such as Coleman's. You can find more good suppliers by searching the Internet for +organic +meat, +organic +chicken, etc. A further option is to soak meat in diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide.

The seventh principle of superhealth:


I'll leave it to you to exercise and get fit. Whatever your age, you should attempt to get as fit as you can. Read Dr. Chopra's book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind for very specific details on the power of exercise to stop and even reverse the aging process.

Fact 35: More than 95% of American adults cannot pass a minimum fitness test. About 90% of America's children cannot pass the minimum physical fitness test established by the President's Fitness Council.

An important principle: Use it or lose it. You have to physically use your body, or you will lose it. On how to use your body, I recommend that you apply the "Alexander Principle" - described in the books by F.M. Alexander, Wilfred Barlow, and Edward Maisel; see Bibliography.

The eighth principle of superhealth:


Dr. Chopra says some very good things about breathing in Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. I also highly recommend a superb book by Jim Leonard and Phil Laut: Rebirthing: The Science of Enjoying All of Your Life.

Further Principles of Superhealth
(a) As far as possible, stay away from the "medical profession." Some of them are good "mechanics." Hire them to fix injuries such as broken bones, or to "put together the pieces" after a car accident. Go for routine checkups once or twice a year - if you are brave enough. Otherwise avoid them like the pasteurella pestis (plague)! In Confessions of a Medical Heretic, Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn says that "annual physical examinations are a health risk."

(b) Practice cleanliness.
(c) Live in a pleasant environment and comfortable temperature. Enjoy enough sunshine.
(d) Get sufficient recreation, rest, and sleep.
(e) Do constructive work.
(f) Give and receive love and appreciation.
(g) Develop self-mastery and emotional poise.
(h) For some - possibly all of us - it is necessary to remove amalgam (silver-mercury) dental fillings. See The Toxic Time Bomb by Sam Ziff.

Superhealth and Free Enterprise
The human body is a self-organizing system, a "spontaneous order." It is also self-healing. The economy of a country is a self-organizing system, a "spontaneous order." It is also self-healing. The attempt of the "doctor" to poison the body with drugs and "medicine" in order to heal it, is often the equivalent of the politician or government spindoctor trying to heal the economy with coercive government intervention.

The body heals itself when left alone to do so - particularly while fasting - it becomes superhealthy. The economy heals itself when left alone - in fact, it becomes a supereconomy!

Coercive governments kill economies and peoples. Cooking kills food which kills people.

Note: There may be some exceptions to this. Possibly not all cooking is bad. See #TL09B: Superhealth Update.

Benefits of Practicing Superhealth
Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 and Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution define federal jurisdiction. The Constitution does not provide for an agency such as the FDA. Therefore the FDA could be considered a criminal outlaw agency. However, let's be generous and grant the FDA jurisdiction over Washington DC, federal military installations, and U.S. Territories, excluding the 50 States (federal jurisdiction - see Report #TL08: U.S. Federal Jurisdiction). The claims that follow do not apply to anyone under federal jurisdiction. They only apply to people outside the jurisdiction of the FDA.

The table below (from Instinctive Nutrition by Severen L. Schaeffer), based on studies conducted over several years with more than 1500 persons, indicates how soon after commencing Anopsology, great improvement or complete relief can be expected from a variety of ailments.

1 week:
Aerophagia; Constipation; Dyspepsia; Fatigue; Chronic indigestion; Migraine headache; Alcohol and tobacco addiction; Obese persons begin to lose weight at the rate of 3-5% of excess body weight per week; Inflammatory pain usually disappears.
2 weeks:
Asthma; Diabetes - reduction of insulin dosages; Diarrhea; Gastritis; Hemorrhoids; Hypoglycemia; Psychological stress; Sexual impotence.
3 weeks:
Allergies of all types; Arterial hypo- and hyper-tension; Arteriosclerosis; Cellulite (subcutaneous fat begins to disappear in 3-5 weeks); Cholesterolemia; Cystitis; Dermatoses; Immunity to colds; Salpyngitis; Sinusitis; Diminishing of tremors in Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease; Hyperhidrosis; Urticaria.
4 weeks:
Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea; Excema; Disappearance of pain in Glaucoma; Parasitic infection terminated (in 3-7 weeks); Skin regains elasticity - more youthful appearance; Immunity to infections in cuts and burns, with healing time cut in half.
5 weeks:
Arterial occlusion; Recovery of movement in rheumatoid arthritis; Erythema; First signs of improvement in Lupus Erythmatosus; Skin ulcers; Peptic ulcers.
7 weeks:
Immunological system reactivated; Amebiasis; Anemia; Athlete's foot; Cataracts; Herpes simplex; Immunity to contagious disease, remarkable resistance to fatigue; Leukemia; Proteinuria; Rheumatoid arthritis.
12 weeks:
Baldness: first appearance of new hair; Breast cancer; Cancer of the larynx; Other cancerous tumors.
25 weeks:
Hemophilia coagulation rate normalized; Hyperthyroidism improved; Myasthenia; Multiple sclerosis: recovery from paralysis, improved balance and coordination; AIDS: all symptoms have disappeared, blood cell counts normal, body weight normal.
12 months:
Corns disappear; Rapid painless childbirth with amniotic sac breaking at end of process rather than at beginning; Blood Rh-factor incompatibility disappears.
18 months:
Liver (age) spots have virtually disappeared.

(* = highly recommended; ** = absolute must.)

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Superhealth Organizations
" ABUNDA LIFE HEALTH HOTEL & CLINIC, 298 Third Avenue, Asbury Park, NY 07712.

