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Homo Concedo & Homo Diligentia

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The "Civilized Human Condition"

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Qualified Primitivism

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Development Techniques

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Why-Can-Do Booster

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Psychological Reversal

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Smash Your Illusions

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Escape the Matrix

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Suggested Strategies

We Are Slaves

"Prison for your Mind"

Stefan Molyneux-Statism, Government, External Authority, & The Matrix Are All Finished 1 of 3

Stefan Molyneux-Statism, Government, External Authority, & The Matrix Are All Finished 2 of 3

Stefan Molyneux-Statism, Government, External Authority, & The Matrix Are All Finished 3 of 3

VERTICAL HUMAN DIMENSION (VHD) based on the Bicameral Model of the Mind

According to Dr. Julian Jaynes (The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind), up to about 3,000 years ago humans were not conscious as we know consciousness today. Their minds worked like this: Situations triggered mental voices and/or visions that were automatically generated in the right brain, from where they were communicated via the anterior commissure to the left brain, where the visions were "seen" and the voices "heard." The mental voices and visions "told" people what to do. Today, some people still manifest this form of mentation -- sometimes called schizophrenia. We call this stage in the evolution of consciousness, bicameral stage one -- the pre-conscious human. In this stage obedience is paramount. (See also "Baloney Generator.")

Little Voice Mastery

Many people are aware of an automatic, apparently uncontrollable "stream of thoughts" going on in their heads. Sometimes a situation will trigger an automatic thought like "she doesn't love me," followed by automatic feelings and emotions -- apparently not under control. When watching a TV show like "Jerry Springer," it may seem that most of the participants merely regurgitate their automatic thoughts... This phenomenon has been called "The Little Voice" -- probably a holdover from or a remnant of bicameral stage one.

Blair Singer: Little Voice Mastery Workshop

Little Voice Mastery - Personal Experience And Book Review

Adrenaline & Social Anxiety - How Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) Trigger Adrenaline

For many people, a good place to start working on their self-development may be "little voice mastery" or learning to "overcome ANTS." Google: "Automatic Negative Thoughts."

Getting back to participants on the "Jerry Springer," TV show, you may notice that their emphasis is often on trying to prove self "right" and others "wrong." We call this bicameral stage two -- the proto-conscious human. In this stage being "right" is paramount. Typical Citizens of Civilizations are mostly in this proto-conscious stage.

Some people have started questioning and critically examining concepts, beliefs, and behaviors, held sacred by their elders and most of their contemporaries. These people want to produce better results in their lives: their health, their relationships, their careers. In any area where they think their results are below expectations they seek to improve their knowledge, their skills, their competence. They also realize that some of their difficulties stem from destructive thoughts and behavior patterns acquired or developed during childhood. Their emphasis is on producing results. We call this the conscious stage. To escape the matrix, you attempt to operate at this level of becoming as conscious as possible. Learning to use your senses to discern reality (rather than "subjective social agreement") is most important.

By conscious we mean critically aware, particularly critically self-aware. The proto-conscious person in bicameral stage two operates "on automatic" most of the time -- like driving a car without thinking, or regurgitating automatic thoughts, or reacting emotionally like a puppet, or compulsively making self "right" and others "wrong" without critical awareness of the results being produced.

The critically conscious are conscious of their consciousness. They critically monitor what they think, say, and do in order to produce the results they want. They develop the mental skill of self-observation.

Some people are in transition from bicameral stage 2 to the conscious stage. Some are still in transition from bicameral stage 1 to bicameral stage 2. Some show signs of all three stages.

?    Stage #4 -- The Open Secret    ?
(Tony Parsons)

Stage #3
Full Reflective Consciousness

Defining Qualities: Ability and willingness to question everything; rational reasoning; causal reasoning; learning rather than "dyslearning." (See Learning and Dyslearning)

Role models:

Enter stage 3 by questioning and overcoming "personal constraints," "subjective social agreement," conformity, and need for approval; primarily use your senses to discern reality.

