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Neo-Tech Protection Kit, Volume II


The following documents were selected in chronological order from various Guns and Fists of November-3rd missives. None of the documents were ever circulated to the public, but were aimed directly at various criminal-minded value destroyers. Neo-Tech leaves them foundering as the clowns and pip-squeaks they really are. Moreover, such missives pierce their hearts and souls. ...Those professional value destroyers are now forever trapped in the Neo-Tech ostracism matrix. Thus, Neo-Tech will step by step vanquish them through their each and every subsequent destructive move.

The material, ideas, and advantages in these missives are universal. Thus, anyone can select and use this material to undercut and outflank criminal-minded value destroyers. For this material renders them impotent -- the way they really are.

Come, take this material. Use it to dump professional mystics, neocheaters, and other value destroyers who diminish your life, prosperity, and happiness. ...Come, participate in this joyful Neo-Tech/Neothink evolution that is ridding the world of all professional value destroyers. These great events are occurring now with the unfolding of the Neo-Tech/Neothink evolution.

Editor's Note

[The following 134 pages of section #1 represent letters that were sent to various agents throughout value-destroying bureaucracies over a one-and-a-half year period. Deep integrations went into these letters. The essence of each letter is to identify and expose the value-destroying nature of certain individuals within government and business.

As one reads through these letters over the next 134 pages, he will see a giant puzzle piece beginning to form. This wide-scope puzzle eventually locks into a Neo-Tech Matrix. BP]


Exactly 12:25 p.m., November 3rd, the watershed event of history began. At that moment, civilization began its irreversible shift --

away from

*a mystical-based society controlled by coercive force, non-sequitur deceptions, and manipulative mysticism that drain values from society for the benefit of neocheaters.

and toward

*a business-based society controlled by volitional choice, fully integrated honesty, and competitive efforts that deliver values to society for the benefit of everyone.

"November 3rd" is the introduction to the transmission waves that are integrated with all subsequent acts inflicted upon the producers of values. Those inflictions will produce the art, literature, drama, plays, and movies needed to collapse the hoax of mysticism and forever free the world of neocheaters.

A Child Buried -- A Titan Unleashed

His once sprightly gait now broken, his bright and cheerful face now dark and swollen, our gentle editor entered the meeting room. The editing session then began. A young female writer summarized the feelings of all who witnessed those agents vent their violence and destruction: "The feelings were that of deep sickness -- as if a horde of child molesters had suddenly descended upon us. They immediately conveyed an anxious need to frighten, hurt, and then ravage what moments before was an innocent, happily flourishing work of art -- a beautiful child."

In ten hours, that horde had destroyed the beauty and values created during an eighteen-year labor of love -- eighteen years of heroically dedicated, meticulously difficult work destroyed. But in killing that innocent child, they unleashed a powerful titan -- an explosive, profit-generating, international business titan. In a few years, that titan will soar past IBM powered by hundreds of millions of dollars poured into its sole objective of collapsing mysticism and eliminating neocheating around the world. ...Neo-Tech is the most needed, practical, immediately profitable product in history.

Thus, professional mystics and neocheaters are finished. For, an unleashed Neo-Tech will drill holes through their hearts and souls. And then the coming Neo-Tech waves will wash them away: This is the ablution of the deceiver, the usurper, the immature, the unevolved. For a world of honesty has dawned -- a world free of mysticism, a world void of neocheaters.

Our world is growing up. Life, prosperity, happiness, and romantic love will reign.

Happy Days are Here.
Great Days are Coming.

