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Language of Freedom

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Introduction to The Tree of Lies
Language creates spooks that get into our heads and hypnotize us.

Bentham & Vaihinger
Gain a preliminary understanding of the ideas of two thinkers whose ideas are of great importance for achieving advanced freedom.

Introduction to NSPIC: Neuro-Semantic Political Illusion Complex
NSPIC relates to a dimension of freedom unknown to practically all freedom lovers and freedom activists -- conservatives, libertarians, objectivists, anarchists, neo-tech owners, etc.

"The decision having once been made not to let oneself be imposed on any longer by the extant and palpable, little scruple was felt about revolting against the existing State or overturning the existing laws; but to sin against the idea of the State, not to submit to the idea of law, who would have dared that?" -- Max Stirner

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#TL070: The "Constitutional" Delusion
The spinners of all supposed "constitutions" are spiders spinning webs of illusion, delusion, and hallucination. The pretended "constitution" is one of the primary fraudulent concepts/words on which the power of terrocrats depends.

Respecting the Levels of Freedom
Distinguishing between the three levels of freedom activity and responding appropriately to people operating from those respective levels. [From Freedom Psychology section]

Economic Means to Freedom - Part IA
The most powerful way to build freedom is for you as an individual to start building your own freedom. And the most effective course of action for you might be to start escaping from the "job"/"employment" trap. [From Economic Means to Freedom section]

Correspondence from Mr. "FreeMan"
Practitioners of Freedom Technology tend to become vastly more effective when they think in terms of dealing with individual terrocrats - with all their weaknesses - rather than a projected, monolithic, big, omniscient, omnipotent "government" with "magical powers." [From Freedom Strategy section]

Identifying with the Enemy
The psychological mechanism of "identification" helps explain why many freedom-activists remain stuck in the grips of freedom-violators. [From Freedom Psychology section]

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