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So... What SINGLE FACTOR DETERMINES Your SUCCESS More Than Anything Else?

In 1994, a group of people working for a company that provides "anti-terrorist systems" started doing some serious research to unearth the most important reasons why some people succeed and others don't. They came across a study completed in 1990 by California psychiatrist Dr. Michael McGuire. He wanted to determine "whether timidity was an illness or a personality style." He observed two groups of about one hundred people each for two years. The only significant difference between the two groups was their MOOD LEVELS. The members of the first group had a mood level which could be described as "timid and slightly negative." The members of the second group were perfectly matched with the first group in intelligence, education, memory, and other qualities -- except one: They had a mood level which could be described as "bold, optimistic, and enthusiastic."

Dr. McGuire, whose findings were presented in a paper in 1990 to the American Psychiatric Association, found that the people in the bold group were "better at developing novel interpretive and behavioral strategies" -- they were better at adapting to change by seeing and doing things in new and different ways. In other words, flexibility, innovation, creativity. The bold ones were also "more likely to initiate social contact" and showed "less fear of negative evaluation by others." Put plainly, they reached out more to others but cared less about what others thought of them.

The "anti-terrorist group of researchers" found a great deal of other evidence that BOLDNESS and the qualities that go with it are the most important factors that account for success. They also found that MOOD DETERMINES BOLDNESS! For example, Selling Power Magazine studied 50 Superachievers and 200 Average Achievers and found that of the EIGHT main differences between the winners and the also-rans, only ONE was based on skill or knowledge. The other SEVEN success factors were all related to MOOD LEVELS -- "How Achievers Achieve" by Gerhard Gschwandtner, Editor, Selling Power Magazine (15th Anniversary issue, September 1995).

Answer: YOUR MOOD LEVEL DETERMINES Your SUCCESS More Than Anything Else!

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