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Unwitting Tools or Errant Fools?

Misguided Patriots Furthering The Bankers' Original Agenda - by Publius

4 July, 2000

A PETITION TITLED a "Remonstrance" has been widely circulated of late on the Internet, urged to be signed by good Americans everywhere, and to be presented ceremoniously to the Congress, demanding that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution -- provably never properly ratified - now be repealed forthwith, the objective being the ostensible "relief" of the People from the allegedly onerous income tax.

THE 16TH AMENDMENT, a superb bit of sophistry intended to affix the approbation of the supreme Court on the newly introduced tax on incomes (Tax Act of 1913) -- as well as a clever tool of mass mind-engineering designed to seduce the public into acceptance of a tax meant only to "soak the rich" -- actually changed NOTHING, as stated by the high Court itself in the Stanton v. Baltic Mining decision wherein the 16th is explicitly confirmed to have conferred "no new power of taxation".

SEE ALSO THE 1979 Congressional Research Service report titled "Some Constitutional Questions On The Federal Income Tax" in which the Congress confirms that the income tax is NOT a direct tax but an indirect tax, prohibited by the 16th Amendment from being taken OUT of the category of indirect taxes to which it inherently belonged from the beginning and placed INTO the category of direct taxation, thereby subject to the rule of apportionment.

THIS CALL FOR "repeal" is but a fool's errand. Cannot today's patriots read English? Direct taxes must still be apportioned to the States under Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 and Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4. Never has there been any constitutional authority whatsoever given to Congress to directly tax the property -- including the labors -- of the citizen living and working within the union States. This was true as of the very moment the ink had dried on the 16th, and remains true to this day. Could it be that the advocates of this "Remonstrance" were all government-schooled?

THE INCOME TAX imposed under subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code is an exaction which does not touch Americans living and working within the union States for it taxes FOREIGN and NOT domestic sources of taxable income. No amendment to the Constitution was required to tax aliens. Here's your sign!

NOR IS IT "voluntary" as these addlepated missionaries also assert, but is limited in its application (as is all law, making the assertion of a "voluntary" law entirely ludicrous on its face) solely to those who are made liable for the tax, i.e., the domestic withholding agents of foreigners doing business within the union States (see 26 USC section 1461).

THIS FEDERAL TAXING scheme, whereby foreigners were (and are) to be taxed (via excise tariffs, duties and imposts on imports) on the privilege of selling into America's vast markets while leaving the citizen free of all internal taxation, was envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution and can be summarized in the simple phrase: "citizens abroad and foreigners here at home". This same constitutional scheme has been in place since Washington first took office.

NO CITIZEN WHO has never withheld from foreigners nor ever enjoyed foreign source income has ever paid so much as a dime in federal income tax. He has paid employment taxes which have nothing whatsoever to do with income tax. So much for "freeing" "tax-burdened" Americans. Ah, the price of ignorance!

INDEED, A READING of the tax laws proves the Framers' principles to still ring true as evidenced by the fact that the tax code remains one-hundred percent constitutional in its application, with or without the 16th Amendment.

BANQUETS ARE HELD and eloquent luminaries in the "tax movement" brought forth to stir up the anger of an ignorant public and to foment support for this specious non-issue. "Repeal the 16th!" "Abolish the IRS!" "Rip the code out by the roots and throw it away!" Many noble trees are sacrificed in their youth to paper the nation with this tripe. Why repeal a nullity?

WHY ABOLISH A perfectly lawful agency, charged with the duty of collecting internal revenue from the proper subjects of taxation? Why throw out subtitle A when it taxes no citizen on domestic source income? Why not slay Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy while we're at it?

FAILED ATTEMPTS AT C-SPAN coverage are railed against. Full page ads are run in national publications, guaranteed to awaken and arouse - and eventually perplex and mislead (some over the cliff) -- entire legions of still dozing Americans. Who will go back and correct the egregious error introduced into these millions of dazzled minds? The irresponsibility of it all.

ALL OF WHICH efforts, ostensibly intended to beg a whoring and seditious legislature to "please give us back our labors", disgust the mind of serious constitutionalists everywhere. Have our would-be saviors of the working class never read the Internal Revenue Code? Or the Constitution?

IN 1913, THE ancient occult monarchies of Europe who continue to back and control the bankers to the present day, after failing to conquer the colonies through martial force, achieved their dream of installing permanent central banking in America.

IN THE EARLY 1900's, their puppet anglophile shills on Wall Street (J.P. Morgan, etc.) had conveyed their vast holdings into trusts and foundations, all the while methodically buying up controlling interest in the major newspapers of the day, which propaganda vehicles they then used to argue incessantly for an income tax to "soak the rich" -- i.e., themselves.

