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WBM#7: The Winning Edge

by Frederick Mann

(Excerpt from WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #7 -- January 26, 2001)

I like to play craps. It seems that I've found a way to win fairly consistently. A number of factors, when combined, give me a winning edge.

I play on the "don't" side, usually on a table where I'm the only player. I go to the casino with an amount that totals 5 bets. If I play with $25 chips, I risk $125. If I win or lose 5 bets, I stop. If it seems to take too long (more than 30-60 minutes) to get ahead by 5 bets, I try to stop when ahead by at least one bet.

On my come-out roll, I win immediately if I throw 2 or 3. If I throw 7 or 11, I lose immediately. 12 is a wash or push. If I throw any of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, then that number becomes the point. If I throw a 7 before whatever number is the point, I win. If I throw the point number before the 7, I lose.

If the point is 4 or 10, with randomly thrown dice, I'm a 2 to 1 favorite to win. (There are twice as many ways of throwing a 7 as there are of throwing a 4.) If the point is 5 or 9, with randomly thrown dice, I'm a 3 to 2 favorite to win. If the point is 6 or 8, with randomly thrown dice, I'm a 6 to 5 favorite to win. Obviously, 4 and 10 are the best points to make.

After winning or losing a bet, I start again with a come-out bet on the "don't." On the come-out roll I set the dice to maximize the odds of throwing a 2, 3, 4, or 10. I grip the dice in a way that makes it possible to throw an ideal pitch. The ideal pitch is such that the dice follow similar trajectories and rotations, land short of the back wall, just hit the back wall, and come to rest with minimum roll. I use a simulated craps practice table at home to improve my pitching.

If my point is 4 or 10, I set the dice to minimize the odds of throwing a 4 or 10, while maximizing the odds of throwing a 7. Similarly, for points of 5/9 and 6/8, respectively.

The set, grip, and pitch are sufficient to overcome the edge the casino has with randomly thrown dice. These factors give me a winning edge. I win 5 bets considerably more often than losing 5 bets.

Money management is also important. Say my craps bankroll is $5,000. I would go to the casino with $500 and play with $100 (black) chips. (If I were to experience a really bad losing streak, and my bankroll were to drop to $2,500, then I would scale down my bet to $50. Another option would be to size my bet at 2% of my bankroll. If my bankroll drops to $4,500, I reduce my bet to $90. I could similarly increase my bet as my bankroll increases.)

How the dice bounce off the table surface is important. The less bounce the better. Some crap tables almost seem "spring loaded" and you get extreme bounce which nullifies your ability to control the dice. On some old tables you get uneven, unpredictable bounces. All such tables need to be avoided.

I always tip the dealers when I win. If I stop ahead even one bet for a session, I tip the dealers up to half of that bet. In some casinos, the personnel get paranoid if both dice don't hit the back wall. In some you can get away with a fair portion of your pitches stopping just short of the back wall. The way I pitch, sometimes one or both dice drop with no bounce at all, short of the back wall. When both dice fall short I usually apologize and make a lame excuse: "Sorry; I feel a little weak today"; "Sorry; I can't help it if the dice sometimes just stop dead"; etc.

Control is a key factor. Without the degree of control I exert over the dice, I would not be able to win in the long run. The more I can increase my degree of control over the dice, the greater my winning edge.

Keeping statistics is very important. For each session, I record the date, the casino, the most bets down during the session, the most bets up, the end result, and the duration of the session. I can use these statistics to improve some of my parameters, e.g., increase or decrease bet size in relation to bankroll.

Discipline is extremely important. I have established what I need to do to win. I stick to my methods, rules, and guidelines.

The combination of the above-mentioned factors give me a winning edge. My purpose here isn't to teach anyone how to win at craps. (Don't ask me for more details. All such requests will be ignored.) The point is that winning requires a combination of factors that include learning, knowledge, and skills. Similarly, winning the game of making money on the Internet requires a combination of factors. They are covered pretty well here. I recommend that you check them out. No matter how successful you are, you can always increase your winning edge!

If you're not making money (or you're losing more than you're making), you haven't yet developed your winning edge. You may lack important knowledge and/or skills.

WBM#16: You Can Profit From The Golden Revolution!

by Frederick Mann

(Excerpts from WealthBooster Magazine -- Issues #16 to 19 -- March, 2001)

By "Golden Revolution" I refer to the rapidly-growing comeback of gold as money, particularly gold-denominated transactions outside the national fiat currency systems. The Golden Revolution is spearheaded by e-gold, a practical alternative money system that is growing by about 30% per month. E-gold provides its users with huge benefits such as privacy, security, instant transactions which can't be repudiated, inexpensive transactions, and more. It's because of these benefits that e-gold and related systems are growing so rapidly.

Before I tell you very much about the "Golden Revolution," I'll tell you how to profit greatly from it, even if you're not interested in the revolution itself! The opportunity called Cash Cards International is part of the exploding "New Gold Economy" (NGE).

