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Historic View
of the
Neo-Tech Discovery
(Unaltered from the original 1986 Edition)

Neo-Tech is Dedicated to
The Producer of Values

You are the good, the innocent. Yet, throughout history, you have been defrauded of your earned prosperity and happiness. You have been victimized by the politicians, bureaucrats, theologians, pseudo intellectuals, and the white-collar hoax. For they live off your efforts, repaying you only with falsehoods, unearned guilt, and demands for sacrifice. In your innocence, you have unnecessarily accepted their frauds, usurpations, and abuses. Without Neo-Tech, you could never know with certitude that you, not they, are potent and hold the power to control life. But now, with Neo-Tech, you can forever break free from their hoaxes and usurpations designed to live off your efforts. You can take what all honest and productive human beings have rightfully earned, but seldom take: A guiltless life of prosperity, love, and happiness.

Neo-Tech is dedicated to you and to the discovery of the prosperity and happiness that belong to you.

Neo-Tech forever dispels ignorance in curing the disease of mysticism and eliminating its symbiotic neocheaters. Once cured, a person flourishes naturally and easily to guiltless prosperity and abiding happiness. Once free from mysticism and neocheating, a person seizes iron-grip control of both the present and future to prosper forever. ...Once armed with Neo-Tech knowledge, a person overpowers all mysticism and neocheating that tries to harm or diminish his or her life.



For nearly 2000 years, master neocheaters have manipulated the destructive forces of mysticism to drain power and prosperity from all honest men and women. But today, for the first time in history, a newly discovered idea system called Neo-Tech reveals and eliminates those destructive forces while releasing a stream of intellectual, psychological, and material advantages. Neo-Tech integrations deliver emotional and material benefits to everyone. Indeed, anyone can use the Neo-Tech concepts to guiltlessly increase his or her wealth and happiness -- now and forever into the future.

Furthermore, the Neo-Tech concepts can free any individual from all who waste one's time, from all who work against one's best interests, from all neocheaters and mystics who use non sequiturs[ 1 ] to diminish the lives of others. The Neo-Tech concepts provide the ways and means to limitless prosperity and happiness.


The integration of philosophy with psychology, physiology, and the material world is crucial not only to the Neo-Tech concepts, but to every individual on this planet. Yet, that key role of philosophy has until today remained essentially unrecognized by all the populations of this world. Why? The answer is below:


The philosopher's job is to provide human beings with practical tools for dealing with reality in order to live easier, more prosperous, happier lives. But almost all philosophers throughout history have defaulted in their responsibility and failed in their job. Indeed, most philosophers have done all in their power to make life for human beings not easier and happier, but more difficult and unhappy by obscuring reality. As a result, almost everyone rejects the practicality of philosophy. Thus, almost no one recognizes the potential of this mighty tool.

Few people can formulate integrated philosophical systems on their own. Moreover, few people have the knowledge to reject or even identify the neocheaters and mystics who implicitly use philosophy to drain the lives of others. ...The first step in dismissing the mystics and neocheaters is to recognize that only two basic philosophical systems or choices exist:

One system arises from a mystical/altruistic premise that individuals should be sacrificed either to others or to "higher" causes. The father of the criminal mind, Greek philosopher Plato (427 B.C. - 347 B.C.), identified and developed that system. Throughout history, all governments, religions, and neocheaters have implicitly used Plato's philosophy to usurp unearned power and values from innocent value producers.

The other philosophical system arises from a reality/self-interest premise that the individual is the highest value in the universe. The father of the business mind, Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 B.C. - 322 B.C.), identified and developed that system.

Neo-Tech identifies both the Platonistic and the Aristotelian philosophical systems and then demonstrates how and why Neo-Tech guarantees prosperity and happiness. Neo-Tech (fully integrated honesty) shows how anyone can switch from being a loser with a mystical/Platonistic approach to being a winner with a Neo-Tech/Aristotelian approach.


The Neo-Tech concepts deliver the psychological tools needed to achieve guiltless profits, power, and happiness. In addition, those concepts expose the deceptions of mysticism and neutralize the harm of neocheaters.


The Neo-Tech concepts also integrate a wide range of physiological discoveries including diet and physical fitness into a forward-march position that leads to increasing pleasures and happiness.


By reading the following definitions, a person will understand how the manipulation of mysticism in others is the common bond linking all neocheaters: Now, for the first time, heads of states, religious leaders, elegant con artists, Mafia dons, most attorneys, some Nobel-prize laureates, many leading academe, certain well-known media personalities, certain entertainment people, some bankers, and even certain business people (e.g., white-collar hoax executives) are inextricably linked as soul mates. They all live by attacking the competitive value producer, competitive business, and competitive products. Yet, they themselves live uncompetitively, producing no long-range, net benefits for others or society. In other words, those people live as neocheaters or as just plain cheaters by usurping, attacking, undermining, and destroying values produced by others. ...Neo-Tech ends that secret, parasitical bond by forever dissolving the chains of mysticism and its mind-created "realities".


