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Selected Portions from the Neo-Tech Discovery

Appendix F


The Prerequisite For Non-Aging,
Youth-Rejuvenating Immortality
is the
Collapse of Mysticism


Neo-Tech today is undercutting the entire 3000-year support structure for mysticism.[ 25 ] And the expanding, worldwide distribution of Neo-Tech is planting the seeds for an evolution that will collapse the 2000-year hoax of mysticism -- the entire, rickety colossus will collapse into one resounding dust heap. With mysticism wiped out, neocheaters will perish. All conscious individuals will then be free to flourish toward their natural, open-ended potentials for business, prosperity, happiness, and life itself. From those potentials, commercial biological immortality will evolve rapidly through the following three steps:


The first step in achieving biological immortality is to define its meaning:

Biological immortality means to live as flesh-and-blood human beings forever -- not just an extended life, but to live mind, body, and soul[ 26 ] as one's own non-aging self for centuries, millennia, forever. Contrary to mystical notions, no dichotomy exists between one's mind, body, or sense of self. Thus, biological immortality is not achieved unless the entire person, including his or her conscious awareness, memory, and especially the sense of self is preserved fully intact, forever.

Also, important to understand is that the purpose of biological immortality is not to serve others, society, or mankind, but to preserve forever the most precious, important value in the universe -- one's own individual, integrated physical and conscious self. For, the moral purpose of preserving anyone, including great value producers as Michelangelo, Mozart, Carnegie, or Einstein, is not to benefit society (even though society would enormously benefit), but to deliver the ultimate value to that lone individual. And the ultimate value is to continue living as an continue experiencing flesh-and-blood life, growth, thoughts, values, prosperity, love, and happiness forever.

Finally, as identified in Neo-Tech II, III, and V, the development of human consciousness obsoletes nature's need for aging and death. For consciousness far surpasses nature's evolutionary process in efficacy for species survival and for adapting to environmental changes. Thus, with consciousness, the idea that aging and death is needed to protect and evolve the conscious species is itself mystical. Instead, mysticism alone is the underlying cause of death for all conscious beings.


The second step in achieving biological immortality is to dispel the following six myths:

  1. Death is not final. Life after death exists. False. For 2000 years, neocheaters have used various life-after-death myths[ 27 ] to dissipate everyone's natural desire to live fully. Such myths cleverly repress the finality of death, leaving the mystics and neocheaters in control of those who accept those myths. ...Living fully requires rejecting the life-diminishing, destructive controls and myths foisted by neocheaters.

    Evading the finality of death lets one rationalize laziness in avoiding the concerted effort and discipline required to live fully during the one and only opportunity anyone ever has for life and happiness. Moreover, that evasion of the finality of death lowers a person's value of life, self-esteem, and independence. That diminished independence, in turn, leaves a person available for control by professional mystics and neocheaters.

    Memento Mori

    But, remaining fully aware of life's briefness and death's finality lets one realize the supreme value of his or her personal life. And with that supreme valuing and cherishing of personal life, one will by nature:

  2. Everyone wants to live forever. False. Those free of mysticism can respond fully and guiltlessly to their nature. That natural response lets a person flourish as a value producer to achieve growing prosperity and happiness. Thus, everyone free of mysticism would want to continue flourishing and living happily forever. But because the disease of mysticism infects most people to various degrees, almost everyone is blocked from being fully competent, productive, and happy. Thus, most people remain unaware of the full value of their life. Moreover, mysticism leaves many people so incompetent they feel worthless, miserable, and eventually become imbued with a hatred toward life. Also, the supreme value of life is further obliterated in many people by bizarre, mystical notions of life after death. Such mystically induced depreciation of life and self-worth further reduces one's natural happiness. Indeed, people holding a low evaluation of life and self are unhappy and feel little desire to live forever. ...For, to passionately desire biological immortality here on Earth, a person must experience a passionate, prosperous, happy life here on Earth.

    And finally, destructive mystics and neocheaters betray their conscious nature. They program themselves to self-destruct -- to die. Time is their enemy. Each passing day brings increasing decline to their lives. With time, exposure of their fraud to themselves and others becomes inescapable. And then death becomes the only way out of their own entrapment -- their own betrayal. ...Thus, biological immortality would be their worst nightmare.

