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Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery

Neo-Tech I
The Prediscovery
(Not essential to read Neo-Tech I. Okay to skip ahead to Neo-Tech III.)



The Discovery of

in the Wasted World of Cards

(background to Neocheating in the real world)

Do not be concerned or upset by the focus on cards and cheating in Neo-Tech I. Both cards and cheating are used as metaphors to better understand the nature of Neocheaters and Neo-Tech in the real world.

You are not expected to be knowledgeable or even interested in cards, much less cheating, to make full use of the Neo-Tech Discovery. In fact, most of Neo-Tech I is removed from the current editions of Neo-Tech. Why? Because using the techniques in cards are time-wasting (although quickly profitable) diversions that block the Neo-Tech integrations needed for abiding prosperity and happiness.

The Neo-Tech Discovery allows people to live prosperous, happy lives with unlimited growth. Anyone can immediately benefit from Neo-Tech. Moreover, the Neo-Tech Discovery debunks "positive thinking", mystical, and other such unreal approaches to life that lead to nothing.

The uses of the Neo-Tech Discovery range from making anyone unbeatable and wealthy at cards as shown in the original Neo-Tech I much more important uses such as business, financial transactions, social relationships as shown in Neo-Tech II breaking free of external authorities in order to gain the greatest possible rewards as shown in Neo-Tech III, IV and V.

Equally important, Neo-Tech protects one from those who cheat others out of the happy, prosperous lives they earn. And most important, Neo-Tech transfers the power from external "authorities" and value destroyers (government, religion, neocheaters, mystics) to you, the value producer -- where the power belongs.


1. Neocheating -- The Unbeatable Weapon
2. The Neo-Tech Discovery Beyond Cards

Frank R. Wallace
Mark Hamilton

The following background information is quoted directly from the original book titled Neocheating -- The Unbeatable Weapon. All the remaining chapters of Neo-Tech I have been deleted. For Neo-Tech in cards is not needed to understand and apply Neo-Tech in the real world. In fact, as discovered from previous editions, inclusion of the complete Neo-Tech I was an undesirable distraction for most readers.


The following fifteen questions and answers are taken from the original book on Neocheating. The answers provide the background for Neocheating:

1. What is Neocheating?

Neocheating is the ultimate evolution of cheating. Neocheating is not based on sleight-of-hand or magician's skills as are many classical and traditional cheating techniques. Neocheating is a new, scientific kind of cheating -- an invisible, incredibly easy kind of cheating based on simplicity and low skill. Once a person understands Neocheating, he can use its techniques to quietly beat opponents, anytime -- anywhere on earth. But also, he can use that knowledge to defend against and defeat all cheating, including Neocheating.

2. How did Neocheating evolve?

Neocheating evolved from constant financial pressures and incentives to develop the easiest, safest, and most profitable methods of winning. Over the decades, the smartest profiteers have searched for shortcuts that require little skill, but contain the invisible effectiveness of the most advanced cardsharping techniques. Those shortcuts are identified in this book and then honed into practical-attack formats called Neocheating.

3. How is Neocheating so easy?

Neocheating is insidiously easy because it has been distilled by shortcut seekers over the years to the simplest essentials upon which all effective cheating depends. If a person understands those essentials, he will understand all cheating, allowing him to defend against any cheating, including Neocheating. But, at the same time, any player with larceny in his heart can now easily and safely beat any card game played for money.

4. How is Neocheating so safe?

Neocheating is so subtle that no one can ever prove a person is Neocheating. Even if others were certain someone was Neocheating, no evidence would exist to accuse the Neocheater because his maneuvers are invisible.

5. How can Neocheating be so easy and safe, yet still be the most potent form of cheating?

The simpler and subtler the cheating technique, the easier and safer and, therefore, the more effective it will be (as will become evident throughout the book). Indeed, the Neocheater's confident characteristics result from his exclusive use of simple, effective, and invisible techniques.

6. What are the characteristics of a Neocheater?

Neocheaters generally display characteristics opposite to those of traditional cheaters. In fact, the closer people observe a Neocheater, the more assured they become that no cheating is occurring. And ironically, as shown in the final chapter of this book, the Neocheater is often the most trusted person in the game.

Why the difference in characteristics? Alert or knowledgeable opponents can usually detect traditional cheating -- unless the cheater has acquired great classical skill through years of laborious practice and experience. Even then, the cardsharp must execute each cheating maneuver perfectly, every time, putting him under great pressure. Moreover, the traditional cheater becomes obviously guilty once caught, leaving him to face the consequences. That fear of being caught haunts most traditional cheaters and overwhelms countless potential cheaters.