E-gold can be regarded as the foundation of the NGE. You can get an idea of the size of e-gold from their statistics E-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

Standard Reserve is another part of the NGE. Standard Reserve issues two private currencies:

  1. Standard Reserve Gold (SRG), backed by e-gold and other assets;
  2. Standard Reserve Dollars (SRD), backed by US$s held in a Banking Account and with other assets.

Standard Reserve provides an automated interface that allows for the purchase of US$s using Standard Reserve Gold (SRG). Value held in SRG can be converted into SRD and withdrawn in cash (US$s or other national currencies) at ATMs worldwide, using a debit card. A Standard Reserve Customer has an SRG account linked to his or her SRD account. When funds are called upon through an ATM, if there isn't sufficient funds in the SRD account, then the value is deducted from the SRG account. Standard Reserve is an offshore corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The Cash Card International (CCI) product is the debit card. You can profit by introducing the card to your contacts and/or by marketing it over the Internet. CCI is also registered in the British Virgin Islands and has support personnel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Standard Reserve system is essentially a worldwide currency and payment system not under the control of traditional international bankers, politicians, and bureaucrats. The system makes it possible for individuals and businesses worldwide to transact privately, securely and almost instantaneously. Companies can use the system to pay their workers. Merchants can use the system to accept payments for products and services. The system interfaces with national currency systems, which can be converted into e-gold, SRG, and SRD. In turn, value held in e-gold, SRG, and SRD can be withdrawn at ATMs worldwide in the form of local cash.

Particularly businesses will enjoy substantial competitive advantages by utilizing the Standard Reserve system, which is very efficient and less expensive than traditional transactions with bank checks, credit cards, and clearing between banks. Because of the benefits to individuals and businesses, the Standard Reserve system is likely to grow as quickly as e-gold, or even faster... making the CCI debit card a popular item and profitable to market.

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by individuals and companies using the Standard Reserve system and the CCI debit card, may accelerate the "Golden Revolution."

A Context For The Golden Revolution

Let me attempt to quickly refute all the "government is necessary..." and "only government can do..." arguments. Government consists of individual human beings. If you visit any place where anything is supposedly "done by government," you'll find human beings doing the work. (Often these humans use machines of varying complexity and size.)

Abraham Lincoln said, "The purpose of government is to do for people what they cannot do for themselves." Once you come to realize that government consists of individual human beings, Lincoln's bromide can be seen as nonsense. It translates into, "The purpose of people is to do for people what they cannot do for themselves."

If you argue that "government is necessary..." or "only government can do...," you're implying that the people who call themselves "government" are somehow "special" and have acquired magical abilities to do what "ordinary" humans can't. If you were to observe "government magic workers" in action, you might conclude that many of them produce substandard results most of the time and generally mess up much of what they do. (They could even be called "fecal alchemists" -- whatever they touch turns into feces!)

For much of the past century, certain "world-controllers" (international bankers, tycoons, politicians, and lawyers) have dominated their citizen-victims and lived like parasites off them.

There are two basic ways to acquire the wherewithal to survive:

  1. Produce a useful product or service and provide it to the market;
  2. Steal or rob.

We can distinguish three economic sectors:

  1. Public sector, consisting of politicians and bureaucrats and their "businesses";
  2. Private sector, consisting of bankers, business people, lawyers, and other professionals in league with the public sector;
  3. Real free-enterprise sector, largely outside the control of the public sector.

World-controllers use three basic weapons to control, dominate, and live like parasites off their citizen-victims:

  1. Violence;
  2. Money;
  3. Information.

"Government" can be regarded as "institutionalized violence." George Washington said, "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and fearful master."

The fundamental principle of government is: do what we order/pay your taxes, or we'll send someone with a club or gun to take care of you! Taxation can be regarded as institutionalized theft or robbery. People in the public sector essentially acquire the wherewithal to survive through institutionalized theft.

In general, people in government operate on the basis that it's OK for them to initiate violence against their victim-citizens so they can get what they want. Most countries have "constitutions" to which politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers love to pay lip service -- when it suits them. In practice, many politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers act in accordance with the de facto "constitution": ANYTHING GOES... THAT WE CAN GET AWAY WITH!

So violence and the threat of violence is the fundamental way in which world-controllers get their way. "Political power comes from the barrel of a gun," said Mao.

Monopoly of violence is an important government principle. Only government agents may legally initiate violence or threat of violence. When non-government people initiate violence or threat of violence, it's generally considered a crime. (Of course, many government agents regard anything they don't like, done by a citizen-victim, as a crime!)

Violence and Threat of Violence, Under the Guise of "Government"

The following post to the e-gold list (edited) illustrates this and my contention that some government agents act according to the de facto "constitution" ANYTHING GOES... THAT WE CAN GET AWAY WITH:

"Last time I researched it, terror tactics, torture chambers and thumb screws are still considered excess force here in the States.

Au contraire, mon ami...or, as they say here in SoCal..."Not so fast, dude!"