(by Brett Peters, Scriptwriter, Los Angeles, California)

"As a scriptwriter working only a few days on integrating November 3rd with the cold facts of Neo-Tech and the warm emotions of the arts, I am overwhelmed with emotions. In constructing the script, at times, I have sat down and cried; at other times, I have stood up and cheered. What will happen to a packed Carnegie Hall when the innocent and guilty of November 3rd are juxtapositioned in the artistic and musical settings being developed by our New York live-arts people? And someday, I will sweep those same emotions across the nation and around the world with musical-video scripts. ...Now, forgive me, for I must vent at least some of those emotions, lest I explode:

"When the facts of November 3rd are artistically integrated with Neo-Tech, everyone will feel revulsion and then a release. For that revulsion will trigger a chain-reaction release of all the false guilt, intimidations, and fear foisted for decades on every productive person in America. And those who have foisted that guilt and fear are already disliked by the public, actually hated by millions. They live on shaky grounds. Even without recognizing neocheaters, most honest working men and women profoundly resent people who live by hurting others. But Neo-Tech knows who the neocheaters are. And Neo-Tech knows how to tell everyone, show everyone -- lucidly, dramatically. Yes, Neo-Tech will ignite that chain reaction. When those repressed emotions of fear and anger finally explode, the value producers will excoriate and then obliterate those who live by usurping values and hurting others.

"Neo-Tech is going to break that 2000-year hoax and rid our world of neocheaters -- I mean all neocheaters. Without dishonest, mystical notions to manipulate, they will starve -- all of them -- all those lazy, parasitical neocheaters will change to honest value producers or perish. ...I had better stop now. As you can see, my emotions are getting ahead of the coming Neo-Tech waves. ...Happy days are here. Great days are coming."


1. The Destructive Nature

On November 3rd, the agents of force initiated our long-awaited, mystic-collapsing project in a decisive manner. Midst the agents' rampage of destruction, our young associates present during that attack on the Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center calmly began writing detailed reports of the systematic devastation being done to our years of work. Despite being physically sickened by witnessing such irrational destruction, they quietly tape recorded much of the event. Sixteen agents for ten hours savaged work and values that took years of rational thought and ineffable effort to build. The agents, some smiling, some scowling, physically and verbally assaulted our writers and editors. Then, punctuated only with interludes of chortling and sexually immature remarks, they systematically destroyed a preciously delicate, artistically developed publishing company. They also mindlessly destroyed literary work, research data, and a filing system painstakingly built over many years.

2. The Malicious Nature

At the Nevada home writing offices, those agents ignored their own rules about neatly straightening and restoring all visual evidence of their destructions. Instead, they gratuitously tried to harm that which only value producers can experience: a value-based love relationship. Under the direction of a mentally ill "informant", the sole basis of their destructive actions, they gathered photographs and letters from that informant's past, forsaken relationship with a Neo-Tech author. Then, in direct collusion with the "informant", they deliberately scattered those photographs and letters around the floor for the spouse of that targeted author to see. The motive was to disrupt a happy, romantic relationship of an innocent couple. But, by not understanding the nature of value-based love, the agents and their "informant" failed. For instead of harming that love, their maliciousness only strengthened that couple's unity and happiness. And as the November-3rd story unfolds around the world, that powerful love story will inspire all romantic couples to new dimensions of values and happiness.

3. The Molestation Nature

A young, female writer summarized the feelings of all who witnessed those agents vent their violence and destruction: "The feelings were that of deep sickness -- as if a horde of sadistic child molesters had suddenly descended upon us. They immediately conveyed an anxious need to frighten, hurt, and then ravage what moments before was an innocent, happily flourishing work of art. ...After climaxing with physical abuses and scurrilous assaults, the agents seemed spent. Then they seemed to transform into dangerously excitable troglodytes. Hateful at times, gleeful at other times, they methodically uprooted all effort-created beauty and values."

4. The Criminal Nature

Plying their safecracking skills, the agents then broke into two business safes and snatched medical-research funds painstakingly gathered through years of hard work by many people producing values for others. ...Belonging to thousands of honest, hard-working people, those funds were to initiate our Research Institute of Biological Immortality (RIBI) neurological projects scheduled to commence in Zurich the following year. An overwhelming sense of evil now pervades over each who dared touch those precious funds, much less snatch them away with grabbing, grasping hands. After only a few moments, all the seed money for crucial research projects was gone -- carried away by criminals with guns. ...Not a penny of those funds remained. They destroyed those projects.

