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Use Encryption NOW!

Encryption = Freedom!

There are many people, besides the government, who want to and do read your private email RIGHT NOW. Anything you send over the Internet unencrypted is just as vulnerable as a postcard you send halfway around the world.

Did you know that despite these problems it is still surprisingly easy to prevent unauthorized snoops from reading your emails by using encryption, in particular PGP?

We cannot recommend PGP highly enough. Please, install it and use it for ALL email communications, both important and mundane!

You can download PGP at

Very Important

If you use PGP, do NOT use a subject line - and if you must use one, use a misleading one! Remember, the subject line is NOT encrypted. It amazes us that some people vehemently ensure that all their messages are PGP encrypted - and then give away the whole content of the message in the subject line!

Also, beware of the when exchanging public keys...

Hushmail - Web-Based Encryption!

One of the growth areas on the Internet has been the development of web-based email. You've seen it, and probably even use one. Accounts like "Hotmail" "Yahoo mail" and "Excite mail".

The advantage, of course, is that you can have an international email address which you can access from anywhere in the world. And you don't even need your own ISP access. You can use a friend's computer - or log on at an internet cafe.

Now the idea has gone one step further with the introduction of a fully featured, encrypted web-based email service: HushMail. You can read all the details and register right now at:

Using 1024 bit encryption, HushMail offers its users complete privacy in their web-based communications. The encryption algorithm was created outside the USA, so does not come under that country's ban on the export of such military grade encryption.

The log-on process creates your key (by simply moving the mouse around), and your password controls how secure your mailings are - in other words, the more difficult your password is to crack, the more secure your private communications.

Hushmail is not completely anonymous or secure though. The system uses your computer's time and timezone to create headers for messages you send, thus your recipient will know which time zone you're located in - unless you change that information in your computer's setup before you log in to Hushmail. In addition to this, Hushmail is a centralized solution, and their server is certainly one of Big Brother's favorite targets.

Our opinion: Hushmail is nice for the beginner, and it gives you a certain degree of privacy from some snoops & spies. However, it might also give you a false sense of security. We wouldn't be surprised at all if there weren't some secret back doors for some of the less popular snoop agencies. Thus, don't take the risk... and do not use Hushmail to send or receive ANY confidential information. It takes just about an hour to learn handling PGP - an hour well invested.

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