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Profound Honesty

Liberation in Cyberspace
Song 2


Stanza I outlines the takeover of Objectivism by fully integrated honesty -- Neo-Tech.

Stanza II reveals the cyberspace tools for vanishing Luddite Objectivists. Illustrates the lesson of tolerance and compassion without compromising philosophical principles or personal integrity.

Stanza III provides a glimpse into the future -- into the coming Neo-Tech Objectivist civilization in which all conscious beings live naturally -- live with eternal honesty, prosperity, and happiness.

Stanza I


Probably every Objectivist at some time has reasoned: "Objectivism is so logical, correct, certain. Its benefits to conscious beings are so obvious. Why isn't Objectivism applied everywhere by everyone? Why don't we have an Objectivist civilization now?" Yet, Objectivism is profitably applied almost nowhere. Why? The reason lies in the leadership of Objectivism -- an obstructionist leadership. The deep-rooted failure of that leadership prevents Objectivism from spreading to populations worldwide.

Forward-moving applications of Objectivism into new areas by "outsiders" has always been resisted by a clique of self-appointed leaders and authorities. Because that clique demands "purity" before any new action can be taken, it effectively blocks practical, wide-scope applications of Objectivism in most areas of human life and business. Those ever-tightening circles of purity kept everyone ignorant of the wider-scope visions needed to evolve Objectivism into a civilization for the entire planet. ...Today, however, in cyberspace, business-driven Neo-Tech exposes the harm and dishonesties propagated by those closed-circle Objectivists.

Bogus Leaders and Authorities

Demands for philosophical purity perpetuates stagnation while protecting the parasitical positions of Luddite leaders and self-appointed authorities. Deriving power from their dogmas, they must condemn anyone who deviates from their control. Like the leaders of the Catholic church during the dark ages, today's Objectivist "leaders" maintain a grip on their followers by attacking competition and condemning deviants.

Such "leaders" of Objectivism must condemn each deviant without consideration of the values that person has contributed to them, others, and society -- values that usually vastly outweigh any impurity peccadillo. They must also dismiss all potential future values from that deviant. ...Those Objectivists demand a dependent, following mode from everyone.

Luddite Objectivists are cult-like Randians who attack new, unauthorized applications of Objectivism. They attack aggressive, independent doers or value producers who apply Objectivism beyond authorized realms. They declare such people immoral heretics. They attack with mantras of name-calling nouns such as wackos and adjectives such as evil. They use ad hominem attacks, out-of-context dishonesties, sweeping non sequiturs, and scenario-spun lies rather than rational arguments. Such people should examine their irrationalities and consider Marie Curie's advice: "Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas".

Those closed circles of purity protect the dogmatists from the demands of growth and evolvement -- protect them from having to compete in the free market with applications of Objectivism. Listed below are three specific examples in which the dogmatists use dishonesty to avoid competition:

  1. Politics with its irrational, ad hominem attacks on drummed-out Objectivist Libertarians.

  2. Psychology with its irrational, ad hominem attacks on drummed-out Objectivist psychologist Nathaniel Branden.

  3. Philosophy and other academic areas with their irrational, ad hominem attacks on the many other drummed-out Objectivists ranging from philosopher David Kelley to economist Murray Rothbard.

Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy requires no leaders or authorities. Objectivism requires no defense or protection. For, Objectivism is rooted in unassailable reality. Luddite leaders block the universal application of Objectivism. Individual self-leaders on the Internet are now ousting those false leaders. Vanishing the Luddites will let Objectivism flow more freely into business, politics, and everyday life. ...No more manipulating dishonesties and ax-grinding agendas as found in their Rand/Branden, Peikoff/Kelley, and Objectivists/Libertarian type wars[ 8 ]. Instead, rock-solid Objectivism will be profitably applied everywhere through Neo-Tech business dynamics. ...What about the wars with Neo-Tech? What wars? Wars do not exist with Neo-Tech. For, Neo-Tech extinguishes all wars -- always to its and everyone else's eventual advantage.

Sooner or later, all Objectivists will realize no conflict exists with Neo-Tech. They will realize that Neo-Tech is the business/application mode of Objectivism. They will realize that Neo-Tech literature pushes the furthest known limits -- the most future vision of Objectivist business dynamics in order to apply Objectivism to all areas of conscious life. Moreover, they will discover that the extension of Neo-Tech into Zonpower is actually an array of metaphors integrating the most advanced knowledge of objective reality.

