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The Ego & His Own

by Max Stirner


Publisher's Preface
Translator's Preface

All Things Are Nothing To Me

Part First: MAN
I. - A Human Life
II. - Men of the Old Time and the New
I. - The Ancients
II. - The Moderns
§1. - The Spirit
§2. - The Possessed
§3. - The Hierarchy
III. - The Free
§1. - Political Liberalism
§2. - Social Liberalism
§3. - Humane Liberalism

Part Second: I
I. - Ownness
II. - The Owner
I. - My Power
II. - My Intercourse
III. - My Self-Enjoyment
III. - The Unique One


A Reproduction of the First English Edition.

Translated from the German by Steven T. Byington

With an Introduction by J. L. Walker

New York, BENJ. R. TUCKER, Publisher, 1907

Brought to you through the cooperative efforts of Larry Schiereck, Svein Olav Nyberg, and Daniel T. Davis

This transcription is a thorough copy. The text on each page should correspond to that of the original. Use of emphasis and italics are also preserved. The main difference between this reproduction and the original is that line numbers on each page are not preserved. In addition, the advertisements that appeared at the end of the original are not reproduced.

Version 0.1

Copyright, 1907, by BENJAMIN R. TUCKER


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