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Fiscal Freedom

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Introduction to Fiscal Freedom
For most people -- including you, the reader -- there may be a huge potential payoff if you can legally and relatively safely reduce your taxes to the absolute minimum. Achieving Fiscal Freedom -- or coming as close to it as possible and prudent -- may bring about a dramatic expansion of your level of freedom, not to speak of your financial well-being.

Former Judge's Opinion on Taxes
The fact is that if you don't have any "income," as defined by the courts, then no statute or regulation I have found in 13 years makes you specifically liable under the law for a federal income tax. If you do not have income as defined by the courts, then you have no obligation to file income tax returns.

Key Issues and Destroyed Arguments
Some legal arguments used by those who insist on exercising their Fiscal Freedom have been repeatedly ruled against in court. Other arguments have a "winning record." It's very important that you know which is which.

IRS Commissioner Admits Filling Out Tax Forms Is Voluntary
"In an interview with The New York Times the head of the Internal Revenue Service admitted that filling out tax forms, as distinguished from paying taxes, is voluntary."

Tax Correspondence
Letters containing questions on how to handle tax issues along with suggestions.

Demurrer Vs. Traverse
"Sometimes there is a difference between theory and procedure. Too many patriots have been "dead right" on legal theory, but have been hammered on legal procedure."

How to Stop Terrocrats Dead in Their Tracks
In America, right now, there are almost certainly more than 10,000 people - possibly more than 100,000 - who adopt the attitude of the plaintiff in this article and who take the kind of actions the plaintiff did, when being criminally victimized by terrocrats.

National Institute for Taxation Education
NITE has established an impressive track record of dealing successfully with the IRS. Their strategies, developed by Thurston Bell, emphasize Due Process principles. Highly recommended for both individuals and business owners who wish to keep their hard-earned money, and for those who wish to receive IRS refunds in respect of some past tax payments.

The "Fixed Target" Principle
The "fixed target" principle is very important in dealing with terrocrats. For example, your response to a letter from a terrocrat could turn you into a fixed target.

Vin Suprynowicz on Voluntary Income Tax
Libertarian author/journalist reports on what happened when former IRS Agent Joe Bannister posed certain questions to his superiors.

How Not to Fight the IRS
A brief examination which points out the mistakes made by this individual as well as suggestions as to what might be done next. Learn from the mistakes of others!

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Economic Means to Freedom - Part VI
Exit tax systems to the extent you can do so legally -- with an acceptable level of risk. Terrocrats are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. [From Economic Means to Freedom section]

Correspondence from Mr. "FreeMan"
Practitioners of Freedom Technology tend to become vastly more effective when they think in terms of dealing with individual terrocrats - with all their weaknesses - rather than a projected, monolithic, big, omniscient, omnipotent "government" with "magical powers." [From Freedom Strategy section]

Tax Report Series:

Read these reports for a basic tax education. You'll also find untax strategies and information.

Note: Any tax or untax strategy that incurs a significant risk of you having to defend yourself in court should be regarded with extreme suspicion. Adopt a strategy that stops tax terrocrats at the earliest opportunity, should they attack you or send you a communication (you want to not "deal" with them). Also organize your affairs such that it's difficult or impossible for terrocrats to steal your assets.

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