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Neo-Tech Protection Kit, Volume II

Editor's Note

[After 18 months of complete silence from the November-3rd organization, I & O boldly states in the following Guns-and-Fists Newsletter that it will begin hunting down value destroyers within the November-3rd organization as well as their soul mate brethren within the INS, SEC, FTC, EPA, OSHA, and other bureaucracies. BP]





Hey you! Yes, you with the cretin bludgeoneers who punched, kicked, and orgasmically abused our young men and women -- our innocent, hard-working writers and editors at I & O Publishing Company. You who stole $350,000 in research and customer funds. You who mindlessly, jokingly carried away our irreplaceable literary work, manuscripts, research files, computers, disks, and even backup disks. You who looted and pocketed our personal property. You who never returned a single item of your stolen goods -- even children stamp collections, personal love notes, and sentimental Valentine cards. You who still owe for hospital bills resulting from your punching fists and kicking feet. ...Yes, you who simply pocketed (and never reported) easy-to-conceal rare coins and jewelry. Indeed, two of your ringleaders in that theft are already under criminal investigation -- and eventually all will be sentenced as criminals.

COME! Attack us, pillage us, arrest us, jail us, shoot us! Why have not you given us action for 18 months? Only through such actions can we pursue you, prosecute you -- you the guilty -- you the guns-and-fists criminals of November 3rd. So, until you move against us, we will invite attacks, assaults, plunderings, indictments, jailings from our other targets -- from other empires of destruction also built on bogus careers and impotent matones. ...Now, let us enter that black guns-and-fists cave together and look for Plato's Clownsville:

The Grasping Paws and
Squeezing Hands of the INS

Hey you! Yes, you with the effete matón who sexually assaulted our latina philosophical investigator. To that matón, she was just some hot-body spic with no protection, no rights -- ripe for sexual violation by any matón with guns, handcuffs, a closed-door room, and the arbitrary power to jail value-producing aliens.

Then, months later, with incredible stupidity, the INS management knowingly let that same criminal matón perversely videotape his assault victim during her entire INS-status inquisition! With management arranging to intimidate that woman by having her sexual assaulter constantly hovering over her, that INS hearing was an invalid fraud. For that hearing was criminally set up to punish its victim. As a result, that INS management was gleefully able to deny its victim her most basic right: her means of living productively -- of producing needed values for others and society. That intimidating inquisition with its vengeful hidden agenda is documented in the attached Amicus Curiae brief filed by the Kenneth A. Clark Memorial Foundation.

COME! Deny our rights, assault us, ravage us, deport us!

The RICO Thugs of the SEC, Congress,
and Justice Department

Hey you! Yes, you with criminal minds -- you with the blathering Ruder/Dingell business destroyers and glory-mad Giulianis who trample the lives of heroic value producers and destroy billions of dollars in earned values. Why? For what reason do you so maliciously destroy values built by others? You destroy such values for no other reason than to grab unearned fame and personal glory while arrogantly usurping bogus livelihoods.

COME! Attack us, put us in chains, put us in jail for our earned values, our earned knowledge, our insider trading.

The Power-Crazy
Mass Murderers of the FDA

Hey you! Yes, you with the legions of envy mongers -- you with the salaried murderers who wantonly impede, cripple, or prevent heroic medical, scientific, and business efforts that protect and enhance human life. Why? For what reason do you harm those efforts to end suffering, cure diseases, and prevent death for millions upon millions of human beings in America and around the world? You harm or block those values produced by others for no other reason than to support your bogus livelihoods -- to boost your shrivelled self-esteems with fake power usurped through destructive jobs.

COME! Attack us, destroy our successful research, arrest our living-head CEO whose terminally ill body has been amputated. ...But, how will you handcuff him, put him in leg irons, and march him to jail?

The Wild-Eyed
Power Drunkards of the DEA

COME! Drive your battering rams through our homes and offices. You must try to put us out of business before we put you out of business by eliminating the drug problem through Neo-Tech. For, spawned by the neocheating politicians, you are the root cause of promoting and expanding all drug problems. Thus, the Neo-Tech Ostracism Matrix will forever hold you, the scheming Bushes, and the madman Bennetts responsible for destroying the lives of millions of American youths.

