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by David T. Freeman (updated Jan 2022)

Note: The contents of websites in this archive are my own customized/improved versions. (Merely republishing exact/original replicas would have been quick and easy(!) compared to the extensive time and effort needed to produce what you now see.) The main reasons being to save time for readers by removing unwanted content, and to provide the information in a much more accessible and organized way.

Frederick Mann (FM)'s websites republished here:

Other FM/associates' websites:

(If you know of any others, please let me know!)

Other websites republished here:

(If you have or know of any exceptional websites which you'd like to see added here, let me know. (Whether they're still online or not is actually irrelevant - so long as the authors are ok with their sites being hosted here - this can also be considered a reliable backup.))

Other Notes

Within this archive:

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