Neo-Tech can guide anyone to increased prosperity and happiness. But for full benefits, a person must understand the following key concepts and words used throughout Neo-Tech:


Neo-Tech is a noun or adjective meaning fully integrated honesty. Neo-Tech allows the guiltless creation of earned power, prosperity, and romantic love:

Neo-Tech is a collection of "new techniques" or "new technology" that lets one know exactly what is happening and what to do for gaining honest advantages in all situations. That technology is needed to be competent -- to guiltlessly and honestly obtain the wealth and happiness available to everyone but achieved by so few. Neo-Tech provides the power to profit in every situation by nullifying neocheating and mysticism not only in others but within one's own self. Indeed, Neo-Tech eliminates the harm of all mystics, false authorities, neocheaters, and their infinite array of deceptions. Neo-Tech lets a person gather all power unto his or her own self while rendering mystics and neocheaters impotent.

With Neo-Tech, all effort is directed toward achieving fully integrated honesty needed to act in concert with reality. With mysticism, all effort is directed toward rationalizing non sequiturs or deceptions needed to satisfy some feeling, wish, or whim arising from one's self-created "reality" or some external "authority". ...Neo-Tech is rooted in effort, objective reality, and value production. Mysticism, by contrast, is rooted in laziness, random nothingness, and value destruction.

Neo-Tech is health. Mysticism is sickness. Neo-Tech is the opposite of mysticism. Neo-Tech heralds the end of mysticism and its symbiotic neocheaters.


The Neo-Tech concepts provide man's most powerful thinking tools. Those tools efficiently deliver prosperity, happiness, and romantic love to everyone who uses them consistently. The Neo-Tech concepts also provide the tools for effectively eliminating mysticism. In addition, those tools effectively squelch all neocheaters.


Psychuous (SIGH-kyü-uhs) is a new word describing integrations that combine the activities of the mind, emotions, and body to continually increase prosperity, happiness, and romantic love.

Psychuous Pleasures is the cessation of conflict among the mind, body, emotions by reconciling philosophy, psychology, and physiology so one's own actions harmoniously serve the material, emotional, and biological needs of the human organism. Using psychuous concepts, one experiences exquisite, lasting pleasures unknown to others.

Psychuous Sex is a fully integrated, rational approach to sexuality. Harnessing one's sexual potential through Neo-Tech is rewarded with increased happiness, romantic love, and psychuous pleasures.


Neo-Tech reveals a new set of concepts: Psychuous Concepts. Those concepts integrate prosperity, love, and reality with a person's physical, psychological, and intellectual nature. By understanding and utilizing the Psychuous Concepts, a person can experience great pleasures with guaranteed prosperity and happiness -- for life.

And "for life" means exactly that: for a person's entire life. The human mind is an organism that does not age if kept disease free -- if kept free of mysticism. Since the mystic-free human mind can grow forever, psychuous pleasures have no limits. But growth of the mind is not automatic. Instead, growth requires conscious effort. When a person defaults on that effort, his or her mind stops growing. When intellectual growth stops, the capacity for happiness and pleasure begins shrinking -- the individual begins dying.

Moreover, human aging is a process of deterioration. Growth is the opposite of deterioration. Only when growth stops can aging begin. The human mind never has to stop growing. In fact, human life itself may never need to age. No scientific evidence dictates that a person has to age and die. Indeed, a person may be able to live indefinitely under fully integrated, fully rational, physical, psychological, intellectual, and emotional conditions. Before Neo-Tech, those conditions were never available or possible.


Sensuous relates to the five physical senses -- touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Sensuous is associated with the pleasurable gratification of one or more of those physical senses. Neo-Tech expands the meaning of sensuous to capture the essence of pleasure by including and integrating the most potent dimension: the pleasurable gratification of the human mind. That gratification includes the harmonious agreement of a person's love life with that person's material, intellectual, and emotional well-being. ...The word for that expanded meaning of sensuous is psychuous.

The conscious mind is the ultimate organ for experiencing pleasures, including sexual pleasures. The mind integrates all pleasures with all that a person is, does, and thinks. The mind is the organism that offers unlimited pleasure and happiness.


In Neo-Tech, the meaning of sex includes intercourse as a series of highlights along a vast range of sexually rooted experiences and emotions. Indeed, the meaning of sex in Neo-Tech encompasses all sexual influences (often hidden but powerful) that weave through each person's life.

Ironically, sexual influences dominate most the lives of those who pretend to shun or repudiate the pleasure of sex (e.g., mystical celibates, religious ascetics, guilt-projecting preachers). Their very acts of avoiding or attacking sexual pleasure leave their lives far more dominated by sex than those who accept the responsibility of earning healthy, confident sex lives.


The essence of conscious life is control -- the ability to control one's present and future. Conscious life is the only entity in the universe that can control nature and future events. That control is possible to the extent that mysticism is absent and Neo-Tech is present. A person in control is happy and will prosper. A person out of control is unhappy and will fail. Neo-Tech puts a person in control.


Three types of love exist: (1) sexual romantic love, (2) nonsexual friendship and family love, and (3) intellectual/artistic love. Contrary to myth, love is not inexplicable or beyond understanding. Love can be exactly defined and clearly understood.

Romantic love integrates the mind and body of a man and a woman. That integration includes the emotional/intellectual development of values between that man and woman. Such a complex relationship requires planned, rational thought by each partner. Romantic love is one of life's most important and practical achievements: Romantic love is a major source of personal growth, efficient living, happiness, joy, and pleasure.

