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Beyond World Government

It has become quite fashionable, even and especially in libertarian circles, to applaud the upcoming "demise of the nation state" and the "rise of Sovereign Individuals".

And even though it is obvious that the nation state is about to lose much of its power and individuals are gaining ever more control over their own lives, it could also turn out to be all to easy for a more encompassing entity to "take over" where the nation state left off. And indeed, there is one such organization in place right now which has the potential to literally take over the world - the United Nations.

Many reports about the threat of a UN led world government are filled with fantasies and paranoia. One of the very few I've found that is mostly objective (and because of that, even more scary), is The Rise of Global Governance by Henry Lamb.

Basically, Mr. Lamb describes the history and present of the concept of world government, and argues that the idea and the people behind it haven't always been as powerful as they are today. He goes on to describe the deceit perpetrated by socialists who have discovered the "protection of the environment" as the perfect means to bring about world government. And he sums up the basic differences between the US constitution and a UN led world government:

The US Bill of Rights reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...."
By contrast, UN Article 13 reads: "Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law . . . ."

The US Bill of Rights reads: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press .... " (Period.)
UN Article 14 of the Covenant reads: "The right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas carries with it special duties and responsibilities and may therefore be subject to certain penalties, liabilities, and restrictions, but these shall be only such, as are provided by law."

The difference is obvious. But does the statement that "freedom is granted by government" really lead to different results than the view that "freedom is a natural state and government's purpose is to protect this state"? Unfortunately, not necessarily. The US has become one of the world's most unfree countries - not because of, but despite its constitution.

However, there's more to come. To see some of the results of the UN's assertion that freedom is granted (or not) by government, check out the following Website:

Clouded in terrifying newspeak, the people behind this site dream about worldwide taxation, UN ownership and licensing of the global commons, a UN standing army, international gun control, an end to Big 5 vetoes on the Security Council, a UN Supreme Court, and more. In other words, they are socialists and thinly disguised communists who get the ultimate kick out of the thought of controlling the whole planet "for the good of all".

Good or Bad?

The increasing globalization of our planet requires indeed new solutions. But a solution based on the above principles will take away our freedoms and turn most of us into slaves to the system. For this reason, those who understand the problem (most don't) will resist.

UN against US?

The US is certainly the country where we're going to see the most widespread protest or even revolution against the implementation of a world government based on socialist/communist principles - both by bureaucrats and private citizens.

US policy makers are already trying to carve out a blanket exemption protecting American soldiers from being hunted down and prosecuted for war crimes by the upcoming UN international criminal court. Needless to say, they want to keep meddling around in other countries' affairs without taking the risk of being prosecuted by some UN world court.

Wouldn't it be quite remarkable if the world's most aggressive and corrupt government would save our planet from world government - for the sake of keeping their own status as world policeman?

Revolution or Crisis?

Then there are millions of private citizens around the world who would revolt if a world government were established by force. Those who are working on global governance know this too. By all means, they will want to avoid an open confrontation. They will simply continue taking away our freedoms step by step, in a way that few people notice, until all freedoms are gone.

Alternatively, if they get impatient, they could simply fabricate some kind of "crisis" that will compel everyone to look up to them as the ultimate savior and literally beg them to establish a world government. Those who resist will be put into "concentration camps" or killed.

What kind of crisis could this be? Nuclear war? A killer virus? Alien contact? Or just a plain old worldwide depression? Without a doubt, any of those and possibly other events, real or staged, could tremendously increase the appeal of world government in order to "deal with the problem".

There are three reasons why I am still optimistic.

The first reason is the human desire for freedom. Even if an oppressive UN led world government is established, it won't last forever. Sooner or later, people will start to think, notice what is going on, and revolt.

The second reason is human self-interest. If the UN taxes everyone and everything, who will pay? Only those who don't have a way not to. Tax avoidance/evasion is already very common throughout the world and will not disappear overnight. To the contrary, it will increase and result in most business being done "outside the system".

The third reason is human creativity and therefore technology. The Internet has liberated individuals around the world and will continue to do so. Other inventions which would further increase individual freedom and make big government obsolete are: private money, private education, and private energy. As soon as these three former government monopolies are firmly in the hands of private individuals, they can no longer be "licensed" or "taxed", even though the UN megalomaniacs might think otherwise.

(DTF's note: In addition, we need private travel - where the current nonsense of "passports" and "visas" - permission/control devices preventing individuals from freely traveling around the world as they please - are eradicated... after which, the absurd notions of pretended "countries", imaginary "borders", etc. will also cease!)

For these reasons, I'm optimistic about the future. Always remember that every challenge presents an opportunity - so the more challenges, the better!

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