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Profound Honesty

Opening Ceremonies
Cyberspace Concertos #1-4

Neo-Tech Objectivism

Limitless Prosperity and Romantic Excitement
Profound Honesty and Neo-Tech Objectivism

Concerto #1

New-World Music

Only conscious beings can distort reality. Only conscious beings can act dishonestly and unjustly. Yet, all distortions, dishonesties, and injustices are temporary -- illusionary -- not part of reality. ...Conscious beings can assert honesty and justice to control their existence within the laws of nature. In that way, conscious beings can control their future. Thus, they can enter a new world of limitless prosperity and romantic excitement.

The Pre Cyberspace World

Before cyberspace, before the Internet, reality often asserted itself slowly -- often after years, sometimes only after centuries or millennia. Yet, no matter how dishonest or unjust an individual or a society, reality ultimately prevails. For example, decades after their deaths, the reality of the great values produced by Francis Bacon, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joseph Smith, Herman Melville, and Vincent van Gogh finally came forth. And, today, honesty and justice are revealing scorned businesspeople like Jay Gould, John D. Rockefeller, Leona Helmsley, and Michael Milken as life-giving benefactors to conscious life. Also, eventually, honesty and justice will reveal Homeric icons like Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson as life-destroying malefactors to conscious life.

Throughout history, dishonesties and injustices have caused deep, widespread distortions of reality. Those distortions arise from one fundamental source: people who choose to live by forcefully or fraudulently draining values from others. Such people do not live naturally -- they do not live by producing values for others. They live as unnatural human organisms -- as parasitical humanoids.

Many such humanoids glean affluent, respectable, even famous livings by expertly disguising their criminal parasitisms. They live as rulers, politicians, academics, journalists, religious leaders. Such people often manipulate envy from the populace by dishonestly ripping facts out of context in order to drain the real benefactors of society -- the competitive job-and-value producers. The direct victims are those precious risk-taking businesspeople who deliver the values and jobs necessary for conscious life to survive and prosper. The indirect victims are all conscious beings living on Earth today.

At every level of activity and visibility, criminal parasites drain the heroic value producers of this world under the facade of altruism -- force-and-fraud backed altruism. Such criminal altruism is the underlying deception of this unnatural civilization. For that reason, Earth beings live in an upside-down civilization -- an anticivilization -- in which uncompetitive, value-destroying parasites control competitive, value-producing heroes.

A New World

Today, a new world -- a cyberspace information world -- is bringing a new paradigm to planet Earth. Is this rising new paradigm for better or worse? Consider the single most harmful irrationality of Earth's anticivilization: the apathetic acceptance of criminal parasites draining the life and well-being from everyone. ...Will this new cyberspace paradigm empower or emasculate those who purposely harm society?

Usenet: A Paradise or Graveyard for Parasites?

In today's anticivilization, the Internet Newsgroup system called Usenet is a world of ironies in which all values, honesty, and justice can be wantonly attacked and seemingly destroyed by shrunken spirits ranging from ersatz philosophers to certain tax-supported academics and criminal-minded nihilists. On Usenet, do-nothing shrunken spirits can seemingly smother any and every great value or accomplishment. Dishonesty seemingly reigns. Nonentities seem to be able to unjustly destroy anything and everything with out-of-context attacks, mendacious innuendos, and fabricated scenarios.

Yet, within that paradoxical picture lies the promise of a new world. A world of fully integrated honesty in which justice asserts itself. For, in the cyberspace world, all dishonesties and injustices become entrapped and then extinguished by reality.

Cyberspace: The Dishonesty Trap

Cyberspace forms self-exposure traps that will eventually eliminate purposeful destructions from this planet. Through such traps, all dishonesties move toward extinction. Every dishonesty and injustice launched in cyberspace by malevolent value destroyers is permanently recorded and retrievable through Internet search engines. Likewise, every example of honesty, justice, and value production is also permanently recorded and retrievable. How does Usenet combine with the World Wide Web to trap and eventually vanish purposely destructive people? Consider the following:

On Usenet Newsgroups, all varieties of dishonest people, do-nothing idlers, destructive parasites, even criminal psychopaths can delude themselves with feelings of false self-worth and unearned power. Swarms of negative loudmouths seem to out-shout everyone else. Their barrages of achieve-nothing negativities can seemingly trash any laudable effort, positive achievement, or value-producing hero. By contrast, genuine heroes seldom raise their voices. Moreover, they are too busy producing values to defend themselves against attention-seeking nonentities.

