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Profound Honesty

One, Two, Three...Prosperity
Song 1

The Journey
Earth's Anticivilization
to the
Civilization of the Universe
"We are dealing with something powerful here.
The most powerful ideas in the Universe.
We are dealing with Neo-Tech in Cyberspace."

The Mozarts, Byrons, Shelleys, Keatses, Raphaels, Büchners, Bizets, and Schuberts are not the only ones who die too young. We all die too young. So little of our potential is ever realized. After youth, survivors unnaturally age, grow old, and die. None come close to the full-scope happiness and prosperity possible to conscious life. None find the spiritual answers tragically sought by Tolstoy. Some live bound within Baudalaire's visions of man-made cities...others within Frost's visions of snowy country nights. Yet, what was Emily Dickenson saying in her poems of nature, consciousness, and death? How can we live our natural lives -- lives without limits, yet within the limits of nature? The answer is Neo-Tech. For, Neo-Tech will bring a profoundly honest civilization within cyberspace to create the Civilization of the Universe on planet Earth.


The profound honesty of Neo-Tech is taking over a philosophy called Objectivism and implementing it through worldwide business dynamics. What is Objectivism? And, why implement it worldwide?

Objectivism is a philosophy rooted in Aristotle, discovered by Ayn Rand, nailed down by Dr. Leonard Peikoff, and now being dispersed globally through Neo-Tech. The goal is to rapidly bring an Objectivist civilization to planet Earth. For, an Objectivist civilization will bring every conscious person wide-open prosperity. How will every person gain such prosperity through a philosophy? What powers and riches are derived from implementing Objectivism worldwide? ...Profound Honesty answers those questions.

To be of universal value, mankind's one valid philosophy -- Objectivism -- must be liberated from its stagnant leaders and academic authorities. Objectivism must be injected into the action-mode dynamics of competitive value production. That liberation of Objectivist philosophy is outlined in Song 2.

The liberation of Objectivism will deliver prosperity to every honest person through the three epiphanies:


Three Epiphanies from Three Facts

Conscious beings will gain eternal prosperity through three epiphanies arising from three facts:

Fact 1: The Civilization of the Universe and an anticivilization are antithetical domains of honesty and dishonesty -- the either/or domains in which all conscious beings dwell throughout time and space.

Fact 2: Conscious beings on Earth unknowingly live in an anticivilization built upon (a) Homer's criminal-minded heroes, (b) Plato's noble-lie dishonesties, and (c) Augustine's death-demanding mysticisms.

Fact 3: Fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech) and wide-scope integrations (Neothink) dissolve the anticivilization dynamics of value destruction, aging, and death. ...In its place appears the Objectivist-civilization dynamics of value production, youth, and prosperity.

Until liberated by epiphanies rising from those three facts, we remain as blind mice trapped in the bizarre maze of an irrational civilization. Indeed, trapped in Earth's domain of illusions, we remain unaware of our stunted spirits and shrunken visions. Moreover, we knowingly or unknowingly cling to the life-losing investments and commitments that uphold this anticivilization. As such, whenever the circumstances arise, each of us will commit injustices and harm innocent others by voice or deed. ...Thus, after youth, we all shrink toward death, then to dust.

But, on opening our minds and actions to fully integrated honesty, we gain the wide-scope integrations needed to vanish this mystically twisted anticivilization. In its place will rise an Objectivist civilization -- the rational Civilization of the Universe. In that natural realm of universal honesty, everyone thrives with abiding happiness and limitless vision. In that illusion-free empyrean, even the most aggressive competitor never acts unjustly or inflicts harm upon others. ...Thus, after youth, honest people grow beyond the stars toward eternal prosperity.


Liberating Philosophy

Philosophy. Who understands philosophy? Who really cares about philosophy? Very few. For, it is a highly technical subject reserved mainly for professional philosophers dwelling in academic realms. Yet, everyone lives by a philosophy -- subconsciously, implicitly. Only one philosophy is based on the total, wide-scope well-being of conscious life -- the philosophy of Objectivism.

