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Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery

Appendix E


The Achilles' Heel of all Mystics and Neocheaters

The word non sequitur embodies the key survival tool of all professional mystics and neocheaters. Non sequitur is a Latin word meaning "it does not follow". Because the word is dead-language Latin, its meaning is stable, immutable -- unable to be changed or twisted by mystics and neocheaters. That is why the word is so valuable for uprooting neocheaters. Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary definition of non sequitur is, "a statement that does not follow logically from anything previously said".[ 24 ]

Use of Non Sequiturs by
Professional Neocheaters

Non sequiturs are most commonly, blatantly, yet cleverly used in news journalism. Most self-appointed advocates also use non sequiturs to foster their fake careers. They all manufacture non sequiturs by linking obvious facts and values to dishonest premises and disvalues designed to attack or undermine producers and competitive values. They constantly use such non-sequitur/neocheating maneuvers to camouflage unfair, destructive, dishonest modi operandi with opposite illusions of fairness, helpfulness, and credibility. But with Neo-Tech, one easily identifies how their good-sounding facts or words are falsely used as non sequiturs to attack and harm value producers. Such non-sequitur attacks are used to usurp power and values by journalists, clergymen, politicians, political cartoonists, certain professors, celebrity social crusaders, destructive bureaucrats, and self-appointed consumer, peace, and nutritional advocates.

When attacking values, non sequiturs are powerful but dishonest tools for gaining strength and credibility without regard to honesty. And using non sequiturs to purposely manipulate mysticism in order to usurp power and values is neocheating. With non sequiturs, no honest link exists between the facts being presented and the attack being promoted.

Through understanding non sequiturs, one can clearly see the destructive neocheating in: 1. creating, holding, expanding bogus jobs and fake livelihoods, 2. attacks on business/technology/producers, 3. destructive "liberal" causes, 4. mindless chanting demonstrators, 5. mob violence, and 6. Hitler/Maoist/Leninist-style enslavement, destruction, murder.

General Use of Non Sequiturs by
Religious Neocheaters

Some neocheaters use non sequiturs in highly generalized ways. For example, Popes and leaders of the Catholic Church have for centuries brilliantly used inspiring art, great architecture, and classical music as non sequiturs. By arrogating to themselves renaissance art of the greatest masters, the religious black-hat neocheaters wove the obvious, rational, highly recognizable values of great art throughout their irrational, destructive doctrines of religious mysticism. With that, the religious leaders created a mighty non sequitur. And projecting that non sequitur let them gain the public respect and credibility needed to usurp unearned power, values, and livelihoods from the value producers. ...That is black-hat neocheating on a colossal scale.

Specific Use of Non Sequiturs by
Media Neocheaters

But other neocheaters, especially in the media, use non sequiturs in highly specific ways. Mike Wallace's "60 Minutes" television program, for example, orchestrates outrage at New York City hotel owners who accept welfare families. Those owners are projected as crooks for charging the city $70 daily room rates while charging only $50 daily for rooms to self-paying customers.

But, "60 Minutes" purposely ignores the fact that few of those welfare families accept the responsibility to take care of their own lives and bodies, much less their "free" rooms. Thus, their rooms soon become filthy and then deteriorate rapidly toward destruction. With those facts ignored, the TV audience is treated to shots of an unhygienic, obese mother with a brood of unkempt children vegetating in a cockroach-infested room. Then "60 Minutes", always cravenly shielding itself from valid rebuttal, implies to a viewing audience of millions that somehow the hotel owners are responsible for the personal filth of those clients and the resulting cockroaches. Mike Wallace lays the fault on value-producing businesses and their hard-working creators rather than on value-destroying welfare schemes and their neocheating creators.

"60 Minutes" then attacks the hotel owners with the non sequitur of higher room rates as "proof" of some kind of unscrupulous greed inherent in businessmen. Hence, most of the millions of viewers are tricked into accepting the false, non-sequitur premise that profit-oriented businessmen are "insensitive", unscrupulous, corrupt and, somehow, the cause of misery in others. With that premise accepted, the neocheaters can then demand that value producers be controlled by others. By others? ...By the professional value destroyers creating bogus jobs and livelihoods for themselves.

The facts, however, are opposite to what was projected. The hotel owners were not greedily overcharging at $70 per room for welfare clients, but were grossly undercharging at $70 per room subjected to welfare destruction: A hotel has two main assets: (1) its physical real estate (rooms), and (2) its milieu (setting) that determines what can be charged for their rooms. In accepting those welfare clients, the owners are charging only $20 per day additional to have their two main assets systematically destroyed, day after day. Thus, when the full-context situation is considered, the city is renting those rooms at bargain prices in a terrible, losing proposition for the hotel owners. For, how many other hotel owners responsible for survival through long-range profits would allow their rooms and milieu to be destroyed for only $20 a day?