You have largely mastered your feelings and emotions.
You strive to apply rational thought to all subjects.
You have the ability to critically examine every concept, thought, and action.
You use primarily your senses to discern reality.
You consciously create your meanings and take responsibility for them.
You strive to increase your competence in all areas of your life.
You carefully observe the results you produce, using that as feedback to improve your concepts, thoughts, communications, and actions.
You have the potential to master yourself and achieve a high degree of success.
Producing results is paramount.

In your thinking, "motivated reasoning" (as opposed to "causal reasoning," "objective reasoning," or "rational reasoning") predominates. ("Motivated reasoning" can be deescribed as a tendency to process information in a biased manner to support a preconceived conclusion or belief.)
Automatic feelings and thoughts often tell you what to do.
You often create meanings unconsciously, without regarding them as your own meanings, and without taking responsibility for them.
You behave like:
(a) A true believer (clinging to false beliefs and superstitions; sometimes a fanatic fighter for a "great cause"); or
(b) A helpless wimp (languishing in apathy, sometimes complaining); or
(c) A self-righteous preacher (making self "right" and others "wrong"); or
(d) A compulsive conformist to "subjective social agreement" who fears rejection if they don't "go along with the crowd"; or
(e) A macho rebel (compulsively fighting "the system," "the tax agency," "the state").
Being "right" is paramount.

Stage #2

Defining Qualities: Inability and/or unwillingness to question "personal and societal contraints"; Citizen of a Civilization; Feels lost if not a member of a Pecking Order Bully System (POBS); Habitually makes self "right" and others "wrong"

VHD in general:

1. Is a dimension of personal development.

2. Moving upward in this dimension can involve any of:
Increasing intelligence;
Becoming more competent and effective;
Acquiring knowledge, skills, and tools (including critical thinking skills);
Becoming more conscious and aware;
Becoming predoninantly "eagerness oriented";
Becoming more aware of the meanings you create and taking responsibility for them;
Overcoming personal and societal constraints;
Improving health;
Raising mood and energy levels;
Increasing personal power and freedom.

3. Most animals automatically attain their full potential, just by leading their normal lives. For humans it's very different: We need to make a deliberate, conscious, and sustained effort to develop ourselves. If we don't do this, most likely we'll stagnate in mediocrity!

4. Actually, it's even worse! There are all kinds of people in Pecking Order Bully Systems (POBSs) (as well as "gurus selling garbage") who love to exploit and profit from gullible, dumbed-down, docile victims. So they use "compulsory schooling" and the media to further these ends. The more they can move you down the Vertical Human Dimension, the more they can exploit you. So, if you don't make a deliberate, conscious, and sustained effort to upgrade yourself and move up the VHD, the chances are that you'll gradually descend and deteriorate into deeper mediocrity!

5. For evidence of the above, Google :+TV +"dumb down."

Stage #1


Automatic visions and voices tell you what to do.
You automatically obey the "voices of authority."
You think, speak, and behave like a slave.
Obedience is paramount.

Escape the Matrix!

The first skill you need to escape the matrix is the willingness and ability to question everything! There needs to be nothing that you're not willing to question. You may need to confront that you've been lied to about certain things all your life. Most of the lies were unintentional because the people who told them to you -- your parents, friends, teachers, preachers, politicians, journalists, etc. -- were told the same lies and believed them.

The second skill you need is the ability to distinguish between:

  1. Magical perception and thinking;
  2. Mythical perception and thinking;
  3. Sensory perception and thinking.

These modes of thought are described by Lawrence LeShan in The Psychology of War: Comprehending Its Mystique and Its Madness. An example of magical thinking is to attempt to use the so-called "law of attraction" to persuade the universe to shower you with money -- "The Secret."