In cyberspace, the most insignificant nonentities seem to have free reign to hack apart any positive achievement or value. But the opposite is the fact. For example, achieve-everything Bill Gates has many achieve-nothing flamers dishonestly attacking him on Usenet. Yet, Bill Gates continues to soar -- soaring toward becoming perhaps the greatest value-and-job producer in history. Simultaneously, his attention-seeking flamers are self-exposing their nonentity natures while publicly shrinking their souls toward nothingness.

Half-Life of Usenet

Justice comes to cyberspace as value destroyers shrink toward nothingness and value producers expand toward limitlessness. ...How exactly does that dynamic work in cyberspace?

That dynamic works through the half-life decay (like radioactive half-life decay) of items posted on Usenet Newsgroups -- a half-life perhaps as short as a few hours. How does that half-life of Usenet interact with the doubling-life (increasing value delivery) of the World Wide Web? Long-term doubling lives occur for Web sites on which competitive values are constantly building and being delivered to increasingly wider audiences. By contrast, to counter their decaying messages on Usenet, value destroyers must spew more-and-more dishonesties to sustain their illusions of credibility and self-importance. Yet, while their attacks are relentlessly decaying, their dishonesties and malevolences are building in archives that are always available through search engines.

Likewise, integrations of reality are also accumulating and being archived. Thus, whenever needed, those dishonest attacks can be gathered and simultaneously compared to fully integrated honesty on the World Wide Web or in printed literature. ...Such juxtaposition of dishonesty versus honesty makes reality obvious and justice certain.

When nihilistic attacks or ego-boosting smears are gathered and then viewed as a whole, the evil leaps forth, smacking every observer foursquare, eternally trapping unjust attackers in their own disintegrated dishonesties. Consider what happens when disintegrated dishonesty is publicly contrasted to integrated honesty -- contrasted point-by-point from every angle. Such vivid contrasts accelerate the public understanding and use of radically new, life-enhancing values. Previously, such values may have taken decades or centuries to gain public acceptance and beneficial use in everyone's life.

Neo-Tech, meaning fully integrated honesty, will publicly advance through the Usenet dynamic via a book titled Flame-War Justice. In that book, fully integrated honesty is unjustly, dishonestly attacked from every conceivable angle. Those attacks are then contrasted to widely integrated, fully contextual responses. From such contrasts, the value of even the most radical aspects of fully integrated honesty will become not only publicly clear but publicly acceptable in shorter time frames than possible in the pre cyberspace world.

The Doubling-Life of Web Sites

The above process of accelerating Neo-Tech Objectivism globally through cyberspace dynamics is catalyzed by widening networks of hyperlinked World Wide Web sites. Fully integrated honesty in the form of hyperlinked Web sites plays off the accumulating Usenet archive and search-engine dynamics. Those Neo-Tech dynamics will be constructed and integrated on the Internet in late 1997 through an interactive Java/ActiveX dynamic called "Ask Zon".

Neo-Tech Objectivism in cyberspace has already cracked the ersatz "leadership" that has stagnated the worldwide advance of Objectivism. What is Objectivism? It is the philosophy of Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff. It is the philosophy for benefiting conscious beings. Objectivism is based on the primacy of existence and integrated reason -- the new-world philosophy of limitless prosperity and romantic excitement.

Objectivism is the philosophy upon which Neo-Tech/Zonpower rests. In turn, Neo-Tech/Zonpower is the tool for advancing the primacy of existence around the world. That advance will eliminate irrationality and dishonesty from conscious beings. ...Neo-Tech/Zonpower is the most effective, practical expression of Objectivism, life-enhancing business, and romantic excitement.

Additionally, that Neo-Tech dynamic is breaking the bubbles of irrationality polluting all philosophies, including breaking intolerances toward "different people" and "different believers". Breaking those stagnant intolerances toward people -- toward potential customers -- will allow an open, honest form of no-compromise Objectivism to advance -- Apostle-Paul, reach-everyone style -- into realms of limitless prosperity and exciting romance.

