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Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery

Appendix D



Even the best or soundest ideas alone are not worth much without the integrated thought and hard effort needed to elevate those ideas to higher value levels. Thus, ideas alone cannot provide competence and self-esteem. In fact, certain "intellectuals" use their focus on ideas as rationalizations to avoid the constant, hard efforts needed to live competently, successfully, happily.

That focus on ideas alone is why certain intellectuals with valid idea systems behave immaturely and self-destructively. And that is why they often attack one another with pettiness and unfairness. For such "idea" people base self-worth not on competence achieved but on ideas held.

Indeed, many self-appointed intellectual leaders try to live on ideas alone. They fail to exert the constant hard work needed to build competitive success and business competence. As a result, such "idea" people often appear immature and resentful next to successful business people.

Consider the "leaders" of valid libertarian and objectivist idea systems: For example, consider the publishers of the nonprofit libertarian magazine "Reason" and the now defunct objectivist newsletter "The Objectivist Forum". Both noncommercial publishers tried to "protect" their subscribers from commercially successful Neo-Tech.

The lives and self-esteems of such "leaders" orient around presenting ideas and gaining followers. Now, their work is a valid, important activity for which they can be proud. But, those "leaders" fail to put forth the disciplined, mystic-free thinking and hard-effort integrations needed for elevating ideas to commercial levels -- to levels beyond preaching to the choir. And, without the discipline of Neo-Tech, they and their followers drift into various low-effort mystical modes of idea churning, group therapies, silver speculating, and John-Galt role playing. Such mystical-mode activities retard life, happiness, and productive accomplishment. ...Midst those undisciplined noncommercial approaches, mysticism flourishes.

By contrast, Neo-Tech orients around creating, integrating, and then elevating ideas to the highest value level. That means profitable mass marketing of Neo-Tech/Neothink around the world via disciplined business thinking, constant problem solving, and hard front-trench efforts. ...With such a highly disciplined, fully integrated focus, mysticism is pulled out by the roots and roasted to nothing in the heat of competitive business.

Idea-only people like to play the role of an Atlas who constantly shrugs. ...Business-like Neo-Tech people never play roles, never shrug. And their unlimited, integrated thinking always outflanks the thinking of mystic-tainted minds with their restricted or blocked integrations.

But eventually, through the rising competitive pressures of Neo-Tech, even those idea-only people will awaken to discover happier, more productive lives in the Neo-Tech/Neothink business system.


Neo-Tech means fully integrated honesty. Until Neo-Tech, no idea system in history could dent, much less collapse, the neocheaters' 2000-year hoax of mysticism. But, for the following two reasons, Neo-Tech will both collapse the hoax of mysticism and eliminate all its symbiotic neocheaters:

First Reason: Only Neo-Tech integrates the four dual essences that anchor all valid ideas to reality:

  1. life versus death.
  2. business-like thinking versus mystical thinking.
  3. producing values for others versus destroying values of others.
  4. honesty and effort versus dishonesty and laziness.
Without integrating the four dual essences that anchor ideas to reality, especially anchor #4, an idea system is unable to stand firm. As a result, any such unanchored idea system is easily manipulated by professional mystics and skilled neocheaters to perpetuate their destructions. ...But no dishonest or mystic-tainted mind with its blocked integrations can out integrate, outflank, or outmaneuver the mystic-free Neo-Tech mind.

Second Reason: Of all the idea systems since Socrates, only Neo-Tech arose from the marketplace. Neo-Tech was born, developed, and continues to be developed through the unflagging efforts, integrations, and disciplines required for survival and success in the free market. Driven by market pressures, Neo-Tech business is an unbeatable, efficient tool for eradicating mysticism and neocheating in both business and personal lives.

Market pressures force mystic-free, wide-scope integrations needed to constantly grow roots ever deeper into reality. Without those mystic-free integrations and ever growing roots, no idea system can grow beyond its own mysticism. As a result, all past philosophical ideas crippled and stagnated by the personal mysticisms of their originators, ossified into incomplete systems, unable to grow beyond their mystically truncated integrations and preset borders. Thus, such restricted systems hold little or no practical or dynamic value for most people. Indeed, without those mystical-free, wide-scope integrations, even the most brilliant, valid idea systems become impotent within closed borders. Once limited or enclosed, all such systems are easily outflanked by neocheaters and then relegated to academic and intellectual debaters.

