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Poker: A Guaranteed Income for Life



The game on the cover has a seat open. Sit down. Many players are ready to lose tens-of-thousands of dollars a year to the reader of this book.

Copyright © 1968, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1996, 1998 by Frank R. Wallace
ISBN 911752-86-2


You can earn $150,000 a year by playing poker...even more, much more, if you want to. Wins of $1,000,000 and more per year are possible. Any man or woman can get rich by applying the Advanced Concepts of Poker. Moreover, poker is an excellent inflation hedge since both the money and the opportunities available to good players are increasing faster than the rate of inflation.

This book is for the penny-ante novice as well as the professional poker player; this book is for anyone who will ever pick up a poker hand. Once you are familiar with the Advanced Concepts of Poker, your only limitation in winning money is the extent to which you choose to apply those concepts.

What is your goal in poker? Do you want to get rich, be the biggest winner in the game, gain confidence, punish another player, or just have more fun? Define what you want, then increasingly apply the Advanced Concepts of Poker until you reach your goals. How far should you go? That depends on you, your conscience, and your goals.


The poker player armed with the Advanced Concepts of Poker knows how to play good poker -- he also knows how to force others into playing poor poker. He knows when to bet, raise, and bluff -- he also knows how to elicit bets, raises, and bluffs from those he has beat. He knows how to read the hands and intentions of opponents -- he also knows how to delude opponents into misreading his hands and intentions.

But most important, the poker player armed with the Advanced Concepts of Poker knows how to extract maximum money from his opponents -- he knows how to bankrupt them. And most dangerously, he knows how to control and manipulate the minds of players. He knows how to lure players into following their emotions, into losing control of themselves, into disorienting their psyches . . . even into destroying themselves.


Every week millions of poker players around the world lose more money than many nations spend in a year.[ 1 ] Billions of dollars, pounds, marks, francs, yen await those knowing more than the basic concepts and techniques of poker. The opportunities for the good player are enormous.

Between 1850 and 1980, over 160 books were published about poker, but none focuses on the concept of extracting maximum money from a poker game. This book reveals methods to win maximum money from any game. This book also describes methods to generate more money by quickening the betting pace, raising the stakes, expanding the game, creating new games, and finding bigger games....This book shows how amateurs and professionals alike can win a guaranteed income from poker--in private games or in public casinos.

The player who knows and applies the Advanced Concepts of Poker is a rare person . . . few have ever played against him. He can win money so fast that he could bankrupt most games at will. But he controls his winnings and preserves the game in order to extract maximum money from his opponents. He camouflages his poker prowess so that his opponents seldom realize what he is doing.

Once familiar with the Advanced Concepts of Poker, any player can--

The Advanced Concepts of Poker are objective and realistic. Some are ruthless. A few are immoral.[ 2 ] Know them and be wiser. Apply them and get richer.


[ 1 ] A Life magazine article (August 16, 1968) about poker reported that 47,000,000 poker players in the United States wager $45 billion annually. By 1980, poker had become even more popular and inflation has doubled or tripled the amount wagered

[ 2 ] None of the Advanced Concepts of Poker employs cheating but a few are immoral because they involve deception outside the poker game The good player however does not need to use a single immoral concept to achieve his goals So why include immoral concepts? Because, to be complete, this book must reveal all concepts related to poker. Moreover, the identification of immoral concepts allows the reader to recognize them and take defensive measures when such concepts are used against him

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