By any measure, the United States legal/law enforcement system is as draconian as they come, employing "terror tactics," "torture chambers" and "thumb screws" with regularity.

"Terror Tactics" in the form of threats....simply put, "Comply or we'll crush you." What makes this attitude a 'terror tactic' is it's employed against ANYONE...guilty or innocent..with the emphasis on the "CRUSH" part. (First they deprive you of the ability to defend yourself by seizing everything they can get their hands on, then they offer you "Plea Bargaining" in which there isn't much choice given the target...)

"Terror Tactics" in the form of random stops at mobile roadblocks, ostensibly to check for "drunk drivers," but which invariably result in arrests for everything BUT drunk driving. ("Papers" not in order? Watch out!)

"Terror Tactics" in the form of a massive body of laws (many of which are conflicting) which make compliance almost impossible and result in the United States jailing THE HIGHEST PER-CAPITA RATE OF ITS CITIZENS THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

"Torture Chambers"? Ever been in prison? Or worse yet, a county or municipal jail where the inmates rape, assault and murder at will?

"Torture Chambers"? Ever sit in a room for twelve hours straight, no food, no drink no phone calls, while a steady stream of detectives grill you incessantly? Hardly a walk in the park....and that's what they do to witnesses who aren't exactly "recalling" the details of the alleged crime in exactly the way the "authorities" want them to...never mind what they do to the actual suspect...

"Thumb Screws"? Much more sophisticated now...they're called handcuffs. Ever have some REALLY "clamped on" by a cop? Within a few minutes you're praying for some thumbscrews.... they know it, and they do it on purpose.

Recently, in Los Angeles, 11,000 (yep, that's right, Eleven with three zeroes) criminal cases were dismissed because it was proven that the arresting officers planted evidence, gave false testimony, lied to prosecutors (and judges alike) or engaged in other activities designed to clearly entrap innocent victims. The problem is all this was "discovered" (and I use the term residents and defense attorneys had been complaining about such tactics for years) well after the fact, and many of these 11,000+ people were already in jail, many for six years or more!

The cases of government/law enforcement abuse are well recorded. The well-known Ruby Ridge, Rodney King, Waco, "Hurricane" Carter or Abati cases (the one where the six New York detectives shot at an unarmed man more than 46 times, hitting him 19 times and killing him), there are literally thousands of similar incidents which occur with alarming regularity but that don't receive the same publicity. It's reaching epidemic proportions and becoming the "norm" rather than the "exception."

It's easy to adopt the attitude, "Well, they must have done SOMETHING to deserve it!" It's a "logical" and "comforting" conclusion that lulls one into the false sense that "the authorities know what they're doing" and "I'm O.K. because I'm not doing anything wrong."

Think again... you could be next."

The relevance is two-fold:

  1. Your wealth may be at risk from government agents;
  2. The more government agents act like terrorists, the more likely revolution becomes.

I'm not talking about a "violent revolution to overthrow the government"; I am talking about an economic revolution which involves individuals and companies taking steps to protect their privacy, security, earnings, and assets from marauders of all stripes, including government agents.

Money As A Weapon To Dominate And Control

Buckminster Fuller calculated that, given all the resources we have on earth, plus the unending stream of energy we receive from the sun every day, that every man, woman, and child on Earth should be a millionaire many times over.

So, why aren't we all as wealthy as we should or could be?

If the first principle of human behavior is to survive, the second principle is to ACQUIRE THE WHEREWITHAL TO SURVIVE WITH THE LEAST EFFORT. For more on this see The Economic Rape of America: What You Can Do About It.

In WBM #16, I also indicated that there are two basic ways to acquire the wherewithal to survive:

  1. Produce a valuable product or service;
  2. Steal or rob.

#1 could be called the "economic means," which involves voluntary exchange and cooperation.

#2 could be called the "political means," which involves force, violence, and the threat of violence -- "pay up or we'll CRUSH you!"

The best way to acquire the wherewithal to survive with the least effort is to organize your affairs so others will simply give to you what you need. For example, you could call yourself "government." You could brainwash kids in "government schools" (which they are forced to attend) that "without government there would be chaos," that "only government can do certain things," that it's "their duty to pay their fair share," etc. You could employ gangs of enforcers to crush anyone who doesn't pay up.

Note that compulsory state education is one of the planks of The Communist Manifesto.

You could force people to use as money only what you dictate, e.g., US$, British pounds, Deutschmark, Swiss francs, etc. You could gradually devalue this currency (diluting it by issuing more of it in relation to available products and services) so it buys less and less every year as prices go up. For a chart that shows the decline in the purchasing power of the US$, see

You also implement a graduated tax system -- the more you earn, the higher percentage tax you pay -- another plank of The Communist Manifesto.

Because of the inflation by your government and /or central bank, wages and salaries go up over time and people suffer "bracket creep" -- without any increases in pay in real terms, they nevertheless move up into higher tax brackets, paying a higher percentage of your income in taxes -- without taxes having to be increased.