Dominating the national press and TV news media are value destroyers existing on non sequiturs:

A conservative, religious-oriented TV talk-show host devastates an honest, brave woman voicing a valid objection to school prayer. The bully TV host dishonestly uses a non sequitur in asking her where the good, loving mother within her is. On another network that same night, an honest value-producing toy manufacturer heroically refutes the dishonest, non-sequitur attacks on the toy industry. By standing firm on facts and context, that toy manufacturer has the famous TV news commentator on the defensive...until that commentator suddenly asks where the good, gentle grandfather within that businessman is. Such emotional-manipulating non sequiturs about being a good mother or a gentle grandfather have no connection with the issue. Such dishonest innuendos dismiss any concern for honesty or dealing with contextual facts. ...On and on go the "news" media, day after day, year after year, living through attacks on values by using non sequiturs without regard for honesty or contextual facts.

As with all professional mystics and neocheaters, honesty and integrity must be replaced with non-sequitur manipulations to support their destructive jobs and fake livelihoods. Such people must constantly invert values, making good appear as bad and bad appear as good. Neocheaters must always use non sequiturs to press their specious points on the public. For, to survive, they must continuously attack and lay guilt on the "greedy" value producers in order to control them, to live off them. Indeed, over the centuries, mystics and neocheaters have effectively used non sequiturs to attack and lay false guilt on business-minded value producers everywhere. ...The non sequitur is the neocheater's survival tool for usurping a bogus living from honest value producers.

Neocheaters conceal themselves with non sequiturs designed to make dishonesty seem honest, harm seem helpful, bad seem good -- and vice versa. ...Non sequiturs are the disguises worn by all professional mystics and neocheaters. Neo-Tech tears off those disguises.

Use of Non Sequiturs by Politicians: the Premier Neocheaters

Even more pervasive, destructive uses of non sequiturs arise from politicians. Throughout history, politicians have been the premier professional neocheaters operating on grand scales.

Essentially all their public statements and "career" actions are dishonest. And, while all their dishonest actions are harmful to society, most are deceptively hidden behind good-sounding non sequiturs. But once non sequiturs are understood, examples of political dishonesty become so clearly obvious and plentiful that further illustration is as unnecessary as pointing out patches of sand on the Sahara Desert.

Indeed, Neo-Tech demonstrates the politician's vulnerability -- his impotence -- his near total dependence on dishonest non sequiturs to survive as a neocheater. And through Neo-Tech, all politicians will lose their power. For all their non sequiturs disintegrate on exposure to Neo-Tech.

Through Neo-Tech, all politicians will eventually sink under the accumulated weight of their dishonesties. And, for the first time, professional mystics and neocheaters will publicly be held responsible for the harm they inflict upon value producers and society.

Personal Use of Non Sequiturs

The most harmful non sequiturs are those dwelling within each individual. Such internal non sequiturs let mysticism survive to the harm of everyone. A person is successful and happy to the extent that person struggles to prevent internal mysticism and non sequiturs from undermining his or her life. By contrast, projecting mysticism or unjust non sequiturs onto others sabotages all life, undermines all personal values, eventually takes away all love and happiness, and turns one's life toward death. Moreover, almost all hurt, pain, loss, and failure ranging from love relationships to business careers occur through letting internal mysticism and non sequiturs determine one's actions. ...The major struggle in life is not overcoming mysticism and neocheating from others, but is overcoming mysticism and non sequiturs within one's own self.

Neo-Tech Demolishes
Non Sequiturs, Mysticism, Neocheating

Perhaps the single most harmful non sequitur is blaming others for one's own problems or unhappiness. That blaming of others is often done through the simple trick of using a point to evade the point.

In reality, others can never be responsible or blamed for one's own personal problems or unhappiness. To blame someone else for personal problems is reality-evading mysticism. The responsibility of solving one's own problems, as well as achieving success and happiness, resides solely and without exception within one's own self. Personal failure is almost always linked to personal mysticism, laziness, dishonesty. Such personal defaults are rationalized away through non sequiturs. Neo-Tech, however, demolishes those non sequiturs. In doing so, Neo-Tech brings facts and reality back into focus while collapsing the rationalizations of mysticism. Free of non sequiturs, the individual can recognize why personal mysticism is not a natural part of one's own self. Instead, mysticism is a destructive alien, a diseased intruder that can be isolated and ruthlessly rejected from one's own self through the knowledge of Neo-Tech.

Neo-Tech Promotes
Power, Prosperity, Love, and Happiness

Neo-Tech demolishes non sequiturs to end mysticism and neocheating in self and others. On expelling mysticism from self and rejecting neocheating from others, one becomes free to function in accord with his or her own nature. Once free of mysticism, all people will flourish naturally toward achieving prosperity, happiness, and youth-rejuvenating immortality.


[ 24 ] A related but less hidden, less clever, less effective tool of mystics and neocheaters is expressed by the Latin phrase Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc ("After this, therefore because of this"). That phrase expresses the logical-fallacy syllogism: "that because one event follows another, the former must have caused the latter." For example: A person has a cold. He takes a large dose of vitamin C. The cold subsides. Therefore, vitamin C cures colds.

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