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Here is knowledge to enable you to become more successful, earn more money, feel good, enjoy great health (while cutting your health bills), and extend your life...

Introduction & Programs

The Get-Real Success System (GRSS) may be among the most powerful personal success systems ever devised, because you can use it to identify the most important things to focus on to increase your future success. (If you've tried other success systems, and were disappointed, be sure to check out GRSS!) Focusing on doing the things that provide you with the biggest returns for the effort you expend, gives you much more Leverage!

Personal Development

Consider Four Formulas:

#1: Bad Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#2: Bad Driver + Good Vehicle = Crash

#3: Good Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#4: Good Driver + Good Vehicle = Success!

The term "vehicle" refers to a program you "work," a product or service you sell, or a website you use to generate income in some other way.

So, to become successful at online moneymaking, you need to be a driver good enough to create a "Good Driver + Good Vehicle" solution.

Can you see that the Driver is the deciding factor? (A good driver can usually find a good vehicle! Also, a good driver knows that good vehicles can break down and/or go bad.)

During a TV appearance, legendary investor Warren Buffett was asked what he regarded as the most important thing people could do to become more successful. He said that you, yourself, are your own greatest asset; the more you invest in yourself, the better!

Note what Mike Dillard says about: "Success is 90% mental (getting your head right), and 10% mechanical (executing the business)."

Our second page is devoted mainly to personal development, in the form of our Get-Real Success System section.

A most important self-development concept is "Make-or-Break Issue" (MBI). An MBI is something that tends to keep you stuck, and that you need to handle first if you want to become successful. If your car's engine is broken down, a new paint job won't get your car to run. The engine needs to be fixed first! (Many of the products and services that comprise the "self-help" / "self-improvement" / "self actualization" industry are really "attempted new paint jobs" that don't work very well for most people!

Another important self-development concept is Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt's "Theory of Constraints" -- if you fail in your attempts to make money online, there are factors that constrain you. Could be lack of marketing knowledge and skills. Could be that you need to devote 10 times more time to becoming successful, compared to the time you're currently spending.

Google "Theory of Constraints" for more details. There's a book on this topic: The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back by Flip Flippen.

You may want to look over the bottom half of this page to see if something "jumps out at you." There may be one or two things that constrain you most. What, if you were to handle it, would provide you with the greatest benefits most quickly and least expensively? See also:

Level of Competence

Regarding online moneymaking, your level of competence can be seen as somewhere on a scale with Very Good Driver at the top and Very Bad Driver at the bottom. (Some Bad Drivers deceive themselves that they're Good Drivers. If you're making lots of money online, you're high on the scale; if you're not making money, then you're low on the scale. Don't kid yourself!)

Legendary businessman J.F. (Jim) Straw once wrote an article in which he said that only about 2% of people in business succeed. He effectively said that for the other 98% to succeed, they need to let go or overcome their Mediocrity.

Mediocrity is the "territory" below your Success Threshold. If you've been struggling to make money online, you may be able to apply the Success Techniques to rise above your Success Threshold!

Two Potent Failure Formulas:

  1. "I Can't" = Failure

  2. Incompetence + Arrogance = Disaster

See PCAPS and Identify Your Failure Formula(s)!

Cracking the Code

In his book Multiple Streams of Income Robert Allen talks about "cracking the code." As prime example he gives the phrase "Nothing Down" which has been used to generate hundreds of millions in sales. The phrase "Nothing Down" is a "code" that appeals to people. Such a powerful "code" can make a huge difference to the response rates you get from your marketing efforts.

Cracking the Code Stacks the Deck in Your Favor!

Sometimes, a newly-launched program takes off like a rocket. Initially, a number of heavy hitters promote it to their lists. After a while their marketing tapers off and program growth slows down. This would result in a declining Alexa traffic chart. Mostly this is not a reason for concern. Only if the chart drops to the bottom of (or completely off) the chart, and stays very low, does it indicate that the program is stagnating or even dying.

Knowing what advertising methods and places work best can be a major factor that helps you Rise Above Your Success Threshold!

Personal Development & Training Programs

* Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard, Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring, became an "Online Success Giant." To find out how he did it, see Increase Your Desire for Success!

"Free Videos Reveal How You Can Generate Endless Leads And Build Any Home Business, Even If You're On A Budget!"

"FREE 60 Minute Training Video Reveals How To Sponsor 20 Reps A Month With ANY Company!"

"The greatest benefit this industry provides is not the money, the time, or even the friendships. It's what this industry can make of you -- the Person You Become." -- Mike Dillard

* Simpleology

From Simpleology you can learn to Take the Actions that will Lead to Success!

Join Simpleology 101 for FREE.

* Think Right Now!

"Burn The Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes of the Happiest, Most Effective People Into Your Mind and You'll Feel Great, You'll Do What Works and You'll Achieve Success!"

* Callahan Techniques -- Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

It's a FREE affiliate program, paying 25% commissions.