The Civilization of the Universe depends on Objectivist philosophy. Thus, Epiphany One involves liberating stagnant Objectivism from its anticivilization dogmatizers.

Objectivism is the philosophy of rational, conscious life -- of fully integrated honesty. Yet, no one on planet Earth has consistently lived by the philosophy of Objectivism -- not even its originator and developer, Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff. Even though Rand and Peikoff could discover, develop, and intellectually deal with Objectivism, they nor anyone else can live by it any more than can Hillary Clinton, the Pope, or O. J. Simpson. For, the modus operandi of everyone in this anticivilization rests upon a foundation of dishonesty and criminality.

Epiphany One sweeps a floodlight beneath the rickety structure of criminal dishonesty that supports all anticivilization investments and commitments. Once permanently spotlighted in one's mind, that person can finally identify the destruction-driven irrationalities and criminalities of this anticivilization.

Eureka! I have found the light to identify and isolate the anticivilization. I can now banish it from my life, bit by bit, piece by piece.


Neo-Tech Stimulants

Epiphany Two makes the crystal-clear identification that the anticivilization and the Civilization of the Universe are two inescapable facts. Through Neo-Tech arises a new, wide-scope vision. Within that vision lie the stimulants needed to vanish each perpetrator of that anticivilization.

Eureka! I have found the stimulant to identify and isolate each anticivilization perpetrator. I can now banish them from my life, one by one.


Vanishing the Anticivilization

Epiphany Three reveals a specific tool: The wide-scope accounting tool called the Golden Helmet as detailed in the Appendix of this manuscript. That tool provides a protocol for vanishing the archetype institution of wide-scope destruction in today's anticivilization -- the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Moreover, that concrete example serves as a model for vanishing other destructive, anticivilization institutions and bureaucracies.

Through that Golden-Helmet protocol, the unnecessary acceptance of destructive institutions is first recognized, then undermined, and finally vanished. Indeed, that change from intimidated acceptance to unequivocal rejection will vanish the destructive institutions of this anticivilization to bring forth the Civilization of the Universe.

Eureka! I have found the tool to identify and isolate each destructive institution of this anticivilization. I can now banish them from my life, one after the other.

Epiphany One, Two, comes eternal prosperity.


The Neo-Tech Discovery

Neo-Tech is the action mode that cures the disease causing this anticivilization. That disease is dishonesty. In turn, dishonesty comprises irrationality and mysticism. ...The Neo-Tech Discovery published by Neo-Tech Worldwide is a separate telephone-book size book -- an 800-page document that identifies and isolates the information matrix for ending the irrationalities and mysticisms of this anticivilization.

Zonpower Rules Cyberspace

Zonpower is the first document written on Earth from the perspective of an Objectivist civilization. Zonpower gazes deep into the radically different Objectivist realm -- into the Civilization of the Universe realm. Through Zonpower, that Objectivist civilization is already rising on planet Earth. Each bit and piece of that new-color Objectivist civilization forever replaces bit by bit, piece by piece, this 2300-year-old dishonest anticivilization.

The Key

The key to jumping the abyss from today's anticivilization into tomorrow's Objectivist civilization is discovered in Epiphany Two. That discovery is the vivid recognition of the dishonest anticivilization that dominates planet Earth versus the honest Civilization of the Universe that reigns throughout existence. ...Those two opposite civilizations represent the two fundamental choices faced by conscious beings: dishonesty versus honesty -- death versus life.

Indeed, death or life is the fundamental choice of conscious beings. Moreover, no conscious being on Earth can escape aging and death until he or she identifies, understands, then acts upon fully integrated honesty. Anything less condemns one to a shrinking life leading to death and dust. ...To survive and prosper eternally one must first see everything in concrete terms of an anticivilization versus an Objectivist civilization.

