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Conditioning and Unlearning
What if we were to develop a conscious desire to explore possibilities outside our conditioned thinking? We might become aware of what lies outside the box, we would perhaps see and hear things we were previously oblivious of.

On Religion
Frederick Mann's personal experiences and views on religion. Mental maps and reality. The most useful and workable maps.

The Other Side of Religion
Discover the "other side" of religion -- the possible origin and nature of religious ideas and superstitions and how to cure yourself from them -- if that proves necessary.

Is "Government" Possible?
The notion that we can be "externally controlled" is a myth.

Responding to Information
There are many ways to respond to the information you receive. One way is to instantly and automatically reject it. Another is to instantly and automatically accept and believe it.

Correspondence from Mr. "FreeMan"
Practitioners of Freedom Technology tend to become vastly more effective when they think in terms of dealing with individual terrocrats - with all their weaknesses - rather than a projected, monolithic, big, omniscient, omnipotent "government" with "magical powers."

Learned Permission-seeking
Is "permission-seeking" a learned behavior? Can it be unlearned? Can unlearning it increase your "psychological freedom"?

The "Unreality Imperative"
The "unreality imperative" in most people is more powerful than the instinctal urge to survive.  What is it?

Focus and Concentration
"Laserlike focus is perhaps the most common trademark of the supersuccessful... If you aspire to play in the big leagues, you must be prepared to play every point as though it were match point. In other words, you have to be consistently focused. Dabblers are rarely, if ever, successful. It's when you focus totally, intensely, and consistently on one project -- a project that has the potential to yield a worthwhile payoff -- that you have the greatest chance of success." -- Robert J. Ringer ('Million Dollar Habits')

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Identifying With the Enemy
The psychological mechanism of "identification" explains why many freedom-activists remain stuck in the grips of freedom-violators.

Upgrade Your Life
Just as you can make significant upgrades to your personal computer and the software you use, you can also upgrade your personal life. Some of these upgrades may even be profoundly life-changing.

Attitude Is Everthing
One of the greatest powers in the universe is individual power of choice. And the most powerful choices are positive choices.

My Quest For Personal Sovereignty
Listen as one man describes how he adopted the self-liberation mindset -- be careful, his attitude is contagious!

How to Become a 10% Person or Better Part 1 and Part 2
It's up to you to decide where you are, and what your next step should be. It's up to you to take your next step and to forge onward and upward!

Respecting the Levels of Freedom
Distinguishing between the three levels of freedom activity and responding appropriately to people operating from those respective levels.

Must We Have Myths to Be Happy?
Is reality so depressing that the human intellect can't function unless it hides itself in mythical structures of paranormal gods, magical controls over nature, or imagined beliefs about human nature?

Using the Scientific Method to Solve Any Problem
An objective, rational method to get the answers needed to solve problems.

Metathinking Explained
The philosophy of high-level thinking.

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