But, because of its commercial development, Neo-Tech differs from all other idea systems, including libertarianism and objectivism.[ 21 ], [ 22 ] For only Neo-Tech continues to integrate, develop, and grow through the no-nonsense, "dump mysticism or fail" exigencies of profit-oriented businesses. Moreover, only Neo-Tech has been subjected to the street-tough business disciplines required to generate honest, competitive profits. Such profits come from constant, mystic-free integration efforts focused on producing and marketing objective values with maximum efficiency and growth.

Before Neo-Tech, no other idea system had been subjected to healthy business pressures. Most previous systems evolved from low-discipline, pipe-smoking, easy-going philosophical or academic atmospheres. Such atmospheres invite mysticism, non sequiturs, and neocheating. And without a financial bottom line to reflect the undisciplined and unprofitable consequences of mysticism, those systems indulge in various forms of "easy-way" illusions and neocheating to enhance power and fame.

Those systems also fail to identify, much less integrate, the simple and obvious essences that root ideas to reality. Without integrating those essences, no idea system can be rooted in reality. And no unrooted system can prevent its ideas from being manipulated by mystics and neocheaters into non sequiturs. Thus, instead of deterring mysticism and neocheating, those unanchored ideas with their truncated integrations were simply manipulated by mystics and neocheaters into self-serving non sequiturs.

For example, unanchored libertarianism can lead to violent Marxism-Leninism: The Bolshevist Revolution evolved from libertarian ideas used out-of-context to gain initial credibility and support from the value producers. Likewise, Fidel Castro's rise to Marxist-Leninist power began by usurping libertarian ideas to gain popular support among those dissatisfied with Batista's regime.

Unanchored "objectivism", cultish guruism, and fanatical conservatism can lead to born-again ayatollism: Religious conservatives and fundamentalists neocheat in "righteous" ways. If unchecked, that dogmatic righteousness would ultimately lead to oppressive, mass-murdering theocracies like Iran. Such neocheaters conveniently make non-sequitur use of pragmatically selected objectivist[ 23 ] ideas to gain credibility and respect especially among political, fiscal, and economic conservatives. For example, a group called the Galatians explicitly refer to themselves as objectivist/libertarian Christians. They use valid, rational ideas as dishonest non sequiturs to promote irrational mysticism. But mystics and neocheaters can never use Neo-Tech as a non sequitur to gain credibility or power. For, Neo-Tech always boomerangs back to expose the natures and essences of professional value destroyers. And once the professional mystics and neocheaters are exposed and caught, the iron-grip nature of Neo-Tech never lets go until they perish, commit suicide, or become honest value producers. ...Thus, Neo-Tech will rid the world of mysticism and neocheating.

Business pressures forced Neo-Tech to integrate with the essences of reality. As a result, Neo-Tech blossoms as a firmly rooted negation of mysticism that cannot be hidden, twisted, or distorted by mystics or neocheaters. Neo-Tech is an unbreakable tool that holds a death grip on all mystics and neocheaters. Indeed, Neo-Tech is here to stay, while mysticism and neocheating are fading forever. ...Eradicating mysticism and neocheating clears the way for biological immortality with prosperity and happiness expanding forever.

Neo-Tech means fully integrated honesty and is a dynamic system for liquidating negatives -- for liquidating mystical hoaxes and their symbiotic value destroyers. That dynamic based on negatives is profoundly different from all other idea systems. Indeed, all other idea systems are static theories for promoting positives -- for promoting the irrationality of utopias and the cant of telling others how to live. ...Neo-Tech tells no one how to live. Instead, it tells everyone how to dump mysticism.

Indeed, the entire focus, purpose, and modus operandi of Neo-Tech is to cure the disease of mysticism. How? By forever collapsing its 2000-year hoax built through generations of value-destroying neocheaters. Neo-Tech will then put itself out of business by vanquishing mysticism and eradicating its symbiotic neocheaters. For then everyone will be free to act according to his or her naturally honest and productive nature. Everyone will finally be free to grow forever -- to increasingly produce competitive values for others and society. Everyone will have captured Neo-Tech and its competitive advantages. ...Everyone will be living through fully integrated honesty and the limitless, wide-scope, Neothink business mind.

Such total self-responsibility means acting through the dynamics of free business and unfettered competition. Indeed, through those dynamics, each person quickly exploits his or her most efficient, competitively productive actions that benefit everyone and society. Those essence-moving dynamics of business and competition let everyone produce maximum values and benefits for society. ...And no one ever needs to be told or forced by anyone to do anything.