By contrast, Neocheating is invisible, routine, and requires little skill. The Neocheater's tactics are so subtle that, even if accused, his cheating cannot be proven. Indeed, he can always avoid the consequences because he can never be caught flagrante delicto or "in the act".

The traditional cheater fears his telltale characteristics. But the Neocheater works in harmony with his deceptive characteristics, preventing people unknowledgeable about Neocheating from ever suspecting him. As a result, the Neocheater flourishes.

7. Where is Neocheating going?

Simple and effective Neocheating is today spreading throughout poker games in Nevada casinos and California card clubs. Indeed, Neocheating is already infiltrating private games of poker, blackjack, bridge, and gin. And Neocheating will keep on spreading, leaving no game or player immune from attack.

8. What can stop Neocheating from spreading?

Publicly revealing the techniques of Neocheating may initially cause a cheating spree that could create chaos at the card table. But ironically, that knowledge, as it becomes widely known, will begin to expose and nullify Neocheating. Players no longer need to be helpless or doomed when confronted with Neocheating. Instead, they will be able to defeat and eliminate Neocheating.

9. If Neocheating is invisible, how can it be detected and stopped?

Neocheating cannot be detected directly, and the Neocheater can never be accused or caught outright. But with the knowledge of Neocheating, a player can sense Neocheating -- know when it is occurring. And then with special countermeasures (taught in this book), he can win in the presence of a Neocheater...or, if he chooses, easily cause the Neocheater to leave the game.

10. Who is the Neocheater?

He is a player who cannot lose. He can drain everyone's money at will. He may be in your game now... or next week. Or he may be you. The Neocheater will inevitably threaten every card game played for money. Moreover, he considers Neocheating no more wrong than bluffing or normal card deception.

11. How does the Neocheater differ from the cardsharp?

The Neocheater is not a cardsharp. He is a new breed of player who may soon rule the card table.

The cardsharp has existed since the invention of cards. He cheats without the knowledge of Neocheating. Still, he may unknowingly use various Neocheating techniques. But generally his cheating relies on skill and gall.

The Neocheater, on the other hand, relies on neither skill nor gall. He relies on simple, invisible maneuvers. For him to use any other means of cheating (such as palming cards or using marked cards) would be unnecessary and foolish since Neocheating is not only safe, but is much easier and more effective.

12. What makes the Neocheater unbeatable?

The maneuvers of Neocheating are so subtle and the mechanics so easy that they can be executed with relaxed confidence. Guaranteed winning hands can be routinely obtained. And more than one powerful hand can be arranged at a time to ensure a big score. Yet, unlike the cardsharp, the Neocheater seldom uses powerful hands or goes for big scores (although he easily can). Instead, he casually uses just enough of his power to give him constant, unbeatable advantages. In fact, he may never even Neocheat for himself, but instead simply use Neocheating to shift money from the strongest players to the weakest players and then win legitimately from those weak players. His steady, hidden attack lets him win consistently and comfortably in poker, blackjack, bridge, and gin -- week after week, year after year.

This book shows not only how the Neocheater can easily create spectacular advantages for himself, but how he can create smarter, unsuspicious, casino-like advantages to safely extract maximum money from all games. With those invisible advantages, he keeps his opponents happy while comfortably controlling the game, even a network of games. ...Neocheating is that easy.

13. How does Neocheating apply to games such as blackjack, bridge, and gin?

The Neocheating techniques in this book apply to all card games. Most techniques, however, are presented with a poker slant because most card cheating has traditionally been centered around poker -- the money game. Also, Neocheating techniques are more easily illustrated through poker examples. But Neocheating will become increasingly common in all card games played for money or prestige.

14. Is revealing Neocheating immoral?

Can honestly revealing facts ever be immoral? Only by fully revealing Neocheating can honest players fully defend and protect themselves from the Neocheaters.


The Neo-Tech discovery evolved from that earlier discovery of Neocheating. In a sense, Neocheating was not a discovery but an identification of elegantly sophisticated techniques of card cheating that met two criteria: (1) required little effort or skill, and (2) were undetectable or unassailable as dishonest.