Those criminals with guns also grabbed personal savings accumulated through years of hard work and modest living. And those savings were not even listed in their seizing records. What happened to those savings? Did they just pocket them? ...What is the nature of those who in a few quick minutes could simply snatch the savings and personal belongings earned by others over a lifetime?

On examining Dostoyevski's definitive analysis of the criminal mind in his masterwork, Crime and Punishment, a start-ling fact leaps forth: The minds of the November-3rd agents and their superiors precisely fit Dostoyevski's detailed description of the criminal mind. Every nature fits exactly: The unawareness of property rights; the assumption that the value destroyer, the parasite, the usurper has the automatic right to steal or destroy any value earned by others; the assumption that others are responsible for one's own survival and well-being. That mind displays by nature contempt toward honesty, earned property, and individual rights. And most important, the criminal mind has no qualms about using guns or fists to assault, injure, or even kill its victims while stealing their property and values.

By contrast, the value-producing business mind is the opposite of the criminal mind. For the productive business mind displays by nature respect toward honesty, earned prosperity, and individual rights. The value producer never needs to use guns and fists. The value producer never needs to lie, assault, injure,or kill to prosper.

Bogus Livelihoods

The agents of force also pillaged, never accounted for, or never returned boxes of unfilled orders and money belonging to customers from around the world. Such pillaging of public money and property underscores that November 3rd has nothing to do with benefiting society or serving the public. Instead, November-3rd people have but one purpose -- to usurp power and values in order to secure bogus livelihoods without the effort required to produce competitive values for others.

Subjected to unchecked neocheating, the value producers lose their freedom and ability to generate values and jobs for others. Finally they lose their property and lives. What will stop the value destroyers? Neo-Tech live arts and the seven Neo-Tech waves integrated with the forthcoming November-3rd aggressions and public trials will stop them forever.

The Turning Point

November 3rd is an historic turning point. For unlike all others attacked and injured by agents of force, we cannot be made victims. Indeed, we will benefit from every action inflicted upon us. ...To quote from Muriel Spark, the author of Loitering With Intent:

"Everything happens to the writer.
Time is always redeemed, nothing is lost,
and wonders never cease."

In other words, as writers and publishers of Neo-Tech, all that is experienced becomes our wealth for writing and producing values for others. The more tribulations inflicted upon us, the more power and strength fall into our hands and flow from our pens.

For as writers of Neo-Tech, no one can stop our work or destroy our time. Every act of force or coercion inflicted upon us propels us toward our goal of collapsing mysticism and eliminating neocheating worldwide.

Effort and honesty will bury dishonesty and laziness. The productive, competitive, benevolent dynamics of Neo-Tech will vanquish the malevolent agents of force and their usurpations.

Value Producers versus Value Destroyers

The two categories separating all conscious beings are not producers versus non producers, but are net value producers versus net value destroyers. Now, the distinction is sharp, clean, and easy to identify: For example, productive business people versus destructive agents of force -- Neo-Tech people versus November-3rd people. ...The only valid question in the universe to discriminate among conscious beings is: "Are you a value producer or a value destroyer?" Those who are value producers: Protect them forever. Those who are value destroyers: Kick them out forever.


Their Production -- Their Destruction

Until November 3rd, the nature of value production and value destruction had been concealed for 2000 years by mystics and neocheaters.

Human Values

Human Values. What are they? Where do they come from? How do they evolve? Who produces them and how? Who destroys them and how? Knowing those answers means power, prosperity, happiness. Not knowing those answers means impotence, failure, unhappiness.

Mass Marketing -- The Highest Value

Mass marketing is the most scorned and attacked value in the upside-down world of mystics and neocheaters. But, in reality, mass marketing is the highest of all values. For it involves integrating a value with the ultimate effort, competence, and skill needed to:

  1. provide maximum values in mass quantities to mass markets at lowest costs.

  2. educate entire populations into understanding, utilizing, and benefiting from that value.

