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[Excerpts from MPL Welcome Page...]

What Should I Do Next?

Some believe strongly in K.I.S.S! (keep it simple, stupid!) Often, complexity is not for them.

Some people have allowed themselves to become "turned down" or "dimmed down" like a light whose brightness has been dimmed down very low. This could apply to a significant portion of those trying to make money on the Internet. One purpose of this Welcome Page is to provide the means for those of our members who want to "turn themselves up." As a result of external influences, a kind of "falling asleep," and other causes, some people have allowed themselves to be "dimmed down" to a point where "their light is barely visible." If this applies to you, we would like to make it possible for you to "upshift" to the point that you become at least moderately successful, and at best monumentally successful.

There are also some people who can handle a great deal of complexity.

Some people are not nearly as successful as they could be, because they sometimes ignore and skip the "nitty-gritty details" of what they need to do to succeed. Learn to consistently complete all the nitty-gritty details and you may find yourself becoming more successful!


Follow through and become hugely successful!

How to become more successful with your life in general: The notion that people act in accordance with their programs (software in their brains), that some of their personal software might be obsolete and even harmful to them, and that they could benefit from "upgrading their software," seems completely unreal to many people. They might even find whatever "status quo" they're trapped in strangely "comfortable!"

Which 7 "Super-Steps" Virtually GUARANTEE Your Success?

  1. Find out where you are
  2. The single most important success factor: Elevate Your Mood and Energy
  3. Remove emotional/psychological blocks
  4. Empower yourself
  5. Think right
  6. Apply success formulas
  7. Upgrade your personal brain software

Super-Step #1. Find out Where You Are

If you want to get somewhere in life -- make progress toward your goals -- it helps to find out where you are and start from there. If you try to start from where you're not, you may fall flat on your face! A baby learns to crawl. Then it learns to walk. Later it learns to run. If a baby tries to walk or run before it can crawl, it falls flat on its face!

Consider a "failure-to-success scale" that runs from 0 to 100. Zero represents complete failure. 100 represents total success.

Suppose that level 10 on the scale represents the "success threshold." This means that in order to succeed at something -- like making money on the Internet -- you need to raise your competence to at least level 10. Below level 10 you fail. Above level 10 you succeed -- even if it's just modest success. The scale could be fleshed out as follows:

The crawling baby can be used as a metaphor. Below 10, the baby hasn't learned "locomotion." By learning to move its arms and legs in certain ways, it masters the crude form of locomotion called crawling. As it becomes progressively more competent, it progressively learns the more advanced forms of locomotion called walking and running.

For the baby, level 10 could be regarded as the "locomotion threshold." Below 10, the baby can move its arms and legs, but hasn't yet learned to move its body from one place to another. Above 10, the baby can crawl... and later learn to walk and run. By analogy, level 20 could be regarded as the level at which a child can walk. Level 30 could represent the ability to run; level 40, riding a bicycle; level 50, driving a car; and level 60, piloting a plane.

So, how do you know where you are on the failure-to-success scale? Well, if you've been trying to make money on the Internet without success, then you're below 10 on the scale. You're the equivalent of a baby who hasn't yet learned to crawl. That's where some people trying to make money on the 'Net are. If you've been going from program to program, making a little money here and there, but losing as much or more with other programs, then you may be below level 10 on the failure-to-success scale.

The "Ostrich Factor"

Considerable psychological research has been done to demonstrate that the less competent people are, the higher they rate their own competence. In other words, the lower people are on the failure-to-success scale, the higher they think they are. If you think you're competent when you're not, that may prevent you from raising your competence above the success threshold at level 10. You can read more about the Ostrich Factor in #TL10E: The Power of Doing Things Right. To become more competent, you may need to realize just how lacking in competence you may be in some areas of your life. Again, if you've been trying for some time to make money on the Internet without success, then you may be below 10 on the failure-to-success scale. If you blame others or factors outside yourself for your lack of success, then that's a strong and definite indication that you're low on the scale. Blaming others or factors outside yourself is a limiting form of incompetence.

