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Homo Concedo & Homo Diligentia

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The "Civilized Human Condition"

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Qualified Primitivism

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Development Techniques

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Why-Can-Do Booster

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Psychological Reversal

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Smash Your Illusions

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Escape the Matrix

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Suggested Strategies

Quickly Become 10 Times More Effective, Efficient, and Successful
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Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs:
A manifesto for those who
respect property rights

Brian Tracy Explains His Journey From Rags to Riches

For the typical construction worker who hasn't finished high school, life is likely to be "something that happens to you." Tracy: "Sometimes a code or question knocks you in a different direction."

Increasing Your Income
1000% Formula

Switching to the "incremental-improvement mode" -- earning compound interest on personal development (or "upgrading your brain").

Katie Freiling on the personal journey of being an entrepreneur

4 Steps To Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Stefan Molyneux: Fierce Joy versus Depression 62 mins 1 sec - May 24, 2008

Most of the above video could be regarded as boring. If you get bored, you could skip forward to the last 10 minutes, which are most important, starting at 52 minutes into the video where Molyneux uses the phrase "HYPERACCELRATE YOURSELF!"

Noreena Hertz:
How to use experts -- and when not to

"Low-Level Awarness may be a central human problem. Most humans suffer from low-level awareness to various degrees, compromising their perception of reality and preventing them from consciously and rationally evaluating certain people, situations, and events.

About 3:40 into her video, Noreena Hertzs refers to an experiment where adults had their brains scanned as they were listening to experts speak. The independent decision-making parts of their brains switched off... "literally flatlined!" She claims that we've become "addicted to experts." About 4:20 into the video, she says: "Doctors misdiagnose about 4 times out of 10."

Concentration Brain Training Music

Many similar videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times; some over a million times.

Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain

We Are Not Born Small (with Stefan Molyneux)

Executive Summary

Project CertoPower is at a conceptual stage during which we seek to recruit Entrepreneur Principals, Freedom Practitioners (Libertarians, PTs, Objectivists, Anarchists, and other Freedom Lovers), "9/11 Truthers," Immortalists, Transhumanists, Extropians, High-Level Team Members, Business/Strategic Planners, Managers, Developmental Psychologists, Psychotherapists, TFT/EFT Practitioners, Idenics Practitioners, Survey/Questionnaire Specialists, Trainers, Coaches, Learning Specialists, Parenting Experts, Freezone (ex-)Scientologists, Developers of Self-Improvement Products and Services, Primitivists, Raw Foodists, Songwriters, Singers, Musicians, Audio/Video Specialists, Film Makers, Brain-Entrainment Specialists, Video Game Designers, Real/Sound-Money Experts, Finance and Banking Experts, Technical Writers, Marketing Experts, Website Developers, Community Organizers, Administrators, Computer Personnel, SEO Experts, Health Experts, Translators, etc.

"CertoPower is actually the most important thing you have undertaken. I have become aware that the key to self-improvement is engaging the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is actually the great dynamic activator of 90% of what we do, say and become in life. The subconscious mind is an "arranger of things," par excellence, both for better and for worse.

Madison Avenue knows this, as does Hollywood, Nashville, etc. That is why so much advertising, music and popular culture is intended to impact the subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness, and to make people want things and do things without their even knowing why they want the things they want and do the things they do.

So engaging/harnessing the subconscious mind is the key to success. Trigger words, audio tones, frequencies, emotions, colors, habitual thoughts, mental imagery, physical movement -- all can be used to engage the subconscious. The subconscious mind is trained and "grooved" via repetition of stimuli and exposure to information.

Hypnotism works because it engages the subconscious mind. Reading books is mostly an activity of the conscious mind; comparatively little bleeds through to the subconscious. That is why reading and studying self-help books is so ineffective for most people, most of the time.

The subconscious mind is also stubbornly conservative, it is a creature of habit. It tends to stick with what it knows! The problem is that for many people, what they "know" at a subconscious level is not very helpful to them, but can even be harmful to them, in many cases.

The trick is not to change the conscious mind, but to change the subconscious mind, and that is not as simple as changing the conscious mind, which can flip at the flick of a mental switch.

Deep-rooted, lasting change only occurs in a person's life when the subconscious mind throws itself unreservedly behind the new life direction. Then things happen, as if by magic."

-- Richard Sauder, Ph.D. (Event Horizon Chronicle)

Note #1: This website is not aimed at the general public; it's for the one in a thousand who can select themselves to participate at a high level. Once a team has been put together, and the first products and services developed, would be when we start thinking about a site to appeal to the mass market.

Note #2: The initial "mass-market site" should probably focus purely on self-improvement products and services -- no political, religious, or spiritual/mystical agendas. Once the basic business has become successful, future directions can be considered.