Cyberspace Heaven

The non cyberspace world today has grown for 3000 years from roots of criminal-minded Homeric "heroes", irrational Platonic mysticisms, and fraudulent Augustinian[ 1 ] religions -- all fed by intentional value destruction, demagoguery, and envy backed by force and fraud. In this criminally manipulated civilization, the duped public is promised life, prosperity, and justice in some after-death, imaginary heaven or in some "heroic" remembrance. Indeed, in this anticivilization, everyone has to sacrifice his or her life in order to reach that unreal celestial "reward".

By contrast, today's new cyberspace world will bring conscious beings exciting lives with undreamed prosperity in a real heaven right here on Earth. In that Earthly heaven, fully integrated honesty and justice will mean oblivion for Homeric heroes and all other criminal parasites. Eradication of those humanoids means limitless growth for every competitive human being on this planet.

The Civilization of the Universe

In the upside-down civilization of the pre cyberspace world, fraud and war are glorified as noble and heroic: Platonistic noble-lie frauds and Homeric macho-hero wars have been historically hyped as ways to bring people to greater heights: political, parasitical heights -- not competitive, productive heights. Such irrationality eventually brings spiritual and physical death to everyone. By contrast, in the rational Civilization of the Universe, competitive value production, not force and fraud, is what lifts people toward eternal life and happiness.

In cyberspace, harmful parasitical minds remain behind in the closed-circle anticivilization. By contrast, competitive business minds move ahead into the open-ended Civilization of the Universe.

Discovering New-World Music

Specific metaphors and general metaphors can be the most powerful and sometimes the only means of communicating certain ideas and emotions. Much of classic prose as well as most poems and songs are metaphorical. In fact, general metaphors such as Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged are often the only effective way to introduce radical ideas that are alien to this anticivilization.

While Neo-Tech/Zonpower literature is broadly metaphorical, even right-brain lyrical at times, the literature is not right-brain enough to reach the emotional heart and soul of everyone in this anticivilization. When people emotionally feel the shrunken spirit of this anticivilization, they will actively care about eliminating the unjust harms inflicted upon innocent value producers by intentional value destroyers. Through such active caring for the value producers, all professional value destroyers and their parasitical political leaders will eventually vanish along with their tools of force and fraud.

Until Neo-Tech, no one was willing to consistently stand up and do something about the injustices and purposeful destruction of values that perpetuate this anticivilization. Who really cared about the injustices inflicted by the professional value destroyers upon the competitive value producers? Who really tried to protect and cherish those upon whom the well-being of conscious life depends? Until Neo-Tech, no one consistently stood up to protect unjustly aggrieved value producers from destructive parasites -- sub rosa parasites ranging from force-backed politicians and dishonest academics to criminal-minded nihilists and ersatz philosophers.

Yet, no amount of left-brain Neo-Tech literature can deliver the emotional realizations of the sins and virtues woven throughout this bizarrely unnatural anticivilization. Spectacularly new, right-brain metaphorical lyrics are required. ...As an artistic analogy, right-brain impressionists Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh discovered entirely new ways to emotionally communicate the reality of nature through impressionist art. From another perspective, the abstract art of Pablo Picasso versus the romantic art of Eugéne Delacroix are examples of untouchably different modes for fixed left-brain communication of abstract ideas versus emotional right-brain communication of romantic ideals. Also, consider Mozart's intelligence-boosting piano Concerto #21 and Beethoven's piano/orchestra-dueling Piano Concerto #5. ...The rising Zon literature harnesses the artistic right brain -- the exciting romantic brain.

Indeed, weaving a lyrical, right-brain narrative throughout cyberspace is necessary to emotionally communicate the natural Civilization of the Universe currently known to no one on Earth, but necessary to everyone...versus the unnatural anticivilization currently known to everyone on Earth, but necessary to no one.

The rising Zonpower literature has become increasingly metaphorical, even lyrical in parts. Still, further movement toward the right-brain metaphor must evolve over the next few years in order to deliver across all populations a radically new thinking paradigm. A new generation of literature, art, and music will rise from history's longest narrative poem or song comprising up to three-hundred-thousand lines woven through conscious minds. That new-world music will capture the epic journey from Earth's anticivilization to the Civilization of the Universe. ...Those lyrics, which reflect the emotional basis of the Civilization of the Universe, will replace the Homeric poems, which reflect the emotional basis of this anticivilization.

