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Five Paths to Freedom


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The following articles were originally published circa 2000 by "Offshore & Privacy Club" (OPC) - an offshore service provider and publisher of the "OPC Secrets" newsletter, helping thousands of individuals around the world to free their minds and their money from the shackles of big government.

May this material serve as both motivation and a guide to assist you and those you know in your journey to financial and personal freedom.

Join the privacy and free-enterprise revolution! Rediscover and reclaim your freedom - true freedom. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is no longer an empty phrase - but a philosophy of life.

In the quest for freedom - to get bureaucratic and other bludgers off our backs and reclaim our lives and money - there are many distinctly different strategies to regain your freedom and get "Big Brother" out of your life. What's interesting is that each "path" is likely to suit a different psychological type - providing the possible ideal solution to your own quest. (Though it typically works best to use aspects of multiple strategies, not rely on only one particular method.)

Below are brief descriptions of five potential "paths" to explore...

#1: Offshore Structuring

This is the strategy of choice for many people (who think about such things), as it provides many benefits - without disrupting your lifestyle too much. It's also designed for those who want to stay on the "right side of the law".

Structuring simply means utilizing "legally-compliant" offshore structures (trusts/IBCs etc) to minimize one's tax to the extent of what is possible - without "breaking any laws". This is not easy of course, because the "law" is infinitely elastic and changeable. However, it is certainly possible to arrange one's affairs in such a way that you don't have to lose sleep at night, worrying as to whether the "man from the government" will come knocking at your door.

This strategy may require the assistance of legal professionals if you want to do it right. The more money and other assets you have - the more you need to get the structure right. Still, there are some basic moves you can make that are generally applicable, and will give you some advantages. Many of these are discussed at this site.

#2: Privacy

This is the strategy where you simply make plans to disappear off the government radar screen, so they don't notice you any more.

There are various levels of privacy you can aspire to - the most obvious one being to become "unfindable" by never disclosing your residential address. You just use a PO Box number or maildrop, and when asked for a physical address, you simply quote the street where your mailbox is located!

To become completely private, you would also need to close all your domestic bank accounts and work from a cash base only. You would need to make sure you aren't on any public rolls - like for voting. You would also develop your own offshore money sources - and keep them private. You'd want to make sure all your communication was private - and that you didn't keep paper or data records of anything that could "incriminate" you. And one more thing, you wouldn't want to own any property (at least not directly) in the country of your existing "tax liability".

However, the most complete form of privacy is to become "someone else" - and create a new identity for yourself. There are a few very useful books like "Paper Trip III" (reviewed here) and "Hide Your Assets and Disappear" for example, which which will point you in the right direction - if you would like to pursue this.

You may find this option very "extreme" and not want to use it fully. However, it is possible to enhance one's privacy by applying many of the "lower level" strategies as suggested. Each step towards increased privacy, is a step towards more freedom.

#3: PT

This is the "Perpetual Traveler" option - where you become a "Previous Taxpayer" by exploiting the "resident for tax-paying purposes" laws in various countries.

The essence of this strategy is that you need to divide up your "life" into different jurisdictional bases. For example, you would want to become a resident of a place which requires little or no tax. Ideally, you want to become a resident of a tax haven. This lays the foundation of your lifestyle - for as a legal resident of such a place, you are not liable for any domestic tax on your income.

The next step is to arrange your financial affairs in yet another tax haven, while protecting your assets in a different one again. Finally, you would set up your legal business structure in a different jurisdiction from any of the others. And once you have achieved all of that - you are free to actually live anywhere on earth - as a visitor.

Most reasonable countries will allow you to stay up to 6 months as a tourist - and as a tourist you are not liable for any taxes. When your time is up, you simply move on to your next favorite destination - and repeat the process.

You don't have to move to a different country all the time, but can choose two or three places which you will spend your time in each year. The only proviso is that you must not stay longer than the prescribed time that qualifies you as a tourist. Stay longer - and you will be deemed a "resident for tax purposes", and be liable for tax.

Naturally, this option is not for everybody, as many people would feel uncomfortable uprooting themselves and living as cyber-gypsies. But it does offer a legal way to live a tax-free lifestyle - and to permanently remove bureaucrats from your life. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this strategy is its simplicity.

The "PT" option was devised by Harry Schultz and popularized by WG Hill - in his now-famous book "PT - The Perpetual Traveller".

(Note to US citizens: to fully benefit from the PT option, you would need to give up your US citizenship and its "obligation" of filing tax returns, no matter where you are on earth.)

#4: Legal/Constitutional

This strategy has become commonly known as the un-tax option, where you rely on constitutional or other legal precedents in your defense to opt-out of the tax system.

Your goal here could be to become a "non-taxpayer" -- see Fiscal Freedom. You don't want to be labeled a so-called "tax-protestor" (nevertheless, certain terrocrats - terrorist bureaucrats or coercive political agents - may label you as such). You don't necessarily protest any taxes. You may pay all taxes you are "legally liable" to pay. Generally, there's no need to announce to anyone that you've chosen this path. There's no need to engage in any "tax rebellion" for terrocrats to see.