  3. Living forever would deprive younger generations of opportunities. False. While this myth is spurious, it is for some mystics the most popular objection to biological immortality. But contrary to mind-fogging mysticism, essentially all conscious beings would be assets to one another in a free, nonmystical society. And such people would become increasingly valuable with increasing experience and interactions over time. Thus, no one would ever need or want to "retire", which is a conscious person's most insidious step toward death. ...But in a mystic-free society, steady increases in conscious experiences and integrations over time would continuously create new values, more benefits, and increased opportunities for everyone, especially the younger generations.

  4. People living forever would cause overpopulation. False. Only unconscious plants, insects, fish, animals, and mystics can experience overpopulation. With biological immortality, the required mystic-free business-oriented society allows each human being to easily produce more values than he or she consumes. Each additional person, therefore, becomes an asset to society, not a liability or a drain. Thus, increasing population in a mystic-free society increases technology and values faster than is needed to support any expanding population. That includes expanding man-made inhabited real-estate into limitless space as needed. ...Population growth in which quality of life declines is impossible in a mystic-free society. For in such a society, population growth always increases the assets and prosperity of everyone.

  5. Living forever would be boring. False. The opposite is the fact. For creating and increasing values is the essence of a happy, exciting life. That, in turn, gives increasing motivation to live forever. Indeed, all new values come from expanding knowledge. And each new unit of knowledge generates several newer units of knowledge. Therefore, the ability to generate new knowledge is limitless. The notion of finite knowledge is only an illusion from our present, limited-knowledge perspective. For example, late in the 19th century as the Industrial Revolution peaked, a proposal to close the United States Patent Office was considered because of the illusion that little new knowledge or ideas remained to be uncovered.[ 28 ] ...Knowledge is not simply uncovered; it is generated from past knowledge. Thus, each day, new knowledge and discoveries generate ever-broader bodies of newer knowledge. That infinite newness makes life exciting and compelling. In a world free of mysticism, stagnation and boredom are impossible.

    No one in the last century could have, for example, imagined any aspect of the computer age, genetic engineering, super conductivity, fusion energy, or nanotechnology. Indeed, everyone was many layers of knowledge away from concepts needed to gain even a hint of the limitless bodies of radically new knowledge being created today. In fact, infinite knowledge upon knowledge will always be generated (rather than uncovered) forever into the future.

    The generation of new knowledge by human consciousness is the only force in the universe not predestined or limited by nature. Indeed, only consciousness can alter the fixed patterns of nature. That conscious alteration of nature's course creates totally new knowledge. And such new knowledge is beyond the finite knowledge available from nature unaltered by conscious minds. Thus, an open-ended, infinite, man-created new knowledge is forever generated without bounds or limits. Happy, exciting human life, therefore, can keep growing forever into the future.

  6. Achieving non-aging biological immortality presents technical, biological, medical, and scientific problems that are so complex and difficult that their solutions could be unknowable or, at best, remain unsolvable for centuries. False. While much is not known, nothing is unknowable to human consciousness. In a mystic-free society, the best minds will focus their attention in the most urgent, intense, and efficient manner to achieve biological immortality. For the value of conscious life will become recognized as the supreme value of the universe. Then, with broad-based intensity, all available resources and brains will mobilize toward forever preserving the supreme value of individual life. Out of those focused, unregulated efforts will evolve not one but several commercially competitive routes to biological immortality.


The third and final step in achieving biological immortality is understanding the requirements for achieving [A] personal prosperity and [B] personal freedom. In turn, achieving [A] and [B] is necessary to achieve [C] commercial biological immortality. The formula is [A] + [B] = [C]:

[A] Achieving Personal Power, Prosperity, and Happiness
(Neo-Tech delivers power, prosperity, happiness)

What is required to achieve personal power, prosperity, and happiness? What are the most valid, authoritative instructions for achieving success? Ironically, no such authoritative instructions for success can exist. No one can give personal success to another. But personal success can be guaranteed through Neo-Tech. For Neo-Tech is the essence of personal power, prosperity, happiness, and romantic love. Neo-Tech is profoundly different from any promulgated approach to life. Neo-Tech is the diametric opposite of the various varieties of inspirational, religious, authoritative, positive-thinking, Search-for-Excellence, and other guru, mystical, or "I'll-tell-you" approaches. Such approaches are based on follow-the-leader dictums. By contrast, only Neo-Tech is based on a negative -- on the elimination of mysticism -- on the curing of a disease.

