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The "Unreality Imperative"

by Frederick Mann

The following was posted to the Advanced Freedom Solutions list:

At 11:54 AM 8/20/99 -0700, "desertrat" wrote:

I was reading "How to Become a 10% Person or Better - Part I" at BuildFreedom.

I got to the part where it mentions that most animals mature automatically...

"One of the differences between humans and other animals is that we don't automatically become mature. Most wild animals, without having to think about it or make some special effort, attain the potential they're capable of. Not so, with humans."

And not so with wild animals raised by humans, at least, that is, until we learned how the wild animals raised their offspring and put great effort into imitating them and minimizing the offspring's reliance upon and contact with humans.

Is it possible that there is something wrong with human upbringing methods which prevent humans from realizing their full potential in the same way that it prevents animals raised by humans from adjusting to living in the wild?

Once an animal has been raised by humans, efforts to "re-educate" the animal are almost hopeless, though I believe there has been some success with orangutans raised in captivity being released in Borneo.

Is it possible that so few people realize their full potential because there is something inherently wrong with the way humans raise their offspring?

Is it possible that at some point humans lived as wild humanoids realizing their full potential as wild humanoids but then something changed, maybe in their brains, maybe when they started domesticating other animals, and they started raising "tame" humans who were no longer capable of realizing their full potential?

Is it just coincidence that one of the major steps in advancing to a higher level of potential is to realize that "civilization" is largely imagination, that "government" and "civilized" human society are mental blocks to the realization of how human society is actually "organized," viz., anarchy?

In other words, society isn't really "tame," it's only the humans that have been "tamed." Human society is actually "wild" and to realize his (or her) full potential a human needs to re-educate himself (or herself) on how to live in the "wild."

The "full potential" of a domesticated animal is probably 1% or less, isn't it?

Is it possible that man was the first "domesticated" animal? That we "domesticate" our children instead of raising them?


Frederick Mann's response:

You may want to read Wings of Illusion and The Corruption of Reality by John Shumaker.

The most fundamental human problem is what I shall call the "Unreality Imperative," which in most people is more powerful than the urge to survive.

Shumaker uses the term "Paranormal Imperative." He identified only part of the phenomenon: religious unreality, belief in various superstitions, paranormal beliefs in things like "psychokinesis," hypnosis, suggestibility, and psychological unreality."

The unreality imperative also includes dietary unreality, political unreality, and language unreality.

The unreality imperative is the "answer" to the problem of certain aspects of reality being too terrifying for human consciousness.

99.999...% of humans are in the grip of the unreality imperative in major areas of their lives.

Practically all parents impose aspects of the unreality imperative on their children. From soon after birth, they feed their children adulterated food -- see Health Freedom & Life Extension. They use unreality-words like "Santa Claus."

Shumaker distinguishes between "clinical insanity" and "normal insanity." Clinical insanity is basically what people get locked up for. Normal insanity is what's "culturally correct" but unreal. Most of "culture" is a result of the unreality imperative.

For humans to achieve their full potential, just a deliberate and conscious effort isn't enough. The effort also has to be directed at the entire range of the unreality imperative. Such aspiring humans also have to become very good actors, because to interact effectively with normally insane people, you often have to pretend that you share their "normal" insanity. You have to use their unreal words as if valid when communicating with them.

It would be difficult for children free from the unreality imperative to interact harmoniously with other (normally insane) children. Even if the former could successfully pretend they're normally insane like everybody else, they wouldn't eat the adulterated food eaten by the normally insane.

At this time, I suspect there isn't even one romantic couple in the world, with both free from the unreality imperative. The probability is very high that no children have been brought up in a manner conducive to achieving their full potential.

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