That narrative journey will be titled "Quantum Crossings". It will draw hostility and scorn as it is released in unfinished segments during the years before its completion. Hostility from all quarters is expected. For, acceptance would signal that the Neo-Tech/Zon literature is evolving too slowly -- to conservatively -- and would fail to accomplish its goal of curing irrationality before everyone is killed by that disease.

Strength grows from resistance. Neo-Tech/Zon must flush out "enemies" and push the limits of scorn and hostility in this anticivilization. Only from actively confronting this irrational anticivilization will come an Objectivist civilization -- the Civilization of the Universe for us and our children.

Wanted: Commercial Objectivists

Harnessed into a competitive business tool, Objectivism can bring never-ending gains in prosperity and happiness to everyone on Earth. With fully integrated honesty, people can heal themselves of anticivilization corruptions. In that process, a Neo-Tech business world will need the services of self-healed people with wide-scope knowledge of Objectivism. To be commercially competitive, however, Objectivists must understand the hard-to-achieve profit dynamics inherent in business. Such businesses advance civilization by aggressively delivering competitive values and jobs to maximum people -- a risky, difficult, heroic task.

One derives values from Objectivism by applying its principles to the benevolently tolerant dynamics of business. Does that mean compromising the principles of Objectivism? Absolutely not. To the contrary, competitive success is achieved by developing and delivering the open-ended values of no-compromise Objectivism to anyone and everyone worldwide.

For a no-compromise Objectivist professional to become commercially profitable, that person cannot stand on a pedestal, offering only boring, uncompetitive preaching. Instead, he or she must get into the muddy-risky trenches of a nitty-gritty profit battle to demonstrate through hard work the exciting, step-by-step profits available from no-compromise Objectivism.

Discovering Eternal Prosperity

Neo-Tech Objectivism evolves in cyberspace through confrontation with "enemies" and their hostilities. Additionally, such confrontations provide much of the material for the forthcoming, eye-opening book titled Flame-War Justice. That book comprehensively chronicles real-life examples of irrational attacks on the good -- dishonest attacks from every angle on newly developing values that benefit everyone. Such a chronicling both in print and across cyberspace will lift the barricades of ignorance and malevolence to bring new knowledge -- an eternal knowledge that arises when injustice succumbs to justice, when dishonesty succumbs to honesty, when ignorance succumbs to knowledge.

Thus, comes the limitless prosperity reflected from the Civilization of the Universe. In the Civilization of the Universe, businesspeople become supreme artists -- universal composers of heavenly melodies. By contrast, criminal-minded politicians, war makers, and nihilists often march to clanging, nationalistic Wagnerians. Indeed, Wagner is the cocaine of music, making those who get hooked feel ten-feet tall -- making destructive parasites feel invincibly powerful.[ 2 ]

In counterbalance, businesspeople work through melodiously sensuous, individualistic Debussyans. They deliver the La Mers and Clare de Lunes to this world. They create the seas of value on Earth. They deliver the beams of natural light into night darkness -- light reflected from the other side -- from the eternally bright Civilization of the Universe.

Concerto #2

Profound Honesty
Limitless Prosperity

In the 1950s, a group called Quadri-I Research[ 3 ] discovered that a small minority of persons thought in whole pictures rather than in segments that subsequently built into whole thoughts. Quadri-I also found that each such person generated nearly the same picture for any given thought or idea. Those pictures were similar because they formed immediately -- uncorrupted by biases or agendas. Thus, those pictures were more accurate -- more in accord with reality. Arbitrary information and errors had no time to enter the thought process. Such corruptions simply dissipated when the whole picture flashed into consciousness.[ 4 ]

In the early 1980s, Neo-Tech literature identified that thinking process as Neothink. ...Neothinking is a whole-picture-thinking process that brings riches and excitement to conscious beings as described in the publications, Neo-Tech Business Control by Mark Hamilton and Neo-Tech Global Business Control by Eric Savage.

