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How to Become a 10% Person or Better - Part I

by Frederick Mann 11/11/97


I was very fortunate to have grown up in an extremely dysfunctional family! As a child and a young man, I was in some ways "very screwed up." I felt like a complete misfit.

This was fortunate! In a world of average "1% people," I was perhaps an "0.5% person." I recognized that I had to work on myself to raise myself to the level of the more capable and competent people all around me.

In the 60s, I started reading self-improvement books, attending courses, seminars, workshops, etc. I embarked on a life-long journey of self-improvement.

In the early 70s, I met and joined a small group of libertarians and objectivists in Johannesburg. We met once a week for philosophical and freedom discussions. Everyone else in the group seemed like an intellectual giant compared to me.

By now, I had raised myself to the level of probably a "1.5% person" -- well above the "1% average." My new friends were around "3% people" -- intellectual giants compared to me.


Robert S. de Ropp, student of G.I. Gurdjieff and author of The Master Game and Warrior's Way, also wrote a book called Self-Completion, from which I quote:

"In their incompleted state human beings thought they were awake when they were really moving about in a state of hypnotized sleep. They thought they had will but they had no real will. They thought they were free but they were really slaves. They thought they had something called "I" but they had no real I, only a multitude of petty selves with different desires and different aims.

In their state of "waking sleep" humans voyaged from birth to death aboard a ship of fools. The captain was asleep, the steersman was drunk and the navigator had forgotten the aim of the voyage. Any fool on board could push the steersman aside and try to steer the ship. The great human agglomerates that called themselves nations were just as much at the mercy of the fools in their midst as were individual men and women. The technological Titanic, modern society, was proceeding full speed ahead into the fog, but there was no one in control. Under these circumstances it would not be surprising if the vessel hit a rock or an iceberg. The surprising thing was that it stayed afloat at all."

One of the differences between humans and other animals is that we don't automatically become mature. Most wild animals, without having to think about it or make some special effort, attain the potential they're capable of.

Not so, with humans. We have to make special conscious and deliberate efforts to develop and increase our intelligence, our thinking skills, our creativity, our emotional control, our psychological well-being, our communication and social skills, our personal power, and our health.

One of my contentions is that most humans operate at a level of around 1% of their potential. Most of us never develop beyond this 1% level.

This is related to why freedom is in danger, despite the fact that so many great freedom- lovers have advocated freedom for so long. Some great freedom-advocates may have advanced to the 10% level, or even beyond, but very few of their followers or disciples have developed themselves beyond the 1% level.

This may be a sad fact, difficult to confront. But recognizing it is a good start. It places us in that position from which we can start launching the concerted effort that's necessary to rise above the 1% level.

In a world where the vast majority is at the 1% level, this is assumed to be "normal." Someone at the 2% level -- provided he or she conforms to most of what's assumed to be "normal" -- is regarded as a "genius." BUT PRACTICALLY NOBODY NOTICES THAT ANYONE AT THE 1% OR 2% LEVEL IS REALLY SEVERELY INCOMPLETE!

I'm very fortunate to have recognized in my teens that in some ways I was considerably inferior to the "normals" around me. I therefore realized that I had to make a special effort to raise myself to the "normal" level. Even more fortunately, in some ways I surpassed the "normals." In fact, over the years, in some areas, I think I've advanced considerably beyond the "normal" 1% level.

When I left Johannesburg in 1977, I felt that during the five years or so I'd had regular debates with my libertarian and objectivist buddies, they'd made little progress, while I had vaulted ahead. They no longer seemed like intellectual giants to me!

Success with Advanced Information

Over the past two decades, I've learned a little about how to communicate advanced information and to inspire at least a few individuals to make the special efforts necessary to rise above the "normal 1% level."

Several individuals have applied the information you can find at this website to raise their "life-competence" levels, to exit "the system," and to become financially independent.

To see what one person is doing with advanced freedom information, check out David Freeman's excellent The Great Voting Hoax! at the Personal Empowerment Resources website.

At least two people I know of have achieved "mega-financial success" by applying the advanced freedom and wealth information at BuildFreedom.

During a period of just four years, "Mr. A" increased the assets of his company from $285,000 to over $40,000,000. The company involved is now quoted on NASDAQ. Most of the shareholders are freedom-lovers. (By applying Freedom Technology, it's relatively easy to be an "out-of-the-system" owner of such shares.)

"Mrs. B," has built a multi-million dollar financial and commercial business that is completely "out of the system." Some people involved with her business enjoy monthly returns that compare with annual returns that satisfy many people.