The Zonpower theories and hypotheses are presented as metaphors, not proven facts. Yet, none of the Zonpower theories or hypotheses contradict the laws of nature. Indeed, they all correspond to the laws of physics -- the laws of nature. ...Moreover, exotic names such as Zon, Zonpower, and Cassandra's Secret are effective marketing tools for the general population.

Why Neo-Tech Sandbagged the Objectivist "Leaders"

As previously done with selected officials in government along with certain white-collar-hoax businesspeople, Neo-Tech sandbagged various self-proclaimed leaders and false authorities on the Internet as part of the world's biggest poker game. On the Objectivist newsgroup (apo), Neo-Tech sandbagged its flamers along with many ersatz Objectivists. Through that process, Neo-Tech achieved its apo agenda. One part of that agenda was to produce material needed for the forthcoming book, Flame-War Justice, to be released by Neo-Tech Worldwide.

Was another part of the Neo-Tech agenda to "convert" apo Objectivists into Neo-Tech Objectivists? No. Such an agenda is too narrow. Neo-Tech sandbagged the self-appointed leaders of Objectivism to break their false authorities that impeded the worldwide advance of Objectivism.

Vanishing Bogus "Leaders"

To back up some: What about those self-appointed leaders of Objectivism who continue their delusions of being Randian heroes? They use their dogmatisms to draw attention to themselves. They try to gain authority status by tying Ayn Rand's philosophy into knots of narrow-scope purity while blocking others from competitively advancing Objectivism to the masses worldwide. ...They strive to be philosopher kings lording over a small kingdom of cult followers.

But, Neo-Tech draws those false authorities into self-exposure traps that collapse their harmful positions. For, they are the ones who darken Ayn Rand's name and prevent the wide-spread, profitable use of her great work. Indeed, for thirty years, such people have been major impediments to the natural spread of Objectivism and its practical applications around the world.

Progress toward an Objectivist civilization comes not from do-nothing dogmatists posturing as protective purists. Progress comes from aggressively applying Objectivism in the real world. Genuine progress requires constant hard work -- consistent discipline, thought, and control. Only by competitively applying Objectivism will the real problems of impurity be out-competed and eventually disappear. Indeed, the totally principled, no-compromise Objectivism of Rand and Peikoff is the most powerful and ultimately the only effective form of Objectivism. But, Objectivism must be competitively evolved in all areas of productive activities, not kept in ever tightening knots of hypocrisy and stagnation.

Saving Ayn Rand from Aristotle's Tragedy

Consider a parallel example of over 2000 years ago: As with Ayn Rand today, the analogous Aristotelian hangers-on stagnated his philosophy with their self-created dogmatisms. Those self-serving "hero-worshipers" buried the precious opportunity for society to advance toward an Aristotelian civilization. They buried the practical applications of Aristotle's work until the Renaissance 1500 years later. That disastrous stagnation by the Aristotelian dogmatizers eventually allowed the Catholic church to usurp a nicely petrified package of Aristotelian concepts into its official dogma.

In that way, Aristotle's name and work were darkened. His philosophy was viewed out of context, thus, was grossly misunderstood and vigorously maligned when the Renaissance arrived. Civilization-advancing giants such as Francis Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, and Newton were incensed at Aristotle and his philosophy for retarding civilization for two millennia. But, what if they had the opportunity to view Aristotle's work free of its closed-circle packaging by self-appointed "protectors" of the status quo? What if Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, and Newton knew what the dogmatist -- the scholastics -- had done to Aristotle and his philosophy in order to retain their self-proclaimed authorities?

Those Renaissance giants would have realized that Aristotle was not the greatest villain against progress but the greatest hero for progress. With that recognition and their use of Aristotle's tremendous values, they would have advanced their own lives and brilliant works even further, especially Descartes. ...The ersatz-philosopher dogmatists, not Aristotle, were the villains who stunted civilization for 2000 years.