Countless variations of this strategy have been tried, and perhaps none can be guaranteed reliable (because terrocrats don't really care about the pretended "constitution", and will use any excuse to screw you). Therefore, any such strategy should be secondary - your best/primary means of defense is to first (re)organize your life and affairs so you and your assets effectively become invisible to terrocrats. Ideally you receive no "income" (as they define it), and don't have any seize-able assets.

It's best to avoid putting yourself in a situation similar to standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square, where you simply stand up and refuse to cooperate with "authorities". That, of course, is a very positive analogy, as the tank did actually stop!

There are greater risks of course, if you choose to engage in a "tax rebellion" which is plain for "authorities" to see - and act on if they wish. You need to have a "head" for legal argument - for to be effective in this way requires that you have a considerable amount of knowledge of the basis for your "rebellion". And this knowledge requires a substantial amount of reading and research on your part.

However, if enough people were to apply the outright "rebellion" strategy (whether or not on a legal/constitutional basis), then it would move into the realm of civil disobedience, and would likely succeed in undermining the tax "authorities" - which largely function only by voluntary compliance.

#5: Sovereignty

Once you realize that you're already a naturally free sovereign individual - not really subject to any pretended "jurisdiction" of terrocrats, and that all coercive political "systems" are frauds and scams, you further realize that unlimited options are actually available to you, including creating your own.

However, you choose to limit yourself as appropriate for any situation or circumstance, and take steps ahead of time to protect yourself and your property, because there are thugs/gangsters with clubs, guns, tanks, bombs, drones, etc. who call themselves "authority", "government", "police", etc., who wish to dominate and subjugate everyone so as to live off them like parasites, and unfortunately most humans believe their lies and illusions - such as that their words are "law", that their theft and robbery is "tax", and that they and all of these things are "necessary".


As you can see from the brief overview of each option, there is indeed something for everyone - something to suit personalities of differing types. All you need to do is pick your preferred strategy and work towards it.

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Important Message

By taking proactive steps to reclaim our personal and financial privacy we can help restore individual freedoms and liberties worldwide.

It is our mission to bring you the tools, tactics and strategies you need to reclaim your financial sovereignty. We want to assist you in becoming a "global citizen" in a position to benefit from all the world has to offer. Help you to destroy the chains of servitude that many "nation states" like to impose on "their" citizens.

But there are those that do not want you to be free!

While you may not have given "going offshore" much thought until recently, those that wish to keep you enslaved have been giving it a LOT of thought! So much so that they have already taken steps to identify those "citizens" that may be showing an interest in such matters and to take "appropriate" action when required.

Fear not, if you have not taken any privacy steps to date this does not mean it is too late. Sure, your IP Address may already be logged on the servers of the offshore promoters, offshore banks, "controversial" information sites, and EVERY OTHER site you have ever visited ... but that is "water under the bridge".

You see, the "nation states" have been keeping an eye on you for a while! You and the millions of others like you... watching... waiting.

Fortunately there are TOO MANY offshore "wannabees" for the "nation states" to take any actions against all of them just for being "curious". But they ARE watching you.

All those that have visited a PILL Site, or checked out Paritate Bank (deceased), wandered about CARUBA, investigated a Offshore Debit Card opportunity...or those who openly used email to converse about such matters... have already been identified. You cannot undo the damage done... but you can put an end to the trail! You can "drop off" the technology radar in order to prevent your activities from being logged and MOST IMPORTANTLY can do so BEFORE you set-up your offshore plan!

You understand it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others and to seek guidance from those who have gone before you.

And the NUMBER ONE mistake being made by Internet users who are looking to go offshore is failing to recognize the TECHNOLOGY RISK associated with seeking out and arranging those services online!

Those that fail to take the proper privacy steps BEFORE they begin their offshore journey often do not realize that they are leaving a technology "paper trail" that can undo even the most sophisticated planning!

As these uninformed Internet surfers believe they are getting closer to achieving the "offshore dream", they are actually raising their profile and if they were to take any planning actions there would be a high chance that action would be compromised!

If you are serious about pursuing an offshore strategy and you do not want to have your every offshore move monitored and documented by those who can readily view your internet activities, you must first reclaim your online privacy.

You cannot go offshore and use the Internet to get there without first understanding the privacy risk and how to eliminate them. So please take some time to review the materials on this site that expose these risks so that your future Internet activities will be secured.

Disclaimer: All strategies presented at this site are for educational and informational purposes only. Before implementing any offshore, freedom or privacy related strategy, or doing anything else that might free your mind and your money from the shackles of big government, you are strongly advised to consult with a competent slave master in the "jurisdiction" of your "residence" to make sure that you do not violate any of the endless confusing "laws and regulations" that might or might not apply to you. ;-)

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