Yet romantic love is often dismissed as blind, mindless, irrational, immature, transitory, impractical. But the opposite is true. And similar false notions have led to the misunderstanding of words such as "romantic", "romanticism", and the "Romantic era". How did those false notions begin? "Romantic" and its related words originally implied freedom, individuality, and rational ideals based on integrated honesty...not irrational whims based on mystical illusions. But over the years, the concept of romanticism became inverted by the mystics and falsely associated with the irrationalists and the sentimentalists of the 19th Century Romantic Period.

Philosophers, poets, writers, and artists, such as Rousseau, Wordsworth, Blake, and Van Gogh, were considered romanticists. But they were not romanticists at all. They were existentialists, mystics, and sentimentalists who basked in the intellectual and political freedom of romanticism. The actual romanticists were individuals like Spencer, Hugo, Chopin, Gould, Edison (and earlier romanticists like Aquinas, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and other honest thinking, hard-working idealists). Such individuals created every major value since the Renaissance. Yet, while they were sometimes considered rationalists or even idealists, they were seldom considered romanticists as they actually were.

The "Oxford English Dictionary" traces the usage of "romance", "romanticism", and other words whose meanings today are distorted or inverted. Etymologies trace those distortions as far back as the 17th and 18th Centuries. Such word distortions diminish the thinking tools needed to understand and implement the most important and powerful human actions. But the Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts return the word "romantic" and other important words to their accurate meanings that render the neocheaters impotent.

Romantic love involves an emotional, intellectual, and sexual involvement with another person. And romantic love offers the deepest of all happiness and the greatest of all pleasures.[ 2 ] But as with all major values, romantic love is not automatic. Romantic love must be earned through rational thought and planned effort. And then, that love must be maintained and expanded through constant honest effort -- through constant discipline, thought, and control (the DTC method).

Through the ages, civilizations, and cultures, women seek in men a single attribute, however interpreted. That attribute is strength. ...Neo-Tech delivers maximum strength to every human being.


Mysticism is defined as: 1. Any mental or physical attempt to recreate, evade, or alter reality through dishonesty, rationalizations, non sequiturs, emotions, deceptions, or force. 2. Any attempt to use the mind to create reality rather than to identify and integrate reality.

Mysticism is a disease -- an epistemological disease that progressively undermines one's capacity to think, to identify reality, to live competently. Mysticism is also a collective disease that affects everyone who looks toward others, or the group, or the leader for solutions to his or her own problems and responsibilities. The symptoms of mysticism are dishonest communication, out-of-context assertions or attacks, use of non sequiturs, rationalizations, jumbled or nonintegrated thinking -- all leading to mind-created "realities". Those symptoms are most commonly exhibited by neocheating politicians, clergymen, union leaders, lawyers, media commentators, university professors, entertainment personalities. Such public neocheaters are the Typhoid-Mary spreaders of mysticism. In fact, through the ages, the most virulent spreaders of mysticism have been those neocheaters who wangle respect and values from the value producers of this world.

Mysticism is a disease that blocks integrated thinking and brings stupidities through mind-created "realities". But mysticism is also the tool that neocheaters use to justify or rationalize the use of force, fraud, or dishonesty to usurp values from the producers. For example, mind-created "realities" are used to create false standards and guilt designed to beguile individuals into surrendering their earned values, power, and happiness.

Mysticism is a rebellion against life, effort, and the conscious mind. Mysticism leaves people with sour bureaucratic faces and is the neocheater's tool for plundering the value producers.

Mysticism is the only disease of the conscious mind. But as with drugs and alcohol, mysticism is seductively comfortable, like a warm, old friend -- until the destructive consequences and hangovers manifest themselves.

Mysticism is based on a false and destructive idea: the primacy of emotions over reality. ...Mysticism is the opposite of Neo-Tech. The mind-created "realities" of mysticism eventually render all life unto death.

Neocheating is defined as: Any intentional use of mysticism designed to create mind "realities" or false illusions in order to extract values from others. Neocheating is the technique for expropriating unearned money or power by manipulating mysticism in others. Neocheating is the means by which all politicians, clergymen, union leaders, many journalists, many academe, and most lawyers usurp power and values from the innocent producers.


Mystics violate ethics and morality. For, mystics purposely harm their own and other people's lives. By choosing to evade or fake reality, they undermine their ability to identify and integrate reality, to think clearly, to produce values, to live competitively -- to survive. As a result, they increasingly lay responsibilities for their well-beings onto others. Thus, they routinely lay blame or guilt on others for their own problems and failures. ...Everyone must resist, must fight mysticism both from within and from without. Those who surrender -- quit resisting, quit fighting -- allow mysticism to take over their lives. When that happens, they become a part of the unhappy, dishonest world of mystics and neocheaters.

Mystics and nonmystics can and often do share similar problems, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The difference is that the nonmystic will (1) take responsibility for his or her own problems and (2) reject the destructive notion that "realities" spun from the mind can replace objective reality. On the other hand, mystics will (1) avoid the responsibility, effort, and honesty needed to identify and integrate reality and (2) use their feelings or imaginations to recreate "new realities". They attempt to fill their desires the "easy", mystical way. But the mystical way is unreal -- the hard way that never works.

