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Motivation - The Key to Success

Authors featured in this section have years of experience in competition ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the tiniest startups to professional sports. Maintaining your own motivation and being able to motivate those in your organization are critical skills for the successful entrepreneur.

The Competitive Edge

by Fran Tarkenton and Joseph H. Boyett

Week 1   Introduction

Week 2   Developing Your Business Strategy

Week 3   Format for a Strategic Business Plan

Week 4   Developing Your Business Strategy

Week 5   Your Mission Statement

Week 6   Analyzing Your Competition

Week 7   The Key Areas in Which You Choose to Compete

Week 8   How to Hire

Week 9   Finding People to Work for You

Week 10 How to Train the People Who Work for You

Week 11 The Five Steps to Training Success

Week 12 Other Keys to Training Success

Week 13 Your Responsibility for Education

Week 14 Base Pay

Week 15 Forms of Incentive Pay

Week 16 Employee Stock Ownership

Week 17 Taking the Lead

Week 18 Do you set a good example?

Week 19 How Your Beliefs About People Can Make or Break Your Business

Week 20 Choosing a Management Style

Week 21 How to Motivate Your Employees

Week 22 Why Punishment - "Do It or Else. . ." - Doesn't Work

Week 23 Why Positive Consequences - "Do It and You Get. . ." - Do Work

Week 24 Making Your Reinforcement Count

Week 25 A Word About Awards and Contests

Week 26 What About Money?

Week 27 Building a Winning Team

Week 28 Creating a Winning Environment

Week 29 Step Two: Make Sure Every Employee Understands the Mission

Week 30 Step Three: Develop Specific Goals

Week 31 Step Four: Develop and Implement a Scorekeeping System

Week 32 Step Five: Make Performance Matter by Sharing the Rewards

Week 33 Step Six: Make Sure Employees Understand Their Roles and Have a Chance to Become Involved In Improving Performance

Week 34 The Importance of Involving Employees

Week 35 Three Keys to Super Employee Involvement

Week 36 Correcting Problem Behavior

Week 37 Step Two: Make Sure the Problem Is Really Worth Solving

Week 38 Step Three: Decide If the Problem is a "Won't Do" or a "Can't Do" Problem

Week 39 Step Four: Decide What Consequences You Are Able or Willing to Use to Correct the Problem

Week 40 Conducting the Counseling Session

Week 41 Counseling Step Two: Get the Employee to State an Action He Agrees to Take to Address The Problem

Week 42 Counseling Step Three: Get the Employee to Agree Upon a Time Frame Within Which the Action Will Be Taken

Week 43 The Art of Communicating

Week 44 The Process of Communication

Week 45 How to Improve Communication

Week 46 How to Improve Communication (Hints 2 - 4)

Week 47 How to Improve Communication (Hints 5 - 7)

Week 48 Successful Meetings

Week 49 The Keys to a Successful Meeting

Week 50 When Not to Conduct a Meeting

Week 51 Planning a Successful Meeting

Week 52 Successful Meetings - Steps 2 and 3

Week 53 Successful Meetings - Steps 4, 5 and 6

Week 54 Conducting the Meeting

Week 55 A Meeting With Success

Week 56 Overcoming Resistance to Change

Week 57 Structural Changes

Week 58 Financial Change and Cultural Change

Week 59 Does It Matter If People Resist Change?

Week 60 Why People React to Change the Way They Do

Week 61 More about Reaction to Change

Week 62 How to Implement Change

Week 63 Managing and Motivating for Creativity

Week 64 Managing and Motivating the Naturally Creative

Week 65 Managing and Motivating Creative Types

Week 66 Managing and Motivating the Reluctant Creative

Week 67 Helping the Typical Employee to Be Creative

Week 68 Brainstorming

Week 69 Encouraging Employee Creativity

Week 70 Putting Your Ideas to Work



Week 73 Managing Your Time

Week 74 Key Points in Delegation

Week 75 Your Daily "To Do" List

Week 76 Handling Interruptions - Part 1

Week 77 Handling Interruptions - Part 2

Week 78 How to Delegate

Week 79 Why Should You Delegate

Week 80 How to Delegate - Steps 1 - 3

Week 81 How to Delegate - Steps 4 - 6

Week 82 Some Final Suggestions for Successful Delegation

Week 83 Dealing with Difficult People - 1 of 4

Week 84 Dealing with Difficult People - 2 of 4

Week 85 Dealing with Difficult People - 3 of 4

Week 86 Dealing with Difficult People - 4 of 4

Week 87 Super Service: It's Just Good Theater

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