A basic premise of Project CertoPower is that most people have the potential to operate at much higher levels of personal power, competence, and achievement. We assume that it's possible for at least some people to bring about a "Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)."

A second premise of Project CertoPower is that much of the "self-help industry" is ineffective for most people, and that this provides an "opportunity gap" for anyone who can develop, market, and distribute superior self-help products and services -- see The "Self-Improvement Industry" and the "Opportunity Gap."

A third premise of Project CertoPower is that what we might call the "civilized human condition" could be regarded as leaving much to be desired -- see The "Civilized Human Condition."

A fourth premise of Project CertoPower is that those who can develop, market, and distribute superior self-help products and services individuals can apply to raise their levels of personal power, competence, and achievement, and that also have the potential to bring about an improvement in the "general human condition," can earn a great deal.

A fifth premise of Project CertoPower is that there are many existing self-help products and services that can be adapted and improved -- see Self-Development Techniques that Can Be Adapted and Improved

A sixth premise of Project CertoPower is that it may be possible to identify "Foundational Skills" that many people lack, and that the means can be developed to enable people to acquire these skills.

A seventh premise of Project CertoPower is that it may be possible, through questionnaires and algorithms, to "connect" individuals with the self-development products and servers that will speed up their personal development most -- see Algorithms That Rule the Web.

An eighth premise of Project CertoPower is that self-development becomes most effective when it includes physical brain change -- this could be achieved through "brain entrainment" and video games (see below).

A ninth premise of Project CertoPower is that it may be possible for Freedom Lovers, Immortalists, etc. to create virtual communities similar to that on planet Chiron as described in the science-fiction book Voyage from Yesteryear by James P. Hogan. By shedding some of our "human cultural baggage," we can become like "new humans" who were raised on Chiron by computers and robots. See Voyage from Yesteryear on Wikipedia. By acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills, and by creating "certain technological infrastructures," we may be able to live like Chironians among "old civilized humans," without being overly impacted by their coercive and destructive ways and habits.

Although Project CertoPower is still at a conceptual stage, some parts of it already exist:

The above can be regarded as assets, the value, utilization, and monetization of which can be improved.

The first product developed could be on "Increasing Personal Power" and could utilize Brain-Entrainment Technology. See also Concentration Brain Training Music and Timothy Leary - How to Operate Your Brain .

Video games could be designed for entertainment, as well as to help players acquire certain skills, and learn about freedom and "Government Rules." Video games could become major "change catalysts."

In 2010, the documemtary How The Beatles Rocked The Kremlin was aired on PBS (USA). The documentary suggests that the influence of the Beatles may have played a significant role in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Maybe the protest songs of Bob Dylan and the rap songs of Eminem can be used as examples to write songs that help people wake up to the nature of coercive political institutions and their oppressive and destructive ways. A few radically freedom-oriented performers who achieve the prominence of Bob Dylan and Eminem could also become major "change catalysts."

Our various project's income streams may be sufficient to finance the growth of Project CertoPower, particularly if personnel can be remunerated out of funds generated from the sale of products and services that can be developed inexpensively.

If you're interested in participating in Project CertoPower at a high level, please contact Frederick Mann or Harve Heath.

The "Self-Improvement Industry" and the "Opportunity Gap"

We have researched the areas of personal freedom, personal power, self-development, personal growth, personal success, and money skills extensively. We have identified "Low-Level Awareness" as a central human problem. Most humans suffer from low-level awareness to various degrees, preventing them from becoming fully-functioning humans who achieve the levels of success they aspire to. See

There's a "self-improvement industry" in the USA with reported sales of $10-12 billion per year. This industry largely fails to produce worthwhile results for most of its "clients" (or victims?) -- at the time of this writing (5/29/11), James Arthur Ray (a principal of the "The Secret" scam) is being prosecuted for manslaughter because of three deaths at his Sedona "sweat lodge").

Several books examine the failure of the "self-improvement industry":

The website -- Self Help Techniques That Work! provides some important pointers to help make Self-Improvement work better.

Jim Edwards: Mining The Gap (click to watch video)

The failure of the "self-improvement industry" creates a huge "Opportunity Gap" as explained by Jim Edwards. It seems quite likely that many people who buy "self-improvement" books, attend workshops, etc. fail to improve significantly because they suffer from "Low-Level Awareness" -- Noreena Hertz video. Typically, the "self-improvement industry" does NOT provide people with the means to sufficiently turn on their brains to overcome whatever may be constraining them.

In the typical bookstore, the "self-improvement/psychology" section contains the most books... because they don't work for most buyers... so they later come back to buy more... Most people may suffer from low-level awareness to a degree that makes it difficult or impossible for them to read a "self-improvement" book, benefit from it, and apply its principles or guidelines to become more successful.