One of many specific steps already being taken in that direction through Neo-Tech -- fully integrated honesty -- is described below:

Scarlet Lettering Baleful Philosophers

The importance of Objectivism to everyone's future is captured in a single fact: Objectivism is the philosophy of the Civilization of the Universe.

A forthcoming book titled Flame-War Justice will demonstrate how anyone can identify and then scarlet letter those who are blocking Objectivism from sweeping planet Earth. That scarlet lettering will vanish their baleful influence.

Flame-War Justice will bury the stagnation of Objectivism caused by ersatz Objectivists and their closed-circle "leaders".

From May 1995 to April 1996, a furious flame war was waged in cyberspace by the Objectivist dogmatists against the closest ally of Objectivism -- Neo-Tech. Why did the self-appointed "guardians" of Objectivism attack the action-mode producers of Neo-Tech? Because Neo-Tech is tearing Objectivism away from their elitist "leaders" and propelling it forward, into the hands of the honest, non intellectual, working class -- beyond the control of dogmatists and elitists.

In a pyrotechnic display of dishonesty, those self-aggrandizing dogmatists made their last stand against Neo-Tech -- their last stand for shrinking Objectivism into a cloister of dark-age scholastics. ...At this historic juncture of exploding technology and apocalyptic threats to mankind's survival, such shrinking of Objectivism would mark mankind's greatest disaster. But, instead, Neo-Tech, the wide-open, worldwide facilitator of Objectivism will safely carry everyone into the next millennium, eventually delivering eternal prosperity to all.

Neo-Tech never initiates attacks on Objectivists or their ideas. Moreover, it has never attacked a single tenet of Objectivism. Indeed, Neo-Tech has always supported, without compromise, the tenets of Objectivism. ...Certainly, Neo-Tech parries and counterpunches dishonest attacks by baleful Objectivists and their nihilist allies. Neo-Tech, moreover, profitably uses those attacks and responses in its published literature.

Yes, some aggressive Neo-Tech self-leaders made learning errors on Usenet. But, they openly admitted those errors once realized...and then corrected them. Also, the editors of Neo-Tech literature have appreciatively acknowledged and corrected errors in their publications whenever pointed out. For, Neo-Tech is wide-open -- void of defensiveness -- always correcting, improving, forever growing. ...Neo-Tech is the new direction Objectivism must now travel.

Objectivism for the Proletariat

Because the working classes do not intellectualize philosophy, elitist Objectivists dismiss them as the great "unwashed". Fully integrated honesty, however, is drying up those uncompetitive, elitist Objectivists. But, no one needs to fear diminishment of Objectivism. To the contrary, Neo-Tech is taking over elitist-crippled Objectivism to heal it and spread its practical values among "non-intellectual" working people. Neo-Tech is weaving the practical benefits of Objectivism among the honest working classes. Indeed, fully integrated honesty -- Neo-Tech -- will bring an Objectivist civilization to everyone via those working classes. ... One, two, three, here comes eternal prosperity.

The "Philosopher" Zoo
Objectivists Caged in Cyberspace

From July 1995 to June 1996, Neo-Tech Publishing Company (NTP) posted documents on three Usenet newsgroups in cyberspace for two purposes:

1. The first purpose was to expose ersatz philosophers and cultist Objectivists who dishonestly used Usenet -- specifically the newsgroup: alt.philosophy.objectivism (apo) -- to promote their own false importance through mixtures of dishonest arguments and name-calling attacks against anyone who questioned their dogmas. Neo-Tech exposed their fakeries through templates of integrated facts. As a result, those cultists were driven to create a closed newsgroup -- humanities.philosophy.objectivism (hpo) -- designed to ban explicitly any mention of Neo-Tech and to censor any dynamic of fully integrated honesty.

Into their self-created newsgroup the cultists fled, locking the door behind. ...They had herded themselves into a caged zoo for public viewing.