Email from someone most likely below 10 on the scale (edited):

Hi Fellow Admin,
Greet you an unfortunate person from Russia.
I've been lost some extra money with HYIP's.
Been tried MLM's, gptr's, survey's etc. Outside of profit...
My strong conviction since I did it : overwhelming majority of them are SCOUNDRELS.
Everyone would be happy to make good at another's expense.
A rhetorical question : why I could believe you?!
Or : could I have to trust you in?
You must admit that I rightfully can't do it.
Sincerely, Alexander G., pensioner from Moscow
P.S. I've chose this way as better for deliverance from importunate cheaters.
P.P.S. Sorry, I wouldn't like to offend you.

What about "Dyslearning?"

Unfortunately, it also seems that some people, in addition to being below 10 on the failure-to-success scale, are in some areas of their lives in "downspirals." In other words, over time they move to lower levels on the scale. As a reaction to "bad" experiences, they make false conclusions and become more negative. They "dyslearn" from some experiences and become less capable. Some get caught up in the grip of self-sabotage patterns. Some experience apathy, helplessness, and depression. In order to advance, they may have to "unlearn" what they have "dyslearned." Some people may need to "learn how to learn." Some need to develop "foundational life skills." (As a possible illustration of people "dyslearning" and becoming less capable, Dr. Phill McGraw reported on his TV show (early August, 2004) that in America about 50% of first marriages end in divorce, over 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and over 85% of third marriages end in divorce!)

For some people, the best way to change things around and start advancing to levels higher than 10 on the failure-to-success scale is to get the assistance of a trainer, coach, or mentor. You can find trainers, coaches, and mentors on Ryze.

Case Study

I just received this email (edited):

Hi Frederick,

I am currently in your downline (1st level) in MonsterPreLaunch,
Reality Millions (paid member), EQQUAds ($100), DYMBG (not paid)
. I am also in GMGB, but not with you.

My question is... I have $400 to invest right now. Where is the
best place(s) to put it?

I will have approx $100+ every other week to invest.

I have been on your mailing list for a looooong time and have
decided I want you as a mentor.

I have tried it on my own without success, I've read a lot of
info from a lot of people. I understand the importance of a
mentor. I would like to follow your path.

-- Bruce B.

Sorry Bruce, I'm not in the "individual mentoring" business. Realizing that you need a mentor is a huge step forward. You seem to have found out where you are! I suggest you find a mentor or coach on Ryze as suggested above. Study this page and the material linked to. With the assistance of your mentor, discover what you need to do to "upgrade" yourself to above level 10 on the failure-to-success scale. Use your available funds to pay your mentor (and possibly for other services such as Idenics). The best investment you can make is in "upgrading" yourself! ... Learn to market and earn referral fees. Once you've sufficiently "upgraded" yourself, consider investing some money, based on what you've learned. However, your main focus should probably be to build your capital base through referral fees.

Super-Step #2. The Single Most Important Success Factor

See What SINGLE THING DETERMINES Your SUCCESS More Than Anything Else?

A great deal of research has been done to demonstrate that Mood Level is the single factor that most determines success...

Click here to learn more about Elevating Your Mood and Energy!

Super-Step #3. Remove Emotional/Psychological Blocks

Mike Goldstein is President of Idenics. He has been working in the field of self-improvement and personal growth since 1969. Idenics is a relatively new methodology that assists people to resolve the "unwanted conditions" in their lives and improve their overall existence. Idenics is not a rehash of some earlier methodology. It is a new approach that you should find refreshingly complementary to your own thinking. Many hundreds of people from all over the world have greatly benefited from the work they've done with Idenics. Most issues resolve easily in a matter of hours with the assistance of an Idenics facilitator. Through its unique, nonjudgemental approach, Idenics has facilitated the desired results with 95% of its clients. Free consultations by telephone available -- click for details.