You also use the tax system to make money scarce, and you make getting credit fairly easy, so many people borrow heavily and have to make exorbitant interest payments.

The overall effect of all these and similar systems, effectively enforced at the point of a gun, is that there is a population of exploiters ("masters") and a population of exploited ("slaves"), or parasites and hosts. As long as brainwashed victims are willing to subject themselves to exploitation, the exploiting will continue, because that's the least-effort method for the exploiters to acquire the wherewithal to survive.

The significance of the New Gold Economy (NGE) is that it makes it relatively easy for large numbers of people to start escaping from the exploitation. They can use gold as money. They can perform transactions that are invisible to the exploiters. They can stop paying interest. Etc.

Using Information To Control And Dominate

Earlier I indicated that "world-controllers" basically use three weapons to control, dominate, and live like parasites off their victims:

  1. Violence;
  2. Money;
  3. Information.

For the "information weapon" to work, people need to be brainwashed so they'll believe the most important aspects of the information used by the world-controllers. That's why they have "compulsory state education" -- which is one of the most important planks of the Communist Manifesto. The "education systems" of most of the world are communistic. "Government schools" can also be regarded as concentration campuses for brainwashing and mind destruction.

In order for world controllers to live as parasites, they need obedient victims who believe government propaganda and "pay their fair share."

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -- Frederic Bastiat, 'The Law'

The US Federal Income Tax system is also based on one of the most important planks of the Communist Manifesto. If Karl Marx were alive today, he would be very proud of the education and tax systems in most of the world! Communism is alive and well in the United Communist States and the rest of the world!

In 'Prisons We Choose to Live Inside' Doris Lessing writes:

"Brainwashing has three main pillars or processes, by now well understood. The first is tension followed by relaxation. This is used, for instance, in the interrogation of prisoners, when the interrogator is alternatively harsh and tender -- on moment a sadistic bully, the next a kind friend. The second is repetition -- saying or singing the same thing over and over again. The third is the use of slogans -- the reducing of complex ideas to simple sets of words."

Consider "New Deal," "Great Society," "War on Drugs," "Compassionate Conservatism," etc.

Lessing also writes:

"Imagine us saying to children: "In the last fifty or so years, the human race has become aware of a great deal of information about its mechanisms; how it behaves, how it must behave under certain circumstances. If this is to be useful, you must learn to contemplate these rules calmly, dispassionately, disinterestedly, without emotion. It is information that will set people free from blind loyalties, obedience to slogans, rhetoric, leaders, group emotions." Well, there it is.

What government, anywhere in the world, will happily envisage its subjects learning to free themselves from governmental and state rhetoric and pressures? Passionate loyalty and subjection to group pressure is what every state relies on...

It is interesting to speculate: what country, what nation, when, and where, would have undertaken a program to teach its children to be people to resist rhetoric, to examine the mechanisms that govern them?

...No, I cannot imagine any nation -- not for long -- teaching its citizens to become individuals able to resist group pressures.

And no political party, either. I know a lot of people who are Socialists of various kinds, and I try this subject out on them, saying: all governments these days use social psychologists, experts on crowd behavior, to advise them. Elections are stage managed, public issues presented according to the rules of mass psychology. The military uses this information. Interrogators, secret services and the police use it. Yet these issues are never even discussed, as far as I am aware, by those parties and groups who claim to represent the people."

One of the mechanisms used by world-controllers to control, dominate, and live like parasites off their victims is the "legal system." There's an underlying assumption that some of the noises and scribbles emanating from the mouths and pens of certain world-controllers constitute what they call "the law" (so-called). In my experience, about 99.999...% of the human population have been so dumbed down by "education" and "culture" that they cannot question the concept of "law." For more on this, see The Anatomy of Slavespeak.

To achieve exponential earnings, you may need to improve your understanding of the mechanisms that have been used to impoverish you.

In any case, the Golden Revolution is likely to play a major role in helping millions of people to free themselves from at least some of the plundering of governments and international banksters.

WBM#53: Recognizing and Overcoming Denial

by Frederick Mann

(Excerpt from WealthBooster Magazine - Issue #53 - November 25, 2001)

Message (edited) from my archives:

"Well - I am totally broke. X has wiped me out! I am now a member of an investment group with no funds to invest.

But wait, I can hear the crowd scream, "It's your own fault. You shouldn't have invested all your money. You know the risk. Don't invest what you are not prepared to lose."

And that is fair enough!

But I invested what I did because X's programs came with a guarantee, further endorsed by the group chairman. I trusted the group chairman had done his homework on X.

I find it hard to believe that this could have happened. I thought private investment groups protected their members from unscrupulous individuals...

Hell, we may as well be taking our chances out in the open - the same thing happens out there.

Everything I have set aside for investing is gone. I joined this group because I thought my funds would be a little safer - and that the founders and powers that be would have done their homework...

Has anyone made a profit in this group?