Why Have So Few Succeeded?

One reason is that it takes time to improve yourself. From the time that I decided that it should be possible to succeed at selling freedom information, it took me 21 years before I became successful.

Another reason is that most people are severely deficient in many thinking skills. People who can't think soundly about a particular area or topic, tend to get bogged down in strategies, tactics, and activities that just don't work.

The thinking skills of many are too limited for them to learn practical freedom. Freedom-activists who lack thinking skills get bogged down in strategies, tactics, and activities that produce limited or even negative results. They tend to become disillusioned, despairing, and hopeless. Freedom-activists who lack thinking skills find it difficult to learn practical freedom. We have to teach both thinking skills and practical freedom. See '#TL011: How to Increase Your Intelligence.'

Most of us take it for granted that we know how to think and that the people around us know how to think. Well, there are some areas where some people do think well -- for example, in the design and programming of some computer systems. But do these people explicitly know how they think? Or have they somehow stumbled onto implicit thinking skills that work in specific areas? There are chess players who think very well in some areas, and some engineers and scientists who think well in the domains of their specialties. But there are many areas where most people think rather poorly -- such as philosophy, psychology, freedom, religion, politics, economics, health, etc.

The Economic Means to Freedom

Having identified thinking skills as a central issue, we are faced with a much bigger task than we thought. At the same time, we have identified an additional opportunity. There is a huge gap between the level of most people's current thinking skills and their potential thinking skills. It's an opportunity gap. By providing products and services that enable people to shift from their current thinking skills to their potential thinking skills, enterprising individuals have the potential of making fortunes. The potential market for teaching thinking skills is huge.

It's not necessary to teach everybody to think. A broad strategy for the Advanced Freedom Solutions list is to create alternative free-enterprise institutions and to induce people to shift some of their assets and economic activities into the real free market. If successful, this will involve a massive shift of resources into the real free market. Our best thinkers need to be those who create and operate the alternative free-enterprise institutions and those who manage the resources in the real free market.

Fortunately, the technology exists right now whereby practically any "normal" can develop himself or herself to maybe more than 50% in some respects. Some of these technologies have been pointed out in reports such as:

I also highly recommend Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's "Brain Freebie" and other courses at The School of Thinking. His two books Software for the Brain and NewSell are also great aids in improving thinking skills.

For information on creating wealth, especially in the real free market, check out the 'Millionaire Reports'.


One of the technologies you can apply to raise yourself well above the 1% level is called "Idenics" -- pick up your phone and call Mike Goldstein at 1-800-IDENICS. Following are some testimonials from individuals who've experienced Idenics:

"I have spent approximately 15 years pursuing personal growth and seeking solutions to personal problems. I have done est, Actualizations, psychological and psychoanalytical therapy in both group and individual settings, plus many self-help books and tapes, including Tony Robbins's Personal Power tapes. All of these have had value to varying degrees, and I've resolved a lot of personal problems over time.

Because I felt some of my personal problems persisted to a lesser, but still unwanted degree, I decided to try Idenics, partially out of curiosity and partly due to an endorsement by Frederick Mann.

Idenics is the most straight-forward and efficient method of personal growth that I have found. It represents, in my mind, a quantum leap over all other methods I know of.

In addition to "flattening" some old, old problems, I feel I have an amazingly effective tool with which to deal with problems and emotional states in the future."

-- Jay Hendon

"In 20 years of courses, seminars, books, tapes, counseling and treatment centers plus assorted gurus, I never got to where I understood the keys to why I did the things that I did that were problems in my life. Things that had no logical purpose such as sabotage of relationships, finances and even my own health.

Idenics has changed all of that! I found the source and reason for these chains that bound me and how to break them. These chains are now broken! Discovering the source was the key to doing just that! Not only am I free from my self-destructive past identities, I can now make deliberate choices for the future."

-- Marc D. Elmore

" I am a doctor (a general practitioner) from Australia. After reading your wonderful letter of commendation for Idenics I decided to fly across and give it a go. I agree with you with regard to the effectiveness and the simplicity of Idenics and write this letter in appreciation of your bringing Idenics to my attention."

-- Mark Measday

Your Next Step

You may be on the verge of spectacular success.

You may be a "2% person," more successful than most of your peers, regarding yourself as "king of the hill."

You may be a "1% person" who has to do five or ten years of self-improvement work before you become spectacularly successful.

It's up to you to decide where you are, and what your next step should be.

It's up to you to take your next step and to forge onward and upward!

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