Mystics make problems where none exist. They focus on the visible symptoms to avoid identifying the hidden mystical source of their problems. They make "realities" out of what they feel, think, wish, or want rather than on what actually is or exists. Thus, they blind themselves to what is happening and become increasingly incompetent. They are irresponsible, immature people. As a result, they cannot achieve the major values of life: genuine prosperity, romantic love, abiding happiness. Mystics avoid the responsibility of a conscious being and, thus, miss the rewards of life.

As pervasively evident throughout TV network news, many involved in media journalism are profoundly dishonest manipulators of mysticism who live by purposely creating problems where none exist. They do that by dishonestly attacking and undermining values to gain unearned power and values. Many are consummate neocheaters who find the media the easiest, most effective format for mass deception, unearned power, and bogus livelihoods.

Neocheaters do more than violate ethics and morality. They constantly try to expand their usurpations of values by manipulating mystical illusions and non sequiturs. Moreover, neocheaters design their illusions to present themselves as the benefactors of society. At the same time, they enviously present the real producers (e.g., aggressively competitive entrepreneurs, innovators, business people, industrialists) as the malefactors of society.

But the opposite is true: The neocheaters are the mean, the guilty, the malefactors of society. And the value producers are the compassionate, the innocent, the benefactors of society. Yet, as long as most people allow themselves to accept mystical illusions and inversions of facts, the neocheaters will keep usurping values and escalating their destructions.

Some neocheaters usurp credibility by exploiting popular causes that sound good -- causes that in proper context may be noble if handled honestly. Examples include the environment, nutrition, health, animal rights, human rights, peace. But neocheaters exploit such causes to usurp credibility and power in order to attack competent producers, their honest businesses, and their valuable products. ...The two-headed essence of all mystics and neocheaters is dishonesty and laziness.

Other neocheaters (politicians, clergymen, many journalists and academe) survive by attacking values, businesses, producers, and earned profits as enemies. They attack by making those who create genuine values for others appear as guilty and wrong. Simultaneously, they live by promoting mysticism, altruism, external "authority", collectivism as friends. They promote those destructive forces by making them appear innocent and right.

Mysticism is central to the neocheater's ability to thrive by attacking values. For only through mysticism would anyone accept the neocheater's upside-down world of undermining, attacking, and destroying values.

Mysticism yields actions based on what one feels, wishes, wants, or imagines rather than on what actually exists right in front of that person. That is why professional mystics and other neocheaters can easily manipulate people: they manipulate them through their mysticisms. Neocheaters manipulate infinite arrays of mysticisms to usurp values earned by others. As a result, the professional mystics and other neocheaters eventually destroy all values of life, love, and happiness for themselves and everyone involved with them.

Nonmystics are innocent and moral. They accept the discipline and responsibility to think and act with integrated consistency. They support themselves by producing competitive values for others. With a loyalty to honesty, they act in concert with reality. They are evolved, honest people. They strive to fully integrate their words and actions with reality, regardless of anyone's dogma, dictates, or opinions. As a result, nonmystics benefit everyone and society.

The mystic's life is basically irrational and unhappy with perhaps some scattered islands of rationality and happiness. By contrast, the nonmystic's life is basically rational and happy with perhaps some scattered islands of irrationality and unhappiness.

Turning to one's inner self, mystics find unhappiness, anxiety, and hatred. Whereas nonmystics find happiness, equanimity, and love.


Consciousness allows human beings to escape the automatic controls of nature. At the same time, only through consciousness can a person be subjective and mystical. Thus, only through consciousness, can a person choose to act in discord with nature. Unlike all other animals, conscious beings can choose to act better or worse than their nature to benefit or harm themselves and others. Choosing to deny or contradict nature or reality is mysticism, which is an unnatural, irresponsible abuse of the conscious mind. But, conscious beings can also choose to act better than their nature to gain power and advantages over all else in the universe. Because consciousness allows choices and actions beyond preset nature, only human beings can choose to be honest or deceptive, objective or mystical, responsible or irresponsible, competent or incompetent, striving or lazy, productive or destructive, beneficial or harmful, noble or evil. ...With consciousness, anyone can choose either alternative at any time.

All other animals have no choice but to automatically respond to nature. They cannot be deceptive, irresponsible, mystical, or purposely harmful to themselves and others. They have no such choices, thus, they bear no responsibility for their actions. ...Animals cannot be mystical, dishonest, or self-destructive.

With consciousness, only human beings can freely choose to live better or worse than their natures.

Free choice determines the future of all human beings: Through mystical choices, people diminish themselves and their potentials to live happy lives. But through Neo-Tech choices, people reject mystical choices. Thus, in turn, they prosper and live happily, far beyond nature's preset course. In fact, only by choosing the integrated effort of Neo-Tech over the automatic laziness of mysticism can people build lasting prosperity and happiness.


The choice between exerting effort or defaulting to laziness determines the course of all important human actions. The three choices constantly confronting every human being are to (1) exert integrated effort, (2) default to camouflaged laziness, or (3) act somewhere in between.