Unlike the "follow-me", "I'll-show-the-way", and "I'll-give-to-you" approaches to life, Neo-Tech does not attempt to give that which cannot be given to anyone (i.e. personal success and happiness). Instead, Neo-Tech takes away that which can be taken from everyone (i.e. mysticism). Neo-Tech moves straight toward curing the disease of mysticism. Today, that destructive, eventually fatal disease afflicts human beings. Curing that disease will let everyone flourish naturally toward his or her unlimited potentials. By identifying and then eliminating mysticism in one's self, the following five advantages accrue:

  1. Gain fully integrated knowledge -- especially in competitive situations: With such knowledge, one gains unbeatable power and advantages over those clinging to foggy, inaccurate, unintegrated, mystic-tainted "knowledge".

  2. Think with maximum effectiveness -- free of mystical distortions: That freedom from mysticism permits the clearest thinking, the most effective decisions, and the most advantageous, efficacious actions. And such actions can always outflank and outcompete all mystical actions.

  3. Flourish towards one's growing potential: Unencumbered by debilitating mysticism, individuals will by nature fulfill their potentials for prosperity, happiness, and love.

  4. Seize control of one's own life and future: No one is more qualified than one's own self to determine how best to think, act, and live. Consciously or not, everyone alone chooses his or her own course through life. With Neo-Tech, one chooses to exert the effort and discipline to be honest, responsible, competent, in control. With mysticism, one chooses to default on that effort and discipline in favor of dishonesty, irresponsibility, incompetence, loss of control.

  5. Halt being deceived by mysticism and drained by neocheaters: Manipulating mystical illusions is the source of neocheating deception and power. Thus, recognizing and rejecting mysticism deprives neocheaters of their 2000-year-old tool to usurp values and power from the producers.

By nature, conscious beings can flourish toward their potential in achieving personal power, prosperity, happiness, and love. But few do. Why? Because for 3000 years essentially every human being has been afflicted to various degrees with mysticism. And mysticism is a disease that cuts a person off from his or her natural, conscious self and potential. At the same time, mysticism reorients a person's consciousness from a natural, healthy happiness and life to an unnatural, unhealthy suffering and death. But Neo-Tech can (1) cure the disease of mysticism within one's own self and (2) eliminate the harmful effects of mysticism and neocheating projected by others. ...Curing the disease of mysticism lets a person flourish to his or her potential power, prosperity, and happiness.

Personal success can never come from choices made by others, but only from one's own conscious choices. No one can think or live for another. No one can show another how to flourish and achieve abiding success. Only the individual alone is qualified -- and well qualified at that -- to learn how to flourish personally. Indeed, Neo-Tech never tells anyone what to do. Instead, it integrates reality and honesty to eliminate mysticism. And to the extent a person eliminates mysticism from his or her own self is the extent that person flourishes: The mystical-free state is the natural, healthy state for conscious beings. The mystical state is an unnatural, diseased state for conscious beings.

Free of mysticism, a person can rapidly gain competence, prosperity, and power. On building that prosperity and power, one increasingly values his or her life. And once one senses the insane evil and waste of unnecessary death, that person will reject death-oriented mysticism. With that rejection of mysticism, biological immortality becomes not only possible but mandatory.

[B] Achieving Personal Freedom
(Neo-Tech delivers a free, prosperous world)

What is required to achieve a free, prosperous world? Personal freedom is being free of force and usurpation from others. Lack of freedom prevents the motivation, research, development, and business needed to achieve commercial biological immortality. But contrary to most social and political notions, no person or group can give freedom or prosperity to individuals or society. Instead, one must take freedom by removing mysticism and neocheating from self and others. Indeed, collapsing the hoax of mysticism will deliver a free and prosperous world. Current politics or philosophies, however, cannot collapse that hoax. For they are only unintegrated fodder for the mystics and neocheaters. And such unintegrated fodder can be easily taken out of context and manipulated by professional mystics and neocheaters to their own parasitical, destructive ends.

