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Articles and Books on Success, Money-Making, etc.

General Success Tips
A good place to start for a quick overview of several important topics, e.g.: Warren Buffet's winning strategy: "find the best horses to ride (or best cash cows to milk)!"; how to get your "money horses" (or "cash cows") moving forward and toward your destination of making money; rise above your success threshold; personal development; powerful success principles; the promise and the price; how high is the success threshold; identifying and overcoming personal constraints; how to monetize a website; maximize your time usage; first, get going in a good direction! (get on target!) second, increase your speed; make your marketing remarkable...

Apply "Factor IG" to Become a Winner!
Most people trying to make money on the internet fail because of "Factor IG" - the Missing Ingredient! If you want to become successful as soon as possible, you're well advised to apply "Factor IG" immediately. Many people waste a great deal of time and money... and end up frustrated because they lost their time and money. About 95%+ of your success depends on "Factor IG." If you don't apply "Factor IG," the chances are overwhelming that you'll fail. If you do apply "Factor IG," your chances of success are virtually guaranteed!

Basic Money Skills
There are thousands of self-improvement, success, and money-making books. Many of the authors have attempted to put together some "integrated formulation" from their own experiences and from all the other sources available to them. Unfortunately, most of them -- if not all of them without exception -- are somewhat incomplete and sometimes even hopelessly misguided in some respects. I hope my attempt at formulating some money skills will become more complete than most.

Advanced Money Skills
More money skills to guide you to even greater success in money making.

The Competitive Edge -- by Fran Tarkenton (legendary NFL quarterback & business consultant) and Joseph H. Boyett
Great series of articles on starting your own business, motivation, training, and related issues.

The Economic Means to Freedom [from Build Freedom Focal-Points]
The importance of financial freedom and independence and some practical steps to achieve an economic status such that you don't have to work for money. By financial freedom and independence I mean having organized your life and affairs so you don't have to work for money. If you're interested in such financial freedom, then this article may be well worth reading.

Failure Scripts and Where The Rocks Are
Many people (maybe 90% or more) will make relatively little progress with their lives generally unless they learn to overcome the limitations of certain basic unconscious scripts most people suffer from.

How to Motivate People - The Team Strategy for Success -- by Fran Tarkenton (legendary NFL quarterback & business consultant)
Great series of articles on motivation.

How to Overcome Economic Correctness
"Economic correctness" may keep you stuck in a dead-end job -- poor or relatively poor for the rest of your life. "Economic correctness" may prevent you from losing money in a myriad of ripoffs and scams, but "economic correctness" may also prevent you from gaining the riches every man, woman, and child on earth deserves.

#TL03C: How to Wake Up Your Desire to Learn, Grow & Succeed [from Build Freedom Reports]
Some people don't realize that in order to succeed, it's necessary for them to learn and grow a great deal. Some may deceive themselves that they're open to learning and growing, when they're really not. If you haven't been as successful as you'd like to be at making money on the internet, this may be a good place to start.

Internet Marketing for Beginners & Professionals
The big breakthrough in this article is the delineation of "levels of internet marketing skills," ranging from 1. IMB - Internet Marketing Baby to 6. IMG - Internet Marketing Guru. Much of the power of this articles lies in that it gives you a means to identify where you are. You can then use it to draw a "roadmap" of how you need to advance in order to become successful.

Marketing Resources, Internet Tools, and Writing Guides
Hundreds of short articles on subjects such as: free submitters & website marketing tools, marketing, MLM (multi-level marketing) and network marketing, psychology & starting out, success stories & interviews, website development & improvement, writing & copy writing.

The Millionaire Reports [from Build Freedom Reports]
"When I started writing this series of reports, I was relatively poor and my business small. By the time I completed the eighth report, I was relatively wealthy and my business was much larger and growing rapidly!" -- Frederick Mann

Playing To Win -- by Fran Tarkenton (legendary NFL quarterback & business consultant)
Tark's rules for "winning the game"; various myths exposed.

#TL03D: Scarcity to Abundance; Poverty to Prosperity; Limited to Unlimited Thinking [from Build Freedom Reports]
Apply this report to drastically improve your thinking and create an abundance and prosperity mindset.

The Science of Getting Rich
Wealth begins in the mind. When you think in certain deliberate ways, that will cause you to act in more effective ways. You will produce more of the results you desire. The key is in how you think. If you haven't yet opened the door to your riches, this is a good place to start!

Upgrade Your Brain & Life!
What is your most valuable asset? Could it be the gray matter in your head, your brain with all its abilities and all the knowledge in it? What, more than anything else, determines your success, your health, your wealth, your happiness? Whatever benefits you're now providing, you can upgrade your brain and improve and increase the benefits you provide. One of the greatest benefits you can provide to people is whatever results in them upgrading their brains.

The 2%er/98%er Profile and How to Become More Successful
If you've been trying for some time to make money online, and you've had little or no success, then this may be the most important Report you've ever come across! And, if you're already quite successful, you may be able to utilize some of the information on this page to become much more successful.

WealthBooster Magazine (WBM) Excerpts
Various relevant articles and commentary from the WBM archive, as referenced in other articles/reports.

Dow Theory Letters -- articles by Richard Russell.

Motivation Challenge
How do you motivate people to duplicate successful marketing actions, and how do you motivate people to take the necessary steps to increase their competence so they can duplicate successful marketing actions?

The Billion Dollar Plan
Grand plan to address major problems (gaps in the marketplace), and to provide products and services to solve the problems (bridge the gaps).

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