The choice to exert integrated effort or to default to camouflaged laziness is the key choice that determines the character, competence, and future of every human being. That crucial choice must be made by everyone, continually, throughout life. ...That key choice determines the:

  1. direction of an infant's life beginning at the first moment of consciousness.
  2. development of a child's implicit nascent philosophy which determines that child's developing psychology.
  3. development of an adult's implicit and explicit philosophy which develops that person's psychology to determine the quality of his or her life.
  4. philosophies that guide entire nations, eras, and civilizations with the resulting cultures, economies, and degrees of enlightenment or darkness.
  5. evolvement or regression of human consciousness, power, prosperity, happiness, and love.
  6. prosperous survival or eventual destruction of human life on this planet.
  7. development or rejection of youth-perpetuating biological immortality.

That same key choice determined the direction of all original philosophers: For example, the prime immoral philosophers, Plato and Kant, chose to formulate sweeping, out-of-context abstractions in conjuring up all-encompassing mystical idea systems that were "validated" with brilliantly deceptive inner logic. Thus, their basic choice was a default to laziness. For they chose the neocheater's "shortcut" to unearned power or "greatness" by formulating out-of-context, non-sequitur, "higher-cause" philosophies.

Such specious philosophies are designed to assault the supreme value of the conscious mind. Their destructive, death-oriented "greatness" contrasts sharply to the productive, life-oriented greatness of the prime moral philosophers: Aristotle and Rand. For, those moral philosophers chose to exert hard efforts and fully integrated honesty to build full-context, rationally integrated systems of universal value for all people of all times.

Those choosing to live through automatic laziness survive by usurping or attacking values produced by others. Those usurpers and attackers include essentially all politicians and theologians as well as many dishonest professionals, attorneys, psychologists, academics, elitists, journalists, philosophers. Well-known usurpers and attackers of values include Plato, Hitler, Stalin, FDR, the Pope, Al Capone, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Ralph Nader, Jesse Helms. By contrast, those who choose to live through integrated effort can thrive by producing or building values for others. Those producers include working people, business people, industrialists, scientists as well as honest professionals, artists, musicians, philosophers. Well-known value producers include Aristotle, Ray Kroc, Henry Ford, Edison, Einstein, Pierre S. du Pont, Andrew Carnegie, Jay Gould, Galileo, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Ayn Rand.

That choice between laziness and effort determines if one becomes an unhappy destroyer of values or a happy producer of values.


Business is the competitive development, production, and marketing of values that benefits others. Any and every aspect of business succeeds to the extent that effort, thinking, planning, and action are free of mysticism...or fails to the extent that mysticism is injected into any decision. Business ultimately flourishes in the absence of mysticism or dies in the presence of mysticism. Mysticism is the creating of problems where none exist; business is the solving of problems wherever they do exist. Mysticism represents stagnation and death; business represents growth and life. Mysticism is nonbusiness; business is nonmysticism.

Since the early days of Phoenician commerce, envious mystics and destructive neocheaters have striven to besmirch the value producers, their business enterprises, and their competitive products. Legions of pseudo-intellectuals, say-much/do-little underachievers, envious nonproducers, and mystic-manipulating neocheaters, especially in the media and academe, constantly attack businesses and their creators. With specious pejoratives, the attackers imply that business people lack care, humanity, compassion, social concerns. Such implications are opposite of the facts. Indeed, only through business and its creators do societies advance and individuals prosper.

Hiding behind their altruistic platitudes, neocheaters and mystics are the ones who default on productive effort, do not care, and lack humanity, compassion, social concerns. For all they can do is cleverly attack values. And their attacks are designed to undermine those heroic efforts required to competitively produce jobs and values for others. Indeed, the mystics and neocheaters strive desperately to conceal the intellectually superior nature of business -- the universally beneficial, cheerfully benevolent, nonmystical nature of business. For business is the antithesis of mysticism, the epitome of rationality and morality, and the furthest evolvement of human intellect.

Business is the highest evolution of consciousness, responsibility, and morality. No other animal is even remotely able to function on a business level. The essences of business are fully integrated honesty, responsibility, integration, abstraction, objectivity, long-range planning, effort, discipline, thought, control. Business creates essentially every major human value, ranging from the development of language, mathematics, the arts, and all commercial breakthroughs up to the electronic revolution...and now finally, Neo-Tech.

I & O Publishing Company is the first company to successfully inject a fully integrated system of ideas and values directly into the stream of public thinking and action. That successful, efficient injection is done by subjecting Neo-Tech to organized business disciplines in markets far beyond the small, closed circles of elitists and academics.

Without being subject to the intense, disciplined efforts of business and marketing, Neo-Tech would have languished undeveloped, perhaps for centuries, trapped in those small, closed circles of less-evolved, nonbusiness intellectuals. But by applying hard-nosed business disciplines to marketing Neo-Tech, I & O Publishing Company demonstrates in real life the extraordinary, practical benefits of Neo-Tech to every human being. Marketing Neo-Tech through a high-effort, business structure provides the fastest, most efficient distribution of Neo-Tech advantages to every value producer in this world.