For example:

The Electric-Light Bulb

Consider Edison's light bulb. The inception, development, and especially the production of the light bulb were prime values, but not the supreme value. The supreme value was the Herculean mass-marketing effort needed to illuminate first New York City and then the world. And that mass-marketing effort required the educating and convincing of entire populations to abandon their neat, inexpensive, self-contained kerosene lamps for newfangled, electric bulbs requiring not only huge expensive generators but "dangerous" electric wiring strung all over the city and throughout the home. ...What an extraordinary mass-marketing job.

The Automobile

The highest value at Ford Motor Company is not Henry Ford's visionary idea about a car for everyone, or his intense efforts in developing the Model T, or even his superlative efforts in developing the assembly line for mass production. Mass marketing is the highest value. For effective mass marketing requires the maximum efforts by the most efficient, competent people exerting a continuous escalation of productive efforts, hard thinking, wide integrations, and fully integrated honesty. Mass marketing puts maximum values to maximum use in benefiting the maximum number of people. Also, mass marketing creates the maximum number of efficient, value-producing jobs.

At Ford Motor Company, for example, more thought and effort must go each year into mass marketing its escalating values to increasing millions of people worldwide than went into all the combined efforts of inception, development, and production of its original products. Successful mass marketing includes the maximum honesty and integrating efforts for creation, development, production, finance, engineering, design, styling, advertising, distribution, sales, service, publicity, customer relations, management.

Indeed, mass marketing of values is the most unrecognized, heroic aspect of civilization. Successful mass marketing requires the greatest efforts, hardest thinking, and the most fully integrated honesty of any human activity. As a result, such mass marketing returns greater values to society and civilization than any other human activity.


Now, consider Neo-Tech: By far the greatest creative efforts, hardest work, and most integrated thinking involves the efficient mass marketing of Neo-Tech to everyone worldwide. In turn, mass marketing Neo-Tech delivers the greatest of all values to individuals, businesses, society, and civilization. Indeed, mass-marketing Neo-Tech will cure mankind's most destructive, deadly disease -- mysticism. Moreover, the rapidly developing Neo-Tech/Neothink management and marketing concepts will revolutionize businesses and value production everywhere. At the same time, all mystic/neocheating oriented people will be left isolated in their own incompetence. They will be left to perish in their own dishonesties.

Job Creation -- The Second Highest Value

Great human values increase prosperity, well-being, and happiness not only for individuals but for entire populations and civilizations. Essentially all such values are created, developed, and made possible by consistent discipline, hard efforts, and intensely integrated thinking. But only a minute percentage of individuals exert such discipline, effort, and especially integrated thinking.

Of that minute percentage, the most valuable are those individuals who create jobs for others: Creating value-producing jobs lets others prosper and live happily by producing values for still other people and all society. Job creation[ 3 ] is the second-highest value of civilization.

For job creation is essential to all human values, mighty and modest: from food production and distribution to housing, clothing, health care, transportation, communication, music, the arts. Even the simple value of enjoying natural beauty requires jobs to provide people with enough time and prosperity to visit and enjoy those values. ...Human values provide both primary and quality survival for all conscious beings.

In any civilization, job creation lets more and more individuals prosper by producing values for others and society. Indeed, the creation of jobs for others requires consistent hard effort along with honest rational thinking...and constant awareness with the widest integrations of reality and logic. ...The heroes of civilization? They are the creators of productive jobs.

Idea Creation -- The Lowest Value

Most people believe that great human values come from great ideas. That myth survives because master mystics and neocheaters desperately promote low-effort idea creation combined with "luck" and inspiration as the source of great values. Moreover, most people believe that great ideas equal great values. By contrast, few people recognize the low-value, low-effort nature of ideas alone. ...Good ideas that could lead to great values are worth little by themselves, undeveloped.

Even the greatest ideas may at times flash into many people's minds without any value produced. Not until some business-minded person chooses to exert the demanding conscious efforts, the hard mental integrations, and the intense do-it actions are such ideas converted into high-level values for others. Stated another way: Essentially anyone can generate "brilliant" ideas with little or no effort. Many such easy-come ideas are eventually converted to commercial values by some other individual who chooses to exert the long, hard, disciplined integrations and efforts required to produce great values.