" THE AMERICAN NATURAL HYGIENE SOCIETY, PO Box 30630, Tampa, FL 33630. (813) 855-6607.

" ANN WIGMORE FOUNDATION, 196 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116. (617) 267-9424.

" ANN WIGMORE FOUNDATION, 2417 West Lincoln Avenue, Montebello, CA 90640.

" ASSOCIATION ORKOS, Chateau de Montrame, Soisy-Bouy, F-77650 Longueville, France. 16.6.400.26.10. Anopsology/Burger.

" BIONOMICS HEALTH RESEARCH, PO Box 36107, Tucson, AZ 85470. (602) 297-0798. Natural Hygiene/Drs. Elizabeth and Robert McCarter.

" BORN-AGAIN-BODY, 211 Wapoo Ave #202, Calistoga, CA 94515. (707) 942-0880. Natural Hygiene/Lee Bueno.

" THE CANADIAN NATURAL HYGIENE SOCIETY, PO Box 235, Station "T", Toronto, ON M6B 4A1, Canada. Joe Aron.

" THE BRITISH NATURAL HYGIENE SOCIETY/SHALIMAR RETREAT, 3 Harold Grove, Frinton-on-the-Sea, Essex, England. Dr. Keki, Sidhwa.

" THE CENTER FOR CHIROPRACTIC AND CONSERVATIVE THERAPY, 4310 Lichau Road, Penngrove, CA 94951. (707) 792-2325. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Alan Goldhamer & Jennifer Marano.

" CLUB HYGIENE, 105 Bruce Court, Marathon, FL 33050. (305) 743-3168. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Douglas Graham.

" CREATIVE HEALTH INSTITUTE, 918 Union City Road, Union City, MI 49094. (517) 278-6260. Natural Hygiene.

" ESSER'S HYGIENE RANCH, PO Box 6229, Lake Worth, FL 33466. (407) 965-4360. Natural Hygiene/Dr. William Esser.

" THE EUPHORIUM, 8112 Ave. 94 N.E., Vancouver, WA 98662-2941. (206) 896-4397. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Henry Stephenson.

" FAMILY HEALTH CENTER, 427 S. Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701. (914) 378-7843. Natural Hygiene/Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

" FOUNDATION FOR TOXIC FREE DENTISTRY, PO Box 580160, Orlando, FL 32858-0160. (407) 299-4149. Sam Ziff.

" GETWELL * STAYWELL, AMERICA!, 1776 * The Hygiene Joy Way, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273. (206) 428-3687. Natural Hygiene/Victoria BidWell and Joseph Jay Mellon.

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" THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS CLINIC, 6218 S. Lewis #103, Tulsa, OK. (918) 742-2194. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Joel Robbins.

" HEALTH EXCELLENCE SYSTEMS, 1108 Regal Row, Austin, TX 78748. (512) 280-5566. Natural Hygiene/T.C. Fry.

" THE HEALTH OASIS, Rt.2, Box 10, Tilly, AR 72679. (501) 496-2364. Natural Hygiene/Bernice Davison.

" HELENA'S HEALTH HAVEN, 1105 Patterson Lane, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. (408) 373-1119. Natural Hygiene/Helena Henn.

" HELEN LAMAR, PO Box 1482, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. (408) 426-8546. Natural Hygiene.

" HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE, 1443 Palmdale Court, West Palmdale, FL 33441. (407) 471-8876.

" HYGEIA HEALTH RETREAT, 439 E. Main Street, Yorktown, TX 78164. (512) 564-3670. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Ralph Cinque.

" HYGIEA WEST, 2607 De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. (805) 569-2345. Natural Hygiene/Dr. Phillip Royal.

" HYGIENIC COMMUNITY NETWORK, 1732 W. College Street, Springfield, MO 65802. (417) 831-3188. Natural Hygiene.

" LES FONTANILLES, F-66400 Maureillas, France. Anopsology/Burger.

" LES LIMBES, Dreve Emmanuelle 10, B-l488 Bousval, Belgium. 010/615625. Anopsology/Burger.

" NATURAL HYGIENE INCORPORATED, PO Box 2132, Huntington, CT 06484, (203) 929-1557. Jo Willard.

" OPTIMUM HEALTH INSTITUTE OF SAN DIEGO, 6970 Central Avenue, Lemon Grove, CA 92045. (619) 464-3346.

" OUR PLACE, Rt. 5, Box 467, Canton, TX 75103. (903) 567-2305. Raw food/Ray Kent.

" PAWLING HEALTH MANOR, PO Box 401, Hyde Park, NY 12538. Tel. (914) 889-4141. Natural Hygiene/Robert Gross.

" REGENCY HEALTH RESORT & SPA, 2000 S. Ocean Drive, Hallandale, FL 33009. 1-800-695-9591. Natural Hygiene/Mort Pine.

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" UNIV. OF TEXAS, DEPT. OF PHYSIOLOGY, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78284. (512) 567-4374. Natural Hygiene/Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.

" UNLIMITED VISION, 556 Sunlit Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. (408) 426-8546. Natural Hygiene/Helen Lamar.

" THE VISION & HEALTH CENTER, Rt. 4, Box 186, Whitewater, WI 53190. (414) 473-7361. Natural Hygiene/Leslie H. Salov, M.D.

Note: In addition to the above, there are several thousand doctors around the world who practice Natural Hygiene, Anopsology, and other raw food disciplines. For information contact GETWELL * STAYWELL, AMERICA!

Note: The above bibliography and list of organizations have not been updated since 1993. Since then the raw-food movement has grown dramatically. #TL09B: Superhealth Update has an additional bibliography. We also maintain a Raw-Food Directory which is occasionally updated.

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