IN 1909, THE Congress, thoroughly bought and controlled by the bankers, proposed the 16th Amendment to the states for ratification. For four years, a naive and trusting American People were told repeatedly in the banker's own newspapers -- the only media of the day -- that "the income tax is coming", but that "no one will pay it but the very rich". Let us "soak the rich!"

THE RICH SUCCEEDED. In 1913, the game was won. The 16th Amendment was declared "ratified", although later investigation in the 1980's proved the fraud behind the scheme. The banker's 1913 trifecta was achieved: 1) the 16th was "ratified"; 2) the Tax Act of 1913 (which taxed imports of foreign investment income) was passed, and; 3) the Federal Reserve Act was passed.

THIS SCHEME, LONG since perfected in European central banks (all owned by the elite money power), whereby monies levied on the incomes of working Americans through the deliberate misapplication of tax laws aimed at foreigners would be continuously removed from circulation, has now achieved the necessary regulatory recapture mechanism -- the protection of the buying power of an eternally depreciating, fiat, paper "money".

BEARDSLEY RUML, FORMER Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Alan Redspan of his day, confirmed these facts in his 1942 paper titled "Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete" which he read before an amazed American Bar Association.

THE CURRENT MISGUIDED agitation to repeal the 16th Amendment will, if successful, validate increased pressures being placed on Congress to "do something, anything!" by a Treasury Department now reeling under the growing mass of non-filers as "voluntary compliance" continues to plummet.

THE BANKERS' DREAM of a new and alternative form of taxation, one which will placate an awakening public and allow them to go harmlessly back to sleep; a new and "convenient" taxing scheme that will march America sharply forward towards the National Sales Tax (NST) the bankers so badly want, mirroring as it would the same mechanism by which proprietors in those states which levy state sales tax collect and pass the withheld tax in to the state treasuries, reporting the collections on the equivalent of a simple postcard.

THESE MONOPOLY BANKERS and their European handlers drool and rub their hands over the prospects of a totally cashless society, one in which all monetary transactions down to the smallest retail purchase will be known to them while actually occurring, in so-called "real-time" (rent the video "THX1138").

THEY DREAM OF this "postcard payment" scheme operating on the national level, knowing that the businesses which would withhold the NST would be mandated to pay it via electronic transmission, the "e-filing" mechanism the elite so eagerly seek and which has yet to be adopted by a wary public.

MEANWHILE, OUR FOOLISH present-day petitioners in effect do nothing more than further the bankers' original campaign of mass manipulation of the public mind, thereby enabling the elite's original program of psychopolitical engineering designed, not to liberate, but to further enslave the People with their own money.

LET THE NAIVE take note: The withholding of Social Security employment (wage) tax under subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code will NEVER be relinquished by Congress for it is the very river of milk which flows weekly from the labors of the People straight into the national Treasury.

THE BANKERS, THROUGH the introduction of a NST to replace the present subtitle A income tax, would achieve a perfected bi-level system of regulated recapture of and control over the engineered emission and velocity of credit and paper -- namely, an employment tax ceiling above and a NST floor below, the rates of each to be adjusted over time to perfect and fine-tune the ploy, with the People trapped and suffocated in between.

MEANWHILE, TAX COMPLIANCE enforcement efforts directed against just a few million businesses as opposed to one-hundred million potential citizen non-filers will allow truly draconian enforcement measures to proliferate and succeed.

A PUBLIC CONDITIONED to "think" in such short bursts of non-rational, emotional mentation as to avoid a drain on its limited attention span always gravitates to the most simply digested arguments, all fodder for tyranny.

THE FACT THAT so much accurate and substantive education is now available as to the true nature of the lawful, constitutional scheme of federal taxation, as well as its deliberate and willful misapplication by the IRS, makes the misguided efforts of our "tax saviours" all the more reprehensible.

INDEED, THESE ARE the times that try educated men's souls. The tyrants in government stand before us and the flag bearers of a fool's army behind. Of the two, the army to our rear presents the greater danger.

THE SUMMER SOLDIER and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country and continue to tithe income taxes to the tyranny that overtakes them; but s/he that stands now and supports the truth, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

TAX TYRANNY, like Hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap in meretricious "relief", we esteem too lightly: It is dearness only that gives security its appearance of value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon liberty; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as true tax freedom should not be highly rated.

THIS IS OUR situation, and who will may know it. By perseverance and fortitude we have the prospect of a glorious issue; by cowardice, submission and foolish ignorance, the sad choice of a variety of evils ... Look on this picture and weep over it! And if there yet remains one thoughtless wretch who believes it not, let him suffer it unlamented.

With all due regards and apologies to Jay, Hamilton and Madison.

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