"I've been following Frederick Mann's writings for several years. Finally, last week I hooked up with Mike Goldstein of Idenics. I really want to thank you for the simplicity, truth and ease with which you helped me SEE CLEARLY that which was causing so much agony for me. I also appreciate the method of NOT trying to dig up and analyze a bunch of garbage from the past with an agenda preset by you. Your integrity to the work you do is admirable and I will definitely recommend you to any and all possible. I am truly amazed at how quickly you helped me get to the root of what had caused me so much pain and confusion for 13 years! The breakthroughs that I have had since we talked have been numerous and I continue to feel the freedom that I always knew I should feel but had forgotten how. To say that I have literally had my life reset in one session is not an exaggeration. What's even more impressive is that what years of analyzing, study, books, tapes, etc... could not solve you helped me solve in under TWO HOURS!! That is amazing!" -- BB (3/17/04)
"I've been set free and I owe it all to Mike Goldstein, Frederick Mann (for his recommendation), and Idenics. For years I've been battling a specific problem that I thought I would never conquer, but after a free introductory Idenics session, the change was immediate. I hadn't planned to mention this particular issue during my first session, since I thought it would simply be too difficult to release in such a short period of time. I didn't think it would be fair to begin with this issue, but Mike said we should start with whatever I felt was most important. After the session it was like a switch had been flipped and I had become my old self again. My issue was a burden that I had assumed I would deal with for the rest of my life, but now it just seems trivial and stupid! Near the end of my session I had a revelation, realizing that my problem was connected to something I had never considered throughout years of self-analysis. Idenics is the REAL DEAL! I would recommend it to every single person on this planet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" -- M.M. (8/12/04)

You may suffer from "emotional/psychological unwanted conditions" that keep you stuck below 10 on the failure-to-success scale. Idenics may be the quickest, most effective, and most efficient way to resolve such issues.

Super-Step #4. Empower Yourself

I wonder how many people say to themselves: "I don't have to empower myself; I already have all the power I need!" What if the Ostrich Factor is at work with a vengeance here? What if a considerable portion of people trying to make money on the 'Net are simply too weak ("unempowered") to make much progress?

Acquire Knowledge, Methods, and Skills

To make money on the Internet, you need:

Making money on the Internet requires a much higher skill-set than is required for reasonable success with most traditional jobs! That's probably a major reason why so many fail at making money on the Internet.

Learn to Market

  1. Level E - The General Internet - automated advertising with programs such as StudioTraffic to prospects you have no familiarity with, and most of whom don't even see your advertising - conversion rate: 1 in 10,000+. (With StudioTraffic's autosurfing, expect to get one MPL sign-up for approximately every 5,000 "exposures.")
  2. Level D - Your Own Opt-in and Autoresponder lists - advertising by email to prospects you have a little familiarity with (for example, they responded to your Level E advertising and requested more information) - conversion rate: 1 in 1,000+. (You can also achieve this level of response by promoting via TrafficSwarm.)
  3. Level C - Your Own Highly Targeted lists - there have been several contacts with these people and you have initiated the process of building relationships with them - conversion rate: of the order of 3-5%+. (You can also achieve this level of response by promoting via Ads4Ever. Of the visitors to BigBooster, the conversion rate for those who click through to MonsterPreLaunch is about 7%.)
  4. Level B - Hot Prospects - these people may have signed up for a free program you have promoted to them, but may not yet have sufficiently studied the program to become active with it and use it effectively to market and/or to make money - conversion rate: of the order of 10-25%+. (By establishing relationships with people on networks such as Ryze, Level B Hot Prospects can be generated.)
  5. Level A - Customers - these people have joined one or more of your programs and are actively involved with marketing and/or making money. They may also have purchased products and/or services from you. If you provide them with quality service, then 90%+ of them may respond to your emails.

See also Marketing FAQ.

Understand Numbers

StudioTraffic pays you "1% per day" if you satisfy the daily surfing requirements. The "1%" is paid for one year on money you put into the program. At the end of the year the money you put in "expires" and is not returned. What is the effective daily return you receive on your capital? If you don't know how to calculate this, you better learn some arithmetic! How can you use a spreadsheet program to do the calculation?

How do you use tracking codes and statistics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing?

What do you know about "gambler's ruin" and how important it is to money management?

See Basic Money Skills.