Losers and Lost Opportunities

Publishers are inundated with ideas and scripts from would-be authors, artists, and composers. Those wishful thinkers want someone else to exert the vastly greater efforts required to convert ideas, scripts, drawings, compositions into commercial values. Value-elevating publishers, for example, are constantly approached by idea-only-type people with "a best-selling book inside them that will make a fortune for some lucky publisher". All the publisher has to do is buy the idea or work -- and then have it written or edited, proofed, typeset, produced, directed, managed, performed, manufactured, distributed, advertised, marketed, and pay all costs. In addition, such wishful thinkers expect hefty royalties guaranteed by iron-clad contracts. And when the idea, script, or composition is ignored or returned unread, the wishful thinker bitterly bemoans the "huge profits missed by that fool publisher" and complains about the "unfair nature of business and publishing".

Such idea-only people use their low-effort offerings to pretend they are creating values. But, in fact, they create little or nothing of value. Instead, they badger those willing to exert the hard thought and efforts required to produce commercial values. Idea-only people expect others to do the work, thinking, and integrations required to convert ideas into high-level, commercial values.

For high-level value producers to invest their precious time, effort, and money into someone's low-level idea or work, the one seeking value elevation must avoid actions that would discourage or impede such an investment of time, effort, and money. That seeker must avoid (1) overestimating his or her low-level values, (2) paranoid reactions, (3) pushing for unreal "advantages".

Instead, a seeker must do everything to help value producers lift his or her low-level value to a commercial value. Value elevation is what counts. Everything comes from value elevation. Both the idea originator and the value-elevating individual or business must work long and hard together in integrated unison to elevate values to commercial, mass-market levels.

Elevating Jobs and Ideas
Toward Powerful Values

Elevating jobs, ideas, scripts, and other works toward powerful commercial values involve four steps or levels. Before Neo-Tech and this document, those four levels of value production had never been identified, much less understood.

Four Levels of Value Production
by the
Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center

Table 1 on page 15 illustrates the four levels of value production. By contrast, Table 2 on page 16 illustrates the concomitant four levels of value destruction. Those tables let the reader grasp the origins, nature, and hierarchy of values. ...Understanding the nature of values lets a person:

1. capture opportunities for jobs and value elevation at each level.

2. protect and build values by understanding each level of value production and value destruction.

Losing opportunities at levels one and two usually involve (a) overestimating the worth of one's low-level values to self, others, business, and society; (b) thus, letting one's paranoid or envious reactions repel those able to move values from low levels to higher levels.

By contrast, losing opportunities at levels three and four usually involve (a) underestimating the worth of one's high-level values and job-creating abilities; (b) thus, letting the mystics and neocheaters usurp increasing portions of those precious values.

To avoid losing such opportunities, people offering values on levels one and two must constantly strive to assist anyone willing and able to elevate their values to levels three or four. They must avoid falsely elevating in their own minds low-level values to high-level values. For false elevation of values as encouraged by professional value destroyers will repel those value producers who could elevate low-level values to high-level values.

More important, those producing on levels three and four should recognize the powerful values they deliver to others, business, and society. With that recognition, they will reject false guilt and protect their values, businesses, and resources from being usurped or undermined by mystics and neocheaters.

The value-production/value-destruction tables on pages 15 and 16 hold the key to protecting and advancing one's values into the future while identifying and vanquishing the value-destroying actions of November-3rd-type empires that always depend on deception, usurpations, and guns to survive.

The Four Levels of Value Destruction
by the
November-3rd Empire

Value production is the prime good that delivers all human prosperity, life, and happiness. But value destruction is the prime evil that drains all human prosperity, life, and happiness. Understanding the nature of value production versus value destruction is crucial to eliminating mysticism, neocheating, and all value destroyers who dishonestly live off the efforts of others. Juxtapositioning the four levels of value production against the four levels of value destruction delivers a vivid understanding of values as shown in the tables on pages 14 and 15.