It is going to be a very bleak Xmas in my house this year!

If you want to kick me out of the group, go ahead - I have nothing left to invest anyway."

When it comes to making money over the internet (and everywhere else), some people deceive themselves.

As an example, someone makes a million on the stock market. He then writes a book about his "system." The problem is that his "system" may have worked during a particular period for a certain number of specific shares. In other words, the "system" worked for a particular set of data. The millionaire deceives himself into believing that his "system" will work more generally.

Thousands of people may buy his book and use it as a guide, but on average they make no more money than they would have if they had used a dart board to select their shares. The "system" is actually worthless and only occasionally seems to "work" in the same way that if a few thousand monkeys were to throw darts to select shares, one might (at least briefly) become a Wall Street Guru!

Of course, some people lose their money in the stock market. (An offshore bank I have an account with stupidly invested much of their assets on NASDAQ. When the dotcom bubble burst, the bank went bankrupt. It looks like I'll get about 25% of my account balance back.)

It's very easy to deceive yourself and deny the risk related to whatever "vehicle" you're trying to make money with. It's very easy to get a false sense of security and risk more than you should on any specific "vehicle" or venture.

When you have initial success with any particular program, it's very easy to get greedy and try to "make a killing" with that program.

There are many more ways of losing money than there are of making money.

It's much easier to lose money than it is to make money.

No wonder more than 90% of new businesses fail within a few years.

If you've been trying to make money on the internet for some time without success, you might ask yourself, "what have i been denying?"

It could be that you haven't invested the study time to acquire the necessary money skills - see Basic Money Skills.

Maybe you've been making emotional rather than rational decisions - you've lacked emotional maturity - see #TL12: HOW TO ACHIEVE EMOTIONAL CONTROL.

The author of the message I started this article with, may have denied his own responsibility. He may not know about "gambler's ruin" and risk management. He also blames others for his poor decisions.

The future isn't perfectly predictable.

A program that has been superb for months or even years can suddenly fail - without any warning signs.

A principal who has been honest for years can suddenly decide to run with the money. An honest principal can die and be replaced by someone who steals the money.

Banks can freeze accounts on false pretexts.

In many cases, the probability of things going wrong is higher than the probability that they will go right. (A variation of Murphy's law.)

Some people fall in love and identify with their favorite programs. When things start going wrong and warning signals appear, they deny them.

Program promoters can easily fall into this trap. They've been making hundreds or thousands a month in referral fees from a particular program. If they notice a warning signal and issue an alert, their referral fees drop or dry up.

Program owners (who may deny even to themselves that their programs are beginning to go wrong) usually don't like it when a promoter issues an alert. They may even kick the promoter out of the program, so she loses her downline.

A promoter's subscribers may complain viciously if she issues an alert, accusing her of sabotaging the program.

So there are strong pressures on promoters to deny that things might be going wrong with any particular program.

Be prepared for the possibility that every "vehicle" you use to make money with will fail sooner or later.

To deny this possibility - as the author of the message at the beginning of this article apparently did - can be expensive and even devastating.

There's a great deal of information on our Private Page and its links on how to deal with risk.

The book 'States of Denial' by Stanley Cohen has been recommended to me. I haven't read it yet.

WBM#65: Playing the Odds

edited by Frederick Mann

[DTF's note: I strongly advise that you do NOT waste your time or money on any "programs", "money"-games, "HYIP", etc. - they are ALL scams of some sort or another! However these and related articles are included here as they are still relevant as general life commentary.]

(Excerpt from WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #65 -- February 6, 2002)

The following is based on two posts to the Financial Independence List following the closure of a program called Income Ventures.

Correspondent #1:

We knew the red flags were there, we might have seen them but refused to believe our own eyes, now we are scammed again and again, what do we do?

[Editor: The warning signal, which I should have picked up, was that some months ago Income Ventures pooled their four separate funds and started "paying" 50%+ per month. They said that this pooling was temporary and would last a few months. I should have been suspicious about this reorganization.]

Another surprising thing is the number of people who keep saying "be ready to kiss our money goodbye when we invest," etc. Don't we want to learn from the bad experiences and progress? Now what do we do? Stop? That's not what we're here for. If we keep going we're going to keep getting burnt.

Is this a 100% money game where eventually all will fail? Or is it a 99% money game with 1% legit ones? If it's the former we might as well quit now. If it's the latter, how do we find that 1 legit one out of a hundred?

Correspondent #2:

I think most people miss the real point, i.e., the truth lies between the two points you mentioned.

The fact of the matter is, THIS IS A GAME where you play the ODDS, period. The mistake most people make is to try to make a judgement call on this one is good that one is bad, therefore I will put my money here.

[Editor: You can always improve your ability to make better judgment calls. Doing so will shift the odds more in your favor. You want to predict how much money you might be able to make with a particular program during its lifetime. (With some programs, e.g., WIGGL, it's a one-time "gamble" similar to a lottery ticket. You bet $25 to "win" $50,000+. If they pay out, great! If they don't, "que mal," "tempi.")]