Today, most adults think by an opposite process. They begin their thought processes with discrete percepts, concepts, ideas, emotions. From those segments rise the larger segments or thoughts used to make decisions, take actions, and experience emotions. The problem is that those segments can be manipulated and distorted to fit almost any illusion or dishonesty promoted by this anticivilization. Such distortions yield life-diminishing decisions and actions. ...That method of thinking builds profound dishonesties, often well hidden, that block a person's capacity to gain wide-scope understandings and valuable new knowledge.

The Neothink Mind

The Neothink mind thinks simultaneously with both the left brain (full integrations) and the right brain (without boundaries). The Neothink mind thinks in a picture language, which means thinking in integrated, no-boundary images -- the ultimate, most sensuous, most powerful form of metaphorical thinking. That mind, in turn, breaks those images into small, powerful segments. Such a breakdown from whole pictures into separate parts provides sources of new knowledge for advancing conscious life toward limitless prosperity and romantic happiness. ...Everyone had a Neothink mind as a young child. And, today, any adult can recapture that young, wide-open mind through fully integrated honesty.

Free of preconceived notions, young children think by an uncorrupted picture process. But, they lose that invaluable picture-language thinking as they are driven by their parents and teachers into the profoundly dishonest, narrow-scope anticivilization. ...By building small distortions into larger distortions, most adults unknowingly think dishonestly about the widest, most important aspects of life. They distort their thoughts by adjusting them to the rationalizations and agendas needed to feel acceptable in this anticivilization. Such a bottom-to-top process becomes a reality-distorting language that cripples the conscious mind.

By contrast, the rare top-to-bottom process retains the honest visual-language mind of childhood. That visual language lets one integrate wide-scope pictures and emotions that cannot be expressed in spoken language or even thought about by people with spoken-language minds. Thus, when encountering ultra-powerful, radical-breakthrough values, most people either ridicule those values or their eyes glaze over as their minds sleep. Such spoken-language minds are blind to the new knowledge, emotions, and values that evolve from visual-language minds.

Right brained, often dyslexic left-handed, even mirror-writer artists and scientists as da Vinci, van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet, Newton, and Einstein functioned through picture-language thinking. Einstein could visualize the entire cosmos in a single thought. Then, in one sweep, his mind broke that thought down to submicroscopic particles. In that way, he converted his thoughts into many segments of shockingly new, accurate information that delivered the theories of Special Relativity and Quantum Energy. Only over time did his peers and later others grasp what evolved from Einstein's wide-scope pictures of reality. Even today, aspects of his work are just now being grasped.

Einstein, van Gogh, and Cézanne discovered entirely new aspects of reality from their picture thinking. Years passed, even decades, before society discovered the values flowing from their unusual thinking. Indeed, each canvas of van Gogh and Cézanne today commands many millions of dollars. And, today, Einstein's discoveries are the foundations for all natural sciences. Yet, their wide-scope benefits were initially ridiculed, ignored, or considered boring. ...When society finally awoke to their tremendous values, insightful exploiters parlayed those values into fortune and fame.

Many new, wide-scope values flow from today's Neo-Tech/ Zonpower literature. Most people today, however, are blind to the powerful, practical values of Neo-Tech. But, that blindness will end. ...Consider the discoveries flowing from the following six Neo-Tech pictures:

Neo-Tech Picture 1: The discovery of two opposite, conscious-created civilizations: Our current, unnatural anticivilization versus the natural Civilization of the Universe.

Neo-Tech Picture 2: The discovery that the dynamic for conscious death versus conscious life is criminal parasitism versus competitive business. The anticivilization dynamic propagates through criminal value destruction. The Civilization of the Universe propagates through competitive value production.

Neo-Tech Picture 3: The discovery of mankind's shrunken spirit -- the dishonesties, criminalities, and irrationalities that diminish the spirit of every citizen living in this anticivilization. Failure to see the unnecessity of that shrunken spirit is what perpetuates this unnatural anticivilization. ...Failure to reject such spiritual and physical diminishments ultimately brings impotence and death to conscious beings.

Neo-Tech Picture 4: The discovery that the future for everyone on Earth is the Civilization of the Universe -- an Objectivist civilization free of dishonesty, irrationality, criminality, disease, aging, and death itself.