Until now, the most widely circulated system of ideas has been the Holy Bible. But its ideas are mystical, dishonest, malevolent, destructive, and for centuries have provided the philosophical ammunition to diminish happiness, drain prosperity, and neocheat productive people on a grand scale. By contrast, Neo-Tech Cosmic Power benefits all honest people. Its ideas are objective, honest, benevolent, productive. Neo-Tech provides the practical tools to eliminate mysticism and neocheating throughout the world while enhancing prosperity and happiness for everyone. For that reason, life-enhancing Neo-Tech ideas will increasingly replace life-diminishing mystical ideas as the source of philosophical standards and values for all honest, productive people -- for all people who count.

Business people create values through intellectual efforts involving the widest-range integration of facts and knowledge. Successful, growing businesses always require honest long-term planning combined with constant integration of time with effort. ...Few people have any idea or appreciation of the constant, hard-driving effort and difficult integrations required for a businessman to create and maintain honest, value-producing jobs for others.

By contrast, professional mystics and neocheaters avoid all such long-range, wide-scope, integration efforts. Instead, they operate on a dishonest, anti-intellectual level -- on spurious, out-of-context terms in attacking producers with slander, libel, force, coercion, and false guilt in order to usurp values from those value producers.

The master neocheaters gain power by constant destruction of values rather than by production of values. To realize that fact, a person needs only to examine the words of any Hitler, Pope, charismatic politician, network anchorman, high-profile humanities professor, or advanced-degreed underachiever. Their essential words are always in a negative mode or an envious attack mode. They rise in power not by the long, hard, rational efforts that build competitive values wanted by others. Instead, they garner power by glib, negative attacks that undermine the producers and their values. ...That fact becomes obvious on comparing the words of honest business people to those of neocheating media people.

Mystics and neocheaters are guilty losers who harm everyone. But business people, especially the essence-moving entrepreneurial type, are innocent winners who benefit everyone. Honest business people do not even know how to think, talk, or operate in the destructive, out-of-context, envious attack modes of mystics and neocheaters. Instead, such business people cheerfully focus on integrating reality -- on benefiting others by creating and trading values. Without Neo-Tech, however, those business people are unable to protect themselves from the neocheaters' destructive ideas and actions.

Master neocheaters rise above others without earning their way -- without exerting the long-term, hard-integration efforts needed to build values for others. By nature, neocheaters are dishonest, unproductive, hostile, immoral, guilty. They have no genuine power. By contrast, business-minded people are honest, productive, benevolent, moral, innocent. Such business-minded people are the only source of genuine power and prosperity in the universe.

Two worlds exist: One world is that of the mystics, neocheaters, master mystics, and master neocheaters along with all their duped victims and followers. That unhappy, sour world is for the living dead -- for those who choose to (1) detach themselves from reality, (2) remain ignorant of reality and what is actually occurring, (3) survive by usurping values from others. That destructive world consists not only of lethargic mystics but of aggressively active, master neocheaters with their minions and followers. Such neocheaters stage furious but meaningless or destructive activities in their need to appear busy and important to themselves and others. ...The world of mystics and neocheaters is destructive, unhappy, meaningless.

The other world belongs to the value producers. That happy, cheerful world is created by individuals who prosper by producing values for others. That purposeful, active world consists of those workers, business people, industrialists, professionals, artists who produce more than they consume. The world of value producers is exciting, prosperous, meaningful.

The integrated efforts of value producers such as businessmen are directed toward supporting or building values for others. In sharp contrast, the efforts of neocheaters are directed toward attacking or usurping values from others. Master neocheaters are manipulative and destructive in their every action ranging from political summits to papal tours. Such neocheaters include not only politicians and clergymen but those say-much, do-little academe who conceal their lack of value by constantly flaunting credentials to impress themselves and others. On establishing specious credibility, those neocheaters extract values from others by promoting spurious ideas that undermine or attack value producers and competitive values.

Those two worlds will never meet. For, they are moving in opposite directions: one toward death, the other toward life. Any conscious individual, however, can choose at any time to reject mysticism and exchange the unhappy world of value destroyers for the happy world of value producers. ...The choice is to exist in the dead world of mysticism or to live in the alive world of Neo-Tech.


The nature of all animals evolves around their survival mechanism. But what is the distinguishing nature of man? He has the ability to think consciously in concepts and then integrate those concepts into wider concepts. No other animal can think consciously or think significantly beyond percepts, much less integrate concepts. Indeed, man can easily and logically integrate two or more concepts into new and still wider, more abstract concepts. That logical integration of concepts is called reasoning. Man's reasoning ability is his survival mechanism. But unlike all other animals whose survival mechanisms work automatically, man's reasoning mechanism works volitionally. Man must choose to exert the effort required to reason. Man undermines or damages his or her reasoning ability by nonuse or misuse of the mind through mysticism. For mysticism, by nature, subverts or cuts off the integration mechanism of the conscious mind to reduce one's efficacy, competitiveness, quality of life, well-being, self-worth, and especially happiness.

Reasoning is the nature of man -- the distinguishing nature that elevates the value of man above all other life...above all else in the universe. Reasoning through logic is man's survival mechanism.


Since morals and morality require conscious choices, man is the only animal who can be moral or immoral. Thus, man is the only animal who can consciously or purposely make moral choices: to think or not to think, to be mystical or nonmystical, to produce or usurp -- to benefit or hurt oneself and others.