Even the brilliant bodies of libertarian political ideas and Aristotelian/objectivist philosophical ideas are discouragingly ineffective in stopping professional mystics and neocheaters. All such good-sounding political and philosophical approaches failed because they were never integrated with business and the twin essence of mysticism: laziness and dishonesty. Instead, they simply exposed and attacked the various hydra-headed symptoms of mysticism and neocheating, never identifying or exorcising the essence of mysticism and neocheating.

By contrast, because of its fully integrated nature, Neo-Tech interlocks facts and knowledge into an inescapable web. Once captured in that web, those facts and knowledge can never be extricated by mystics or neocheaters for manipulation to their destructive ends. In the past, those deceptive manipulations allowed the mystics and neocheaters to survive and thrive. But today, against Neo-Tech, the mystics and neocheaters are helpless -- finished with no revival possibilities.

With fully integrated honesty, Neo-Tech garrotes dishonesty and laziness with steel-grip tenacity until mysticism and neocheating crumble. Thus, Neo-Tech chokes mystics and neocheaters until they strangle and crumble in webs of their own dishonesties.

By contrast, few political, psychological, or philosophical systems even mention dishonesty, laziness, or business as relevant. And none of those systems identify or integrate dishonesty and laziness as the essence of all that consciously harms human life. Thus, those idea systems remain as detached, out-of-context, non sequiturs available for easy manipulation by mystics and neocheaters -- even when those ideas clearly identify and vigorously attack various aspects of mysticism and neocheating.

Abiding freedom and prosperity can never be achieved through political or philosophical systems that are not fully integrated with effort, honesty, and value production versus laziness, dishonesty, and value destruction. For that reason, even the rational political ideas of libertarianism and the valid psychological and philosophical ideas of objectivism have made little progress against mysticism. For their ideas are unanchored, unintegrated parts of a whole that mystics and neocheaters can easily manipulate to survive and even flourish.

Paradoxically, that failure to integrate with the nature of effort and honesty may in certain cases be intentional: On close examination, one finds the most clever of all neocheaters are among certain authors of anti-mystical ideas and their ironically mystical blind-faith followers. For, by using valid anti-mystical ideas as out-of-context non sequiturs, those authors can effectively conceal their own mysticism while being lionized for their honesty and integrity in fighting irrationality. But all the while they are indulging their personal lives with closet mysticism. One can identify such authors as those who make no concerted effort to identify the links between mysticism, dishonesty, and laziness within their own work or personal lives. Such authors and their disciples seldom if ever link mysticism with its essence of dishonesty and laziness. For they do not want to identify their own mysticism -- their own dishonesty and laziness.

Without the inescapable, web-locking integrations of Neo-Tech, professional mystics and skilled neocheaters can easily manipulate, hide behind, and even profit from the most brilliant exposés and attacks aimed at them. That phenomenon is called the Breaker Morant syndrome after the Australian movie of the same name. That movie brilliantly and blatantly demonstrates the destructiveness of mysticism and political neocheaters.

How could anyone seeing that movie ever again accept mysticism and political neocheating? Because Breaker Morant, along with all other such ad hoc, anti-mystical statements, lacks integration with the essence of mysticism and neocheating. And again that essence is dishonesty and laziness. Thus such attacks on mysticism and neocheating present no problem to clever mystics and neocheaters. For their forte is to manipulate unintegrated ideas and true statements into deceptive non sequiturs. Specific examples of using valid ideas, facts, and truths as non sequiturs are provided in Appendix D titled, "Why Neo-Tech Succeeds When All other Idea Systems Fail".

Clever mystics and neocheaters thrive on Breaker Morant movies, libertarian politics, and objectivist philosophy. For mystics and neocheaters easily use those unintegrated attacks as decoys that give the appearance of something being done to eliminate the symptoms of mysticism and neocheating. With those decoys, professional mystics and neocheaters can keep spreading their destructive hoax as they have for 2000 years. They can continue outflanking such attacks, easily twisting unintegrated facts in perpetuating their mysticism and neocheating.

With the Breaker Morant movies along with libertarian politics and objectivist philosophies, the mystics and neocheaters are basically saying: "If those are your best shots, great. Fire away all you want. For we can survive forever under such attacks, so long as you never integrate your attacks with our twin essence of dishonesty and laziness. ...Indeed, with you also deceptively hiding your own laziness and dishonesty, we are together as secret soulmates. We are comrades. So long live mysticism. We all need mysticism to survive!"