Wallace's identification of Neocheating will have similar effects on the business world that his earlier identifications of the Advanced Concepts of Poker had on the poker world a decade earlier: Like Neocheating, various Advanced Concepts of Poker had been unknowingly used not only by winning card players but by unbeatable strategists beyond the card tables. And the extent that they randomly used the various Advanced Concepts was the extent that they won. With the publication of Wallace's book, The Advanced Concepts of Poker, a total of 120 Advantage Levers were identified for the first time and systematically integrated into one consolidated, unbeatable weapon. That gathering, integrating, and publishing of the Advanced Concepts into one book produced big-profit increases for those players who acquired Wallace's book. As a result, the number of professional players, competitive players, successful women players, as well as high-stake games and tournament games escalated dramatically since The Advanced Concepts of Poker was first published.

And now, the publication of Neocheating followed by Neo-Tech will have an even more profound effect on the business world: After identifying the Neocheating concepts, Frank R. Wallace made much more important discoveries by extending those concepts beyond cards -- into business, politics, social relationships, and other areas of life. Once the concepts of Neocheating are fully understood, their application beyond cards becomes limitless. But Neocheaters in all areas of life become fully visible to those who understand Neocheating. Moreover, by understanding the concepts of Neo-Tech, one can render Neocheaters impotent.

Neocheating concepts used in business and other areas of life are so exquisitely subtle that the initial reaction is shock on realizing the enormous advantages one gains by using those concepts beyond cards.

Neocheating Beyond Cards

Neocheating beyond cards involves gaining easy advantages and power over others through combinations of techniques that meet two criteria: (1) easy to execute, and (2) not vulnerable to detection or assailable as dishonest. Once those two criteria are established, Neocheating formats can then be established in any area of life. With such formats, a person not only gleans unbeatable advantages over others, but commands easy shortcuts to profits and power.

Master Neocheaters are those who use invisible Neocheating concepts to maximum effectiveness in gaining enormous power and wealth. Such neocheaters range from the heads of states to church leaders. But anyone can use the Neocheating concepts to gain profits to any chosen degree, ranging from dishonest business people neocheating customers (e.g., selling unneeded or fraudulant insurance policies), professional people neocheating clients (e.g., lawyers making problems where none exist, doctors promoting unneeded surgery), husbands neocheating wives (e.g., psychologically or physically abusing spouses into dependence, then into submission and subservience), women neocheating men (e.g., deceiving for entrapment and wealth extraction), teachers neocheating students (e.g., dishonestly attacking value producers to usurp unearned power), parents neocheating children (e.g., destructive manipulation for social images).

One major benefit of understanding Neocheating beyond cards is the ability to identify its practitioners who surround everyone in almost every area of life. Once identified, Neocheaters can be prevented from diminishing one's own well-being.

Perhaps the most startling benefit of understanding Neocheating occurs when viewing network television news: With knowledge of Neo-Tech, a person becomes acutely aware of the steady stream of Neocheaters (television commentators, news journalists, politicians, lawyers, professors, educators, mystical gurus, and religious leaders) who constantly destroy values and usurp power to gain unearned livelihoods. With the concepts of Neo-Tech, however, people not only can nullify every Neocheater, but they can transfer all usurped power back to themselves.

The Neo-Tech concepts are not only easy, practical tools for profits, but are crucial tools for thinking. Those concepts allow a person to identify and nullify Neocheaters who have beguiled human life for two-thousand years. Without understanding Neocheating, a person has no way of thinking about Neocheaters or of realizing how they constantly extract values from unknowledgeable people. Without those thinking tools to identify Neocheating, everyone suffers in silent frustration as Neocheaters constantly and forever drain each person's one-and-only life.

One supreme value of the Neo-Tech concepts is that they are the tools for rejecting and eventually eliminating the unearned power of all Neocheaters -- of all destructive political leaders, government bureaucrats, religious leaders, dishonest media people and educators, external "authorities" of all kinds.

Neocheating in Business, Politics, Religion,
and Social Relationships

The specific Neocheating techniques for cards provide the concrete base needed to understand the concepts behind Neocheating. By understanding those concepts, the wider applications of Neocheating become increasingly obvious. Indeed, Neocheating can be used in any area of life to usurp money, power, respect, or love. But, in the long run, people who extract values by Neocheating become dependent on cheating as they undermine their competence and self-esteem by embezzling rather than earning values. The careful observer will recognize that by far the highest percentage of people involved in building false self-esteems to justify their existences are those pursuing careers in politics and religion. Such careers are by nature anti-productive and depend on Neocheating the public to extract money, respect, and power.

Cheating as a Metaphor

What positive value can be found in card cheating? One magnificent value: Card cheating is a superb metaphor for identifying and classifying dishonest people:

The traditional cheater is, for example, the crude sneak thief. He is also the small-time bureaucrat or politician on the take. He needs little skill and much gall to extract his living. But he lives in constant danger of being caught in the act and subjected to the consequences.