Those Objectivists found they were not alone in their no-escape zoo. Unwittingly, they had locked themselves in with a warrior band of ferocious Libertarians flanked by savvy Kelley-freed Objectivists. Those warriors are now tearing to pieces the hypocritical spoutings of every flowing-robe Randian cultist. Indeed, today, those desperate cultists are arguing more shrilly, senselessly, and frequently than ever from their sealed cage. But, now, they have been publicly discredited and are unable to further retard the advance of Objectivism. As a result, propelled by integrated honesty, orgasmically exciting Neo-Tech/Objectivism is spreading throughout the World Wide Web, advancing beyond the closed circles of stagnant, Ayn-Rand disciples.

Neo-Tech, as anything else, does not advance through time-wasting, do-nothing arguments on philosophical newsgroups. It advances through dynamic cyberspace communications reaching all classes of people in all nations. With 15,000 daily visits [ 1 ], the lively Neo-Tech web site introduces far more new people to Objectivist/Libertarian ideas in one day than do all the Objectivist and Libertarian sites combined in a month [ 2 ].

With the worldwide cyber communication of Objectivist/Libertarian values free from dogmatic elitists, cyberspace will increasingly become the Civilization of the Universe ruled by the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech. The Civilization of the Universe, which is an Objectivist civilization, is now entering planet Earth through Neo-Tech from cyberspace. ...Neo-Tech was made for cyberspace. Cyberspace was made for Neo-Tech.

2. The second purpose of NTP posting on Usenet was to generate commercially publishable material. Some of that commercial material is on the Neo-Tech web site and published in a book titled Get It All. Usenet was also used to gather the material for NTP's forthcoming book titled Flame-War Justice. Now, those caged Objectivist cultists are carping about NTP's intention to publish their dishonest Usenet posts without their permissions. They huff and snort about copyrights, property rights, and lawsuits. Thus, for the record, NTP states: Any dishonest, out-of-context post used to attack innocent parties has no claim under objective law for copyrights, intellectual rights, or property rights. Such posts will be used without permission at any time in any way, in part or full, by the attackee to (1) answer dishonest attackers, (2) defend against libelous attackers, (3) set the public record straight, and (4) deliver justice to dishonest attackers. Furthermore, NTP would welcome any lawsuit challenging its free use of such public posts and will mount countersuits whenever appropriate and advantageous.

NTP and its associates have always welcomed fair criticisms and honest arguments. They have gratefully learned how to change and effectively benefit from valid criticisms on the Internet. But, pips who dishonestly attack innocent value producers must deal with the poker-ruthless, sandbagging Frank R. Wallace who has a long record of subtle goading and laying back to "suck `em in". Then, springing the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech, Wallace converts such attacks and adversaries into both short-term profits and long-term advantages. And, Dr. Wallace will continue to do so until maximum profits are extracted and full justice is delivered. ...Neo-Tech wins today. Neo-Tech owns tomorrow.


[ 1 ] Daily hit statistics are now publicly displayed on the Neo-Tech web site:

[ 2 ] Neo-Tech Publishing (NTP) and its associates have always recognized and supported the many genuine, value-delivering works of Objectivists and Libertarians. For years, NTP and its associates have been financial contributors to the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), the Institute for Objectivist Studies (IOS), and many Libertarian organizations. NTP also offered to support Dr. Peikoff's daily radio show with paid spots, but the offer was declined. Rejecting good-paying business sponsors is perhaps one reason the daily show failed commercially and now struggles as a subsidized weekend show. ...While explicitly criticizing their mystical errors and public misbehaviors, NTP always recognizes and openly defends the values of many major Objectivist "authorities", including Harry Binswanger, Peter Schwartz, and especially the heavily pip-attacked Leonard Peikoff (even though Dr. Peikoff badly needs a banker's haircut and a Wall-Street business suit to help unleash his greatly under exploited values and power.) ...Today, caged in cyberspace, the old Objectivist preachers and their monotone choirs are being left behind by the lively spread of Neo-Tech. Sadly, their thirty years of productive efforts are now calcifying into endless, do-nothing arguments on Usenet.

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