But, by integrating with that twin essence, Neo-Tech is systematically moving mysticism and neocheating toward their demise. Indeed, with Neo-Tech, mysticism and neocheating for the first time in history are doomed. ...With Neo-Tech, the disease of mysticism is cured -- a prosperous, happy world free of mystics and neocheaters is guaranteed forever.

The Vehicle to Biological Immortality is Business

Business is the highest evolution of consciousness, responsibility, and morality. No other living organism is even remotely able to function on a business level. The essences of business are honesty, effort, responsibility, integration, abstraction, conceptualization, objectivity, long-range planning, discipline, thought, control. Business creates essentially every major human value, ranging from the development of consciousness, language, mathematics, the arts, up to the electronic and biogenic revolutions. And now, from business comes Neo-Tech, the cure for mysticism and the key to commercial biological immortality.

Neo-Tech I-V is a fully integrated system of ideas and values that is penetrating the public arena around the world through competitive business dynamics. By subjecting Neo-Tech to harsh business disciplines, its ideas rapidly reach markets far beyond small circles of elitists and academe. Without being subject to the intense, disciplined efforts of business and marketing, Neo-Tech would have languished unrecognized and undeveloped perhaps for centuries, trapped in those small, closed circles of less-evolved, nonbusiness intellectuals. But by jumping in the front trenches and applying hard-nosed business and marketing disciplines, the extraordinary practical benefits of Neo-Tech are becoming known to millions of honest working men and women around the world. And marketing through a high-effort, high-discipline business structure provides fast, efficient distribution of Neo-Tech values, ideas, and advantages worldwide.

Until now, the most widely circulated system of ideas has been the Holy Bible. But biblical ideas can be and are mystically and malevolently destructive. For centuries, biblical ideas have provided the philosophical ammunition to diminish happiness, drain prosperity, and neocheat productive people on a grand scale.

By contrast, Neo-Tech ideas benefit everyone by providing the practical tools to eliminate mysticism and neocheating -- to enhance the life of everyone. Thus, life-enhancing Neo-Tech ideas will increasingly replace life-diminishing biblical or mystical ideas as the source of philosophical values for all honest, productive people -- for all people who count. That, in turn, will establish the social, political, and business conditions needed to achieve youth-rejuvenating immortality.

[C] Achieving Biological Immortality in our Lifetime

What is required to achieve biological immortality in our lifetime? Ironically, the various life-extension and quasi immortality approaches will not accomplish that goal and can actually retard its achievement. For those approaches themselves are often mystical, especially faddish nutritional/vitamin and wishful-thinking cryonic approaches. Such approaches serve as decoys, deflecting attention away from the anti-mystical requirements needed to achieve commercial biological immortality. Indeed, biological immortality can be quickly accomplished only after eliminating mysticism. Thus, the fully integrated honesty spawned by Neo-Tech is essential for collapsing the 2000-year hoax of mysticism. Moreover, only through integrated honesty can people become happy enough to want passionately to live forever.

Within any society free of mysticism and neocheating, the supreme value of conscious human life and commercial biological immortality would become manifestly evident. At that point, the most efficient deployment of brain power and financial resources would be focused directly on achieving youth-rejuvenating immortality as quickly as possible. And at today's level of knowledge and technology combined with Neo-Tech, the goal of biological immortality could be accomplished within a decade by several independent routes, including various nanotechnologies and other routes outlined in Neo-Tech V.

The Point of Biological Immortality

To exist forever as a living organism is not the point of biological immortality. The point is to live forever as a growing, conscious being. With that being the point, the purpose of biological immortality is clear and simple -- to experience growing happiness forever. ...Consider the following five items:
1) Conscious individuals in a mystic-free world can forever create new knowledge as demonstrated in dispelling Myth #5 (page 424) that living forever would be boring.
2) The value of life is measured in terms of both current happiness and potential for future happiness.
3) Increasing current and future happiness is linked to increasing one's control over nature. That increasing control over nature lets one produce rational values for self and others with increasing efficacy and power.
4) Increasing efficacy and power is dependent on developing and using new knowledge free of mysticism.
5) Since knowledge is built upon knowledge, availability of new knowledge is limitless. Thus, with time, mystic-free conscious beings gain ever greater knowledge and power. With increasing time and knowledge, therefore, mystic-free conscious life becomes evermore valuable and happy.