Victory Forever Over November 3rd

Worldwide communication through the live arts, electronic media, and publishing will create a worldwide understanding of value production versus value destruction. That, in turn, will assure the collapse of mysticism and the elimination of its symbiotic neocheaters. Indeed, relentlessly focusing on the point, which is always:

Who is the value producer?
Who is the value destroyer?
assures victory over all November-3rd empires and all other value destroyers around the world.

Table 1

Production Level #
Value Stage
(Relative Value and Effort)
Business-Like Minds
(Honesty and Effort)
Public Perception About
Value Production
Level #1
Idea stage.
(Relative Value and Effort=1)
Fact-created reality and ideas. Based on desires to live fully, solve problems, and produce values for others and society. Ideas based on facts and honesty. About 80% believe the mystical notion that ideas alone represent the major part of great values.
Level #2
Development and demonstration stage
(Relative Value and Effort = 10)
Focus on fully integrated honesty in widest possible context of knowledge. Act on facts. About 20% think the development of ideas into demonstration models or prototypes represents the essence of great values.
Level #3
Maximum-efficiency, production stage
(Relative Value and Effort = 102 )
Organized high-effort drive to deliver the most valuable products to others in the widest markets at the lowest costs. About 1% think the developing of efficient, low-cost, mass production represents the essence of great values.
Level #4
Mass-education, mass-marketing stage.
(Relative Value and Effort = 103 )
Intense thinking and actions to mass educate and market new values and benefits to others and society. 0.01% or less realize that educating others and society about new values through mass marketing represents the essence of great values.
Beyond Level #4
Neo-Tech/Neothink Stage
Neothink integrations to cure the disease of mysticism and eliminate neocheating: Through Neo-Tech, all value producers understand values, their nature, their origins. That understanding ends all mysticism and neocheating. 0.00% as of the late 20th century. But now, world-wide evolution to occur through Neo-Tech seeds already planted around the world. The public will scramble to the Neothink mind in abandoning the uncompetitive, mystic-crippled, conscious mind.

Table 2

Destruction Level #
Destruction Stage
(Relative Destruction)
Mystic/​Neocheating Minds
(Dishonesty and Laziness)
Public Perception About
Value Destruction
Level #1

Ideas for usurping unearned values and livelihoods.
(Relative Destruction = 1)
Mind-created "reality" and ideas. Based on desires to escape effort and avoid problems. Actions based on laziness, emotions, deceptions. ...Mystics think Level #1 ideas are great. Neocheaters cheer. Most believe grand-master neocheaters such as idea-only Plato and Kant are people with great values and valid ideas.
Level #2

Deceptions and non sequiturs orchestrated into harmful illusions accepted by innocent victims.
(Relative Destruction = 10)
Focus on spurious non sequiturs that deceive others. Act on feelings. ...Mystics accept Level #2 development to hide their irrationality. Neocheaters set up big lie. Most people believe the specious inner logic of such master neocheaters is right, compassionate, moral. Hailed as was Lincoln. Hailed as was Hitler.
Level #3

Empires that depend on force and deception built to usurp and destroy values on a large scale.
(Relative Destruction = 102)
Organize mysticism and emotions into modi operandi that usurp power and values from others and society. ...Mystics and neocheaters attack Level #3 values such as mass production. Neocheaters cripple efficient production. Most believe control by specious authorities is necessary for security and survival.
Level #4

Mass-destruction empires of religion or governments harnessed. Destruction becomes so vast everything becomes unstable. Collapse begins.
(Relative Destruction = 103)
Mass usurpations of values produced or earned by others. Destructions of entire populations and societies. ...Through their agents of force, the professional value destroyers, mystics, and neocheaters seek to destroy Level #4 values such as mass marketing. Victims feel trapped. Do not know what to do or what is right as the spurious non sequiturs of master neocheaters are etched into the minds of each naive victim. ...But each victim senses something is very wrong.
Beyond Level #4

With Neo-Tech/Neothink, all mystics and neocheaters become uncompetitive, impotent, and eventually laughed out of existence.
Without Neo-Tech, the professional value destroyers would have either precipitated a nuclear war or forced civilization back into lost knowledge and the dark ages. Breakdown of the unstable, mystic-diseased conscious mind as the Neo-Tech/Neothink cosmic mind outcompetes and takes over from the Berlin Wall to Washington, DC.