You miss the whole point. If you dig deep enough you will realize that you/we don't really care whether or not it is a scam as long as we MAKE MONEY during its life-span. We ONLY get concerned when we lose that money.

[Editor: Part of good judgment is to make an intelligent assessment of the probable life-span of any given program. A crucial question is: "Can I recover the capital I put into it before it folds?"]

The expression "you must be willing to lose that money" comes from the simple reality that scared money never succeeds at anything. The acceptance of losses IS an integral part of ANY investment venture not just HYP (high-yield program). But in HYP it is more accentuated, because when you don't your mindset IS different and you take decisions that are detrimental to the outcome you want to reach.

If you accept that you CANNOT control these HYPs and how they are managed and by whom they are managed, then things get simpler. You go to a casino, you know the odds, and you play smart.

[As indicated in WBM#64 - HORSES FOR COURSES in order to win, you need to do whatever it takes to get a winning edge. Correspondent #2 has done that. Correspondent #1 hasn't.]

The name of the game is CASH-FLOW. In a program like Income Ventures you ONLY need two months to get your money back. Of course, if you always re-invest all the time and ***HOPE*** to accomplish these big compounding numbers, you are ALL fooling yourselves. That is exactly WHY AND HOW scammers live OFF YOUR GREED of not treating this like a real business that needs its cash flow to survive.

ALL or almost ALL of these programs WILL at some point fail or have problems along the way.

I hope this can be viewed as a wake-up call because scammers will always exist AS LONG AS greed is the driving force. Those that are NOT able to accept: 1) losses and 2) lower returns than the 50%+/month, are DOOMED to fail.

[Editor: Usually, the higher the return, the higher the risk. Most of your money should be in programs with lower returns.]

The harder you resist that paradigm the more you need to fine-tune your mindset.

The best investors (in the real world of public investment) have long understood that paradigm, that even the stock market is just a giant pool of money (a game) that gets shifted from one side to the other MOSTLY by the wind of sentiments.

You are in this for the money... not to be right about this program or that program. Scammers WILL EAT YOU ALIVE until you have made that mental shift... not just in your mind but in your guts too.

[Editor: Because it's often easier to steal than to produce the wherewithal to survive, there will probably always be scammers -- see #TL07B: The Nature of Government]

The ONLY way to accomplish a degree of safety is to have only 5% of your high-risk capital at risk in any one HYP at any one time. Of course, if you have 25% in Income Ventures or ANY other, your mindset is your enemy. Your motives are built on HOPE and on things you have NO control over.

The size of your bankroll does also matter. With $50 you are much more willing to risk it all and be driven by hope, compared to having a real "business plan" to become financially independent in a reasonable time-span.

Look, there is NO free lunch. NOBODY will hand anybody financial independence in 12 months with $50. So break that fantasy right now and move your mindset to the proper place.

When we say that HYP is a place for grown-ups we really mean it, because we know that when the tires hit the road, the weak hands simply cave in, call for retribution -- in fact now they WANT that 3rd party "protection."

This is (again) why and how ALL forms of governments start... inability of people to govern themselves, to live as sovereign individuals capable of fully accepting that their own actions drove them where they are and that losing money in the HYP is NOT the fault of the scammers but our own decision to participate in a world of 99% fantasy, driven first and foremost by greed.

If you grant that power to a 3rd party, it WILL be used and ABused.

I know that lots of people will probably swear at me or say I am crazy and it is because of people like me that scammers exist, because I don't fight them.

You don't have to fight them. In any system you have to learn to LIVE with the parasites. In fact, I make a living because of these parasites. I outsmart them thanks to the others who are too greedy to really understand the true nature of this game.

I can't ask people to make a mental shift in 24hrs, but again, the more you will resist that paradigm the more you are in trouble.

The other day there was an arrogant post from someone who gladly shouted he had "invested" 30k in Crystal Capstone and would roll it over (forever :-). I didn't reply to that one because there was not much to say. But I can tell one thing, you could hear the same thing when the NASDAQ was at 5500.

This is GREED at its paroxysm, guys.

You DO NOT need to be right to make money, you just need to diversify and extract money off the table ALL the time. But of course if you always want to double your money every two months you will be screwed for life. Your focus is on finding THE right program (hoping they won't screw you), instead of making money.

In fact I must thank YOU, because those who live from HYP are those who get the money from the people who refuse to take it off the table.

If I am crazy, it is because I am crazy to share this with you because if everybody really applied this it would lower the returns from HYP. On the other hand, it is so much easier to fight it than embrace it. It is human nature to choose the easier road... hope instead of discipline.

Check the first page on Frederick's site to become a member. (I am paraphrasing here) -- If you think you can just sit back, relax, and collect your dues you are dead wrong.

The brain is a smart toy. It will always remove things we don't want to see (not ready to see). So even if we "see" it, it does not compute, it does not register. In that little innocent phrase there is a lot of information, wisdom, and experience... everything lies in there.

