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Freedom Strategy

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It's the Strategy, Stupid
The importance of strategy. What is "meta-strategy"? Strategies for increasing your freedom.

The Most Powerful Freedom Strategy
There are many good freedom strategies out there. Find out which one could be the most powerful of all.

The Build Freedom Strategy
"The Build Freedom strategy for building free societies consists of three phases: 1) spreading freedom ideas; 2) developing personal power; 3) building free-market institutions."

The Legitimacy of Government
What do terrocrats fear most? Answer: The loss of their legitimacy. Terms like "jackbooted thug" destroy their legitimacy. Using such terms and persuading others to use them is phenomenally powerful because it destroys legitimacy.

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Respecting the Levels of Freedom
Distinguishing between the three levels of freedom activity and responding appropriately to people operating from those respective levels.

Bicameral Stage 2
Bicameral Stage 2 (or "make wrong" mode) is a major stumbling block for some people. How to shift your focus from making others wrong to producing results.

Elements of Freedom Technology
Freedom Technology tends to be individualistic and puts the individual in control. Project Live Freer Now. The Mathematics of Freedom.

Economic Means to Freedom - Part IV
25 anarcho-capitalist things you can do now!

Is "Government" Possible?
The notion that we can be "externally controlled" is a myth.

#TL10: How To Achieve and Increase Personal Power
The "personal power" strategy. Loaded with information on how to increase your own personal power.

Quintessential Questions To Change The World - Part I
I predict that if we can persuade a few hundred freedom activists to answer such questions, we will be able to develop a range of powerful strategies and tactics, such that if we can persuade of the order of 0.1% of freedom activists to actively apply, we will be able to greatly reduce the coercive power and influence of tyrants to the point that they will become largely irrelevant -- within a decade.

Quintessential Questions To Change The World - Part II
Responses to the questions posed in Part I from such notable people as Brad Barnhill, "Biophilos," Charles Curley, Jim Davidson, Tom Fosson, "Hobbit," Victor Milan, Tim Starr, and Rick White. Gail Lightfoot sent in a letter written by the late Karl Hess that "talks to the questions." The identification of potential "killer applications" to sink tyrants.



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