Neo-Tech Picture 5: The discovery that value-and-job producers of this world are caught in history's highest-stake poker game. That game is run by professional value destroyers -- by hidden killers and neocheating looters who propagate this anticivilization through guns, envy, and parasitism. The stakes are the life and death of every conscious being living on Earth.

Neo-Tech Picture 6: The discovery that profound honesty will nonviolently vanish those professional value destroyers, criminal neocheaters, and their anticivilization. ...Chapters 16 and 35 of Zonpower from Cyberspace provide an understanding of the white-hat honesties that eradicate professional value destroyers and their black-hat neocheating.

Profound Honesty delivers Limitless Prosperity

The time frame to bridge the gap for solid, public understandings of the above six discoveries would probably extend beyond the lifetime of every person living on planet Earth today. Thus, the task of Neo-Tech Publishing Company is to collapse that indefinitely long time span into the next few years. Such time-span shrinkage can be accomplished by delivering to everyone the practical, wide-scope values pouring from the Neo-Tech/Zonpower discoveries. The benefits from those values will be unleashed through a series of unusual publications titled Quantum Crossings. As those publications accrue during the next five years, they will vanish the criminal parasites and black-hat neocheaters to end their 2200-year-old poker game of bilking every conscious being out of prosperity, happiness, and life itself.

Those today who have no access to or understanding of Neo-Tech and Zonpower need not worry. The coming Quantum Crossings will build the top-to-bottom pictures to let everyone prosper from the profound honesties of Neo-Tech/Zonpower woven around the world.

Concerto #3

Making Everyone a Value

On Usenet in early 1996, a "jobless ex-postal worker living off government checks" anonymously posted hundreds of embittered, envious attacks on successful value-and-job producers and competitive business. He also declared across the Internet his desires for limitless, promiscuous sex. Then, between blizzards of uncontrolled Tourette-like sexual profanities, he publicly posted his intentions to murder U.S. army officers and nuke an American city filled with innocent citizens and children. According to legal counsel, that post constituted a domestic-terrorist threat of murder publicly made over the Internet -- a serious crime. For that criminal act, he could face both state and federal felony charges upon revealing his identity.[ 5 ]

Later in 1996, that envy-embittered "ex-postal employee" carrying a virtual-reality AK-47 reappeared on the Internet to emphasize his passion for mass murder as shown in his post quoted below:

In article <4jgqpc$>, (Anonymous) wrote:
> I would destroy the entire universe rather than live as a slave.
> And you can quote me on that.


> Ah - so I have nihilistic "tendencies" now.
> Nihilism is the belief in NOTHING.
> I believe in all sorts of things very strongly.
> I might be a terrifyingly immoral egoist from the point of view of
> communitarian and altruist moral codes, but I'm no nihilist.
> I am something MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

How could such a person be a value to Neo-Tech? Herein lies the justice dynamics of cyberspace: That person was transformed into a Neo-Tech servant. Indeed, a controlled servant indentured by integrated honesty that brought forth two public revelations: (1) the deep dishonesties of self-proclaimed Objectivist "leaders" and (2) the deep-rooted destructiveness that dwells in everyone invested in this anticivilization. Consider the following paragraphs:

Neo-Tech Objectivism Rises from Flames

Dr. Leonard Peikoff is a genuine philosophical leader. He is courageously leading a philosophical Reformation toward Ayn Rand's Objectivism -- a Reformation away from destructive, primacy-of-consciousness (i.e.: subjective-authority led) philosophies to a productive, primacy-of-existence (i.e.: objective-reality led) philosophy. ...Dr.Peikoff is to philosophy what the 16th-century Martin Luther was to religion.

Yet, in April 1995, Leonard Peikoff, while making valid points about illegal private armies, made a potentially murderous error by "condemning" innocent militia self-defenders to the initiatory force of a corrupt government. Martin Luther in the early 16th century made the same murderous error by condemning innocent peasant self-defenders to the initiatory force of a corrupt government. Luther's moral error triggered the brutal government slaughter of many innocent peasants. ...Dogmatist John Calvin followed Luther in purifying the religious Reformation by directly committing premeditated murder: On gaining access to the initiatory force of government, he had "evil" heretics burned alive at the stake.