The meaning of moral in Neo-Tech is simple and direct: Whatever is consciously done to help fill human biological needs is good and moral (e.g., the productive actions of honest people). Whatever is consciously done to harm or prevent the filling of human biological needs is bad and immoral (e.g., the destructive actions of mystics and neocheaters).

Honestly using one's reasoning nature is always beneficial and moral; dishonestly using one's reasoning nature is always harmful and immoral. ...Volitionally harmful acts always arise from mysticism -- from dishonesty, rationalizations, evasions, defaults.

Yet, acting on fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech), not reason itself, is the basic moral act. When Genghis Khan, for example, chose to use reasoning for a specific military move, then in an out-of-context sense, he chose to act morally by protecting himself and his troops (thus filling human biological needs). But in the larger sense of fully integrated honesty, Khan's total actions were grossly immoral in choosing to use aggressive force in becoming a mass murderer (thus negating human biological needs). The highly destructive, irrational immorality of Genghis Khan's overall dictatorial military actions far outweighed any narrow, out-of-context "moral" actions. ...Genghis Khan was enormously evil as were Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot.


Genghis Khan an altruist? Stalin and Hitler[ 3 ] too? Yes, they were altruists as were Jesus, Lincoln, Mao, Schweitzer, Nader, Pope John Paul, and almost all other professional mystics and neocheaters. And as demonstrated in the Neo-Tech/Psychuous Concepts, all current religions and governments exist through altruism.

The dictionary definition of altruism is: "Uncalculated consideration of, regard for, or devotion to other's interests sometimes in accordance with ethical principle." Upon first consideration, the definition of altruism seems loving, kind, and good. In which case, how could Genghis Khan and Hitler relate to that definition?

Close examination of altruism reveals that its ethical principle and implications are human sacrifice.[ 4 ] Thus, the altruist accepts as ethical principle that human beings and their values can be sacrificed to others. And those human sacrifices can be made to anyone or for the sake of anything -- the gods, the tribe, the ruler, the fatherland, the system, the party, the "good", the poor, the cause...for the sake of enhancing the power or prosperity of any professional mystic or neocheater.

All current political and religious systems depend on the principle of altruism...the principle of forced or coerced sacrifice of victims to others. Altruism (as in Biblical mysticism) holds sacrifice as a good in itself, regardless of the means (e.g., force, coercion, fraud, guilt, deception, charisma), regardless of the recipients (e.g., dictators, presidents, popes, theologians, welfare clients), and regardless of the victims (e.g., war dead, taxpayers, business people, value producers).

Sacrifice is the opposite of productivity: Productivity creates values. Sacrifice destroys values. Sacrifice is contrary to human biological nature as demonstrated throughout Neo-Tech. Upholding the ideas of sacrifice or altruism involves accepting the nonreality of mysticism. And accepting such mysticism always requires evasive rationalizations. Indeed, mysticism, altruism, and sacrifice are purposeful reasoning defaults that are always harmful to human beings, thus, are always immoral.

Altruism and sacrifice are rationalized through mysticism. And mysticism is a reasoning default that accepts fake realities or nonrealities such as sacrifice, faith, dogma. Thus, all advocates of altruism are mystics or neocheaters by nature because they accept or manipulate the mystical concepts of sacrifice.

But why do people default on reason? Why do they evade reality to become advocates of altruism who promote sacrifice? Professional advocates of altruism are always, in a direct or indirect way, recipients of the sacrifices they promote. The booty is often unearned power. But the booty may also be or include unearned material goods, glory, adulation, love, respect, pseudo self-esteem, neurotic or psychopathic satisfactions. In any case, professional advocates of altruism depend on the sacrifice of others to fill their material needs, their self-esteem needs, their images of importance, their neurotic wants. In one way or another, all professional altruists are neocheaters who live off the forced or coerced sacrifices of productive people. For that reason, no professional mystic or altruist can be happy or experience psychuous pleasures.

In addition, altruism and sacrifice are the vortex of all concepts, ideas, and philosophies that drain productive people of their earned values and happiness. In the long run, altruism and sacrifice fill the needs of no one. Instead, altruism and sacrifice always drain everyone.

Over the past 2000 years, altruism and sacrifice have destroyed untold values and billions of human lives. As identified by the Neo-Tech/Psychuous concepts, all current governments and major religions exist on the principles of altruism and sacrifice. But Neo-Tech shows: 1. how to negate all neocheaters; 2. how to avoid being victimized by mysticism or sacrificed to altruism; 3. how to forever collapse the 2000-year-old hoax of mysticism and eliminate its symbiotic neocheaters; 4. how to live prosperously, guiltlessly, and happily to the benefit of everyone.


Happiness results from dealing competently with reality. Happiness is a state of intellectually knowing and emotionally feeling the following:

Short-Term Happiness
(Positive or Negative Sources)

The situation is good.
The situation is right.
The situation is of value.

Long-Term Happiness
(Positive Sources Only)

Life is good.
People are good.
Oneself is good.
Oneself is right.
Oneself is of value.
Oneself is capable of understanding reality.
Oneself is growing in a positive direction.
Oneself is producing values needed to live independently.
Oneself is competent in producing competitive
values for others and society.
Oneself is competent to reject mysticism in self and others.
Oneself is worthy of living.