The Bizarrely Irrational EPA

COME! Stop us from converting noisome, worthless swamps for nothing into efficient, good-value condominiums for human beings. Stop us from converting sick habitats for endangered insects into healthy habitats for human beings. ...Who is anti human life? Who is pro human life? And human life means living, breathing, conscious individuals -- not minnows, insects...or blobs of protoplasm called fetuses for whose cause the mystical anti-abortionists dishonestly call "pro-life". Instead, as with those "pro-lifers", the EPA value destroyers are profoundly anti-life. They seek only fake esteem, destructive power, bogus livelihoods. Indeed, those sanctimonious EPA and "pro-life" hypocrites sacrifice individual rights and kill real, living people. They sacrifice human life to snail darters and blobs of protoplasm.

The Maliciously Invidious OSHA

COME! Shut down our printing presses for not having anti-suicide safe guards on our mystic-busting, Neo-Tech products. Shut us down for endangering the health of all professional value destroyers by blowing to smithereens their doltish, criminal-minded God and government scams.[ 32 ]


What is the bottom-line purpose of every value destroyer spotlighted above? ...To steal a bogus livelihood that generates unearned power and pseudo self-esteem. Such dishonest lives require none of the sustained effort, consistent discipline, and integrated thought needed to live as a competitive value producer in the business world. Instead, such value destroyers in the mystic/neocheating world live by subtly attacking, looting, and usurping the heroic efforts of all value producers.

Now, at last, after 2000 years, newly discovered Neo-Tech will end the careers of all professional value destroyers.


Neo-Tech, with its limitlessly wide integrations, can always outflank any irrational act by professional value destroyers and their dishonest organizations. By contrast, the wide-scope integration capacities of value destroyers are always blocked by mysticism and stunted by dishonesty. Thus, today, Neo-Tech value producers around the world can outflank each and every move by any guns-and-fists empire or white-collar-hoax neocheater from Ceausescu in Romania to Giuliani in New York.

That outflanking capacity through wider-scope integrations will relentlessly undermine and subvert the false power and bogus livelihoods of all value destroyers. No guns-and-fists empire or white-collar-hoax neocheater can stop the relentless forward march of fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech). ...After 2000 years, professional value destroyers are finished.


The scourge of mysticism is an evil incubus that has lain across the civilized world for 2000 years. But today that scourge is disintegrating in the face of an unstoppable, spreading power -- Neo-Tech power. Indeed, today, Neo-Tech is collapsing the value destroyer's sole means of survival -- the hoax of mysticism. How? By ripping bourgeois mysticism out of middle-class value producers. Once Neo-Tech is integrated into the value producers vision, they will never again support the value destroyers and their white-collar hoaxes. Without that support, all professional value destroyers will perish from Ceausescu to Giuliani.

Special Note

What is Neo-Tech? Neo-Tech means fully integrated honesty. Moreover, Neo-Tech is a dynamic process that operates off a negative -- off the subversion of mystical hoaxes and the elimination of professional value destroyers. That dynamic negativity profoundly differentiates Neo-Tech from all other idea systems. For all other idea systems are static theories that operate off positives -- off promoting the dishonest irrationality of utopias and the arrogant cant of telling others how to live better lives. ...Neo-Tech tells no one how to live. Instead, it tells everyone how to dump mysticism and all its symbiotic neocheaters. Then, through mystic-free honesty, prosperous and happy lives naturally evolve through individual self-responsibility.

Indeed, the entire focus, purpose, and modus operandi of Neo-Tech is to cure the disease of mysticism. How? By forever collapsing its 2000-year hoax built through generations of value-destroying neocheaters. Neo-Tech will then put itself out of business by vanquishing mysticism and eradicating its symbiotic neocheaters. For then everyone will finally be free to act according to his or her naturally honest and productive nature. Everyone will finally be free to grow forever -- to increasingly produce competitive values for others and society.

Such total self-responsibility means acting through the dynamics of free business and unfettered competition. Indeed, through those dynamics, each person quickly exploits his or her most efficient, competitive actions that benefit everyone and society. Yes, those dynamics of business and competition let everyone produce maximum values for others while delivering maximum benefits to society. And no one ever needs to be told or forced by anyone to do anything. Instead, everyone can and will naturally achieve prosperous, happy lives as each cures the disease from within one's own self.