Today, Objectivist dogmatists follow Peikoff in purifying the philosophical Reformation. If they gained the physical-force power of government, what would those Calvinist" dogmatists do to "evil" heretics like militia members, libertarians, and Neo-Tech Objectivists?

Indeed, this is the anticivilization. In advancing one's anticivilization investments, each becomes malicious, even murderous -- directly or indirectly. Thus, certain Objectivist "leaders" eagerly embraced as their ally that embittered nihilist described above who, chained to an Internet keyboard by Neo-Tech, proclaimed his passion to commit mass murder and have promiscuous sex with everyone possible.

Why did those Objectivists publicly, dishonestly abandon principle to embrace such an entity as their protector and ally? Solely because he uncontrollably libeled and physically threatened their competition -- their perceived "enemy" -- the Neo-Tech Objectivists. He recklessly endangered the lives of innocent value producers with defaming libel and malignant innuendo that no Objectivist would dare display. Thus, such a person became their sanctioned anti Neo-Tech mouthpiece. ...Objectivist honesty? Objectivist principles? What better demonstration of people supporting their irrational investments in this bizarre anticivilization at any self-destructive cost or hypocritical dishonesty. At some point, however, each will have to look at his or her picture and discover a Dorian Gray -- the visual results of one's pact with destructive irrationality.

Consider, for example, a dishonest Objectivist "leader" who cheered on that nihilist servant and fed him libelous information to expand his attacks toward her enemy -- fully integrated honesty. Therein lies her investment in this anticivilization. Still, in the broadest sense, that Objectivist "leader" is no better or worse than anyone irrationally investing in this anticivilization -- no better or worse than that jobless nihilist.

Indeed, any person ultimately promotes criminally murderous behaviors whenever he or she promotes irrationality -- whenever that person upholds dishonesty to protect his or her anticivilization investments. ...Yet, even she can, as can any Objectivist, self-heal the wounds of dishonesty to become a growing value in an Objectivist world -- in the Civilization of the Universe.

Through fully integrated honesty, people can open their eyes to the irrationalities practiced by every investor in this anticivilization, ranging from murderous psychopaths, to dishonest academics, even to outstanding Objectivist value producers, including Neo-Tech Objectivists and risk-taking business heroes. ...The pervasive diseases of irrationality and dishonesty beget criminality and destructiveness, directly or indirectly, by force or by sanction, in every conscious being on Earth. Without fully integrated honesty, everyone will ultimately kill directly or indirectly to preserve his or her anticivilization investment, ego, or livelihood.

But, the mental illnesses, irrationalities, and dishonesties of this anticivilization will shrivel and vanish in cyberspace driven by fully integrated honesty. Indeed, the profound honesty of Neo-Tech is taking over Objectivism, healing it, and propagating it worldwide -- propagating it through competitive business.

Among the most moving testimonials for The Neo-Tech Discovery are those that reveal its extraordinary effectiveness in curing mental illnesses -- psychoses, neuroses, alcoholism, obesity, mysticism, drug abuse, depression, criminalities. Consider that after several months immersion into the integrated honesty of Neo-Tech, the government-dependent nihilist described above was transformed by a Neo-Tech editor[ 6 ] into a propagator of Neo-Tech ideas on the Internet. ...A similar transformation could occur with criminal-minded President Clinton as explained on page 5 of the Golden-Helmet "Victory" Overture at the end of this manuscript.

Concerto #4

Neo-Tech Empowers Objectivists

From August 21, 1995 to June 19, 1996, the profound honesty of Neo-Tech flowed through cyberspace. Through the Internet Newsgroup alt.philosophy.objectivism (apo), that flow of honesty liberated "official" Objectivists from their closed circles of stagnation as summarized below:

  1. Broke their thirty-year-old dogmatic structure and exposed their pseudo-intellectualism. Such do-nothing, closed-circle intellectualisms will disappear with the publication of a book titled Flame-War Justice.

  2. Deflated their illusions of philosophical "authority", which for thirty years harmfully retarded the wide-scale advance of Objectivism.

