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What Is Build Freedom?

- A Build Freedom Focal Point -

Letter from Frederick Mann
A welcome letter from Frederick Mann.

Frederick Mann Interview
John Preston of the Penn State University Young Americans for Freedom interviews Frederick Mann of Build Freedom. A great introduction to Build Freedom.

Aims of this Website
A list of this basic aims of the Build Freedom website.

First Better World Essay Contest

Can this Website Change Your Life?
Find out what other people say about the Build Freedom website.

Honor Roll
A list of individuals, groups, organizations, and websites have supported us in various ways, and/or we have benefited from their work.

What Is Build Freedom?
The basic idea behind Build Freedom.

Basic Principles and Ideas of Build Freedom
Learn why it is much more effective and productive to build freedom rather than to fight tyranny.

The Power of this Information
Learn how you can reap huge benefits from exiting tyrant systems. Unsubscribe yourself now!

Quintessential Questions To Change the World - Part I
I predict that if we can persuade a few hundred freedom activists to answer such questions, we will be able to develop a range of powerful strategies and tactics, such that if we can persuade of the order of 0.1% of freedom activists to actively apply, we will be able to greatly reduce the coercive power and influence of tyrants to the point that they will become largely irrelevant -- within a decade.

Quintessential Questions To Change the World - Part II
Responses to the questions posed in Part I from such notable people as Brad Barnhill, "Biophilos," Charles Curley, Jim Davidson, Tom Fosson, "Hobbit," Victor Milan, Tim Starr, and Rick White. Gail Lightfoot sent in a letter written by the late Karl Hess that "talks to the questions." The identification of potential "killer applications" to sink tyrants.

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The Most Powerful Freedom Strategy
There are many good freedom strategies out there. Find out which one could be the most powerful of all. [From Freedom Strategy section]

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