Develop a Wealth/Sucess Mindset

There's a wealth of information in Get More Green Back (GMGB), an MPL Back-End Program, on how to develop your wealth/success mindset. Furthermore:

"...[W]e've just added a brand new way to empower you and those you introduce to GMGB. It's called Wizards of Wealth - a $195 yearly interACTive Private Membership site, whose purpose is to cultivate and create the Wizards of Wealth mindset, which naturally and magically magnetizes wealth!

And guess what the best part is?

As a GMGB member it's yours F R E E !"

Super-Step #5. Think Right

Consider the simple sequence (#1):

  1. Healthy Thoughts -->
  2. Effective Actions -->
  3. Desirable Results.

With the typical money-making program on the Internet, only a minority of members seem to apply the above sequence. Maybe a majority seem to find it difficult to apply the above sequence to produce the results they want.

Now consider this sequence (#2):

  1. Wrong/Negative Thoughts -->
  2. Inaction/Bad Actions -->
  3. Poor/Unwanted Results.

What if, in life generally, humans were to do #1 (a/b/c) not very often, and #2 (d/e/f) most of the time? What would be the general results?

What if people who mostly do #1 (a/b/c) have learned to use their minds (think) better; while people who mostly do #2 (d/e/f) have not learned to use their minds (think) properly?

In which group do you place yourself? Is it possible for someone to have a PhD in whatever (and be brilliant and highly competent in that area), while not having a clue on how to use his/her mind to succeed at making money on the Internet?

As a result of the Ostrich Factor you may "think" you're in the "right-thinking" group, when you're not. Poor thinking may keep you stuck below 10 on the failure-to-success scale. What if you're among the majority who use their minds largely to sabotage their own success?

The "Peter Principle" Strikes Everywhere!

The Peter Principle is described as follows on the Envision Software website:

"The Peter Principle concept was introduced by Canadian sociologist Dr. Laurence Johnston Peter in his humoristic book of the same title. In his book, he describes the pitfalls of the bureaucratic organization witnessed during his extensive research into business organizations.
The Peter Principle has attained such renown that The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "The theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent."
The principle is based on the observation that in such an organization new employees typically start in the lower ranks, but when they prove to be competent in the task to which they are assigned, they get promoted to a higher rank. This process of climbing up the hierarchical ladder can go on indefinitely, until the employee reaches a position where he or she is no longer competent. At that moment the process typically stops, since the established rules of bureaucracies make that it is very difficult to "demote" someone to a lower rank, even if that person would be much better fitted and more happy in that lower position. The net result is that most of the higher levels of a bureaucracy will be filled by incompetent people, who got there because they were quite good at doing a different (and usually, but not always, easier) task than the one they are expected to do."

What if, when people who get married, about 50% of them are essentially "promoting" themselves to the "jobs" of husband and wife, which are beyond their levels of competence? What if, when people who produce children, a significant percentage of them are essentially "promoting" themselves to the "jobs" of parents, which are beyond their levels of competence? What if, when people decide to attempt to make money on the 'Net, the vast majority of them (around 98%) are essentially "promoting" themselves to a "job" beyond their level of competence?

In the absence of a hierarchy, what prevents people from "promoting" themselves to "jobs" beyond their levels of competence?

While writing this page I received a phone call from a friend (with a PhD) who's been trying to make money on the 'Net for several years. I asked him if he was in StudioTraffic (an MPL Back-End Program). He indicated that he had earned a total of about $5 with StudioTraffic. Meanwhile I'm earning over $2,000 a month with StudioTraffic. My purpose isn't to boast, but to indicate that I may be "working" StudioTraffic with much more competence than my friend. During the conversation I realized that I should include a section here on the Peter Principle.

My friend told me about some of his thoughts about StudioTraffic. To me they appeared to be mostly Wrong/Negative Thoughts, leading to Inaction/Bad Actions, producing the Poor/Unwanted Results of earning only $5. I suspect it has never occurred to my friend that he might be "working" StudioTraffic in an extremely incompetent manner.

To what extent do humans in general "promote" themselves to "jobs" that are way above their levels of competence?

