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Profound Honesty

Stanza II

Tools that Win
Flame Wars

Time-Saving Templates

cyberspace tools that vanish

Pips, Blowhards, Journalists

Any of the Templates listed herein may be copied and reproduced
in part or whole without permission

Flame-War Policy of Neo-Tech Publishing

Most flame wars in cyberspace consist of segments from Usenet posts taken out of context and then attacked -- often using ad hominem arguments. ...Flame wars are generally time-consuming, ineffective, and quickly forgotten -- a waste of time. Neo-Tech Publishing never initiates flames, only responds in order to protect innocent targets from unjust attacks.

Neo-Tech Publishing has three decades of experience in confronting and squelching unjust attacks on innocent business people by pips -- by dishonest academics, establishment journalists, and gun-toting bureaucrats.

The key to benefiting from flames is to design widely integrated, fully honest templates that reduce each flame to an underlying principle based on objective reality. Such templates are permanently valuable and publishable. ...Through their strident complaints, pips themselves demonstrate the effectiveness of such templates. For, those templates reduce them to nonentities -- to blatant insignificance.

The Always-Profit Rule

Do not consume irreplaceable time making one-time, quickly forgotten posts and responses. Instead, fashion principled templates anchored in reality to extinguish unjust flames or dishonest attacks. ...Then collect those principled templates for future postings in cyberspace and profitable publications in print. Below are examples of five such templates:

Who are Pips
Giants versus Twerps
Zonpower and Salvador Dali's Last Supper
Objectivist Heroes
DICE for Media Pips

[Note: A most effective response is often achieved by sandwiching a pip attack between, for example, Template #1 and #2 or between Template #1 and #3. Hit with repeated templates, pips shrink into their nothingness. ...In addition to these five templates, an essentially limitless number of powerful templates can be custom constructed by assembling various segments from Profound Honesty to squelch pip attacks, in or out of cyberspace.]

Template #1

Who are Pips

Generally pips are dishonest losers who produce few if any competitive values for others and society. They seldom if ever exert the hard efforts required to do something really excellent with their lives -- something about which they can be proud.

Pips are people who purposely attack values by distorting out-of-context fragments of those values. Using those distortions, pips attack values with false but logical-sounding criticisms. They often conjure up straw men to bash. ...Pips create problems where none exist.

The obsession with and anger over Neo-Tech templates among pips on various Internet newsgroups demonstrate the effectiveness of such templates. Indeed, these templates clearly, precisely identify the dishonesty and malevolence of those people. Thus, such templates should be used whenever appropriate. They are always effective and never lose their punch. More important, they save precious time needed for productive activities.

What Does Pipping Mean? Why Do Losers Pip?

Pipping involves attacking values by isolating out-of-context fragments of the achievements produced by others or their businesses. Pipping means building one's ego by manipulating with words rather than by producing genuine values. Pipping is done to make a loser appear superior to and more moral than the achievements or businesses being attacked.

Pips reject any response that places their distorted fragments back into context. Pips refuse to understand the full context of the values they are attacking. They are not interested in values, honesty, accuracy, answers, explanations, or learning. They are only interested in the level of ego enhancement they can conjure up through spurious attacks on values. Thus, once pipping is detected, further communication or argument is worthless and should cease so no more irreplaceable time is wasted. A principled template such as this becomes an effective response. The attacking pip will then stand alone, recognized as someone seeking unearned importance. Hence, malicious, attack-mode pips will first vanish from cyberspace and then from the world. ...Justice will be served. Everyone will profit.

Throughout history, before cyberspace, civilization-benefiting giants and their work were constantly attacked, always injured, and sometimes destroyed by self-proclaimed "victims" and attack-mode pips.[ 12 ] Yet, valid questions and sincere criticisms concerning radically new values will naturally occur. An important example is Objectivist philosophy with its live-action applications of Neo-Tech and Zonpower. Such valuable questions and criticisms deserve patient, respectful responses. But, when ego-pumping pipping is detected, further communication not only wastes irreplaceable time of the respondent, but feeds that pip's ego, allowing him or her to continue draining values created by others. ...Simply template such losers. Let them complain. The templates will eventually vanish them.

Template #2

Giants versus Twerps

Who knows the fierce battle it takes to start from nothing except an idea, and from that idea to build livelihoods, values, jobs, and prosperity for entire populations?

Jay Gould knew, Henry Ford knew, Leona Helmsley knew, Michael Milken knew along with too many other unsung giants. Indeed, each were attacked in a thousand ways by countless twerps, pips, ex-beneficiaries, fired employees, professional value destroyers, government bureaucrats, parasitical elites, ego prosecutors/judges, and demagogic politicians.

Those entrepreneurs knew about fighting day and night, year after year to build job-creating businesses that deliver competitive values to society -- values that advance civilization. Such business people tragically must consume irreplaceable chunks of their precious lives in throwing off envious parasites and do-nothing nonentities who constantly try to drain them and diminish the values they produce for society.

Only those precious few entrepreneurs know the fierce struggle required to competitively succeed where countless others fail. Only they have the toughness to battle nonstop in solving and overcoming the never ending flood of life-or-death survival problems. They seldom or never can "go home" after work to entertainment or diversions. They seldom or never can kick back in the evenings, on weekends, or on vacations. They seldom or never can leave their work or responsibilities. ...Such people do not collect paychecks from others. They create the paychecks that others live on. Such is their responsibility. They work to solve problems that do exist, not to create problems that do not exist.