I & O

Established 1968
Wilmington, Delaware


by the

Evil Personified by an INS Director

The attached document (LVG 292) from Art Strapp, Director of the Las Vegas INS, illustrates the arrogance and malevolence necessary to build a bogus career based on ravishing innocent, value-producing aliens. That letter further demonstrates a stupidity -- a disassociation from reality and its concepts of honesty, morality, and the racist-free production of competitive values. That letter, currently displayed in the Guns-and-Fists Museum, also reflects a mean-spirited, destructive, criminal mind. For, that vindictive letter proposed that the INS Director meet with the Attorney General to determine how they could gratuitously harm innocent, value-producing citizens. ...Imagine an INS Director whose career is built on racist value destruction asking an Attorney General to attack and hurt his own innocent, value-producing citizens!

The Viciousness of the INS is Reconfirmed Daily

On the same day the above document was sent by INS Director, Art Strapp, he and his cohorts were jailing another innocent victim. Why? For no other reason than to feel the power needed to boost their shrivelled self-esteems. And how do they feel that power? Through the only way possible for professional value destroyers to feel power -- through destructive acts backed by guns and jails:

Mr. Elizeu Alves Correa, an innocent young man legally in the United States, but a damn spic nevertheless, had been coming to the INS offices weekly to process his application for work-status papers. The INS personnel knew him well and knew he was "legal". On the day the above document was sent by Mr. Strapp, Mr. Correa entered Mr. Strapp's offices to check the immigration status of his nephew. But on that day, Mr. Correa had left his own papers with his attorney, Mr. Ochoa, to refile his application because the INS had "lost" his file. Yet, instead of providing service to Mr. Correa, an INS matón promptly threw that innocent alien into a dangerous, nightmarish city jail in which the stunned, helpless young man languished for days.

No clearer statement could be made to demonstrate the deep-rooted viciousness inherent in those who choose bogus livelihoods as racist INS value destroyers. ...Such people cannot hide their lack of self-esteem, their mean-spirited souls, their automatic malevolence. For, each day, they need their fix of destructive power to survive.

Who pays for those daily fixes of destruction? For 2000-years, the value producers have been duped into paying for the bogus livelihoods of such value destroyers. But now, with Neo-Tech, that upside-down insanity will end forever.


Neo-Tech Timeline Wall Chart and Instruction Book

Enclosed is the 2'-wide, 12'-long Neo-Tech Timeline Wall Chart and Instruction Book for schools and homes. The commercial edition of this historic document will be expanded to capture the destructive nature of the racist INS, the Nader/Horowitz consumer-advocate frauds, the Giuliani/Rule RICO scams, the Ruder/Dingell business destructions, and the Milquetoast/Drexel Burnham business betrayals. For, ending those frauds, scams, business destructions, and wimpish betrayals will play a key role in collapsing the 2000-year hoax of mysticism.

The Historic Role of the Seven Neo-Tech Waves

We still have no firm schedule for commercially launching the first of seven Neo-Tech waves. Those commercial waves will complete the Timeline History Chart by collapsing the hoax of mysticism and forever eliminating its symbiotic neocheaters.

To achieve rapid unlimited distribution of those waves, we will use the profits generated from every attack and action toward us from one or more of our evil-empire targets: (1) The November-3rd Empire, (2) the racist INS value destroyers, (3) the Ruder/Dingell business destroyers of the SEC and Congress, (4) the Giuliani/Rule power-seeking thugs of the Justice Department, (5) the salaried murderers of the FDA...or any other guns-and-fists, value-destroying empire such as the DEA, EPA, and OSHA.

Ironically, overt actions and attacks by those evil empires are needed to convert the Neo-Tech waves into commercial business ventures worldwide. In any case, against Neo-Tech, all professional value destroyers must and will eventually act as their own destroyers. But, currently, without increased action from our United States targets, the possibility grows that our Romanian, UK, or South African targets will trigger the Seven Neo-Tech Waves. If so, those on our guns-and-fists mailing list will be notified so they may prepare for those commercial waves hitting America from abroad.


[ 32 ] See next month's Guns and Fists of November-3rd Newsletter article about: Spotting and dumping the criminal-minded scams executed by genius-evil Pope John Paul II down to clown-congressman Conyers, business-quisling Josephs, pip-squeak government Giulianis, small-town extortion politicians, and all their colluding lawyers.

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