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Dethroning External Authority

Building Personal Freedom

Being a PT means being self-governing. It means no one else has the right to tell you how to live your life. It means being your own boss. Ultimately it means that you accept no external authority over your life.

PT is strictly a personal thing. What it DOESN'T mean is using such self-authority to undermine the self-authority of others.

Now, to those of you reading this, it may not seem like such a revolutionary idea, but I can assure you it is! At every turn there are people, organizations, churches, bureaucracies and governments that want to assume authority over you. And rejecting such authority - even laughing at it, is essential if you want to travel the road of personal freedom.

We all know people who like to boss others around. Well, every other manifestation of such "authority" - is simply an outgrowth of this rather unpleasant human trait.

Take churches for example. Now, I don't want to offend anyone's religious beliefs, but let's state the truth here. For most of recorded history, religion has been a front for abuse by authority "freaks". Sure, they have told us they are working for God - and people have listened and obeyed. However, it is not "god" that they have been obeying - but the so-called "will" of God, as interpreted and handed down by authority figures from within the Church. In other words, claiming authority from some god is the ultimate power trip of the authority freak.

Religion has lost a lot of this power - but not so its modern counterpart - the state. Now we kowtow to every wish of our "public servants" (public masters more like!). And what's so frightening about this is when you question such authority, while in discussion with ordinary folks, they throw up their arms in dismay and say, in effect, that we must have government and all these rules - or chaos would result.

That's a mistaken idea. Being sovereign over one's own life does not preclude there being rules to prevent me from over-ruling YOUR sovereignty.

It would be true to say that government authority is now "bossy-booting" by proxy for most people. When they don't like what someone else is doing (lifestyle or whatever), then a common reaction is to try and get the government to do something about it.

The bottom line is: all forms of institutionally entrenched authority are really a reflection of the desire on the part of most humans to control the lives of others. It's as if humankind has some sort of fetish - to control and have authority over other humans. There's always a minority who rebel, of course, but in general this system has held sway for as long as civilization has existed.

The PT movement is a relatively new manifestation of an old desire - to be free. But to be free - we must allow others to be free also. It's a two way street.

At times this battle for freedom seems unwinnable, with so many "sheep" around. But the times are changing - and the battle can be won! How? Well, you don't have to fight it on behalf of everyone else on the planet - you only need to secure freedom for yourself. That's an achievable goal.

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