No amount of research, no amount of due diligence, will ever save you ALL the unavoidable losses of the game, hence the necessity of accepting them as an integral part of the system. You have not only to accept them when they come but most importantly BEFORE entering the arena.

We all have our pain threshold, but in general having more than 10% in any one HYP is simply asking for trouble and you will deserve to be mad and screwed. There is no such things as 50%-100% per month without risk.

I want a million bucks tomorrow and I want my $50 to be GUARANTEED. Go! Here's my 50 bucks and don't bring me bad news. Just earn me the "freekin" money you told me you would.

I hope I have turned the switch "ON" for some and that diversifying is not just a word but encompasses a lot of meaning in the way you think, you operate, and in the end will fail or succeed.

Scammers do not make you fail, period.

Note that I will not reply to flames, anger, frustrations. If you can't see the wisdom and experience beneath this, I can't do anything more for you at the moment but thank you for your money :-)

We ALL have two basic choices in life and they determine who we are:

  1. You chase shadows of the past; or
  2. You work at building the future you WANT and take the outcomes along the way as feedback to adjust and re-align yourself toward that unique vision we all have of ourselves.

Good road to all.

[Editor: There is a great deal of information on how to succeed with HYPs at Bigbooster - register as a BigBooster Associate (if you haven't yet).]

WBM#182: Idenics: The Most Powerful Reprogramming for Success!

by Frederick Mann

(Excerpt from WealthBooster Magazine - Issue #182 - October 11, 2003)

If you check out the book 'Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams: The 15 Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People,' by Steven K. Scott, you'll learn about certain "Chains" that hold people back. Scott says this about Chain #1: "You've been programmed for mediocrity from your youth."

There are of course thousands of books that tell you "how to reprogram yourself for success." Although there is some overlap, they all say many different things. Each "success book," in itself, is grossly incomplete and probably works for fewer than one percent of its readers. The basic reason why there are so many thousands of "success books" is that few of their buyers benefit from them, so they buy more "success books" in their elusive quest for success.

I would be very surprised if more than one in a thousand of Scott's readers could apply his information to become significantly more successful.

I've been very fortunate! About 12 years ago I was introduced to IDENICS. Within a few short hours I reprogrammed about a dozen "unwanted conditions" or "chains" that had been preventing my success. Since then, I've been much more successful in many areas of my life.

Idenics is a powerful, straightforward and effective system that systematically addresses an individual's "unwanted conditions" on a one-to-one basis.

I started with Idenics with a list of about 30 "unwanted conditions" in my life - things I didn't like about myself - mainly fixed and more or less compulsive emotional behaviors.

It took about 35 minutes to handle the first "unwanted condition." The second one took about 15 minutes. I handled each successive "unwanted condition" in less time. It was truly amazing how certain long-standing problems disappeared in minutes!

About nine months after the first few sessions, I had a few more Idenics sessions. There were only a few minor "unwanted conditions" to handle and I handled them very quickly.

Before Idenics I was never particularly successful at anything for very long. Every venture or business I tried to start, failed quickly or never got off the ground. I found it extremely difficult to get others working with me.

Since Idenics all that has changed. Now there are people from all over the world working with me. Hundreds of thousands read my writings. People are changing their lives because of my influence. Companies are being reorganized as a result of my suggestions. Money flows to me freely. I feel that I've become very successful and that much greater success is coming in the future!

I doubt if there is even one person on earth who couldn't become more successful through Idenics! It is for this reason that I would like to introduce you to Mike Goldstein, the president of Survival Services International, the company that exclusively delivers Idenics. While in Colorado some years ago, two friends and I met with Mike. We found that meeting extremely enlightening.

If you're not as successful as you'd like to be, I urge you to call and talk with Mike Goldstein. It won't cost you anything but your time for a few minutes. It may be the most important call you ever make.

Letter from Mike Goldstein...

President of Survival Services International

Dear Success Seeker,

I would like to start this letter by thanking Frederick Mann for his support. I'm amazed at the tremendous response we've had from Frederick's mention of IDENICS in his writings. I hope I can be of further assistance to Frederick as well as his associates.

Maybe you've been involved with a system or systems you thought may provide you with some answers in your quest for self-improvement or personal growth. Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that there is no single methodology that is the "right road" for everyone, no matter how fervently the followers of that methodology proselytize their beliefs.

The truth of the matter is that people are different and in fact, unique. What is "right" for one is not necessarily "right" for another, and even the systems that say they cater to each individual still end up categorizing people in that system's collection of preconceived and predetermined ideas of "how people are."

There is, however, one thing that can be said about people who have gotten involved with a methodology or system. At the outset of their involvement they all had some thing or things about themselves they wanted to handle, resolve, change or improve. Just as they themselves are unique, what each hoped to accomplish was different and unique, even if set aside by the "now you're supposed tos" of some system.