Not until the 20th century with the work of Ayn Rand did Aristotle's philosophy rise again to gain its rightful recognition and application as a supreme civilization-advancing value. ...Ayn Rand broke through and evolved Aristotle's great work in a way somewhat analogous to how Einstein broke through and evolved Newton's great work.

Consider also the example of Hippocrates and Galen: Hippocrates with his great civilization-advancing, breakthrough work in establishing the objective practice of medicine. Then, Galen, the physician/surgeon for the Roman gladiators, radically advanced the understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and the effective practice of medicine. The relationship of their work to one another is somewhat analogous to the relationship between Ayn Rand's and Leonard Peikoff's work in discovering and implementing the human-based philosophy of Objectivism.

As happened with Aristotle, the self-appointed authorities of Hippocrates and Galen -- tragically with the help of Galen himself -- stagnated further major advances for the next 1500 years. ...Not until the 19th century era of Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister[ 9 ] did medicine finally resume its breakthrough advances. But, today, major advances in medicine are again being stagnated by the armed authorities of the FDA and the dishonest machinations of politicians.

Will history repeat? Will the spectacular opportunity for advancing civilization through the great work of Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff likewise be darkened and stagnated -- tragically with the help of Peikoff himself? Will the non competitive "authorities" who dogmatize Objectivism for unearned benefits succeed in burying Objectivism? Will they succeed in preventing business dynamics from unleashing its limitless values to the working populations of today's world?

Will Rand follow Aristotle's fate? Here lies the real danger of the Peikoffian dogmatists: The Catholic Inquisition used a dogmatized Aristotilian philosophy to persecute heretics, including Galileo. That principle, in turn, led to killing countless innocent people. The police-state Peikoffian hierarchy is dogmatizing Rand with its own narrow-scope spin to use government force to persecute militia members, regardless if they are guilty or innocent of objective crimes. Such a principle would eventually lead to the government killing countless innocent people. ...With the fully integrated honesty of Neo-Tech now available, no such disaster is going to occur.

"Save me from the Randians", Ayn Rand once remarked. Neo-Tech is doing that today.

Success through Commercial Dynamics

Consider Ayn Rand's and Leonard Peikoff's work: Objectivism evolved and advanced through commercial dynamics. First were the major publishers rolling out Ayn Rand's books, followed by Warner Brothers through the movie "The Fountainhead". Next came Nathaniel Branden with his own important contributions, including his highly successful NBI corporation that got commercial Objectivism rolling. And, finally, came Leonard Peikoff with his forward-movement work on Objectivism and its application to new areas with his many commercial products -- invaluable books, lectures, courses, tapes. Without those commercial dynamics, Objectivism today would be virtually unknown and unavailable.

Today, unfortunately, the self-serving dogmatists have drawn even Peikoff into their stagnation with his ad hominem, police-state intolerances. They are shrinking Objectivism into ever narrower purities to protect their authoritarian positions. They desperately try to prevent those beyond their influence or control from driving Objectivism forward into new and wider realms.

Today, however, the dynamic of fully integrated honesty -- Neo-Tech -- is breaking those closed circles of false authorities, freeing Objectivism to advance through competitive business dynamics. Moreover, the Neo-Tech self-exposure traps reveal the unprincipled, dishonest behaviors of Objectivist dogmatists. In seeking allies to fight Neo-Tech, they are now welcoming with open arms their previous "evil" enemies: the Libertarians, IOSers[ 10 ], and even scatological nihilists. ...Thus, Neo-Tech has accomplished its first mission: open up Objectivism to all comers and takers, even to its "evil" enemies.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The bottom line: Only honesty counts. So what if one holds different ideas from Objectivism? The fundamental standard of character is honesty. What more can one ask of another's character than honesty? Virtues and values originate not from truth, knowledge, or intelligence, but from those areas to which honesty is applied in identifying reality. Attacking an honest person is a bad policy -- a dishonest, destructive policy. The great 19th-century railroad tycoon, Jay Gould, coined in a high-school essay the statement "Honesty is the Best Policy". Contrary to the Establishment's dishonest "Robber-Baron" attacks on Gould, his great business successes arose from a firm policy of honesty. He was poker-game ruthless, but honest: He could be absolutely trusted on any handshake business deal. In fact, essentially every long-term, successful businessperson can be trusted. ...Honesty is not only the best policy, it is the only policy for long-term success.


