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Big Brother Is Listening

Secret Surveillance Systems

Are You Ready For A Shock?

National and international surveillance networks are becoming more and more sophisticated and intrusive throughout the world. It is now a widely known fact that if you carry a mobile phone, all your movements are being tracked and recorded - and are readily available to government agencies upon request. In some countries, these records are even routinely analyzed to spy on phone holders who make "suspicious movements"!

While this is shocking enough, it doesn't stop there. Believe it or not, almost all phone calls in the world are routinely scanned for "suspicious words" by various agencies' computer systems. You have certainly heard of ECHELON, the international surveillance system - but that's not all!

There are many others! The European Union is planning its own EU Phone, Fax & Internet Surveillance System. In Germany, all international calls are already automatically scanned by the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). Even in Austria, formerly known for its fully anonymous bank accounts, a secret national surveillance system is currently being installed to monitor all national and international calls.

There Goes Your Privacy

We won't go into too great detail about the implications of this technology - here's just one example. If you call your friend and tell him about the latest movie where a Colombian Drug Dealer plans to Bomb The Government, this will almost certainly trigger one of these scanners, and a human being will retrieve the whole call and listen to it.

You Say You Have Nothing To Hide?

Think again! While some of these systems seem to be justified by the goal to catch criminals, the really bad guys know about this technology, too - and thus will only use innocent code words when communicating over the phone.

"The bomb is ready, I'll pick up the drugs at 5 pm"

may translate to...

"The cake is ready, I'll pick up the flowers at 5 pm"

...which is a perfectly unsuspicious statement.

What Is Their Real Goal?

So, what is the real purpose of these surveillance networks? What do they really want? Scan the phone networks for "unfriendly" remarks about the government? Eavesdrop on individuals who discuss the distribution of powerful encryption software? Find those who discuss tax havens and offshore strategies, and provide their details to tax or financial crime agencies for further investigation?

We know from reliable sources that all of the above is already happening - today.

"Is the real purpose of this system to protect the citizens from crime - or is it to protect the government from its citizens?"

We invite you to judge for yourself.

So What's The Conclusion?

Whenever you talk on the phone, someone is listening - be it your country's national surveillance system, or an international system like ECHELON. Thus, never use the phone for confidential discussions unless you have prearranged some "code words" with your communications parterns that will leave Big Brother in the dark.

For the computer savvy, we highly recommend Speak Freely, a very robust Internet software that allows real-time encryption of voice over the Internet. Big Brother can't hear you!

For more mobile voice communications, anonymous and prepaid cellular phones have become extremely popular in the select few countries where they are still available (with governments trying hard to outlaw them). Some examples where you can still get national prepaid anonymous GSM cards are the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic.

A Word of Caution

If you ever get an anonymous GSM card, make sure that you do NOT use your regular GSM phone for these cards as some networks record the serial number of the phone used with any particular card. This may jeopardize the whole operation! We recommend that you buy a completely new GSM phone - anonymously of course - for exclusive use with this anonymous GSM card.

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