(Brett Peters, Scriptwriter)

Why Neo-Tech Will Become
As Common As The Light Bulb

My name is Brett Peters. I am a professional scriptwriter from Los Angeles who recently moved to Nevada in order to produce three scripts about the historic November-3rd event. During the past three weeks, I have become increasingly familiar with Neo-Tech in integrating its inviolate facts with the events of November 3rd. During my interviews concerning November 3rd, I discovered the reason why essentially everyone will someday possess Neo-Tech. That reason is linked to the four basic natures of all professional value destroyers. Those four natures were clearly revealed by those responsible for November 3rd. As identified in the original November-3rd document, those four natures are their:

But more important are the four identical end results experienced by every November-3rd-type instigator along with all their collaborators and informants, along with every other professional mystic and neocheater who has ever lived. Those four end results are:

Indeed, identifying those natures and end results helps fuel the engine that propels Neo-Tech around the world today. For the first time in history, a factually based, fully integrated system of non-contradictory practical knowledge is available to everyone. Neo-Tech is being assimilated at ever increasing tempos not by intellectuals and the academe but by honest, productive, working men and women worldwide. In a few years, Neo-Tech will be as necessary and common as the electric light bulb. ...As Edison's light bulb lit the dark corners of every building, Neo-Tech will light the dark corners of every human mind.

Why is Neo-Tech soon going to be as common as the light bulb? Because Neo-Tech provides step-by-step knowledge to identify and then eliminate the darkness of mysticism and neocheating. And that knowledge provides honest working people with unbeatable advantages over all mystics and neocheaters, no matter how lofty their positions.

Neo-Tech is not some ivory-tower, philosophical abstraction. Neo-Tech is real, tangible, practical, down in the trenches with the honest working man and woman. Acquiring Neo-Tech knowledge immediately lifts that man or woman to much higher levels of competitiveness, competence, and happiness in essentially all areas of living, working, and love. By contrast, those lacking Neo-Tech, especially those mystics and neocheaters trying to ignore or halt the worldwide spread of Neo-Tech, will increasingly become uncompetitive, impotent, unhappy, unloved, unable to survive.

For example, 3000 years ago everyone had to shift from nature's bicameral mind to man's conscious mind to survive. But today, everyone has to dump mysticism and neocheating in shifting to fully integrated honesty (Neo-Tech) in order to remain competitive and ultimately to survive. Finally, most important, Neo-Tech demonstrates how each honest, productive person can clearly identify and then dismiss mysticism and its neocheaters to collect his or her earned happiness, prosperity, and romantic love.

* * *

Those responsible for November 3rd will always be liable for the damage inflicted on innocent value producers as well as on society today...and on future generations. Indeed, when the public learns the fully integrated facts about November 3rd, an explosion of pent-up anger will seek out those responsible. That explosion will result from a chain-reaction release of a massive accumulation of false guilt, unreal fear, and repressed anger piled on the public for years by the people responsible for November 3rd. Ironically, those agents of force built their own traps. By releasing emotions through Neo-Tech, the public will flush out all hidden neocheaters. The public will then dump all those camouflaged people who have built careers by usurping power and destroying values through force, threats of force, usurpations, and deceptions.

All who usurp their livings by harming others must now start running, always looking over their shoulders. For Neo-Tech is closing in. The demise of mysticism and neocheating is near. Pincer Movements #1 and #2 are now in motion.[ 4 ] No escape is possible.


[ 3 ] The term "job creation" applies to jobs that create net values for others and society. The term does not at all apply to the bogus jobs of value destroyers. Such "jobs" are brewed up to create November-3rd-type empires. Those "jobs" and their resulting bureaucracies arise not from creating values, but from destroying values.

[ 4 ] Pincer Movements #1 and #2 will become known to everyone after launching Neo-Tech Wave number one.

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