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Profound Honesty

Stanza III

A Glimpse into the Future

An Early Introduction


Twelve Quantum Crossings
to the
Civilization of the Universe

The Introduction to Quantum Crossings
is dedicated to
The First Honest Business Leader of Western Civilization:
King Hiero II of Syracuse
In his 54 year reign from 270 BC to 216 BC
his only agenda was peace and progress.
He ruled without armed bureaucrats
He ruled without killing, exiling, or injuring a single citizen
Business not only flourished
but Archimedes, history's greatest inventor, also flourished
In such an atmosphere,
Jesus Christ superstar carpenter
could have built the ancient world's tallest skyscraper
and provided ten-thousand jobs
instead of becoming a self-sacrificing mystic
that cost civilization its free-enterprise economies.
Constantine could have been "The Great" forever
Jay Gould could be alive today
commanding Wall Street with Micheal Milken
Today, here comes Neo-Tech
here comes
Prosperity, Excitement, Romance

Aeschylus, Sophocles, Epicurus
to the
Businessman-Poet Wallace Stevens
and the
Music of Rush
civilization marches forward
Yet, high above drama, poem, and song
Ayn Rand
elevated from the shadows
Branden, Peikoff, Neo-Tech

From teachings and words, civilizations grow
Earth's anticivilization grew
Plato's cave for two millennia
Today, crafted dishonesties
in speeches, prose, and journalism
looters, parasites, and killers
hidden by
Homeric heroes, mystical shadows, and noble lies

Cyberspace has arrived
Profound Honesty
outcompetes dishonesties
be them
darkly hidden or widely open

Profound Honesty
jumps beyond Earth's anticivilization
into a
Neo-Tech Civilization
into the
Civilization of the Universe


To survive and prosper, the parasitical-elite ruling classes of the anticivilization artfully craft glorious memories of criminal Homeric-hero leaders ranging from Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR.

More important, to survive, any parasitical ruling class must malign or vanish the memories of history's greatest, competitive value producers. Indeed, criminal-minded leaders have buried the memories of business-minded leaders such as King Hiero II, Jay Gould, and Calvin Coolidge whose prime focus was rationality, peace, and prosperity. And, today, a person like Mark Hamilton or Eric Savage could, as early as 2001AD, become one of those rare business-minded leaders.

Quantum Crossings will vanish the criminal-minded icons and celebrities of this irrational anticivilization while resurrecting the business-minded heroes dwelling in the rational Civilization of the Universe.


Under construction for the World Wide Web is a primary epic poem. This is the first such epic poem in a thousand years -- the first since Beowulf in 1000 AD. A primary epic poem not only breaks the eons of conscious silence forever before, but breaks the conscious norm forever after. When nothing is understandable, when nothing is explainable, when communication and understanding break down, only poem and song communicate unity, for better or worse, through everyone's right-hemisphere brain. Neither ignorance nor rationalization from left-hemisphere brains can block that unity. ...No mechanism or defense can prevent primary epics from changing civilizations.

The newly evolving epic, Quantum Crossings, will be continuously edited and expanded into thousands of pages. From that epic, the anticivilization will disappear chunk by chunk as the Civilization of the Universe appears jump by jump.

From Quantum Crossings will spring the Protocols for the Civilization of the Universe. Those Protocols will turn all major scientific-and-medical research toward health, happiness, and prosperity. How? By unleashing individual competitive business, not gun-point collectivist governments, to eliminate war, crime, mysticism, irrationality, disease, aging, and death.

Preliminary Outline
Quantum Crossings

I. Literature Creates Conscious Civilizations

II. Sabotaging the Anticivilization

III. Quantum Crossings to the Civilization of the Universe

to the

Crossing 1: Youth

Crossing 2: Power beyond the Gods

Crossing 3: Power Lost

Crossing 4: Anticivilization Addiction

Crossing 5: Failure and Death

Crossing 6: Quantum Escape

Crossing 7: Life without Mysticism

Crossing 8: Politics without Guns

Crossing 9: Power Regained

Crossing 10: Individual Enterprise Eternal

Crossing 11: Prosperity Forever

Crossing 12: Civilization of the Universe

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