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Volume II


Dismissing the Professional Value Destroyers Forever

Las Vegas, Nevada

In 1968, one man left his established career as a Senior Research Chemist at E.I. duPont de Nemours & Company to begin a process that would some day change the world. The odds were against him. He stood alone.

Dr. Frank R. Wallace could have settled into a comfortable life surrounded by the white-collar hoax at Du Pont. But instead, he left to start I & O Publishing Company -- the company that would expose and uproot mysticism and neocheating. The I & O journey led to the discovery of Neo-Tech.

Over two decades later, that journey has culminated into a Call To Revolution. Neo-Tech is hunting down and uprooting mysticism every-where. Professional mystics and neocheaters have tried to stop Neo-Tech. But Neo-Tech is triumphing. Now, neocheaters must run and hide from Neo-Tech.

I & O placed the Neo-Tech chisel against the ossified colossus of the parasitical elite. One powerful blow sent cracks racing through that ossified hoax. Victory is ours. Dr. Wallace was right. The November-3rd attack accelerated Neo-Tech's goal by a decade. Mysticism and its symbiotic neocheaters are finished. Great days are coming as the Ultimate Battle and the Seven Neo-Tech Waves are poised to begin rolling across the continents.


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