The classical cheater is, for example, the elegant con-artist thief. He is also the respected technocrat who, for example, develops computer systems to help a value-destroying government bureaucracy cripple innocent value producers. Application of his skills (that took years to polish or develop) lets him extract a "good" living. His dishonesty usually remains unseen and uncalled by those who surround him as he helps to cheat countless people out of their earned happiness and values.

The Neocheater is, for example, the subtle executive thief who climbs to a high-paid corporate position by deceptive machinations rather than by productive efforts. He is also the religious leader who gleans respect and adulation by cleverly promoting self-sacrifice and altruism. And the ultimate Neocheaters are the politicians gracing the highest offices. They usurp sumptuous livings, enormous power, and huge ego trips by converting productive assets into nonproductive waste for the "public good" through the invisible manipulations of government force (e.g., forced redistribution of earned wealth away from value production and into the wealth-destroying graveyards of criminal-minded Neocheaters with their corrals of supporting parasites and dependents). Their techniques require neither skill nor effort. They are simply shrewd and subtle enough to keep most people from realizing that they are constantly, criminally neocheating the value producer -- constantly, malevolently draining the value producer's life, assets, and happiness. And, most dangerously, they rationalize their neocheating as necessary for the "good of society" when, in fact, their neocheating harms everyone.

As shown in the following table, Neocheaters are by far the deadliest menace to honest and productive people and societies, everywhere.


White-Hat Neocheaters versus Black-Hat Neocheaters

The idea of honest white-hat Neocheating versus dishonest black-hat Neocheating was a valuable concept deleted from Neo-Tech I for this Cosmic Power edition. Briefly, a black-hat Neocheater is dishonest and his neocheating is destructive to others and society. But a white-hat Neocheater is honest and his neocheating is beneficial to others and society. Basically, the white-hat Neocheater understands and then uses neocheating only against black-hat Neocheaters to drive them out of their destructive positions, be they two-bit Neocheaters in card games or mass-murder Neocheaters in Beijing. ...Honesty is never owed to thieves and murderers.


Area Of Examples Of
Master Neocheating
Banking International bankers who gain advantages and profits through criminal-minded governments. Glean unearned money by manipulating government money, funds, and favors. Nothing is illegal about their manipulations.
Business Prosperous but dishonest stockbrokers and real-estate brokers. White-collar-hoax CEO's. Mislead customers or clients by making dishonest or fraudulent claims. Generate illusions of prosperity and competence by converting long-range assets into steadily shorter term assets. Appear to work for customer's best interest. Appear successful. Without any illegal moves, they secretly drain companies built by forgotten business heroes.
Education Certain professors, teachers, nutritionists, who build careers through ideas based on "big lies", empiricisms, myths, and mysticism. Exploit students and followers through power of "teaching authorities". The public cannot identify their unearned power and job-usurping dishonesties.
Law Attorneys who manipulate law and litigation to gain wealth by stirring trouble where none exists. They prosper without producing net values for others. Manipulate specious points to operate easily within the bounds of government law. Appear respectable by practicing in a prestige profession among the upper social and political classes.
Media Many of the best-known TV commentators, journalists, editorial writers, performers, authors. Foist inaccurate, dishonest, unintegrated, or out-of-context "facts" on trusting followers. Others cannot grasp the dishonesty and deception of such authors, actors, newscasters, journalists.
Politics Major politicians. Live by machinations that never involve the honesty, integrated thinking, and hard efforts of productive achievements. Traditionally accepted as good or at least necessary.
Psychology Therapists who manipulate emotions to leave their clients increasingly dependent on "therapy" for temporary or illusionary relief from unfaced, mystical-caused problems. Clients feel "helped" or high after each fix, leaving them increasingly incompetent for solving their own problems arising from their own mysticism. Respected for helping to "solve" problems of others -- over and over again.
Religion Most religious leaders. No honest integrated thinking or hard productive efforts needed to extract a respectable living from value producers. As with politicians, traditionally accepted as good and needed.
Science Most so-called environmentalists and all politically or socially oriented "scientists" who build pseudo careers by using facts out of context. Gain prestige with comfortable income and security. Appear to be acting in society's best interest when actually generating unearned prestige by undermining productive achievement.
Social Dishonest Don Juans. Manipulate love partners through vulnerable emotions. Few can identify their destructive intentions.

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