Forever preserving one's growing value and happiness is not only the purpose of biological immortality, but is the prime moral responsibility of each conscious being. Because new knowledge forever develops in a mystic-free world, conscious beings can with biological immortality forever experience expanding value production and happiness. For, with such value production, happiness can expand endlessly into never-before-known realms of pleasure, knowledge, and accomplishments.


The achievement of youth-rejuvenating immortality is possible well within most of our lifetimes. But that achievement depends on collapsing the 2000-year hoax of mysticism and eliminating neocheaters. Various quasi-immortality approaches such as life-extension health regimens may at best offer some health-awareness benefits. But those approaches obscure the need to eliminate mysticism in order to achieve commercial biological immortality. In fact, many life-extension approaches, especially the nutritional/vitamin approaches are themselves mystical. For those approaches usurp scientific credibility with non-sequitur, unscientific, out-of-context, empirical information. Such approaches contradict the requirements for achieving biological immortality.

Likewise, the various mystical, non-sequitur, positive-thinking, and Search-For-Excellence approaches undermine the achievement of personal success and happiness. For personal success and happiness require identifying, attacking, and then eliminating mysticism within one's personal self. In addition, the non-sequitur nature of most libertarian-political, objectivist-philosophical approaches undermines achieving a free and prosperous world. In all cases, the elimination of mysticism and neocheating requires a constant focus on identifying and integrating their twin essence of laziness and dishonesty.

Achieving personal success and happiness in a free, prosperous world is a requisite for achieving commercial Biological Immortality. Together, those requisites require the eradication of a single negative -- the disease of mysticism with its symptomatic 2000-year reign of neocheaters.

But today, through the Neo-Tech Discovery, the essence of mysticism and neocheating has been fully and integrally identified for the first time in history. That essence is laziness and dishonesty. Aiming directly at that twin essence, Neo-Tech provides both the diagnosis and cure for the disease of mysticism. Through Neo-Tech, the worldwide collapse of mysticism has begun. Concomitantly, the powerful rule of effort and honesty through the competitive dynamics of Neo-Tech business is already pushing back the rule of deception and force by mystics and neocheaters. ...Business is the antithesis of mysticism. And honest business people are the antithesis of dishonest mystics and neocheaters.

With the collapse of mysticism, the supreme value of conscious life will soar above all else. At the same time, the quintessential commercial product, Youth-Rejuvenating Immortality, will become stunningly obvious. And with that supreme valuation of conscious life combined with the collapse of mysticism, full mobilization efforts to develop commercial biological immortality will begin. All viable scientific, technical, and medical efforts will be directed into a rainbow of competitive products that will hurl mankind toward commercial biological immortality. With today's knowledge of Neo-Tech combined with our current level of technology and the free-market mobilization of commercial efforts, biological immortality could be available to everyone in a decade or less.

People must earn full-scale prosperity to love life and experience happiness with enough passion to motivate rapid, full-scale development of youth-rejuvenating immortality. Neo-Tech will trigger that full-scale prosperity through competition. And that competition will free millions of productive individuals around the world from both the fatal disease of mysticism and the value-destroying chains of neocheating. Once free, all value producers will flourish naturally toward open-ended prosperity, happiness, and values. They will flourish by (1) collapsing mysticism, (2) rejecting false guilt for living productively and fully, and thus (3) rendering all neocheaters impotent. That, in turn, will unlock the needed motivation to develop commercial biological immortality rapidly -- within a few years.

* * *

The entire purpose of biological immortality is to experience ever increasing happiness -- to experience future realms of the joys, pleasures, and happiness available only from conscious life. Such forever-unfolding happiness is available to every conscious being living in a mystic-free world of forever-evolving knowledge, adventure, and achievement.


[ 25 ] Mysticism began with the discovery of the conscious mind 3000 years ago. But manipulation of mysticism by neocheaters did not begin on a major scale until the development of Christian guilt 2000 years ago.

[ 26 ] Soul as used in Neo-Tech means the essence of one's conscious self and has no mystical connotations.

[ 27 ] Life-after-death myths range from heaven and reincarnation incantations to scientific-cloaked cryonic speculations.

[ 28 ] In 1899, U. S. Patent Office Director, Charles H. Duall, stated, "Everything that can be invented has been invented."

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