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Power X - Part 1 and Part 2
POWER X is your capacity to dream without limits and fulfill those dreams through your imagination. If left to their own devices, the people currently controlling* much of the world (certain bankers, politicians, lawyers, business and religious leaders), may create a Draconian future which Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. would be proud of. The urgent antidote is for individuals to empower themselves -- and free themselves from the clutches of their would-be oppressors.

* Note that at Build Freedom we emphasize that physically (unless you're locked in a cage/jail), no-one really controls you - only you control the energy which animates your body. It is primarily through the extensive influence of supposed "leaders" - using words/language - that people are effectively "controlled". I.e. most people listen to these professional liars and parasites and obey whatever they're told, regardless of whether or not such actions are good or appropriate.

The critical point is that most people currently choose to follow, albeit often unconsciously, or merely out of fear if they disobey - i.e. it's each individual's mind that is trapped in a virtual "cage" or "box". But they can change this choice at any moment (choose to free your mind first, by thinking for yourself). The catalyst for such a change in people's choices/behavior is often as simple as being presented with (or seeing others make good use of) alternative information, services, or products, such as we envision.

Attitude Is Everthing
One of the greatest powers in the universe is individual power of choice. And the most powerful choices are positive choices.

How to Become a 10% Person or Better - Part I
It's up to you to decide where you are, and what your next step should be. It's up to you to take your next step and to forge onward and upward!

How to Become a 10% Person or Better - Part II
The basic idea is to provide a kind of map to enable you to determine where you are in respect of your ability to practice freedom, and what steps you might want to take to increase your ability to practice freedom.

"Our fundamental idea shall be that man as we know him is not a completed being; that nature develops him only up to a certain point and then leaves him, to develop further, by his own efforts and devices, or to live and die such as he was born, or to degenerate and lose capacity for development." -- P. D. Ouspensky

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Learned Permission-seeking
Is "permission-seeking" a learned behavior? Can it be unlearned? Can unlearning it increase your "psychological freedom"? [From Freedom Psychology section]

Focus and Concentration
"Laserlike focus is perhaps the most common trademark of the supersuccessful... If you aspire to play in the big leagues, you must be prepared to play every point as though it were match point. In other words, you have to be consistently focused. Dabblers are rarely, if ever, successful. It's when you focus totally, intensely, and consistently on one project -- a project that has the potential to yield a worthwhile payoff -- that you have the greatest chance of success." -- Robert J. Ringer ('Million Dollar Habits') [From Freedom Psychology section]

It's the Strategy, Stupid
The importance of strategy. What is "meta-strategy"? Strategies for increasing your freedom. [From Freedom Strategy section]

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