The following table outlines other major differences between Neo-Tech and all other idea systems:


Mystic-tainted thinking blocks integrations into restricted, non-growth categories. Mystic-free thinking allows unlimited, wide-scope integrations and essence-moving growth.
Offer "truth". Offers honesty.
Based on positives -- on projecting utopias. Based on a negative -- on eradicating mysticism.
Guiltily evade or dishonestly undermine values of prosperity, power, romantic love. Guiltlessly recognizes and honestly creates values of prosperity, power, romantic love.
Depend on leaders or gurus living off their followers. Requires no leaders, gurus, or followers. Lives off its own competitive value production.
Tell individuals what is best for them. The individual alone knows what is best for self.
Depend on being accepted by peers, the media, or certain intellectuals. Depends on delivering maximum values to the broadest possible markets via business.
Offer values to idea soulmates. Wanted mainly by closed circles of soulmates. Most others ignore. Few benefit. Offers values to all. Wanted by those desiring to grow. Every value producer benefits.
Potential customers are entities wanting authoritative answers. Potential customers are conscious beings wanting prosperity and happiness.
Wimpish, languid, low-effort value sell. Rest on laurels. Little more to learn or improve. Laid-back, pipe-smoking professor aura. Self-esteem based on ideas held. ...Seek little or no value elevation. Tough, front-trench, high-effort value sell. No rest. Must always develop, improve, grow, decrease cost, increase value, push ahead. Self-esteem based on honesty, efforts, and value production. ...Drives for constant value elevation.
Static, dying, unintegrated values dependent on non sequiturs. Dynamic, growing, fully integrated values dependent on honesty.
Academic guiding pressures. Non-profit oriented. Dependent on tax money, contributions, or soulmate largess. Free-market guiding pressures. Profit oriented. Dependent on profit via delivering competitive, free-market values.
Not integrated with the essences of life (effort and honesty) versus mysticism (laziness and dishonesty). Integrations blocked. Integrated with the essences of life (effort and honesty) versus mysticism (laziness and dishonesty). Integrations unlimited.
Evade links to personal productivity, business, and happiness. Integrates with links to personal productivity, business, and happiness.
Cannot stand firm. Concepts not fully integrated. Movable. Can be manipulated as non sequiturs to support mystics and neocheaters. Thus, never eliminate professional mystics and neocheaters. Can stand firm with bulldog tenacity. Unmovable. Concepts fully integrated. Can never be manipulated to support dishonesty. Thus, always moves toward eliminating professional mystics and neocheaters.
Seek rationalization of personal mysticisms in self and others. Guiltily accepts attacks on values. Accepts mysticism as "spirit" oriented. Rejects mysticisms in self and others. Guiltlessly rejects attacks on values. Rejects mysticism as death oriented.
Self-esteem based on ideas held and personal acceptance. Self-esteem based on honest, productive efforts.
Going nowhere, even sound Aristotelian idea systems of libertarianism and objectivism. Going toward mystic-free, open-ended prosperity, happiness, Biological Immortality.
Lead to little or nothing. Always revert to mysticism. Hold death as inevitable. Leads to power, wealth, life. Never reverts to mysticism. Holds death as obsolete.

For the full integrations of the above table with Neo-Tech, see Article 1 on pages 661 - 673 titled "The Neo-Tech Philosophy -- The Widest Integration". Also see the Neo-Tech document on pages 437 - 444 titled "Supra Power of the Mystic-Free Mind".


[ 21 ] The originators of libertarian and objectivist philosophical systems developed much valid, partially integrated knowledge. Indeed, the philosophical/business system of Neo-Tech commercially elevates the most important aspects of those incomplete idea systems into more integrated, higher-level values.

[ 22 ] Most originators of valid idea systems had enthusiastic followers and sparked substantial movements in their day. Those rational originators included Socrates, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Etienne de la Boétie, John Locke, Adam Smith (18th century economist), Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Herbert Spencer, Ayn Rand. But being mystically blocked and, thus, not fully integrated with the four essences that anchor all valid ideas to reality, their work never jelled universally or permanently. Thus, they failed to collapse mysticism and eliminate neocheating.

[ 23 ] Objectivists Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, and their associates, however, never exhibited religious dynamics despite such claims by careless or dishonest people.

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