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Welcome to Gestapo, USA

By Ed Lewis, 435 Peck St. Brookfield, MO 64628 (660)258-4582

We have all seen in movies the depiction of German Gestapo and SS people blasting their ways into people's homes, killing or torturing them, and on nothing more than the suspicion they might be or might be hiding Jews during WW II. We have seen it and thought of how awful it was and that it is just a movie we are watching.

Many of us have read the book and/or seen the movie, 1984, written by George Orwell. Many were frightened by the movie but calmed with the thought it was make believe, that it could never happen in the good old US of A. It was science fiction and always would be.

But, as time went on, we also found that good science fiction was the best predictor of the future. What was considered so far out as to being impossible is now reality. Space vehicles, television, computers, automobiles, individual flight equipment, and so on are common everyday actualities to this society very near the Millennium. It is a society of youth who have never seen or heard of what was considered modern 40 to 60 years ago, just as society 50 years from now will not be able to imagine sitting at a computer desk using a keyboard.

Just as modern inventions and the like have advanced far beyond the science fiction of my youth, so has our society reached, maybe even exceeded, Orwell's Big Brother concept.

Mario Paz thought he was safe after migrating to this country legally. After all, he now lived in the United States of America, the melting pot of the world, the haven of freedom and individual liberty. That is, right up to the moment bullets tore first through the locks on his doors and windows and then through his body leaving him a lifeless lump of human tissue.

Twenty law enforcement officers, members of the El Monte police force, blew the locks off of the Paz residence and kept shooting as they entered while the family slept. Mr. Paz was shot twice in the back and his then widow, taken to the police station wearing only panties and a towel someone threw her to cover her breasts.

Six others in his family were also incarcerated, none of whom at this date had anything to do with dealing or using drugs. Not a trace of drugs, nor any other evidence of wrong doings could be found in the home.

It was still up to those who lived to prove their innocence. Mrs. Paz had a receipt from the bank clearly showing Mr. Paz had withdrawn his savings because of the fear of Y2K losses. Had he only been able to foresee it would lead to his violent death by a dumb ass law enforcement organization suspecting he was a drug dealer.

You know what, though, even had he been a drug dealer, there is a proper way to investigate and it is not to force entry while blasting away indiscriminately into a home.There is always the risk of innocents being killed, just as happened. But, that is another story, a story that is being repeated all over this nation. Not only that but the war against drugs will not be won by needless slaughtering of innocent, or guilty, people.

We think we have privacy and that our homes are our castles, our place of solitude away from the rest of the world, a place we can relax without any worries of intrusion. Well, folks, it just ain't true. The police can receive an anonymous tip and act on the tip without any investigation whatsoever, just as with Mr. Paz. Even worse, they can just get mad at a person and take actions pretending to be against drugs while actually knowing the person is innocent.

You may be sitting watching TV, having sex, eating your dinner, and, suddenly, find yourself in a hail of bullets fired by the very people hired to protect you and your rights. But, your rights mean little to these SOB's of so-called 'law enforcement' agencies.

You may be traveling and find yourself pulled over, your vehicle confiscated, your money taken, your family terrorized, and be subjected to the possibility of some trigger-happy freak wearing a badge killing you or other members of your family. It means little to them to stop and harass innocent people. Their pleasure comes from holding a loaded gun, either literally or figuratively, to other people's heads.

And, what will happen to the 'upstanding' officers who do kill or terrorize or beat the crap out of you and yours? Well, here is the comments of the chief of the El Monte Gestapo.

El Monte Assistant Police Chief Bill Ankeny said an explosive entry is a standard SWAT procedure and can involve opening a door with a battering ram or a round of gunfire.

"We throw flash-bang grenades. We bust open the doors. You've seen it on TV," Ankeny said. "We do bang on the door and make an announcement--'It's the police'--but it kind of runs together. If you're sitting on the couch, it would be difficult to get to the door before they knock it down."

(Author: No doubt if you did approach the door to answer it or defend your home, you would be blasted into oblivion.)

What we see on TV (at least what I have seen) are actual drug dealers and they have been properly investigated. We do not see innocents shot to death on TV. To compare what the clods did to the Paz family to a proper investigation is, well, just pure crap.

First of all, without any evidence whatsoever, they shouldn't even have been at the Paz residence. In reality, those in or near the residence thought a robbery was occurring. As a matter of fact (taken from the LA TIMES, August 26, 1999), Myrna Serrano, 44, a friend of the family who lives in a converted garage at the front of the house, said she awoke to gunfire.

"I didn't even hear them say they were police," said Serrano, an employee at an art frame factory. "I thought they were thieves coming to rob us. I never dreamed they would be police busting into the house in camouflage and hoods."

Has the El Monte police force been held accountable? Not no, but hell no. Two officers were suspended but are back at work. (Watch your backs - you may be next since this agency thinks it has the right to go anyplace and act the same.)

Has there been an apology for the death of Mr. Paz and the terrifying of the other residences? Not no, but hell no. Read this, as quoted from the same article.

John Bellizzi, director of the International Narcotics Enforcement Assn. in Albany, N.Y., said surprise is an essential element in getting evidence for SWAT team raids. Because of the danger of fighting drug dealers, officers "have to take serious precautions to safeguard their lives, and sometimes unforeseen things happen. It's unavoidable sometimes. These drug dealers are better equipped sometimes than the police are."

No apology, no remorse. Just the American Gestapo in action.

Blasting away can always be avoided. No healthy person stays in their home 24 hours a day everyday of their lives which means an arrest could be affected outside the home.

Second, the people weren't drug dealers. The people on this force think they have the right, though, to shoot away at any person without any proof of guilt. That means you, me, and any people you know and don't know. You don't have to be a criminal. All you have to be is someone picked out for terroristic actions to be taken against.

Then, you, if you survive their invasion, must prove your innocence.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Gestapo America in action.

Addendum: By the way, why hasn't this case and the others like it in which police forces have terrorized or killed innocents received the same or greater publicity as school shootings or post office shootings or the others shootings in which civilians kill others with handguns? Why don't we read over and over of people defending their homes against burglars and others who intend harm with handguns?

This, sadly, Ladies and Gentlemen, is also part of the American Gestapo in action. The government, along with its media mannequins, has the hidden agenda of removing firearms from citizens. School shootings fit into this agenda - innocents shot to death by law enforcement people and people successfully defending their homes and property do not.

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