What good is an "authority" on Objectivism who is dishonest while demanding purity for Objectivism? By contrast, consider the tremendous wide-scope value of the impure Bennett Cerf, the politically liberal but honest Random House publisher of the novel, Atlas Shrugged. He and Rand admired one another as they worked together to promote Objectivism to the general population through that novel. Likewise, many other honest businesspeople who have successfully delivered Objectivism to the public were ignorant of or even hostile to fundamental ideas of Objectivism. So what? Let any honest-based action roll out the power of Objectivism, regardless of purity or impurity of anyone's beliefs. For, lying beneath all, always ready to be tapped, is the limitless power of pure, no-compromise Objectivism identified by Rand and solidified by Peikoff.

Indeed, everyone applying Objectivism to whatever degree of dilution, such as impure libertarianism, must eventually come back to the purity of Objectivism for answers, solutions, and increased competitive power -- for competitive growth.

Therein lies the tremendous market for those having expert intellectual knowledge of Objectivism: Instead of expert Objectivist dogmatists obstructing advances of Objectivism into new and wider areas, those experts can help guide the application of Objectivism into new areas. But, as with any competitive dynamic, those experts must first understand the competitive marketplace into which they would be offering or selling their expertise.

Business-Oriented Objectivism

Let unrestricted entrepreneurial applications of Objectivism explode everywhere -- like the unrestricted entrepreneurial applications propelling the computer/cyberspace boom today. No need to wait for authoritarian purity that, like Godot, will never come. The foundation of Objectivism is rock solid. Current and future errors will self-correct. For, to remain competitive, all business actions will continually return to that rock-solid foundation of Ayn Rand's Objectivism brilliantly nailed down by Leonard Peikoff.

Hang that fake scholastic purity. Focus on net-profit balances. Let business-oriented Objectivism roll freely, everyone. Objectivism will take over the future. Rand and Peikoff have done their work well. Hopefully, Peikoff and other contributors to Objectivism will now break from that circling-wagon syndrome in order to stay competitive and help further advance Objectivism.

Let the power of business-oriented Objectivism roll. The dynamics of wide-open competition and business will drive out the bad -- the anticivilization. As the anticivilization fades, an Objectivist civilization will rise. That rising civilization of competitive doers will bring the Civilization of the Universe to planet Earth.

The Business of Neo-Tech

Neo-Tech Worldwide is an ad hoc company designed to put itself out of business upon accomplishing its goal of vanishing this anticivilization so a business-oriented Objectivist civilization can arise. Only then can the Neo-Tech business owners and employees effectively return to their intended business of Bio-Medical Research free of government destructions, especially the FDA -- free to pursue its genetic research and human cloning for the elimination of disease, aging, and death.

Today, Neo-Tech Publishing is investing its profits and capital in providing free, universal values on Web sites across cyberspace. The immediate goal is to liberate conscious minds from their closed-circle thinking modes -- to release conscious thinking into the widest possible perspectives. Each such conscious mind will then see Earth's civilization from a radically different perspective. Each will realize that all conscious beings on planet Earth suffer and perish from one basic disease -- the disease of irrationality from which flows this anticivilization with all its dishonesties, harms, and criminalities.

A Criminal-Based Anticivilization
A Business-Based Objectivist Civilization

Dogmatists seeking false authority have always existed in this anticivilization. In most cases, such dogmatists captured bogus doctrines and then brought out the worst in those doctrines -- doctrines ranging from murderous communism and violent anti-abortion positions that advocate killing government-promoted fat-free (eat-all-you-want carbohydrate) diets that deliver obesity and diabetes to kill health, happiness, and life itself. Objectivism, by contrast, is valid with no harmful aspects to attack. Thus, the Objectivist dogmatists corral powerful "advantages" in having hog-tied a valid, rational doctrine. Nevertheless, such Objectivists are soul mates to those living off murderous doctrines. Not only are they stealing from everyone's present life, they are stealing from everyone's future.

From every perspective, the anticivilization is an inherently diseased, criminal-based civilization. Yet, by breaking through today's closed-circle thinking modes, one discovers a healthy, business-based Objectivist civilization. ...One then discovers the Civilization of the Universe.

