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[Note that all of the lists/forums mentioned below are defunct. However some of the introductory articles (in each page linked to from here) may still be of interest. (Links to pages with no additional content have been removed.) This area may be useful as a guide for creating replacement lists/forums. In future, the links can be updated when replacements are created, for anyone who happens to find these pages.]

Discussion lists sponsored by Build Freedom:

Natural Liberty List
An open discussion list devoted to basic freedom issues. Natural liberty could also be called "gut-level liberty" or "gut-level freedom." The essence of gut-level liberty can be expressed as follows: "I can't stand others telling/forcing me to do what I don't want to. I'm naturally free to do whatever I want to, as long as I don't harm others and their property. I own my life. I'm not a slave of any supposed 'authorities.'"

Build Freedom List
An open discussion list devoted to practical freedom issues, particularly "how to live free in an unfree world." This is one of our most popular lists. It's a great place to learn how to seize your freedom and live free in an unfree world.

Advanced Freedom Solutions List
An open discussion list devoted to advanced freedom issues. This is probably the only place on the entire internet where you'll find discussions devoted exclusively to some of the most advanced freedom concepts and issues.

Tyrant-Paradigm Removal List
A forum for exploring all aspects of the tyrant-paradigm and assisting others in removing the tyrant-paradigm from their minds. This list is only for those who have a genuine interest in ridding their own minds of the tyrant-paradigm.

Deep Anarchy List
A forum for exploring the deepest aspects of coercive political systems -- which manifest in individual human minds. A Deep Anarchist is someone who has examined and radically changed certain "systematic patterns of thought" which most traditional anarchists take for granted, without question or challenge.

Upgrade Your Life!
Just as you can make significant upgrades to your personal computer and the software you use, you can also upgrade your personal life. Some of these upgrades may even be profoundly life-changing. Come and join us in our quest for information and procedures that can be applied to bring about major personal life upgrades!

Quantum Jumpers List
A forum for "quantum jumpers," people who constantly seek to jump to a higher level of operation in one or more areas of his or her life.

Financial Independence List
An open forum where subscribers can discuss how to become financially independent.

TransFinancial List
A forum for transhumanists, cryonicists and related progressive, futurist type individuals interested in "smart," taboo-free, pragmatic money-making. Others who seek to improve their financial situation by applying the central transhumanist principle of overcoming human limitations by means of reason and technology to financial matters, and are willing to overcome money-related biases and "economic correctness", are also welcome.

Gold Security List
A forum for discussing ways in which internet gold account holders can protect and secure their accounts (,, etc.), or to discuss any aspects of these and other alternative currencies.

World Business Exchange List
An open list devoted to discussing World Business Exchange, a complementary money system.

Unfair Issues List
An open discussion list devoted to the "Unfair-Issue" Strategy - Using "Fairness" as a Political Weapon.

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Announcement lists sponsored by Build Freedom:

Build Freedom Announce
This is the mouthpiece of our Build Freedom Associate Program. Keep informed on our progress and latest developments. Very low volume -- no more than 4 or 5 messages per month.

Forums sponsored by Build Freedom:

Freedom Engineering Forum
This is a new private forum that's just been created for discussing, implementing, and practicing freedom engineering. Anyone interested in any aspect of freedom engineering should join. You could discuss how to create your own liberty money machine and make it successful. Anyone with a freedom-promoting website interested in sharing and improving freedom formulas is welcome here. Those seeking to network and find like-minded people for joint projects are also welcome here.

Build Freedom Business Forum
A private forum for business people who want to operate with greater freedom and less taxation. Also for individuals who want to become financially independent, while reducing the degree to which they support tyrant-systems to the absolute minimum. To ensure the highest quality of message content, the Business Forum is a private forum, not open to the general public. There are no fees or charges involved; participation is free!

Build Freedom Worker Forum
A small, private forum for people participating in any of our Build Freedom-related projects.

Other lists we recommend (not provided by us):

Due Process List
How to deal with IRS and creditors. To subscribe, send a message to: [defunct]

PT-Refuge List
To subscribe, send a message to: [defunct]

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