Perhaps what you've been looking for you have found. If so, I congratulate you. If not, and you still have something about yourself you want to handle, resolve, change or improve, I invite you to look into IDENCIS.

In IDENICS there are no gurus, no source for you other than yourself. In IDENICS we don't pretend to know how it is for you, but fully believe that whatever you wish to discover about yourself is truly within yourself. We are simply a facilitator in the process of self-discovery, assisting you to access what has previously been inaccessible.

So if you envision some personal, specfic results, then perhaps we can be of assistance. You can go to our website at where you'll find articles on Idenics and audio tapes you can download and listen to right at the site. Or, feel free to call me on my toll-free number, 1-800-IDENICS (433-6427), anytime, day or night. If I'm not available at the time of your call, please leave a message with your name and phone number, and I'll be sure to get back to you quickly.

IDENICS is not a rehash of some earlier methodology. It is a new approach that I think you will find refreshingly complementary to your own thinking. Idenics can be delivered very effectively by phone in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home.


Mike Goldstein
Survival Services International

P.S. For those of you out of our calling area who cannot reach me on the toll-free number, feel free to call me collect at 1-303-695-4940.

WBM#98: Additives: Less is Better

by Mike Goldstein

(Excerpt from WealthBooster Magazine -- Issue #98 -- August 12, 2002)

(edited and abridged by Frederick Mann)

In the vast arena of self-improvement it's hard to determine the right "answers." Thousands of ideas and concepts, many similar but stated differently, are available for you to choose from.

In this article, I address the subject of "additives". By "additive," I simply mean something that is added. What people think they are -- the ideas and concepts they think themselves to be -- are additives.

The ideas and concepts at the bottom of personal unwanted conditions are additives. If people could simply TAKE A LOOK, inspect and "let go" of these additives they could release themselves from their self-imposed chains. Most of the time, however, they just keep "adding".

The primary source of additives for a person is him/her SELF. The amount of garbage people can heap on themselves trying to figure out what is "wrong" with them can be staggering. Our own responses to questions we ask ourselves, such as, "What's wrong with me?" and "Why do I do that?", can be a source of continual misery. The great liability of self-inquiry is creating additives and getting stuck with them.

Many people do all kinds of "self-improvement work" -- often just adding more additives that don't work very well -- except maybe providing some temporary relief. You get the"quick fix" that soon wears off!

But unwanted conditions are kept in place by additives. To resolve unwanted conditions you need to "let go" the additives.

Explanations for unwanted conditions are additives. People love explanations. Whether correct or not, you only need to buy into some explanation for temporary relief. For example, Jim goes to a psychic and says, "I have all these issues in my life, I'm unhappy, tell me why." The psychic says, "When you're asleep, aliens beam you with special rays." Jim thinks to himself, "I sometimes feel tired in the morning, yeah, that makes sense." And he may feel better ... for a while.

Another example. Jane has a low self-image. She buys a book on "How To Improve Your Self-Esteem". The author says, "The reason for your low self-esteem is the ideas your parents installed in you." Jane thinks to herself, "Well, my father did tell me I was worthless several times, yeah, that makes sense." And she may feel better for the rest of the day. But the next day some situation occurs, and she falls right back into the same old stuck condition of low self-esteem.

People tend to hold on to these explanations EVEN IF THEY WORK ONLY ONCE. Jane still has the unwanted condition, but also has the explanation: an additive because it adds on to the condition. If you've ever spoken with someone who has spent years in therapy, you might find they could sit and talk with you for hours explaining all the reasons why they have their conditions, but they still have their conditions. You've been listening to their additives.

People seem to crave additives. For this reason, groups selling the most additives (explanations, answers, and solutions) will continue to thrive! Most people always have to come back for more ... or find a different group!

On the contrary, I choose to assist people with as little additive as possible. This is the cornerstone of Idenics. We have a procedure to assist people to resolve their unwanted conditions. The essence of the procedure is to get people to TAKE A LOOK. Idenics is nonjudgemental, nonevaluative, and nonadditive. Idenics facilitators are trained to not even have an opinion about the clients they work with.

The complete source of information about a client is that client. Because of this unadditive focus in Idenics, clients attain their desired results in a short time.

Some people find it hard to imagine how our clients resolve for themselves, so quickly, issues that have been bothering them for years.

In Idenics we trust our clients, believe them, and respect their uniqueness and self-determinism. The integrity of what we do is above our own desires for expansion and financial success. It's not always easy, but our clients do well, and that's the best pay one can get in this business.

Whether you come to us for service or not, I hope that what I've said about additives will be of some assistance to you. Thank you for reading, and TAKING A LOOK.

Editor: The complete article is on the Idenics website.

I've made a special arrangement for my contacts to receive a FREE Idenics telephone session. To schedule, call Mike Goldstein toll-free at 1-800-IDENICS (1-800-433-6427) and tell him Frederick Mann sent you. For those outside Mike's calling area who can't reach him on the toll-free number, you're welcome to call him at 1-303-695-4940.

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