Indeed, by recognizing the unnecessity of this irrational anticivilization, one realizes that a fully operating Objectivist civilization can prevail on planet Earth -- not after decades or centuries, but now, over the next few years!

The Role of Zonpower

The function of Zonpower is to break people from their stagnant thinking traps. Zonpower frees people to think and act independently, on their own, from the widest possible perspectives -- from the most powerful integrations. The thrilling discovery which awaits everyone is that essentially every problem, big and small, can be solved with maximum benefits once the facts are explicitly put into the widest-scope context of Zonpower.


Tradition must always yield to the newly evolving facts of objective reality for conscious life to survive and prosper. But consider the tremendous resistance to fundamental change. Consider Pope Pius IX's closed-circle attack on Charles Darwin and his "outlandish" work on evolution -- work that radically changed everyone's fundamental perspective and thinking about human life on planet Earth:
[Darwin's system] is a system repudiated by history, by the traditions of people, by exact science, by the observation of facts, and even by reason itself... The corruption of the century, the guile of the depraved, the danger of oversimplification, demand that such dreamings, absurd as they are, be refuted by science, since they wear the mask of science.
Pope Pius, IX

Such are the popish attacks on Zonpower, especially on its physics, on its view of civilization, on its view of the Universe.

Consider what Galileo said concerning radically changed views about physics, civilization, and the Universe:

Facts which at first seem impossible...drop the cloak which has hidden them and they stand forth in naked beauty.
Galilei Galileo

Indeed, the Civilization of the Universe will arrive as nature's naked beauty through Neo-Tech physics that start with new-world songs and end with a new-color symphony: Zonpower from Cyberspace. Through that symphony, conscious beings sublimate to eternal prosperity and happiness.

The Harm of Closed-Circle Objectivism
The Value of Wide-Open Objectivism

What does one need in order to reap the benefits of Objectivism? One needs courage, independence, fully integrated honesty combined with the wide-open, business applications of Objectivism. Until this Liberation Manifesto, most Objectivists were afraid of independence -- afraid to vanish their leaders and authorities. They were afraid of criticism, of condemnation, of being excommunicated by the high "priests" of Objectivism. ...Thus, they clung to their deadly investments in this anticivilization.

Objectivists become free by independently wielding competitive, action-mode Objectivism. And those who do not free themselves? They will wither and die for some self-proclaimed authority. They will die for their investments in this anticivilization.

Neo-Tech Objectivism offers no icons, leaders, or authorities. Through Neo-Tech Objectivism, each individual lives productively, independently, happily. Indeed, the prize is eternal prosperity and happiness. ...Without fully integrated Objectivism, all crumble to dust. Through fully integrated Objectivism, all rise to the Civilization of the Universe.

Booming Objectivism

Liberating Objectivism will boom the money-making business interests of the Objectivist establishment. Currently, Luddites fear that the liberation of Objectivism will cause a decline in revenues -- a decline in (1) support for the scholarly and academic works of Objectivism, (2) attendance at the lucrative Objectivist conferences, and (3) sales of Objectivist-oriented books and tapes. Yet, any diminishment of financial support for the scholarly and business activities of the Objectivist establishment would contradict the goal of Neo-Tech Worldwide.

Neo-Tech Worldwide explicitly recognizes the outstanding values and accomplishments of Objectivist intellectuals, their publications, their conferences, their organizations, and the apo/hpo[ 11 ] Usenet newsgroups. Neo-Tech Worldwide along with many of its employees and associates have long admired and supported, both directly and indirectly, the work of Objectivist intellectuals...and will continue to do so.

Brushing aside the above Luddite fear, all Objectivist markets will expand. Objectivism will boom not only financially but in effectiveness and influence. For, the Objectivist establishment has the values and products to market competitively worldwide. They have the most important values for conscious beings on Earth. ...Liberating Objectivism will benefit everyone -- more than anyone can imagine.


With the publication and distribution of this Profound Honesty manuscript, the Neo-Tech/Objectivist writing machine begins inscribing justice into the minds and bodies of people living dishonestly through their investments in this anticivilization.