Not learning to think right... not working on continuously improving your thinking... is a matter of incompetence.

Not empowering yourself... not working on continuously increasing your personal power... is a matter of incompetence.

Not removing your emotional/psychological blocks... not working on continuously becoming emotionally and psychologically stronger... is a matter of incompetence.

Not finding out where you are... deceiving yourself that you're at a higher level than indicated by reality... is a matter of incompetence.

Super-Step #6. Apply Success Formulas

Computers run on programs. In a similar way humans run on "formulas" in their brains. The formulas my friend uses to "work" StudioTraffic have yielded him $5. The formulas I use to "work" StudioTraffic earn me over $2,000 a month. My formulas are more successful than those of my friend. I suspect my friend has never critically examined the formulas he uses to "work" StudioTraffic.

An important step is to start examining your formulas. For many people it may be very difficult to recognize their own formulas. It may be much easier if you get a trainer, coach, or mentor to assist you to identify and improve your formulas -- see Super-Step #1 (under "Dyslearning").

You can find some powerful "general success formulas" at the Better-World Project under "Do-It-Yourself #1," etc.

It's very important that for every program you get involved with you have your own conscious formula you apply to maximize your success with that program. Here's an example:

  1. Search the Internet for reports about the program.
  2. Study the program to find out how it works and if it's worth proceeding with.
  3. Study the program some more to find out how to work it.
  4. If you decide it's a worthwhile program, formulate a general strategy to maximize your earnings from the program.
  5. Start working the program. Subject it to a series of tests, as necessary. Learn from your experiences. Study the program some more, if necessary. Adjust your strategy, if necessary.
  6. Sponsor people into the program, if applicable and appropriate.
  7. Assist your referrals to also become successful with the program, if you have the ability to communicate with them.
  8. Focus on recovering whatever money you put into the program as soon as practicable, and then periodically taking out as much money as practicable.
  9. Focus on gradually increasing your earnings from the program.
  10. Learn whatever you can from the program that you can utilize to become more successful with other programs.

A "hit-and-run" strategy specifically designed to maximize your profits (and minimize your losses) with typical "doublers" and "triplers" you don't expect to last very long:

  1. Risk only money you can afford to lose. Don't risk your rent money!
  2. Diversify. Split your money between multiple programs.
  3. Get in early or not at all.
  4. With every program you enter, get your original capital back as soon as possible. Then consider letting some of your profits ride -- but not for too long!
  5. Note that some programs you originally enter on a "hit-and-run" basis may become long-term money earners.

The non-existence formula is most important -- see #TL80A: CREATIVITY REPORT #1.

Super-Step #1 - Find out where you are, Super-Step #2 - Elevate your mood and energy, Super-Step #3 - Remove emotional/psychological blocks, Super-Step #4 - Empower yourself, and Super-Step #5 - Think right are powerful success formulas.

(There are many more success formulas that are beyond the scope of this page.)

Super-Step #7. Upgrade Your Personal Brain Software

With a computer it's usually relatively easy: For example, you just download the latest version of your favorite browser from the 'Net and the upgrade is done quickly, automatically, and painlessly.

But even with computers it's not always that simple. A few years ago, I dumped Microsoft Windows and changed to Linux. Fortunately, I had a Linux expert available to do file conversions and all the other "hard work." If I had to do it all myself, it would have been a huge challenge. All I had to do was to learn to do a few things differently.

The programs in your brain (both success formulas and failure formulas) constitute your software.

The Ostrich Factor implies that the worse your software is, the better you think it is.

Typically, humans cling to their software. The worse it is, the more they may love it (an aspect of the Ostrich Factor?). In the most extreme cases (for example, suicide bombers), humans kill and die for their software.

If you've been trying to make money on the Internet for some time without success, your inferior software may be a major factor that keeps you stuck below level 10 on the failure-to-success scale.

An important thinking skill facilitates upgrading your software: The Ability and Willingness to Question Everything.

If you study and apply the articles, reports, books, and associated content at our websites, it's virtually guaranteed that you'll upgrade your software sufficiently to become spectacularly successful!

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