Famous guru G.I. Gurdjieff claimed that what is generally considered the human "waking state" is really a form of "half-sleep." Gurdjieff essentially identified low-level awareness, devoted much of his life to helping people to wake up, and created a movement of followers. Frederick Mann owns about 30 books by Gurdjieff and his disciples.

Consider the possibility that people take drugs to essentially solve their problem of "feeling bad" so they can turn on their brains in order to "feel good." Most drug users experience "temporary highs," but end up feeling worse. For most drug users, taking drugs is a "failed solution." The demand for brain-altering drugs is an indication of the potential demand for a solution to low-level awareness.

Timothy Leary spent much of his life attempting to get people to "turn on their brains." His famous motto: "Turn on, tune in, drop out." In his book Neuropolitics he wrote:

"Guilt, innocence, punishment, forgiveness, law and order, rehabilitation -- all constitute the mythology that masks the simple reality of badly-wired robots bumping into one another..."

"Brainwashing is happening to all of us all the time. Knowledge of brain function is our only protection against it. The solutions to our predicament are neurological. We must assume responsibility for our nervous systems. Our robothood can remain static if we endlessly repeat the imprints of infancy to adolescence, or it can be drastically altered by brainwashers without our consent, or we can take control of our nervous systems. If we don't assume this personal responsibility, somebody else will..."

What Distinguishes Project CertoPower from Other Approaches

The concept of "Make-or-Break Issue" (MBI) is most important. An MBI is something that needs to be fixed first. If a car has a broken engine, you need to fix the engine to make it run. Giving it a new paintjob won't make it run. Similarly, an athlete with a broken leg needs to fix his leg if he wants to run. Much of the "self-improvement industry" does the equivalent of providing cars with broken engines new paint jobs!

A major breakthrough is the discovery that most people are the victims of "pre-verbal, pre-conscious scripts." For more details, see Page 2.

It may also be possible to identify the most important "primordial animal programs" in our brains that hold us back. An example could be a program "to conform in order to belong." Among our tribal ancestors, if you were to be kicked out of your tribe, your quick death was almost certain to follow. So the "to conform in order to belong" had great survival value for our ancient ancestors. Many "modern" humans still have a powerful program to conform. Google: "Asch's conformity experiment."

Some psychologists use the term "socialization without reflection." Most people are to various degrees trapped by "social/political conditioning." This conditioning is so strong that most people, particularly in the areas of religion and politics, to some degree lose their ability to use their physical senses to discern reality. This can be demonstrated by Asch's conformity experiment. Most people believe strongly in a range of imaginary entities and phenomena they can't see, touch, hear, smell, or taste. It may become possible through Project CertoPower to develop the means for humans to deprogram themselves from "social/political conditioning."

The Suggested Mission of Project CertoPower

The current world we live in is a function of the contents of the minds of individual human beings. "My life" is a function of my mind -- to a much greater extent than you might think. "Your life" is a function of your mind -- to a much greater extent than you might think. All kinds of thinkers have said: What the human mind can conceive, the human being can achieve. (This may be wishful thinking, but needn't prevent us from making an effort to improve things!)

The Microsoft Analogy

Through his share of Microsoft, Bill Gates has become the richest man in America. Microsoft develops and sells programs to make computers more successful. We could call these programs "computer success programs." Microsoft has become one of the biggest companies in the world. (This is not an endorsement of Microsoft and its policies, practices, and products.)

With Project CertoPower we're interested in human success. We can think of "human failure programs" and "human success programs." The reason we espouse self-ownership, individual sovereignty, and freedom is that we believe that these "programs" will make humans more successful. Project CertoPower is in the business of replacing human failure programs with human success programs. What Microsoft does for computers, Project CertoPower wants to do for humans.

The Potential for Project CertoPower

The general current success level of humans, compared to our potential success level, measures the potential for Project CertoPower. The source of all the "problems" in the world is in the individual human mind. Project CertoPower faces this fact head-on. We believe we have identified a significant portion of the information (human success programs) that needs to get into people's minds in order for the "problems" to resolve. Project CertoPower is the means to get the information into people's minds. And we believe this can be done very profitably.

Some aspects of human failure programs are reflected on Page 2 and Page 3.

In general, humans fail because of the human failure programs in their minds -- and they succeed as a result of the human success programs in their minds. The vast difference between the two indicates the potential for Project CertoPower. It is important that you realize that this potential is much greater than the potential was for Microsoft when it was launched.

But the above indicates only a small part of the potential for Project CertoPower. Think of all the money that presently goes to governments around the world. Imagine all that money being available in a real free-market economy instead. Imagine all the government-controlled banks (or is the government controlled by the banks?) being real free-enterprise banks in the real free-market economy. Consider all the statist corporations (the IBMs of the world) that could be replaced by true free-enterprise companies. All of this represents part of the potential for Project CertoPower.

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