  3. Compelled "official" Objectivists into accepting as allies their previous worst enemies such as Libertarians, Kelley-type Objectivists, and other "evil" heretics. Those "official" Objectivists became comrades with their previous enemies in trying to defeat their new, worse-than-worst enemy: the evilissimo Neo-Tech. For, through its honesty templates, Neo-Tech publicly revealed the dishonesties, hypocrisies, and impotence of "official" Objectivists.

  4. Contrasted the backward-looking, intellectualizing-mode of "official" Objectivists to the forward-looking, business-mode of Neo-Tech Objectivists.

  5. Caused Objectivist "officials" to create a tightly monitored newsgroup humanities.philosophy.objectivism (hpo). Their entire purpose for creating hpo was to explicitly censor and prevent fully integrated honesty -- Neo-Tech -- from breaking false authority. But, ironically, hiding from Neo-Tech in their cloistered hpo newsgroup, those same "officials" are now demystifing and liberating themselves. For, they are compelled to deal rationally with their new allies -- their previous worst enemies. Thus, through Neo-Tech, stunted Objectivist "leaders" are growing again, empowering themselves. They are learning to communicate more maturely, more effectively -- with less flaming, less name calling, less emotionalism...less stagnating dogmatism.[ 7 ]

  6. Drove cyberspace Objectivism into a stronger position for worldwide growth.

Liberating Objectivists for future growth was the goal of Neo-Tech Publishing. Moreover, achieving that goal never involved compromising Objectivism. For, Ayn Rand's and Leonard Peikoff's Objectivism is a universal philosophy of exquisite consistency.


[ 1 ] As a youth, St. Augustine stole other people's property not for need but for kicks. As the Bishop of Hippo, he stole other people's souls not for salvation but for power.

[ 2 ] This identification is not a criticism of Richard Wagner's great music, which is a supreme example of human creativity, art, and beauty -- music that anyone can greatly enjoy.

[ 3 ] Reference: Larry McNaughton, Tampa, Florida, 1996.

[ 4 ] That picture-language thinking has no connection to today's mystical, new-age fads of imaging or visualizing -- pictures built from delusions or wishful thinking.

[ 5 ] In reality, probably the biggest danger from such a person is blowing out his own brains over his compulsive hatred of life and envy of success -- just as Goethe's hateful envy-monger "Young Werther" blew his brains out for the exact same reason. ...Becoming a value producer through Neo-Tech cures such hatred and envy.

[ 6 ] Drew "Kaiser" Ellis, an editor of Neo-Tech Publishing Company, developed the string-controlled KOAH/ACSE machine to study the dishonesty disease in public cyberspace.

[ 7 ] Neo-Tech associates hold no hostile attitudes toward anyone posting on Usenet. While they will counterpunch with fully integrated templates when dishonestly attacked, they never initiate attacks, flames, insults, or profanities toward anyone. Yet, very important, the attacks on Neo-Tech provide the material to evolve commercial products needed for delivering an Objectivist civilization -- the Civilization of the Universe -- to everyone on Earth.

The profound honesty and resulting values of Neo-Tech Objectivism are rejected by today's Establishment. Yet, that Establishment rejection is what keeps Neo-Tech pushing into ever deeper areas of non acceptance: Such non acceptance will culminate in Quantum Crossings -- the one-way bridges into the Civilization of the Universe.

Neo-Tech does not benefit by acceptance from any quarter in this anticivilization. Thus, as each new level of Neo-Tech begins gaining acceptance, Neo-Tech Publishing must push beyond the pale -- into ever more "outlandish" realms of objective reality and knowledge. Indeed, profound honesty is used to constantly move beyond acceptance in this anticivilization -- beyond acceptance even by Neo-Tech supporters and associates. That wide-scope, long-range progress must continue until the dishonest, irrational, murderous anticivilization has vanished from Earth -- until we all live with eternal prosperity and romantic excitement in an ever growing honest, rational, benevolent Objectivist civilization.

By reading the book version of Profound Honesty, one can easily, contextually grasp Neo-Tech and Zonpower. Indeed, those who carefully read Profound Honesty will be joyfully awakened as they jump beyond competition in this anticivilization. ...Eventually, everyone will be happily jolted out of this anticivilization by the compelling simplicity of Neo-Tech/Zonpower.

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