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Profound Honesty

Another World

Fully Integrated Honesty: Those three words deliver prosperity and excitement. Indeed, those three words will deliver a new civilization to mankind -- a civilization of endless riches. Yet, without new information, those three words carry little meaning. Today, however, for the first time, a manuscript comes from another world to deliver this information -- powerful new information that evokes different views of life and reality. With those new views, a person outcompetes everyone stuck in today's irrational civilization. [ 1 ].

For 2300 years, everyone on Earth has been hoodwinked into accepting mystically distorted, force-oriented views of life and reality. Consequently, once one captures the all-powerful views delivered by Profound Honesty, he or she will find little acceptance in today's anticivilization. But, so what! That non acceptance by today's boring Establishment is what "quantum leaps" a person over all competition -- over everyone else into a new-color dynamic that controls both the present and the future.

Profound Honesty is composed of New-World Music -- four Concertos and two Songs that build into a Symphony. Through the opening Concertos, one discovers the ground upon which to stand. That ground is an omnipotent foundation called Neo-Tech Objectivism. Next, through a brace of Songs, one discovers how that foundation joins Profound Honesty to the future. Those Songs introduce the New-Color Symphony from which one crescendos into exciting adventures and happiness. And, finally, in the Closing Ceremonies, one rides toward riches from another world.

[ 1 ] Everyone is born blind into this Earthbound civilization. Thus, like the congenitally blind, everyone becomes so acclimated to this force-controlled, loser anticivilization that none can see the coming business-controlled, winner Civilization of the Universe. ...Profound Honesty cures that blindness.


Dare to Get it All?
Take this Real-Life Journey
Earth's Anticivilization
to the
Civilization of the Universe

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