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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Marketing FAQ

Q. In the past, I've tried to market several programs without much success; can you tell me something about Internet marketing basics?

A. Some time ago, some members of a particular program asked me what the secret was of why I had sponsored so many members. My reply:

My successful recruiting is partially based on "capturing" prospects and then promoting money-making programs to them repeatedly.
By "capturing" prospects I'm referring to persuading them to join a list or group, or request information from an autoresponder -- any method of persuading prospects to submit their email addresses so you can promote money-making programs to them over and over again.
Promoting to large numbers is important. Promoting repeatedly to the same prospects is important. Using attention-grabbing headlines and compelling sales copy are also important.
Installing the 10X software in your own brain is most important -- see BECOME A 10X PERFORMING PERSON! [At this link you can also find information on the FREE "Sales X 10 training."]
Doing things right is most important -- see #TL10E: THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT. [Includes some powerful marketing principles.]
If you would like to receive mentoring on more effective recruiting, I invite you to subscribe to the BigboosterGroup forum. Once you've subscribed, ASK QUESTIONS!

So the most important basic is to "capture" prospects and to then promote money-making programs to them repeatedly.

Q. How do you "capture" prospects?

A. Persuading them to join a free forum, as I do above, is an example. Anyone can create a free forum or discussion group on Yahoo, SmartGroups, etc. Another example is to persuade prospects to request free information from an autoresponder, as I do above with "BECOME A 10X PERFORMING PERSON!"

MonsterPreLaunch is designed to be a most powerful "prospect catcher." By promoting MonsterPreLaunch you can build a "prospect base" to promote other programs to repeatedly.

Q. What is an "opt-in" list?

A. You can regard those you refer to MonsterPreLaunch as being in your opt-in list, because they've effectively given you permission to promote to them. Another example is a list of people who have requested information from an autoresponder. Yet another example is a "safelist" to which people have subscribed, agreeing to receive promotional emails.

Q. Do you recommend promoting to safelists?

A. If you know of safelists where at least some of the emails get read, you may find that some of the promotional emails below will work. They are powerful! It may be worth testing some of the safelits at

Q. What is the biggest mistake Internet marketers make?

A. They promote paid programs to strangers (cold prospects). You could send tens of thousands of visitors (whom don't know you) to a paid program's website and never get a single sign-up!

It's vastly more effective to promote some "free enticement" (for example, MonsterPreLaunch) to "capture" prospects, and to then promote paid programs repeatedly to those who join (opt in).

The shift from the way most people try to market programs on the Internet (at which most fail dismally!) to the "capture-then-promote-to-them-repeatedly" approach, we call the "Heavy Hitter Shift!"

Another mistake many Internet marketers make is that they don't have a systematic approach for TESTING different marketing methods in order to find out what works, what doesn't work, and what works best. It's vital that you use tracking codes to measure the responses you get to each marketing method you try.

Q. Where can I learn more about marketing?


Q. Is there anything special about the way MonsterPreLaunch is being marketed?

A. Yes. We call it "blind front-end marketing." It utilizes some very important principles:

  1. It's designed to generate excitement. ("Get into this huge new business before the masses!")
  2. It uses the "Don't-Get-Left-Behind" motivator. ("Tell everyone you know before they start contacting you about getting involved.")
  3. It's very generalized. All the specifics people typically object to, or say "No" to, have been eliminated.
  4. One or more powerful testimonials to create credibility. (One of the most important reasons why people don't join programs is because they're skeptical.)
  5. It uses the curiosity motivator. ("I can't wait to find out exactly what this new business is about and how it works!"; "Who is Mr. X?")

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