In a week or even a day, the entrepreneur business builder can face and must solve more survival problems than most people face in a lifetime. Any one of those countless problems can be taken out of context by a malicious value destroyer ranging from a fired ex-employee trying to financially shake down his ex-employer to a nihilistic pip trying to pump up his shrunken self-worth.

What kind of people dishonestly, enviously, maliciously attack the good? What kind of people feel, think, and act in such purposely destructive ways? In Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, and Hitler's Germany, how many millions of value producers met their deaths because of such pips? In America, today, countless envy-shriveled pips stand ready to destroy heroic, competitive value-and-job producers through jail or death as a police state of armed bureaucrats arises -- a police state arising today from the self-aggrandizing agendas of criminal-minded politicians and dishonest journalists.

Many pips collect paychecks from tax-funded sources, from tenured-academe positions, from statist-establishment positions, or from companies they hate. Indeed, such pips lack the courage, discipline, and effort to profitably build competitive values for themselves, others, and society. Instead, they expose their essence by attacking objective values produced by others while making problems where none exist. Various examples of such pips are provided in the forthcoming book Flame-War Justice from Neo-Tech Worldwide.

In any case, such pips and nihilists have no understanding of what it takes to start, build, and run competitive businesses that ultimately provide the livelihoods and well beings for them and everyone else on Earth. And, who else besides such value destroyers has the time or inclination to pip -- to ego pump by purposely dragging down successes and values created by others? ...Neo-Tech stands alone in protecting value-and-job producers from intentional value destroyers.

Template #3

Zonpower and Salvador Dali's "Last Supper"

One of the most breathtaking paintings of any age is Salvador Dali's "Last Supper". And, as many Objectivists know, that painting was one of Ayn Rand's favorites. Jesus appears indescribably beautiful, innocent, and benevolent. He appears as the Chairman presiding over a Universe-500 board meeting. Notice even the neatly cropped, modern New York executive haircuts of the Apostles. Dali delivered a radical presentation of Christ never before seen among the thousands of holy paintings by hundreds of master artists over the millennium.

Imagine this crystal-clear painting being cast as a giant, ten-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Now, imagine a dishonest blowhard, journalist, or nihilist -- a pip -- plucking a piece, any piece, or a handful of pieces, from that painting. Then imagine that pip waving those pieces before a public who had never before seen the whole picture of that masterpiece. Using glib words and dishonest non sequiturs, that pip harangues his audience: In tearing down the great value of Dali and his masterpiece, that pip captures an unearned ego trip.

The pip simply needs to hold up the piece or pieces of the puzzle ripped from the total picture and loudly proclaim: "Look at this Dali-crap! It's valued only by Dali-kooks. This proves that Daliism is new-age cult stuff, pseudo art, a sham", the pip blusters. The attacking pip then swells up with feel-big ego for publicly, effortlessly exposing the Dali "fraud". Through his unjust no-effort attack, the pip feels superior to the lifetime hard efforts produced by Dali.

Those who had never seen Dali's complete painting could not know that the facts were the opposite to the non sequiturs being dishonestly pronounced. How could they know that the exposing "hero" was really a nothingness fraud while the exposed "fraud" was a beautiful gem?

In the same way, pips throughout the establishment constantly tear down Ayn Rand and her work. Likewise, in that same way, pips have often torn down, even killed or destroyed, the most radical yet greatest of civilization-benefiting value producers throughout history -- Socrates, Galileo, Michael Milken.

Zonpower found on home page reflects the most radical value and widest-scope integration in history. Today, the way to know the full power and beauty of Zonpower is to see the entire, fully integrated picture with all its puzzle pieces locked into place. For those not owning this manuscript in a printed book form, that full picture can be achieved by downloading and reading the entire web site. But, as opposed to easily reading the printed book, gaining full integrations and understandings from the web-site requires much time and effort.

Because of the vast scope and tight interdependencies of the Zonpower integrations, the printed-book version with all its diagrams, illustrations, and footnotes properly positioned is much easier, quicker, and more convenient to read. The physical book itself lets one see the assembled pieces in an elegant picture of Dali-like beauty. That picture shows who is the heroic value producer and who is the malevolent value destroyer.

Template #4

Objectivist Heroes

(see pages 9-12 of Closing Ceremonies)

Template #5
(Media Template)

Rolling the DICE of Media Pips

Neo-Tech rolls the DICE of dishonest journalists. Against Neo-Tech, the dice come up snake eyes for media pips every time.


Dishonesty, Ignorance, Cowardliness, Envy
The Essence of Journalist/Media Pips

  • Dishonesty arises in purposely ripping out of context bits and pieces from the values being attacked and then destroying those values through concealed dishonesties, manipulations, distortions, and non sequiturs.

  • Ignorance arises through intention, carelessness, or laziness in not becoming informed concerning the full facts about the subject of their attacks.

  • Cowardliness arises in hiding behind deceptive facades and camouflages throughout the media.

  • Envy arises in malevolently trying to destroy objective values because they are objective values -- competitive values for others and society that the attackers themselves cannot produce. Only by destroying competitive values produced by others can the envy attackers feel important enough to sustain their livelihoods based on harmful dishonesties.


[ 12 ] Business people, honest entrepreneurs, and professional value producers no longer need to stand helpless while being drained by parasitical elites, dishonest journalists, and professional value destroyers. For, those parasites depend on the attacks of "victims" and pips to drain values from heroic value producers. But, now, the value producers can compose and use an endless variety of Neo-Tech templates extracted from Profound Honesty to vanish attacking "victims", pips, and professional value destroyers.

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