What is the time frame to complete this inscription process? In Kafka's anticivilization "Penal Colony", his horrendous justice-inscription process took six hours to realize its effects and twelve hours to complete the process. In the real world, a person starts being inscribed on reading Profound Honesty. The equivalent time scale to completion for each individual will vary, perhaps from as quick as one-month real time per Kafka hour increasing up to one-year real time per Kafka hour.

Through Profound Honesty, everyone will eventually become inscribed with Neo-Tech/Objectivism. ...Everyone will then experience justice, prosperity, happiness.


[ 8 ] Consider the specious Objectivist/Libertarian conflict initiated by Ayn Rand. Her own Luddite mode was followed with a vengeance by Leonard Peikoff and his cohorts. Ad hominem evilization of impure Objectivists became standard practice:

Indeed, specific statements and actions by Libertarians contradict at times certain ideas and principles of Objectivism, just as Ayn Rand and Leonard Peikoff contradicted at times the ideas and principles of Objectivism. Yet, the foundations of Libertarianism require the philosophy of Objectivism. Moreover, Libertarianism points the direction toward a practical Objectivist civilization far more principled and uncompromised than any political movement in history. Indeed, Libertarianism would deliver significantly more Objectivist principles in government than America's founding fathers ever envisioned.

Then why do the Luddite Objectivists rightfully praise America's founding fathers while heaping scorn on today's principled Libertarians? Why in 1996 did they heap scorn on the most Objectivist-rooted presidential candidate in history -- Harry Browne? ...Indeed, the closer any person or thing comes to actually implementing or advancing Objectivism into new or unsanctioned areas, the more emotionally virulent become the attacks by the Luddite Objectivists. Why? Competition. Competition will knock stagnant Objectivist "leaders" out of their cozy, flowing-robes positions of unearned authority.

Advances of Objectivism beyond its sanctioned, closed-circle domains threaten those dogmatists with extinction. But, why stop with the Luddite Objectivists? The 1996 Libertarian presidential candidate, Harry Browne, clearly offered far more benefits and happiness to all citizens than any politician in American history. By contrast, Bill Clinton is one of the most dishonest, destructive politicians in American history. Yet, hold a political fund-raiser for Harry Browne where perhaps a hundred of the most ardent Libertarian supporters may show up. A sincere, honest Harry Browne delivers a stunningly practical picture of freedom and prosperity through minimal government based mainly on Objectivist principles. Some muted applause is heard and perhaps $4000 in campaign contributions is raised.

Now, in that same area, hold a political fund raiser for Bill Clinton. A crowd of two thousand or more citizens show up. A hypocritical, pervasively dishonest Bill Clinton delivers a silver-tongued, FDR-like speech about irrationally increasing government activities that harm everyone. A cheering, standing ovation is heard and a million dollars in campaign contributions is raised.

How can such ad hoc irrationalities exist in everyone -- from Randian Objectivists to Libertarian supporters to Clinton liberals? How? Why? Buddy, this is the anticivilization. Everyone has a stake invested in this anticivilization, including the Randian Objectivists and Libertarian supporters alike. A Neo-Tech/Objectivist civilization threatens that stake. Everyone in the anticivilization subconsciously fears a totally honest, free-enterprise civilization. No one in the anticivilization, including Objectivists and Libertarians, really want that kind of freedom and responsibility. All want their ad hoc dishonesties and irrationalities to protect their anticivilization investments.

Neo-Tech/Zonpower breaks that self-defeating paradox. How? By using Objectivism, the Neo-Tech/Zonpower dynamic breaks each anticivilization investment encountered, thus, opening the way to an Objectivist civilization -- the Civilization of the Universe.

[ 9 ] Pasteur and Lister were masters at taking their radical Zon-like hypotheses and converting them into saving literally hundreds of millions of human lives. In the past few centuries, such value-producing heroes in medicine and business have managed to enhance and save more human lives than the value-destroying bureaucrats and politicians have been able to drain and kill. With nuclear and biological weapons available today, that positive ratio of life to death could suddenly, disastrously reverse. Only Objectivism implemented through aggressive Neo-Tech business modes can eliminate that potential disaster.

[ 10 ] IOS: Institute for Objectivist Studies founded by Dr. David Kelley.

[ 11 ] apo = alt.philosophy.objectivism
hpo = humanities.philosophy.objectivism

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