Dr. Roger Callahan developed "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT) to address a wide range of health issues, including emotional and psychological well-being, heart health, and cancer. A number of self-help products are available, enabling you to assume personal responsibility for your health.

Dr. Callahan has also made major contributions to Overcoming Psychological Reversal and Self-Sabotage.

If you've been trying for some time to make money online with little or no success, it could be because you've been sabotaging yourself as a result of psychological reversal. Utilizing the Callahan Techniques - Thought Field Therapy (TFT) may be the best solution for you!

For some people, the most important factor that has been preventing their success may be Psychological Reversal and Self-Sabotage. This may be their most important "Make-or-Break Issue" -- the factor they need to address first if they want to become more successful.

Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)

"If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. You will be evading your own capacities, your own possibilities." -- Abraham Maslow

From: Personal Incompetence & Powerlessness, Victim Mentality

Edited from an email from "R.T." to Frederick Mann:

"In all I've tried, I haven't made anything work. I'm not worth shit for anything.

I cannot...

I've been searching, reading, and studying. I've seen sooooooooooo much, but I still know nothing!

I'm sad, depressed, obsessed, and fruitless...

I respectfully ask for your help. Can you help me... make more money? If you can, show me, I will do my part." -- R.T.

To: Personal Competence & Power, Champion Mentality

Edited from an email from "S.C." to Frederick Mann:

"I discovered your websites two years ago. At that point I was almost $20,000 in debt (my girlfriend was minus $50,000). I was convinced I had been effectively converted to slave status... Within two months I stopped all collection action on my girlfriend's debt. Within a year my own debt was completely eliminated and no longer did I view myself as a slave. As I approach the two-year anniversary [of my discovery of your websites], I can report that I now have $50,000 working for me, primarily offshore. My debt is zero! ...I'm not going to pretend that I owe it all to Frederick Mann or his websites, but at the same time... I can only encourage everyone to study diligently BuildFreedom, BigBooster, and their recommended readings." -- S.C.

The purpose of these pages (including all of the pages on this website) is to provide the means to enable at least some of the "R.T.s" of the world to SHIFT so they become more like "S.C.s" -- so they make lots of money! ...and enjoy healthier & happier lives!

R.T. represents the "98% who typically fail to make money online" (though, most "98%ers" are probably in better shape than R.T.).

S.C. represents the "2% who typically succeed at making money online."

There are two kinds of factors that separate "R.T.s" (or "98%ers") from "S.C.s" (or "2%ers"):

  1. Intellectual, Psychological & Emotional Barriers;
  2. Knowledge & Skills.

PCAPS (Personal Competence and Power Shift) has to do with (1) Overcoming Intellectual, Psychological & Emotional Barriers; and (2) Acquiring Knowledge & Skills. See Personal Development, the rest of this page, and the other pages on this website.

S.C. Provides an example of someone who made his own PCAPS (Personal Competence and Power Shift). For more notable examples, see:

  1. Mike Dillard
  2. John Reese
  3. Mike Brescia

Your Win-Lose Switch

Your Win-Lose Switch

Consider that you have a master "win-lose switch" in your mind. It's a graduated switch like those used for big direct-current electric motors. Rather than just "on" and "off" settings, it's a graduated switch with eleven settings from "0" to "10".

If you set your master switch to "zero," you are completely turned off -- a total loser. R.T. (above), at the time he wrote his email, had set his "win-lose switch" to "zero!" The consequence is no money. The "98%ers" (who typically make little or no money online,) have set their "win-lose switches" to low levels.

If you set your master switch to "ten," you are the complete winner. S.C. (above), at the time he wrote his email, had set his "win-lose switch" to a high level. The consequence is lots of money. The "2%ers" (who typically make good money online,) have set their "win-lose switches" to high levels.

How do you move your switch to a higher setting? In the case of the big DC motor, as the switch is turned up, more electricity is supplied and the motor runs faster. How do you turn up your switch, become more energetic, and take more effective action? See Personal Development, the rest of this page, and the other pages on this website.

Of course, there isn't just one master switch that measures the extent to which you win or lose in life. You can think in terms of a win-lose switch in every area of your life you care to specify. For example, you can think in terms of your health win-lose switch, your relationship win-lose switch, your Internet money-making win-lose switch, etc.

Your "Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)" consists of the Actions You Take to move your win-lose switches to higher levels. This may involve Shifting from a Victim Mentality to a Champion Mentality!

If you experience feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness, etc., you may want to use EFT to overcome them.

It may also be necessary to apply One-Small-Step Booster to gradually increase your understanding to the point that you can operate more successfully.

Introduction & Programs ~ Starting Out; Some Basics ~ Success Journeys ~ Accelerate Your Learning ~ Time: Your Most Valuable Asset ~ How to Feel Good All the Time ~ How to Overcome Self‑Interference ~ A Few Health Basics ~ Cause & Effect ~ Additional Articles

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