Short-term happiness from positive sources can add to a person's long-range happiness. But short-term pleasures from negative, destructive, or irrational sources (e.g., drunkenness, politics, drugs, religion, promiscuous sex, prosperity through dishonesty or fraud) can deliver only temporary feelings of power, well-being, and euphoria. For the inescapable consequence of reality will always assert itself, reversing those "good" feelings to yield ever greater unhappiness and anxiety.

Long-term well-being and happiness come only from (1) a continuing development and evolvement of one's own mind and character, (2) one's increasingly accurate knowledge and control of reality and self, and (3) increasingly producing competitive values for others and society.

Achieving happiness is the ultimate moral purpose of human life.


After attacking values for 2000 years, professional mystics and neocheaters aim their most subtly destructive attacks on value production, romantic love, and happiness: First they undermine the concepts of values, love, and happiness with clever inversions of facts that sound good or valid. Then, for example, they undermine the concept of love by promoting the false idea that totally rational behavior between couples would yield cold, passionless relationships. But the exact opposite is the fact: Consistently honest, rational behavior offers the greatest capacity for love and passion. By contrast, emotionally reacting, irrational behaviors destroy love and passion.

Successful romantic love requires acting on reality rather than reacting on feelings. Only through fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech) can one guiltlessly experience the full range of positive emotions and passion. By contrast, mystics act on feelings rather than on reality. Such acting on feelings leads to incompetence with the subsequent loss of prosperity and romantic love. ...Mystics experience life with increasing anxiety, unhappiness, deadness.

Neo-Tech demonstrates that professional mystics and neocheaters avoid the honest thought and hard competitive effort needed to produce values desired by others. Instead, they live by faking reality to extract power and values from others through deception, coercion, force. ...Unchecked mysticism destroys all values, especially love and happiness, through arrays of irrational illusions and dishonest actions.


Integrated thinking is the conscious effort of putting information into accurate context by logically and honestly connecting all relevant knowledge. All valid and powerful knowledge is contextual. Thus, genuine power is gained through integrated thinking used to obtain the widest possible range of contextual knowledge. Integrated thinking delivers unbeatable advantages.


Those who live by fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech) are by nature sexy, happy, prosperous winners. For they ultimately hold all honest power. Moreover, with Neo-Tech, they hold the supreme aphrodisiac. By contrast, mystics and neocheaters contradict their nature through their laziness, dishonesty, and parasitism. They are unsexy, unhappy, envious losers. Thus, they become increasingly impotent, tired, powerless.

Only through fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech) can one increasingly earn competence, self-esteem, happiness. ...Through Neo-Tech, one soars to spiralling heights of money/power/romantic love.


With the discovery of Neo-Tech, all mystics and neocheaters are in the final sentence of the final chapter of their long, destructive history on planet Earth. They are finished forever. But ironically, for the first time in history, all mystics and neocheaters have, through Neo-Tech, an invincible tool to purge their own mysticism, to solve their own problems, to evolve into happy, productive human beings. ...Happy days are here for everyone, forever.


[ 1 ] Non sequitur is defined and illustrated with examples in Appendix E.

[ 2 ] All feelings and emotions fluctuate. Even the strongest feelings of romantic love will wax and wane. At times, even the most ardent lovers can feel diminished love for each other. But within an upward fluctuating pattern, romantic love can constantly renew and build to higher levels.

[ 3 ] Hitler an altruist? He was the ultimate altruist in both word and deed: "The Aryan is not greatest in his mental qualities as such, but in the extent of his willingness to put all his abilities in the service of the community. In him the instinct of self-preservation has reached the noblest form, since he willingly subordinates his own ego to the life of the community and, if the hour demands, even sacrifices it."

Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf,
Houghton Mifflin, Boston

[ 4 ] Auguste Comte (1798-1857) was the first philosopher to articulate the ethical principle of altruism as sacrifice. His altruistic ethics held sacrifice as the goal of moral actions, regardless of the means, cost, or beneficiary. He projected selflessness and sacrifice as the ultimate good while positing self-interest as the antithesis of that good. (Reference: Comte's System of Positive Polity, 1877).

But Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) consciously and methodically laid the philosophical groundwork for the concept of altruistic self-sacrifice as a moral principle. Kant used brilliantly orchestrated, cleverly integrated non sequiturs to attack logic, reason, and the human mind. Kant is among the most destructive of all master neocheaters. His philosophy provides ingenious systems of noncontextual, inner logic that offers beautiful-sounding rationalizations for all violations of individual rights and destructions of values. Kant's works are essential for Fascism, Marxism, and every murderous neocheating regime of the twentieth century: Plato begot Kant, who begot the socialist's philosophical father, Georg Hegel (1770-1831). In turn, Hegel begot Karl Marx and spawned mass-murderers Lenin, Hitler, Mao. And, Plato begot the philosophical father of religio-conservatives -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1789). In turn, Rousseau spawned equally bloody mass-murderers: Robespierre, Pol Pot, Khomeini. ...All that blood, suffering, and destruction arise entirely through neocheaters manipulating unreal, arbitrary illusions and mind-created "realities" of mysticism in order to support their own personal, bogus livelihoods. ...No other reason or motive exists or has ever existed for purposeful death and destruction.

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