An example of mythical thinking is to use the "matrix" concept. You can't see, touch, hear, smell, or taste the "matrix." It's a high-level abstraction. A lot of phenomena and people doing things are bunched together and called "the matrix." No "matrix" exists in reality. The concept "matrix" can be said to exist in some people's brains.

An example of sensory thinking is the concept "the chair I'm sitting on." I can see the chair. I can touch it. I can hit it with my hand and hear a sound. The chair exists in reality. The concept "chair" in my brain is congruent with the object chair.

Most people are able to apply sensory thinking in some areas. You can probably look left and right to ensure it's safe to cross the street, and then cross it without being hit by a car. If you didn't apply sensory thinking, you wouldn't survive very long. If you're on a collision course with a bus, you get out of the way or you get hit. (Invoking a mythical "law of repulsion" to prevent the bus from hitting you is unlikely to work. People who profess mythical or magical beliefs, nevertheless use sensory thinking to cross the street, or they don't survive very long.

Similarly, you use sensory perception and thinking when driving your car. You may want to observe yourself crossing the street and driving your car. What do you see and hear? What do you do in potentially dangerous situations? Do you realize that if you apply mythical or magical perception and thinking to drive your car, you're likely to crash, get hurt, or even die?

Why is all this so important?

Standing in blood...
by Stefan Molyneux (Freedomain Radio)

Now imgine a soldier using sensory perception and rational thought while considering whether he should go to the part of the world called "Iraq" to attack and/or kill Saddam Hussein, and/or his supporters, and/or any civilians who "get in the way." Hussein supposedly has weapons of mass destruction he plans to use, and/or Hussein might have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.

(It's difficult to write this! How does an invading soldier in the Vietnam war become a Daniel Ellsberg who leaks the Pentagon Papers to the press?)

Some questions a soldier might ask:

Note that while using the sensory method to explore whether or not to go kill Hussein (and/or his supporters), the soldier avoids using mythical concepts like "country," "nation," "war," etc. as far as possible. Would any soldier who tries to honestly and sincerely ask questions such as the above go a third of the way around the world to kill Hussein (and/or his supporters)? Would anyone capable of asking such questions become a soldier in the first place?

The third skill you need to escape the matrix is the willingness and ability to distinguish between words/concepts and the objects they stand for or represent. Typically, when you ask people if they consciously distinguish between the words they use and the referents of the words (what the words stand for), they reply, "Yes, of course!" ... And then they continue talking in a way that clearly demonstrates that they have no idea what their words stand for (if anything). In their thinking and communication they behave as if the words they use are objects in reality.

On the left is a metal machine with an engine, a.k.a. "Daimler." It can be regarded as matter "programmed" to behave in certain ways. On the right is a meat machine with a brain, a.k.a. "Frederick Mann." It can be regarded as matter "programmed" to behave in certain ways.

The metal machine is programmed so its engine can make it move. It also has controls that enable a meat machine to drive it -- steering wheel, accelerator, brakes, etc. The metal machine has no sentience -- it doesn't have senses to perceive its environment -- no eyes, ears, etc. The metal machine has no consciousness -- it can't think. It has instruments like a fuel gauge that tell its driver about certain conditions of the metal machine.

The meat machine has engines at a cellular level that enable it to move. Its DNA can be regarded as a program that controls its development and growth. It is sentient in that it has senses -- eyes, ears, etc. -- that enable it to perceive aspects of its environment. It has a mouth that can make sounds other meat machines can hear and interpret -- communication. It has a brain programmed to think. It has proprioception, providing awareness of its body positions, conditions, and movements. It also has apperception, providing awareness of its thoughts -- self-awareness and self-reflection. The combination of sensory perception, communication, proprioception, and apperception can be regarded as consciousness. The meat machine can also learn from experience.

DARPA Grand Challenge: Final Part 1

So now we have driverless metal machines with sensors and programs that enable them to stay on the road for 132 miles and even negotiate a treacherous mountain pass without mishap.

That Matter Can Be Programmed is a most important phenomenon.

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